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Spectrum Health Reviews

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Overall Reviews at Spectrum Health

Counselor | Shirley, MA | Sep 21, 2020
Awful company to work for
This is by far like others have said the worst company to work for. The supervisor and director are very childish and condone in the drama. Both have no children so they can’t comprehend when you have to call out due to your child. Forget about the PTO system is far from generous. Make sure you document everything mangement will throw you under the bus. This company needs training on diversity it was hard sharing an office space with a fellow openly racist co worker management did nothing to make this situation comfortable. The biggest downfall is the management being friends with co workers.. how does someone employee get employee of the quarter after they were talking about the DOT, got caught on company’s time during a zoom meeting placing a dunkins order. If this was anyone else they would have been written up. This is by far the most toxic and hostile work environment ever. Oh and by the way if your bi lingual you don’t get paid more so your better off not telling anyone your bi lingual. You would think working in a prison the inmates would be the worst part nope it’s management. If they owe you a sign on bonus make sure your on them about it they will act like it never existed and try to play you.
ProsWorking with inmate
ConsRacist co worker Director did nothing, PTO awful, childish supervisor/director
Behavior Technician | Grand Rapids, MI | Aug 24, 2022
Pick your position carefully
Depending on what position you're looking for: spectrum might not be the place for you. they require staff to work every (other, second, third or fourth) weekend, mandated "flex" shsifts for technical roles. Very low compensation. EVen with years of experience for a bht role, i was hired in at the absolute lowest pay rate. benefits are great, but the working culture here is not great. Management listens and does what they can to fix what they can. For the job itself, i'm required to work 40 hours a week however i choose (12 hour, 8 hour or 6 hour shifts). we are allowed to schedule ourselves, which is nice. But if you want overtime or higher pay, you'll end up working 4 or 5 12 hour days in a row. every other holiday you're forced to work, starting pto is decent, but it also counts for sick days and vacation. Getting more pto is basically impossible, accruing about 2-4 hours per pay period. The BHT title is a lie. You're a safety attendant. At no point are we actually expected to apply real behavioral science. If you're looking for a role in which you feel satisfied with your self and feel good about your career, look elsewhere.
Proscafeteria food is good, upper management actually listens, though few actual changes get made.
Conscompensation, workload, lack of stimulation, pto, vacation time, scheduling
Nurse | Washington, DC | Nov 2, 2021
I do not trust this company.
The work is easy-ish depending on what clinic you work in, and some clinics are stressful or have demanding POC's (point of contact). There is no proper orientation for nursing roles, and you are expected to know what to do, which is stressful as a newbie. For example, you have two tries to pass open book monthly quizzes with 100%, with a written warning on the 3rd and termination on the 4th. The quiz wording is tricky, which slips up a lot of people. In addition, communication is fragmented between agencies, with everyone in upper management passing the buck with the nurse as the middle man. Finally, you are not allowed to take any time off unless you have PTO, and you are given 40 hours the first year you have to use before your anniversary date. The pay is lower than other agencies, and there are no yearly raises. Had I known this, I would have gone with another agency. If you have a good Area Nurse Manager who can help you through, the position is a little tolerable. The challenge is having a good one. Another thing, if you leave before a year, they say you owe them $25,000. The reason is the public trust clearance you have to obtain.
ProsThe hours for me and my coworkers.
ConsPay, training, leadership, no raises, inability to take time off without pay.
Material Coordinator | United States | Aug 26, 2020
Overworked and bad management
The warehouse recently switched over to a new system and it is floundering. There is not enough people to meet the demands of a slow and broken system. As a result, they are mandating 10 hours days. You still get paid overtime but its 10 hour 5 days a week, you also work every 3rd weekend so you might have an 11 day stretch of 10 hour days. You do get a workout for free working here. I walk an average of 17,000 steps a day. Safety concerns such as falling skids, spills, forklifts zooming around, loose nails, and locations where proper lifting methods are impossible have been talked about during team huddles and nothing has been done about them. The huddles are kind of a joke anyways. They advertise open communication but then said to stop asking questions during huddles cause it was making them last too long. During the Covid crisis they said to wear masks and stay 6 feet from each other. As a picker the 6 feet distance is impossible to do. The masks are not enforced. I have not felt more unsafe in a workplace than I do at the spectrum warehouse.
ProsMoney, overtime, free workout
Consbad management, unsafe, mandated overtime
Coding Specialist | Grand Rapids, MI | Sep 8, 2021
Was very good, but ever since covid-19, they only care about money
