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Overall Reviews at Speedway LLC

Customer Service Representative | Dayton, OH | May 6, 2019
Definately a first job, DO NOT STAY HERE (Look for a better job while working here trust me.)
In my region they promise you a dollar an hour raise after 3 mounths, You are already making minimum wage. they never actually give you the raise, My coworker only made 50 cents more than me and had been there for 2 years. He said he wont ever get another raise according to them. Now alot of times unless you are management the actual corporation will make sure to schedule you just under the amount of hours needed for benefits. There are no freebies, No free coffee, drinks. No breaks unless you smoke. You are not allowed what so ever to take a break unless you are a smoker (But this rule is usually overlooked slightly cause we all are human after-all and whoever is running the store is gonna be more understanding than what corporate rules dictate.) Speeway will send 30-39 Year old agents in on you to check to see if you are carding people who look under 40. A coworker had a 39 year old lady come in and she didn't card her, Turns out she worked for speedway as an agent. Speedway does however offer a 401k and there is room for advancement within the company. People higher in the company actually make decent $. There is alot of technology to learn, For good and bad. some things make you safer, others can be a hastle. This job can be more labor intensive than one might think but that all depends on what you are actually doing in the store and if a delivery truck arrives that day. If you are working the cooler and have a truck thats gonna be a labor filled day....more
Pros401k, Room for advancement.
ConsQuite a bit.
Sales Associate | Virginia | Jul 26, 2018
Not for me but may be for you....
If you want to gain experience in multitasking this is the job for you! It is most definitely a fast paced inviroment with plenty of work to fill your day. If you are considering a job here I would definitely suggest checking out how clean the store is, taking note of how the management treats their team and watching the body language signals the associates are giving off. From my experience speedway expects a unrealistic amount of work to be completed each day from all shifts especially for a store that only has two people working at a time. The turn over at these stores make it hard to depend on your team because half of them are always new and they don't get the proper training even with the best managers because they are needed to be thrown into places to fill gaps. Unless you have a manager who genuinely cares about the well being of their staff don't expect your personal needs to come before speedway unless it is required by law.Lunch breaks don't exsist , expect to pay for all food and drinks you consume and the only time , no matter how long your shift , you get to sit down is when you use the bathroom. The customer vibe really depend on your area but do consider all sorts of people go into gasstations. The best way to deal with any customer is to kill them with kindness and don't let them run your emotions. It isn't hard to get promoted but you will sleep , eat and breath Speedway. You start off minimum wage no matter what your experience unless you are coming in a...more
ProsLife insurance, health insurance and experience
ConsTraining, no breaks, unrealistic expection, pay
General Manager | Slingerlands, NY | Jun 17, 2019
Not recommended
I worked for this company a little over 4 years, recently fired after expressing that I would like to step down, so I could have more of a life, my life was live, breathe, eat Speedway. They say they have flexible scheduling, but I will be the first to tell you, there is no flexible scheduling, that is completely false. The only thing this company has going for them is the rewards program they have to offer, and the benefits\tuition reimbursement. They will push employees into positions beyond assistant manager, there is really no option, you can say no but they will look for reasons to get rid of you. So far into extent they will go back months even years to find one small error. Once you've reached a General manager position, may god be with you, there are weeks you will work 80 plus hours with no compensation (salary 50.hr) or get help for that matter from the district manager, they do not care if you work yourself to death, all they care about is you showing up, once that is an issue expect to be terminated. In all seriousness I wouldn't recommend my worse enemy to work here. I have recommended this company to numerous people all of which are still working for the company, they want to leave but they are stuck. I guess they did me a favor at the end of the day, now that I know there is a life outside of Speedway. If you are considering management, ask yourself one question. Do you enjoy working for free? Recommended for part time, and college students. My review would be ...more
Prosbenefits, 401k, tuition reimbursement, advancement.
