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Overall Reviews at Sprint

Sales Executive | Clovis, CA | Jun 13, 2019
Horrible company to work for, slowly rotting away from inside
Horrible company, worked for a dealer (Wireless Lifestyle) and it was an absolute horrid environment. I was encouraged to "be honest" but at the same time "do whatever it takes to get the sale" (which in turn meant fraudulently sell) only to get customers who were already mad about others doing the exact same thing at other locations. Not only were you required to sell to people already frauded at other stores, but if you don't then you'll get treated like a nuisance by management until you "get with the program" so to speak. Nobody in management (upper or retail) seems to know how to coach/train others in relationship selling, they only care about numbers which is why there such a high turnover rate of employees. Go ahead and ask any current Sprint customer you know, at one point or another somehow or someway they've been conned by somebody who was dishonest or straight lied to their face at the Sprint store. Dishonest company, from the top to the bottom. If you enjoy being happy and helping others and dislike being distrustful then stay far away, they lose 4 customers for every 1 that joins (learned that in training lol) so that goes to show right there.. plus the commission is absolute garbage. Even getting the "perfect sale" (literally AN ENTIRE FAMILY OF LINES everything pitched and agreed to) you only make like $80 in commission and then try pairing that with only 3 customers a day that enter your store lol good luck. And to make things even funnier, CORPORATE WAS EVEN ...more
Business Systems Analyst | Temple, TX | Nov 23, 2018
I worked at Sprint for 13 years, I was a loyal worker and learned very much on the business aspect. We worked as a team, we supported each other and brought out the best in each other. They gave me the opportunity to go to college. They worked with my schedule so that I could balance work and school together and be successful. I was promoted five times in 13 years. When I was laid off, I wasn't scared at all. What I learned, pushed me to take on bigger things and continue my education. I went to college and started my dream of becoming a nurse. In December, I will have accomplished my dream. I have worked in the business aspect, and now it's time to be a part of the medical care! I am very excited and look forward to challenges and working together with a team! The workplace culture was great, we celebrated all occasions. The hardest part of my job was working on a team. I was used to working by myself and being accountable for myself. When you work with a team, you have to take the good along with the bad. Your weakest link can bring the team down. You are accountable for everyone. We learned to help the weakest, work together, be accountable, and take losses as a team. It also took the burden off me, and encouraged me to ask for help. The most enjoyable part of working at this company, is that the promoted from within the company. Experience was important, we had the opportunity to get certified with programs that helped us stand out. We had first hand experience, and the ...more
ProsI am comfortable on computers and Microsoft
Store Manager | New Jersey | Jan 29, 2019
retail is dead
As retail dies, the reps and stores are still expected to beat year over year and month over month sales. Sprint advertising heavily push the cheapest plans possible but you are not allowed to sell those plans. You most up sell a higher plan $50 more a month. How do you pull that off honestly, you can't most of the time. You must also sell insurance $17 per phone and $110 in accessories per phone. If not you will be fired. So you have to tell customers you don't have the phones in stock and walk them out the door. This kills you because you are paid commission and something is better than nothing right? Wrong! They want perfect numbers across the board. They have a report for everything and a metric/goal for everything but say it is just 5. They don't really fire for numbers on those 5 funneled metrics they fire for behavior. It is much quicker and now we can get dirty on reporting. A customer comes in for help, and you help them.... shame on you. You just messed up your numbers. If the customer calls care on any other phone you are on that report, they walked in the door, so you are on that report, you didn't add a device or phone on their account, on those reports, you didn't upgrade them, on that report, if they cancel, you are on that report, they remove insurance because the last rep snuck it on to save his/her job, now you are on that report. See you can be fired for not offering the add on and hitting those other not 5 metrics. Save yourself the misery of having...more
Sales Representative | Bend, OR | Jun 18, 2019
Didnt have much to say about Sprint as a whole, but the store I worked at was abhorrent
The management at the store I worked at was absolutely abhorrent. Practically non existent. Management takes far to many PTO days. Management NEVER closes the store. They say they do, just in case corporate asks but in reality, it never happens. As well as the expectation that if asked by corporate if certain policies are being followed by management staff, to answer yes and dishonestly. Example: In order to make sure a "manager" was involved in every transaction on the sales floor as well as make sure a "manager" was there to close the store every day of the week (as per policy), management just put the word "MANAGER" on every single employee's name badge, manager or not. However, when someone from corporate or from the district management team would come into the store for an audit visit, we were all to put on a different name badge that did not say "MANAGER" on it. There were countless other things like that happening at the store I worked at. It was such a horribly toxic atmosphere. The company as a whole was not terrible. Decent benefits and commission potential. If you are fine with doing any and all things management throws at you because they feel "its just too much for them to do" in addition to your own responsibilities, and you are ok with getting walked on and stomped on like a door mat outside in the middle of winter, then this place is for you, at that store anyway.
