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Popular JobsTechnicianComposite TechnicianWelderQuality Assurance InspectorEngineerAvionics TechnicianProduction CoordinatorTest TechnicianFabricator/WelderInstrument TechnicianInspectorInventory SpecialistLead TechnicianMaterial HandlerProduction SupervisorSecurity OfficerCNC MachinistEngineering InternInternMaintenance TechnicianManufacturing EngineerShipping and Receiving ClerkTool MakerAssemblerEngineering TechnicianEnvironmental TechnicianEquipment TechnicianInventory AssociatePlannerProduction SchedulerProgrammerQuality Control InspectorAerospace TechnicianCommunications EngineerElectromechanical TechnicianExpeditorMachine TechnicianMachinistMechanicPropulsion EngineerR&D EngineerReceiverSenior InspectorSenior TechnicianTig WelderWelder/FitterAircraft Maintenance TechnicianAnalystAssembly TechnicianBaristaCNC ProgrammerData TechnicianDesignerDesktop Support TechnicianElectrical EngineerEnvironmental Health and Safety SpecialistExpediterFood Service AssociateIntegration EngineerInventory Control SpecialistJanitorManagerMechanical DesignerMechanical EngineerMechanical TechnicianNondestructive Testing TechnicianPipe WelderProduction EngineerQuality Assurance AnalystRf EngineerSenior Design EngineerSenior Test TechnicianSheet Metal MechanicStructural EngineerStructural WelderSupply Chain SpecialistSystem EngineerTest EngineerAdministrative AssistantAeronautical EngineerAircraft MechanicAvionicsAvionics EngineerBuyerCAD DesignerCMM OperatorCNC OperatorCNC Tube BenderCase ManagerCleaning TechnicianCommissioned OfficerCommunication TechnicianComposite LeadConsultantContractorControl Room OperatorControllerControls EngineerCost ManagerCrane OperatorCustomer Service RepresentativeCustomer Service Team LeadDelivery DriverDemand PlannerDirector of ManufacturingDriverEditorElectronics TechnicianEngineering ManagerEnvironmental Health and Safety EngineerFLIGHT RELIABILITYFabricatorFacilities TechnicianFacility CoordinatorFiber TechnicianGeneral HelperHVAC TechnicianHostess/BusserHourly EmployeeIT SupportIT TechnicianIndependent ContractorIngeniero aeroespacialInventory AnalystLaboratory TechnicianLaminatorLaunchLead EngineerLead WelderLeading the Second machine shopLogistics AssociateLogistics SpecialistMachine OperatorMachining ManagerMaterial PlannerMechanical AssemblerN/A - I still need my jobNon-Destructive TestingOffice ManagerOperations AssociateOperatorOrder ProcessorOwner Operator DriverPattern MakerPharmacy Technician InternPipefitterPorterPrep CookProcess EngineerProduct ManagerProduct TechnicianProduction AssemblerProduction InternProduction ManagerProduction SpecialistProduction WorkerProgram ManagerProject LeadPropulsion/StructuresQuality Assurance EngineerQuality Assurance TechnicianQuality EngineerRecruiterRecruiting CoordinatorRegistered NurseReliability EngineerRoom AttendantSecurity EngineerSenior Buyer/PlannerSenior Corporate RecruiterSenior EngineerSenior IT TechnicianSenior Maintenance SpecialistSenior Manufacturing EngineerSenior Marketing ManagerSenior Process EngineerSenior Software EngineerSenior Structural EngineerSenior Technical WriterSenior Test EngineerServerShift LeaderShop SupervisorSoftware Engineer InternSoftware Test EngineerSolar TechnicianSomeone important enough to knowSource InspectorSourcing ManagerSpaceXSpecialistStaffing CoordinatorSupervisorSupport EngineerTechnical LeadTechnical SpecialistTelecommunications SpecialistThe GuyThermal Protection SystemsTraining CoordinatorVehicle TechnicianWelder HelperWont shareX-ray Technicianhigh temperature composite technician.T.P.Sna

Overall Reviews at SpaceX

Welder | Brownsville, TX | Jul 23, 2020
Cry baby team leaders, lack of communication, favoritism and kiss a****
Before whoever reads this, I want to say that I have nothing against SPACEX, aerospace or Elon Musk and his passion for space exploration...Working with spacex at the Boca Chica location was one of my personal goals in my trade.. I was proud to work with spacex and be a part of space exploration and our mission..Until a month into working there, you will find out that there is A LOT of competition/lack of information sharing on purpose for production growth between team leaders which really affects the work performance on the other teams (which is the main goal of the opposing team in the first place) only to get a head start on production and to look good in front of the supervisors and upper management.. I was in morning shift, and the “team leader” Noe from the mid day shift who was not even MY team lead just plain didn’t like me and a couple of other welders in our crew, I have also confirmed and made sure of this that this is true by phone calls and emails to higher sources because I was shocked that all of a sudden I get a call form Human Resources department that my employment has been terminated due to “lack of performance” and they could not explain why when I asked what was the reason.. which did not match the positive reports on my performance I was getting in person from MY team leaders...and on top of all this, it was on the same day I was told to take a mandatory COVID test and was told I’d be paid for the days I would be off from work whether positive or not, w
ProsGood benefits, being a part of history and something great, free food and by the beach
ConsUpper management could use some improvement
Quality Assurance Inspector | Hawthorne, CA | Dec 25, 2013
One star to many