Conspay, compensation, hours, scheduling, retention
Retail Sales Associate | Huntington, WV | Feb 14, 2019
Fast paced place, downtime during the middle of the night, generally easy job
Job for what it is, not bad at all once you get used to it. First retail job I've had, so I had to learn everything. They train you shortly over a couple days then you get dumped out in the deep end to fend for yourself after said training days. After you get the hang of it, you follow your routine and get done what needs to be done between customers. Management can be a bit spotty and store is sometimes a little more laid back than it needs therefore things that were meant to be done in previous shifts sometimes go undone with no fear of consequences for their actions. Biggest complaint I have really is their survey system. For example, unruly customers can get upset because your carded them for their cigarette purchase because the look under the age of 40 (Speedway Policy), they can march right straight to the Speedy Card Kiosk, do their survey and continuously put derogatory marks pertaining to the person on shift and after they send said survey in, the manager gets an e-mail the very next morning pointing out that such and such person on shift got a bad survey and can be wrongly disciplined when they've done everything they're supposed to. Other than that, customers are generally happy and laid back given your job well and have everything ready for them they come to expect as soon as they walk in the door. I've worked at my location for nearly three years and customers almost seem relieved to pull on the parking lot and see my truck because they know they'll wa...more
ProsPay raise after 90 days, managers & workers easy to get along with, job is generally easy
ConsNegative feed back from customers recognized by company way before positive does
Cashier | Bethlehem, PA | Aug 1, 2018
I would never recommend a job at this location
Picking a job here was the worst mistake I ever made. Word of advice, if the manager is looking desperate and hires you on the spot run fast. The turnover rate for this company is completely ridiculous. Like your coworker? Too bad he/she will have quit or been fired in a month at the most. On top of that you're expected to work 6-8 hour shifts with no breaks or lunch breaks at all. The most you get is a 5 minute smoke break but if you don't smoke tough luck. You're expected to stand on your feet the whole shift. None of the food is free nor discounted. Not even a 10% discount. If you purchase food to eat, good luck eating in the back because there's tons of customers and often periods of 2-3 hours of you being alone with no one to cover the register while you eat. Your food will be cold and your soda warm. The manager is extremely rude and lacks any kind of respect for employees. If that's worth $8/hr for you go ahead. And don't ask for more than 14 hours a week (which is about two 7hr shifts) because it'll be a hassle and argument to get it. You can't even support a dog on that paycheck. There's three employees here that between them have 130 hours. If you do manage to get at least 20 hours you'll have the shift nobody wants. Closing. You work 3pm-11pm by yourself in a gas station alone and it's your job to close up and clean up by yourself. You'll know management doesn't like you if they mysteriously cut your hours down to one miserable shift of 8 hours. It's to force yo...more
ConsNo breaks/lunch, no free food, low hours, rude staff
Customer Service Representative | Edenton, NC | Oct 24, 2019
Terrible company
I believe Speedway is a huge corporation, however, they do not offer employee discounts, nor breaks. I have worked 8 hour shifts without a single break. The pay is terrible for the amount of work performed. And there is a lot of work to do all day long. I do not recommend Speedway to any person who values their time. I would suggest a different company to any person who is seeking work because there is no possible way to make ends meet while working as a typical employee. A typical work day consists of operating the cash register, stocking merchandise, along with various other items. There is a lot of food preparation involved as well. Of course there is cleaning involved. I have worked with a couple of managers who were both very helpful when I was confused about something. They have no problem helping with any questions. The most enjoyable part of my day is when it is at it's end and I punch out to go home. As far as the workplace culture, I have not seen the typical drama. I have seen employees get along and help one another whenever I work. Honestly, Speedway is not a good place to work. It would be a decent place if the pay was better. They demand way too much work from employees for such low pay. It is really disgraceful. And they don't offer employee discounts...I just had to mention that again, nor employee breaks, no matter how many hours worked. That is absurd. One more thing, they are supposed to be so much into cleanliness and they stress it in the on-boa...more
Manager | New York, NY | Oct 2, 2018
A Nightmare job to work for in NY!
This was the worst job I EVER had! Store Managers only care about themselves. They train you while you are literally ringing up customers!?!?!?!? I never had someone try to train you while you only can give 50% of your attention. It was amazing. And I have been in retail for MANY years. When you make a mistake, they make you feel low and incompetent. I never felt so horrible in a job. Mind you for management training, you have to be at work at 6am, 5 days a week, so I hope you live close to the location. I have no issue waking up early, but to get up to sell gasoline, cigarettes and beer before 7am, is not something that was for me. The staff members I worked with where for the most part, decent people, but every single one of them were looking for other opportunities. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! And don't sneeze the wrong way, because their is literally 20 cameras watching your every move! And the store I worked was very small. And I hope you like coffee, because you will be making around 100 pots in the morning while you clean after EVERY customer! And I worked in a very sloppy area. ONLY IF YOUR DESPERATE, and need money quickly, do what you have to do if you have to apply to this horrible job. By the way, the worst part was also the pay. Management gets paid virtually nothing for the amount of work we do, and the almost non-stop customers entering your place of work. It was actually shocking and exhausting. I love working in retail. Again, I have been doing this fo...more
ProsNot One Thing
ConsEverything you can think of in a horrible job
Customer Service Representative | Fort Edward, NY | Dec 3, 2018
Wonderful management, fast-paced, never dull.
