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Residential Manager | Morrisville, NC | Sep 21, 2018
4years and 11.5 months
Was there for 4years and 11.5 months and did move up the latter yet not due to HR. Yet I left on my own accord and received an email at the beginning of the year that the Pensions would now be determined by the physical year not the actual date. Yet when I called to get my pension payout, they stated that I had 2 weeks left and would not get it- which is how appreciative they were to a dedicated employee for 5 years. MOSTLY- HR uses automatize scouting tool that clearly is off, as I had more than enough and more qualifications for my last position there and was denied by Spectrum the first time I applied to move into Business Class Sector. Had to reach out to a Director in Business class to even be considered for an interview and he also agreed I was more than qualified for the position and internal already. I was offered the position immediately after my first interview. No help to HR AT ALL. Also have recommended qualified candidates for positions- HR did not even afford them an interview and told the applicants that they felt the position was best suited for other candidates that had applied, yet the position was still open for interviews for another 2 months. Seems they need to actually put more thought and attention into their hiring process to gain candidates with more experience and potential to grow with the company One of my roles was supervisor in a call center. The manager had a nephew who applied for the position that had zero skills and that I w...more
Retail Sales Associate | Brockport, NY | May 3, 2019
Run away from the stores
Horrible management. If you are a good person who puts customers first run as fast as you can...They fire people quickly who put customers first. it’s base plus commissions they keep making your sales goals higher and higher so commissions is hard to get. Spectrum took every thing that was good about time warner away. It used to be you couldn’t get into spectrum to get a job because everyone stayed for years now the turn over rate is insane. Good luck trying to get management to help you with anything there on conference calls and meetings so they never have time to help do there job or get things fixed or take care of things that is beyond a sales reps control and your lucky if you can find one because they fire them so quickly. . I had acts I was working on four or five months to get there services or credits fixed because management wouldn’t follow through. Good luck finding out your commissions. The system is down half the time. Oh and you never have enough help in the stores because they can’t keep anyone. They fire good employees. Not to mention they don’t fire the unethical people who put cable or other services on peoples acts who never wanted them... which is illegal. If you turn those people in then watch out your going to get fired. Don’t stay more than a few years because if you do your getting paid to much and they fire you. They lie to you over and over. I was told that all the extra time I put in for when they had digital switch over from analo...more
ProsGood benefits free cable phone and internet 401k with match to six percent vision Dental health
ConsEverything else
Technical Support | Louisville, KY | May 31, 2018
Terrible job, first off when I got hired. I had to talk to this lady about my schedule she gave me a bunch and before I was even able to say which one I wanted she gave me one 4pm-1am. I should’ve said no to that. That’s was my fault. Training is great to be honest! The issue is when you get on the floor, I don’t know about any other teams but mine was god awful. First of all we have an average handle time that needs to be 9 minutes I think(?) but when you’re on a call and need help and you put in the chat that you need something (fireaxe, Prd, cmts) things that a LEAD or SUP can do and some tier 2 reps. It would take forever to get a response I remember I needed a prd for the first time during my ptr time; no idea what it was but I was told that only a lead or sup could do it so I went to my LEAD and told her that I needed that and she was like “only a lead or a sup can do it go ask *mentions 2 names* and they can help you” I had no clue who those people were but umm why could you not do it? Long story short it took me about 20 minutes to get a 10 second program ran for the customers. The lead did nothing but talked all the time. Everyone from my training class talked about how much they loved their teams and I’m just there like..... good for you. My supervisor was terrible as well, not the fact that she was gone all of the time because being a supervisor I get you have meetings and all of that but what's the point in having a gross nasty attitude? Just awful truly. My ptr e...more
ConsEverything and everyone
Customer Service Representative | Appleton, WI | Feb 12, 2019
I hated working here
Spectrum isn't exactly the easiest job in the world. Answering the phones and being nice to people is a no-brainer, but you also have to be proficient with their software. If you struggle to learn somewhat complicated things, this may not be the best role for you. However, you go through thorough training, and most people are prepared for when they have to start doing their job. We had a training group of 12 people, and only one of them didn't make it to the end (but this is because he stopped showing up altogether in the second to final week, not because he failed the tests). The benefits are amazing! The health insurance covers everything and I didn't have a co-pay for the first $1,500 in medical/prescription bills. After that, I had a $30 co-pay and it covered everything else. You also receive dental and vision insurance, 401K, and life insurance. The best part is you get free cable, internet, and phone service. The benefits are the reason I lasted a year and a half at this job. My supervisor was the best man I've ever worked for! He was so wonderful, I don't even know where to begin. He had this way of speaking to you that made you feel okay about the things that went wrong. He really knew how to listen, and when we had coachings, he didn't review your calls with you unless he felt you needed it. Instead, he'd take us outside to play disc golf or walk around the parking lot to chat about whatever was on your mind. He had your back if things went wrong and you were ...more
Pros50¢ raises every 6 months if you exceed your metrics, three breaks throughout the day, great leadership