I have been in aerospace for 10 years now and I am at a complete loss for words with how this company is run. There is no tool control which anyone who has been in aviation has had pounded into their head. There is no formal training and worst of all there are no specifications! i.e. there is both a MIL-SPEC and FAA AC 43.13-1B that cover the acceptable criteria of a button head AD rivet (most common fastener in aviation) but not at SpaceX! To back that up most of the tech they hire have little to no experience, best case scenario they spent a few years in the military but thats a select few. The lack of quality is another mind blower. There are very few inspection steps when building some flight critical components which most technicians just skip and hope the inspectors will just shrug it off (most of them do). I have also watched techs forge a signature for an engineer to inspect the turbine wheel after a test run, no big deal. When I first hired on I was unsure if I had what it took to be an inspector at SpaceX but after a few weeks I quickly realized I was the most qualified. The less experience you have the better so you wont realize how out of control this place is. If the FAA or DCMA ever do an audit this place is going to be shutdown until they get their head out of their behind. Most of the management has no experience in aviation. For some reason they love to hire foreign car people from BMW and Mini to build rocket ships. Hey how about going down the road
ProsPing Pong, Poor Management
ConsPoor Management, Long Hours, No Training, Poor Quality
Engineer | Hawthorne, CA | Apr 16, 2013
Top to bottom it is catagorically the best place I have ever worked
I won't lie, working at SpaceX isn't for everyone. It requires both capability as well as a stern willingness. There is a great deal of responsibility placed on everyone. We're still too small a company with too much work for poor performers to hide in the numbers. Greater still, is the rule to always get the job done. Every company I've worked for had this 'rule', but SpaceX has actually provided the management/environment to allow for this statement to be possible. They have removed almost all of the stops which get in the way of every motivated engineer. There will always be 'hoops' to jump through, but they all serve legitimate roles, it isn't chaos in here. Since I arrived here 6 months ago, I have, without exaggeration, accomplished more legitimate work and made a larger impact on the tasks at hand, than I had in the previous 3 years at jobs with other '5S' and 'streamlined' companies. While the pace is ferocious, everyone's willingness to make changes rapidly allow us to correct problems and move on. Other jobs would ponder and debate the merit of fixing a known issue. Most importantly, I have enjoyed working here. I rarely work fewer than 12 hours a day simply because the job can always be stimulating. The typical employee here is not average. They are the greatest collection of legitimate, hardworking, brilliant, well-rounded engineers I've ever known. I have yet to meet an employee here whom didn't simply impress me or lack in capability. There are no weak links,
Prosfast paced, exciting
Engineer | Hawthorne, CA | Mar 20, 2013
Amazing opportunities and job satisfaction awaiting those willing to put in the effort.
Pros – Note: This is from an Engineer's perspective. SpaceX has been in a state of growth since I first started at the company, constantly increasing the scope of it's projects, it's capabilities, and it's vision. With that comes the amazing opportunities that only comes from a small/medium sized company! There aren't many companies where you can have something you designed or built in space within 1~2 years! If flying something you've worked on in space is a career goal of yours, I can't think of a better place to be. Another side effect of a rapidly growing company is the opoprtunities for increased responsibility. SpaceX employees often find themselves responsible for very important elements very quickly. Responsibility it placed upon people based more on merit than tenure, which allows for career growth not possible with larger aerospace companes. In my experience, SpaceX does a good job of rewarding efforts and successes with perks and bonuses. While compensations may be below aerospace industry standards initially, SpaceX (in my opinion) does a better job of rewarding performance. At the end of the day, there isn't any thing quite like watching a rocket take off and a spacecraft at the space stations, and SpaceX captures that excitement and passion of that dream! Cons – Hours and work/life balance at SpaceX is likely the biggest and most-common complaint, but in my experience it is what each person wants to make of it. SpaceX will take as much as you want to give
Lead Welder | Cape Canaveral, FL | May 10, 2019
A good place to make history but not a good place for a journeyman
Worked here from 2014-2018 was told it would be a career so I put in the long hours and dedication sold everything I had and moved to the area then bam laid off was told welders were a dime a dozen but hey if we have more positions open up down the road you guys have a job. Fast forward to 2019 re applied for several open welding positions was told by recruiter resume looks good let me check with Hr make sure your not on no hire list, good to go there. Oh we’re gonna check with the guys on the floor oh sorry the guys on the floor said no go. Sorry for your luck.the only issue I have with that is the guys they ask are sub par at best during my time there I observed the guys they kept take weld test and let me tell ya it was a joke after they would get there fit checks for their weld test and the inspector would walk off their so called lead men would break thee test down and weld it flat and stick it back up in position to get their final inspections but the guys that never did that always did the right thing we are all too subpar to return to work there according to the leads but there the ones who can’t pass their weld test in position what a joke my 4 years there I observed most of my team treated like they didn’t amount to nothing by everyone else so if your a journeyman welder fabricator and you don’t mind being treated like a doormat or if you don’t mind other people getting advanced off of your hard work even though the guys getting the recognition cheated and lied and
ConsNepotism, fraternization to get ahead
Sheet Metal Mechanic | Hawthorne, CA | Jul 21, 2013
professional atmosphere in workplace, for first 4 months, later some employees in my department were verbally unprofessional with slang.