I got hired in 2018 doing coding that i loved, felt comfortable, and was good at. Then 2020 hit. I went from working in my own cubicle 5 days a week, to PERMANENTLY working from home. I was struggling and my boss in 2019 helped me and kept me strong. Then 2021 hit. My coding space i got hired for was being eliminated with 2 weeks notice, i got switch to a team where i don't feel appreciated, comfortable, or confident doing coding where i haven't practiced those since 2017 in school. Now i get to go into a mobile office 2 times instead of 5, I'm EXPECTED to be at 150 charts per DAY at 95% accuracy, AND be reviewed 3 months randomly. I really wanted obgyn coding, but they won't let me and I'm stuck in a space i hate and would rather not be. I'm ONLY doing this job so i can afford my apartment. I wish I could go back to 2018 and warn myself. If you like stress, more work than expected, and being treated like a number, apply here.
ProsFlexible Schedule
ConsMean bosses, don't care about people, only want money
Substance Abuse Counselor | Savannah, GA | Aug 19, 2021
Great entry into the counseling field
There are many negative reviews for this job, but honestly it is what it is. You will learn case management, documentation, treatment planning, public speaking, and group skills, as well as have the opportunity to seek certifications/licensure based on your educational background (which the company continually motivates you to do). The experience will all depend on your location and the site management. As an entry level and corrections job, there will be high turnover and the dynamic can change quickly and often. I had great supervisors, and had ones that were more into micro managing than actually helping anyone, but they were new to their role as well. Overall I look back positively at the experience, and it definitely led to growth in the helping professions. It is a learning experience.
ProsWork life balance
ConsTherapeutic curriculum leaves little room for innovation
Data Entry Clerk | Cottonwood, AZ | Sep 14, 2018
Good place to work
This is a great place to work. Training could be better in unfamiliar setting as a beginner. Forgiveness of learning could be better. My supervisor missed her former employee. I was new at data entry. I would have liked the data entry processes explained more logically so I could rap my mind around it better. I have a nursing background and processes are important to understand concepts of why things are done. I did ask for some explanation on how processes worked but to no avail. I believe my coworker being in the business for over 20 years needed someone like her last employee that knew the business. She missed her and it reflected upon me in my opinion. However staff are friendly and willing to help outside the department. Overall it is a good company.
ProsFriendly coworkers, good benefits. HR is wonderful. IT is really helpful.
ConsBetter training programs
Direct Support Professional | Worcester, MA | Sep 27, 2021
Company needs to value Direct Care staff
Company can do better at valuing direct care staff and clinician better. The management team need to reevaluate how to treat the staff that directly work with clients. Some of these clients have more issued than just Substance Use Disorder. When management is ask to help, they sit in the office and watch camera all day. This is not helping the staff the is in need of help. Emotional, Mental and feeling safe at work should be important to management and it is not. Pros are that co-workers help during difficult times when management is not around to help. The bottom line is that the management team needs to show that they care about the safety and well being of the entire direct staff not just the staff the like more.
ProsCoworkers are the support
ConsManagement need to support all staff not just their favorite
Coding Specialist | Grand Rapids, MI | May 21, 2021
Good Starting Position, Feel Like Little Room For Advancement
I absolutely loved my job when I first started at Spectrum almost 3 years ago. The people were great and I felt a sense of pride in the work I do. However, about a year ago my satisfaction has been dwindling. First it was forcing coders to go work in our warehouse/hospitals evs or face termination when everything shut down due to the pandemic. Then when we were able to finally come back we had HUGE changes to our workflows that sent many of us reeling. Changes to our quality plan and productivity and now we're starting denials. I feel like Spectrum wants us to do more and more with the same amount of pay/benefits. I feel constantly stressed and feel like I can't even take a day off to recharge because I know when I come back I'll have even more work.
ProsAlways work to do
ConsLow pay, low benefits, mandatory overtime
Manager | Butterworth, VA | Oct 16, 2020
Great benefits, have to know someone to advance
Spectrum really cares about their staff from a benefits standpoint. Not a huge fan how they handled staff redeployment during the midst of the pandemic. Need to evaluate and promote staff due to their qualifications not because they are friends with other members of leadership. The GLINT surveys are nice to a point but it mainly is an outlet for staff to complain anonymously rather than having the courage to talk to leadership. Staff need to be told “don’t just complain, but state a solution to the problem or your comment won’t be addressed”. Frustrating to be scored on something out of your control- redeployment decisions, emergent pay, etc. which staff continue to comment on.
ProsBenefits, coworkers
ConsAdvancement, placing unqualified people into roles

Questions And Answers about Spectrum Health

How often do you get a raise at Spectrum Health?
Asked Apr 18, 2021
Usually every year except this year.
Answered Nov 29, 2022
Answered Nov 3, 2022
What is the best part of working at Spectrum Health?
Asked Jun 26, 2020
The insurance
Answered Jun 28, 2022
Working from home
Answered Jun 17, 2022
What is the promotion process like at Spectrum Health?
Asked Nov 3, 2021
Easy. Leadership turns over fast.
Answered Nov 23, 2022
Answered Oct 31, 2022
If you were to leave Spectrum Health, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
More support and appreciated than here.
Answered Sep 8, 2021
Better pay. Housekeeping on weekends.
Answered Oct 19, 2020
What benefits does Spectrum Health offer?
Asked Jul 6, 2016
Heath and dental
Answered Nov 11, 2022
Health, dental, 401 or equivalent
Answered Sep 19, 2022