ConsAbusive customers
Technical Support Representative | Maitland, FL | May 22, 2019
1 Year and 1/2 At Spectrum Overview for Internet and Phone Repair Dept.
When I first started I did not know much in the field of internet and VoIP phone service. The training helped exceptionally! along with training I did my own research that amplified the help as well. I taught my self about pinging ip's and researched the customer website as well. I strongly recommend doing your own research if you are in training with Spectrum. The (research for troubleshoot) aspect of your job will continue as you take more and more calls. I worked for 1 year and 4 months with the company and it had its ups and downs. I liked the amenities like free coffee, plenty of parking, food trucks, break area, game area, peace and quiet lounge areas as well. Also, the clients I spoke with where a small amount under the BHN region of customers. Other customers in northern states where redirected to another call center. Eventually, that changed and more clients where added to my and other's queue along with new databases to learn as well as a higher call volume. The merger was a bit unorganized. However, as a team eventually major polices were worked out. Attendance is very strict, as it should be, if you are late or call out 3 times in a month eventually you will get written up and that hinders you from moving up, applying for school compensation or other work benefits. 15 minute breaks cannot go over since you do get paid during breaks. They only have full-time positions at Charter Communications/ Spectrum' Internet and Phone department. If you w...more
ProsDiscounts on cable services, break area, medical benefits, shift lotto to change shift, frequent breaks, game room, peace and quiet room, lots of bathrooms
ConsVery competitive even though its not sales, very strict with database usage, breaks and lunch breaks are strict, no part-time positions, violations for virtually most things, computers and systems going down, no bring your kid to work day
Inbound Sales Representative | San Antonio, TX | Apr 18, 2019
Good Money Possibly
Overall it is a call center job and it is easy to get burnt out. There is a high level of stress at times, especially if you work for the bilingual department taking English and Spanish calls, the majority will be in Spanish, probably about 80% of your calls will be in Spanish. Bilingual is held to the same standard as the English department but because of the customers that we get, the majority of the time they will be looking to spend the least amount possible which means only getting internet and at times that may be too expensive for them albeit Spectrum does usually offer more than 3 times the speed other providers do. That being said as long as you are comfortable pitching what is called a quad play now; TV, internet, home phone, and mobile services you will be okay. Keep in mind that most customers now just call in for internet and it is going to be your job to up sell them to a bundle package, simply selling internet is not enough. Also you will not get all new customers, not even close to 50% of your calls will be new customers. You will get a lot of existing customers who have one line of service and are either calling in to see about upgrading where depending on what they have they ma not qualify for the promotion that they saw/received and you'll have to still pitch them whatever they do qualify for even if its more. Also you'll get a lot of 'misrouted' calls for technical support issues, missed tech appointments, and so on that you'll have to try and up sell ...more
ProsFree services except mobile, great benefits
ConsSchedule changes every 6-8 months, constant pressure on bilingual department
Field Technician | Greenville, SC | Mar 12, 2019
Poorly ran
I have worked for Spectrum (charter) for 4 years and contracted for 2 years prior to working directly with the company now. I have seen it all! To be frank this job is terrible now. When I came in you made around 12.50/hr with experience but now as of the last couple of months they start you out at 15. Thats fine and all but the people that have been here longer did not receive any pay bump to compensate for the raised starting pay. So naturally you have employees that are Ft3 (field tech level 3) that make barely $16 thats worked their way up from lower wages that are barely making more than new employees that havent seen cable before. I am one of the youngest senior technicians in my region. You can no longer progress just from experience and time in the field with good numbers. Now you are required to take online college like classes that have little to nothing to do with anything technicians work with or possibly will ever be in a position to do. These classes are very long and take up much time to do and is very hard for any adult with a family that also sometimes gets home past 9pm after starting your day at 8am to do. Now scorecards are the worst. They change just about every year and only get more ridiculous each year. Now as it stands you are expected to make 90% of your production of a 120 point qouta. This is weighted 40% of each months scorecard. It doesn't sound that hard until you try doing it and making sure you dont get a repeat( cust calls in within 30 days o...more