The tasks were fairly simple for the most part, though some did require extensive training to do properly. The store was one of the busier ones so there is never a dull moment and there is always work to be done. My manager had a rule "If you have time to relax, you have time to pick up a broom.", and he meant it. The manager held us to a high standard, and a very fast pace to get the work done. We would often be bouncing between tasks, switching places depending on who could perform better at specific tasks, whether cooking, cleaning, or running register, as the day got busier. Being able to fit in as a significant part of a team and carrying your own weight is a MUST here, as one person not doing their share can result in a day's tasks falling onto the next, and frustration with those who show laziness or refuse to learn. The best part of the job is that since it was VERY busy, the days go by quick. The worst was that when we would have someone who refused to pull their own weight, as happened a few times, we would be unable to get rid of them in a timely manner without being understaffed, making it necessary for the good employees to do an unfair amount of extra work to make up the difference. Side note, we did have to sign a contract agreeing to go without breaks if it was necessary, though the manager very rarely took advantage of that, only 4-5 times throughout my year and a half there, and only when truly desperate.
ProsGood management, fast pace, advancement opportunities, plenty of overtime normally.
ConsShort breaks, standing for hours often in one place, occasional long days.
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Prestonsburg, KY | Sep 18, 2019
Beware: absolute worst place to work!!!
After working at Speedway for a year, I have learned a lot about the company itself. A typical day at work is standing at the register to provide the best customer service you can. BUT it is also taking out the trash, cleaning after the shift before you. Dealing with managements mistakes. Being called in on your day off. You will NEVER receive a 30 minute lunch break, but every week it is MANDATORY that you sign a paper stating you received your 30 minute un-paid lunch break that is required by kentucky state law. They change the schedule WITHOUT ANY type of notice. So basically, you have to be willing and ready to change your whole day with out notice from anyone at anytime. They expect you to be able to show up to work at any time. The managers are awful at their jobs. They have 3 managers in the morning and usually none in the evening and at night. They are always hiring people, mostly because no one wants to deal with terrible management. When they do have people that stick around, they will cut your hours. So even if your full time, they will cut your hours below the 35 minimum hours, then after 12 weeks of getting under 35 hours they will just take away your full time, vacation, and benefits. So yes, Speedway pays pretty well, but everything else about the company is so terrible its not even worth the pay. I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone, regardless of how I felt about the person.
ProsDecent pay
ConsNo breaks, no consistency, poor management, must be willing to live and breathe for this company at all times at any cost
Shift Leader | Trafalgar, IN | Jul 18, 2018
Under paid, Over worked
The company as a whole is suffering from a shortage of workers and high levels of turnover. The pay is low and the expectation of what can be accomplished with what you are given as a crew person, and especially as management, is delusional. The training is lacking across the board. I was at one point tasked with training new managers (which was my store manager's job, by the way. I had only been a manager/shift lead for a month) and if there any kind of actual guide on how to do this, no one at my store new about it (I was working at a store that was designated as a management training store at that time). The training was almost entirely "sink-or-swim". I had to develop an entire curriculum from scratch and implement it with little to no direction or supervision, not to mention, when we received management trainees, they were most often immediately shoe horned into doing crew person tasks that we did not have the available crew to take care of due to the lack of employees. I could go on for pages. Bottom line, its a pay check if you need one and they have good insurance, but you should not try to make a career out of a job with Speedway. The corporation sees their employees more as liabilities than as anything else. Until they start cultivating their employees as a resource and giving them the pay, store hours, and people they need to do their job in manner that can actually foster a better experience for the customer, i cannot recommend this as a sound career opportunity...more
ProsGood Insurance, weekly pay, 401k
ConsEverything else

Questions And Answers about Speedway LLC

If you were in charge, what would you do to make Speedway LLC a better place to work?