Hired as a tech trainee; I have an A&P license. I was not given a preference on what department to work in. I was placed in sheet metal manufacturing. The first 3 months were great; training superb towards me; I was a deburr tech and finishing parts. The management gave me the word that I was to be a permanent employee, passing probation period. I said some wrong things to my immediate supervisor, not serious mistakes and I made some mistakes on my work; but I worked well for them. They let me go after 7 months, dragging my transfer to permanent. No specific reason was given to me, but I figured my immediate supervisor desired to move me, for personality reasons. I do not feel my performance was bad enough to be let go and I think spacex could have counseled me and given me a chance in another department. I was in the only department swing shift dominated by latinos and I was mistreated verbally towards the end. That is just a statement, spacex desires to have the best employees in the industry and I made some work related errors and said a couple wrong things to my supervisor; but I was fully trained and independent and I was doing fine for them and I wanted a long term career. That is how the world is; I have worked for many companies and people within the company always hurt the company. Examples are fine hotels, restaurants, anything; the people make the company. I have read some other reviews and I am suprised to hear so many negative comments. That shows you that the p
Prosfree gourmet food for break; incredible, a 50.00 meal for free.
Consnone, a professional workplace.
Avionics Engineer | United States | Mar 19, 2013
The most enjoyable challenges you'll ever have.
Typical day at work for me: 10am: Arrive, drink large mug of free hot chocolate. Review and reply to emails. 10:30: Vehicle assembly design in CAD. 1:00pm: Grab free lunch from kitchen or buy from food trucks outside, bring back to desk. More CAD. Occasionally called down to factory floor to review fabrication element or installation verification. 2-5pm: meeting. Scheduled for half an hour, cut down to 20 minutes because we're done talking and have stuff to do. Average 1 nerdy reference per meeting. 6pm: Free coffee/frozen yogurt. Walk around the factory with it to see what's new. Back to work after about 20 minutes. 8:00pm: on a normal/light day, wrap up and go home. Before a milestone, though, this is dinner time before returning to work. Management: Highly variable between groups, but usually amazing. My boss is a year older than I am (we're both in our 20s), and our interactions are uniformly positive. She is supportive, facilitates getting me the tools I need, and has a great sense of humor. Your co-workers: In a word: amazing. They are passionate, intelligent (often mind-bogglingly so), dedicated, accomplished, friendly, and funny. They are more than coworkers: they are friends. They are the proverbial "best and brightest" and it is an honor and a pleasure to work with them every day. I have experienced a few isolated cases of certain individuals being persistently rude or arrogant, but they are in the tiny minority. The application and interview process is rigorous;
Prossee your designs operating in space, stock options, free food/frozen yogurt/coffee, subsidized massages, laundry service, in addition to good health/dental benefits, lasik is reimbursed
Conslong, occasionally brutal, work hours
Inventory Associate | Hawthorne, CA | May 16, 2016
Unethical Management, Sweatshop Conditions, Burnout Work Hours
Duties of an inventory controller are very simple but repetitive. According to management the inventory department had a 50% employee turnover ratio (yearly). As a result, new employees are constantly being trained, hurting accuracy and efficiency. Another downside to poor retention was that the department was never sufficiently staffed. Backlogs regularly built up until management forced mandatory weekend work days.On the plus side, the lack of employee retention does allow for decently fast upward movement, I became the senior most controller in less than a year. Low to mid level management is incompetent, constantly adjusting hours/schedules because inability to predict work load (ranging from 45-60+ hours weekly). Schedule changes severely affected income with biweekly work time swinging from 90 to 125 hours.Required weekend work days are tiring and strain families. Main Inventory is located in a WWII era building, which lacks AC. It is extremely uncomfortable during the hottest months of the year. Roof regularly leaked on flight parts and expensive machinery. Management assured us that lead paint chips falling from the ceiling were harmless, although indoor eating areas had to tented to prevent paint ingestion. Compensation is low, stock awards are insignificant ($5K vesting yearly over a 5 year period), yearly raises are low to none at all (2%). It is unfortunate that management is so unethical, because the companies goal's are truly amazing. I am proud t
ProsGreat resume builder, subsidized food
ConsLow pay, unsustainable work hours
| Hawthorne, CA | Nov 2, 2017
I don't know what everyone is complaining about!?