ProsShorter life expectancy so you'll not have work here too long
ConsEverything possible
Senior Network Engineer | Greenwood Village, CO | Sep 24, 2018
Charter Ruined Spectrum
As a former employee of Time Warner Cable, being completely transparent I believe that Charter Communications ruined 'Spectrum' which is now the amalgam of TWC, Brighthouse, and Charter. Allow me to explain. While TWC definitely was not perfect by any means, and I had my disagreements with objectives and management, I firmly believed that even while not seeing eye to eye on all matters, we all had the company's best interest and our customers in mind. Charter culture, or at least what it has become, is now dominated by bureaucracy and politics which grind many positive initiatives to a halt. I no longer felt that I had the ability to simply send an email with my thoughts or opinions on a process or project being worked on. I felt as though I had to perfectly play a political game and phrase my emails as if I worked in public relations or there was a chance I would get yelled at simply for phrasing of said email or speaking my opinion and being told I shouldn't have and that it should defer to management. The Charter culture, at least on the Network Operations side, is now dominated by meetings and politics within engineering that frankly no engineer has ever been trained to navigate. Watching colleagues getting fired for simply mistakes made while implementing something on the network. Watching management getting fired and organizations changing frequently either in function or process, after already moving 90% of this functionality to Denver away from multiple regio...more
ProsGood salary options, lots of open positions locally to choose from
ConsCulture is saturated with politics, little to no feeling of security in many groups, management more worried about reports and bureaucratic details that their people or projects
Business Process Analyst | Colorado | May 13, 2019
Management doesn't know what they want
I worked on a brand new quality program at Spectrum. At first it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed my work. However, as the program grew and we launched to more lines of business within the company, things got really tense. The SVP has no idea what he wants and rides people constantly to produce quality products with little to no direction. It's a mind-reading game, and we don't have crystal balls. The SVP seems to prefer things that are shiny and new, often forgetting the hard work of the people who built the program from the ground up and giving them no recognition. However, brand new people are often praised publicly when they have contributed very little. It's almost like a popularity contest. My direct manager was awful. He has worked with the SVP since the 90s, and supposedly knows what he wants. This is not true. He's as clueless as everyone else. My direct manager is a horrible communicator. His boss would be upset because he dropped the ball on something, and he would blame his team, who usually knew nothing about the project that was dropped until it achieved blazing inferno status. My manager has one set of rules for himself and one set for his employees. He threatened to write people up for ridiculous "infractions" - one such infraction was that a few people left 15 minutes early on a Friday. These are salaried employees who had worked well over 40 hours that week. However, my manager rarely shows his face in the office before noon, and of...more
ProsPretty view from the parking lot
ConsIndecisive bullies in management
Dispatcher | Clearwater, FL | Dec 19, 2018
People Are Great, But Dispatch Management Is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E