Asked Feb 14, 2018
To monitor the employees more and send in ppl who can just see what's going on like secret shoppers
Answered Mar 22, 2020
Pay the staff more. Cashier's etc.
Answered Mar 20, 2020
How are the working hours at Speedway LLC?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Hours are horrible, either they pressure you into working 50+ hours a week or they’ll cut your hours down to 30 because you don’t wanna work on your day off. Management makes you feel like bad if you can’t cover or need a specific day off one week. No set days off and good luck getting to take your vacation.
Answered Apr 1, 2020
All depends on the stores manager. Some stores are actually flexible and management is understanding. But having a bad manager can change that
Answered Nov 23, 2019
What would you suggest Speedway LLC management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
Make ALL employees do the same amount of job duties and treat each employee the same if not pay each individual accordingly to what they do and not everyone get the same raise some employees have had years with the company but does that mean they are excluded from all the other work or not having to work holidays or get the better pay and only have to work their scheduled hours and not help when someone calls in. It takes all of us to make the company grow and if management does not make all work when needed you will be losing some of the best workers you could have ever had. There are alot of people like myself that give up time with their family to help and make the company grow that do not get enough appreciation for all they do. As lnog as the manager gets their time off and their favorites it seems thats the way things are supposed to go. I have been with the company two and half years and have seen one person work 1 time when needed and will never work not even 1 minute past their shift and work with another that has a doctor note all this time and can only do so much but still get the same raise as I. I used to love my job and looked forward to going in everyday and helping in any way that I could but lately its going down hill and getting the attitude if they dont have to do the extra why should I.
Answered Jan 27, 2020
All employees should be treated equally, the schedules should be made with respect to all employees not favoritism, employees that have children should not be required to work all holidays unless wanting to, employees should get a discount on food or like everyone else has pretty much said..a free fountain drink, speedway makes more than enough profit to where they should b able to provide something for their employees not just 2 shirts to work in. Which I agree w the one response that we should get more shirts, the selling point bonus that even if you hit it, you only get if you are one of the top 35 stores I believe, all stores that hit their mark should get the bonus..they should give a christmas bonus to all employees or a jacket or something along w a christmas party, we should b able to wear jackets of some sort cause standing by the doors in the winter is very chilly, speedway needs to learn to value their employees and treat them like they are people not dogs, after all if it wasnt for the employees working hard everyday, selling candy ,and upselling cigarettes and merchandise then speedway wouldn't be what or where they are today..I'm an assistant manager and I love my job but the more I have to pick up other shifts cause theres nobody else to do it and do other employees jobs because the gm is too soft hearted to write them up or discipline them, the more I dread working at speedway..I have a family but I feel like I sold my soul to the speedway devil the day I got promoted and it's not fair..I can handle no break I can handle the criticism and the ton of work and customers getting upset w me over our laws and regulations but I cant handle not being appreciated for coming to work everyday and working my butt off pulling 10- sometimes 13 14 hr shifts not being able to spend holidays w my family and children and feeling like no matter how hard I work or how good of an employee I am that I feel like I'm just a worker bee making them more rich than they already are w no consideration for my feelings or needs
Answered Dec 29, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Speedway LLC?
Asked Jun 9, 2016
I loce working at the store, super easiest job I ever had and the customers are friendly (most of them anyway) and I love going to work. But I have one co worker I work with every morning who seems to hate her life and everyone and everything in it. She is a real drag and bore. If she wasnt there then life at Speedway would be perfect. I work hard and stay busy so time flies by. I also became fulltime within my first month working there. The store manager and district manager are great and love working for them. They actually do care for all of us and show it. We get paid once a week and double on holidays. I just wish we got paid more. $9 hour isnt enough to work at this face paced trucker stop store but I'll do it because I love it.
Answered Dec 30, 2019
Horrible. Never get noticed for the work you do. Managers leave early and leave you at the worst possible times
Answered Nov 17, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Speedway LLC?
Asked May 24, 2017
You will have to learn to work at a fast pace. And if your not a people's person then working for speedway isn't the right job for you
Answered Mar 4, 2020
Be yourself
Answered Feb 26, 2020