First and foremost, I love what I do at SpaceX! This has been, hands down, the best company I have ever worked for! I have worked for many Fortune 500 companies that don't treat you anywhere near as good as SpaceX treats there employees. And I'm not just talking the free yogurt! Who wouldn't want a piece of the SpaceX stock? And now there's a buy back option, stock me up Scotty! And the people that you work with everyday inadvertently make you better at what you do, the bar is set high and if you can rise above that bar you will get noticed, you will get the promotion, or kick a*# award, or raise you seek. The thing is, you have to work your a*# off, and rightfully so. I have never worked for a company that allows you to climb the corporate ladder by being lazy, and SpaceX is the same way. For all those complaining about work/life balance, many of which are hourly employees, you chose those hours! Yes, SpaceX is set to a 50 hour week, but do you really not want OT!? I have been places where hours were cut and morale was low, that doesn't happen here, be happy you work for a stable company that is constantly growing and allowing you to make a living when much of the country has been in hardship for years. So in conclusion, if you are lucky enough to get an offer to work at SpaceX, take it, and if you do take it, don't come to work and be an a*#hole! "One Team, One Goal!" The work is very rewarding at the end of the day, week, month, year!
Prosstock, medical, dental, vision, PTO, sick days, 11 holidays paid, launches, patches
ConsHigh turnaround on management, but not necessarily a bad thing since it gives room to grow.
Pipefitter | Cape Canaveral, FL | Nov 7, 2016
Challenging and exciting work with excellent pay, poor work and life balance
Day is typically spent continuing long term projects previously lined out by supervisors. I greatly increased my skill set of pipe welding by the challenging positions and locations needed to perform my duties, as well as became increasingly proficient in pipe fitting due to a somewhat lack of direction provided from engineering team for actual lengths to complete a particular system. Management at SpaceX is very unorganized with a lack communication between shifts and at times unclear or ever changing direction from the engineering department, resulting in scrapping projects halfway through fabrication or rework needed to include added spool pieces. The level of craftsmanship that can be found throughout the workforce is incredible. There are truly some of the best in the field working there. Lines are drawn though between the attitudes of employees and contractors which have led to petty rivalries that rarely treat contractors fairly. Morale among staff is generally above average, great pay and an exciting goal helps, however the long grueling hours, changing shift schedule, and limited time off can wear you down. Hardest part of job would be poor work/life balance, this place will work you hard. Best part of the job would be the challenge and high expectation of quality, as well as a sense of being a part of something historical and exciting.
ProsFree food and excellent pay
ConsNo benefits for contractors, poor work/life balance

Questions And Answers about SpaceX

How often do you get a raise at SpaceX?
Asked Jul 7, 2022
Yearly but small
Answered Sep 28, 2022
Once every 2 years
Answered Sep 19, 2022
What is the interview process like at SpaceX?
Asked Dec 20, 2016
I received an email from the recruiter in California, I sent her an email rejecting the interview but they called me anyway. There's no communication between HR and managers.
Answered Mar 30, 2020
1 phone interview with HR. 1 phone interview with Redmond, WA manager, 1 phone interview with CA manager, who said he would pass me back to Redmond. Never heard back. Received offer from another company with better pay and benefits.
Answered Jan 2, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at SpaceX?
Asked Feb 15, 2018
Just be you
Answered Aug 10, 2022
Be patient
Answered Jul 28, 2022
What is the promotion process like at SpaceX?
Asked Jul 23, 2021
Promote the most qualified person for the job, hold multiple interviews with relevant parties.
Answered Sep 23, 2022
Challenging. Almost impossible.
Answered Aug 26, 2022
What is the best part of working at SpaceX?
Asked Oct 25, 2019
There is always something exciting going on, from production to events and meeting people
Answered Jun 2, 2022
Watching your hard work launch into space and do what’s is designed to.
Answered May 30, 2022