I was lied to (yes, LIED TO - there's no nice way to put it) in the interview by the manager and one supervisor when I asked about the training programs available to someone who has never worked in Dispatch. The *ONLY* training you get is shadowing other reps. That's it, PERIOD. DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING MORE. No classroom training, no proper coaching, no way to self-monitor your productivity numbers until it was too late and you were being called into the Manager's office for (what they don't make clear) is a verbal warning or write-up. They were also fond of holding (what most reasonable people would perceive as) informal chats and exchanges on the floor against you as "disciplinary talks" or "coaching", even though no one ever mentions that to you, but you'd better believe that EVERY little thing a Sr. Rep or Supervisor talks to you about - even if it's not your direct Supervisor - WILL be held against you in the Manager's office. Count on it. It's amazing ANYONE survives long enough to get away from this gulag long enough to go elsewhere in the company. I couldn't, and I've got more than a decade of call center experience - MANAGING my own teams, no less, plus four degrees, including the MBA they never knew I had; they wouldn't have interviewed me in the first place, had they seen my actual (over) qualifications for the job, which was intended to be a springboard to other, more suitable internal positions that fit my background and expertise. Do not make the mistake of ...more
ProsGood benefits, decent pay, good career potential
ConsZERO (Dispatch) training, deceitful, vindictive management (again, only in Dispatch, apparently), and WOEFULLY inadequate coaching/disciplinary/self-monitoring processes (perhaps only in Dispatch?)

Questions And Answers about Spectrum

What is the interview process like at Spectrum?
Asked Jun 17, 2016
Pretty casual and easygoing. May vary greatly base on who you get though.
Answered Mar 18, 2020
I applied for a Customer Service video repair technician on January 23,2020 i took the assessment I was contacted by 2 separate recruiters an hour later both invited me to a job fair on January 29,2020 from 9am-3pm I arrived around 10 (Get there early the earlier the better) I had an interview 1on 1 with a supervisor he liked me so I stayed for round 2 of interviews with 2 floor supervisors after that interview they told me they wanted me to join the team they gave me a pamphlet with all the information I needed to accept the offer etc I received my offer on January 29,2020 I accepted the offer on January 30,2020 on January 31,2020 I confirmed my background check and scheduled my drug test for February 3,2020 when I went to take my drug test I got there at 9am by 1pm the recruiter was calling and telling me my background test had cleared as well as my drug test was cleared my start date is March 13,2020 and today is February 4,2020
Answered Feb 4, 2020
What is the work environment and culture like at Spectrum?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Awful. At first your told dont worry about your metrics. Then BAM! Management is upset cause your metrics aren’t good. If you dont meet their metrics scale. You are wrote up. Worst place ever to work! Management and HR ARE THE WORST
Answered Mar 18, 2020
I have worked for Spectrum for over 2.5 years as a direct sales representative and I absolutely love it! My supervisors are awesome and my coworkers are great too! Best job I’ve ever had!
Answered Feb 24, 2020
How did you get your first interview at Spectrum?
Asked Jun 16, 2016
Applied for a position in December. Went through the e-mail screening, phone interview and face-to-face interview all within the same week in late February. Offered a job a very short time later via a Recruiter phone call and will start paid training in the beginning of March.
Answered Feb 29, 2020
I applied online December 31,2019 got a phone interview Jan.13, 2020. I was invited to a face to face interview on Jan. 16, 2020. Process took about two weeks. I was offered the job today Feb. 3, 2020.
Answered Feb 3, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Spectrum?
Asked Oct 31, 2016
Find an exit. Mopping the floors of an adult theater has more dignity and the customers there are happy
Answered Jan 5, 2020
Be yourself. Just your most personable self. Be prepared to give specific examples of your positive & negative experiences providing customer service. Express a willingness to learn.
Answered Sep 13, 2019
What is the most stressful part about working at Spectrum?
Asked Nov 2, 2016
Dealing with upper management. They are at best aloof and at worst actively try to destroy you
Answered Jan 5, 2020
Fixing other peoples mistakes. Giving customers the right answer after someone gave them the wrong one. Then they get mad at me for telling them the truth.
Answered Sep 13, 2019