ProsFree phone servies, benifits, commission
Conshourly pay, work schedule, management
Customer Service Representative | Oklahoma City, OK | Feb 22, 2019
Don't value employees. High school environment
I have been there over 2 years ... And you only get noticed if your friends with the upper management. They will pull strings for CERTAIN people. Doesn't matter how hard you work, it's ALL who you know. They are very quick to hire and fire... and make it known we are all replaceable...my new supervisor has been there less than me.. and was already pushed into a supervisor role.. and she thinks she is just the bees knees and is so full of hersef... she has fired 7 people in 6 weeks! Oh and they changed our commission and bonus structure, to make it nearly impossible to get a good payout. Also our systems are always crashing, and some of the managers are amazing .. and some just feel entitled and think they are better than you .... And some just sit on their phone all day and/or sit an talk badly with a co-worker about their team and fellow employees .. It's like high school. And if you aren't cool with managers or know someone in upper management, you will just be another number on a screen. Also the new people are starting off with the same pay as us tenjred agents. And we never get raises, but most of us are cross trained to do sales,care,tech, order support, and retention. Also we are supposed to change schedules and do a shift bid every few months.... But its more like once a year... Only reason I'm still there is it's a good location between home, and daycare for my child..
ProsDecent pay
ConsTerrible management. No advcement opportunities without knowing someone
Retail Sales Associate | Pensacola, FL | Apr 11, 2019
It really is about your management team...
Someone here said it best...it really depends on how good of a manager you have. I loved my job, I loved dealing with customers...even disgruntled ones because I'm gifted with connecting with others. My coworkers were tolerable enough to deal with,pretty cool to work with but the thing about sales that you have to understand is most coworkers will not hesitate to steal your sales if given the opportunity, morality is generally ambiguous in this field so if that rubs you the wrong way you might not be suited for this. I worked at a VERY slow store but I brought a lot of customers in with cold calls, I didnt get the credit sometimes but it didnt bother me too much. The straw that broke the camel's back was my manager. He was extremely lazy, incompetent (among many other things) and a lot of people have left the company being under him. I'm not exaggerating and if you're in the Pensacola, fl area you'll know who I'm talking about, he fired me after I put in a 2 weeks notice (out of spite?) and was demoted shortly afterwards. Benefits weren't the best but it was something at the very least. The company itself was good to me, my store was awarded 2x commission payout because it was a C store and that was pretty lucrative for me.
ProsExcellent starting point for sales, you will succeed if you are truly good with people.
ConsBad manangement makes or breaks the experience
Sells Representative | Seattle, WA | Oct 17, 2018
Working at sprint.
I worked for sprint for almost a year. Being top 5 in sales and even number one in the region did little when it came to the company preparing to close it's stores. Management is not to be trusted. The employees come and go. Very few stay with the company longer then a year. And now with the merger of T-Mobile on the brink, stay away. You will be laid off or relocated so far away it will be impossible to keep your job. I was 88 out of 10000 people in terms of sales reps and quotas and I was still treated unfairly in the end. The company is dying do not waste your time there. Furthermore sprint promotes shady selling practices I was one of the few honest people and my personality worked for me. But in most cases they want you to get whatever you can out of someone no matter what it takes. In the last meeting with the CEO they talked about how Sprint was a great place to work to keep people from leaving. But the reality is when an employee had the opportunity to ask a question which was "What about raises and opportunities to grow." The CEO said that they are not giving any raises or money to employees as they were putting all there money into developing towers and the network. They also reminded us that the Sprint name will soon disappear from your local business locations.
ProsCommissions if you are a good sales person. Customers are fun to work with.
ConsManagement, work culuture.
Network Engineer | Fayetteville, NC | Mar 28, 2019
One of the best places to work in the corporate world.
I worked with this company for 37 years. I started as an Installer Repairman in 1969. Went to an untold number of schools including courses with college credits. Promoted into management as an engineer in 1982. Advanced through the engineering department having been given tremendous support in my abilities and was made Project Manager for the North Carolina Information Highway Project. Completed the project in 3 years and was then promoted to Senior National Network Engineer and was transferred to Wake Forest NC in 1995. I was again promoted after 5 years to Manager National Network Engineering and was responsible for engineers in 19 states with an annual budget of over $25,000,000. I commuted between Tarboro NC to Wake Forest NC for over 10 years so that my children could graduate with the friends with whom they grew up. My drive was 175 miles round trip every day. I was once asked if I would have moved to Wake Forest and had our children graduate with students they didn't know so that I wouldn't have to make that long drive. My answer was NO. After 10 years of making that commute I decided to call it quits and came home happily retired.
ProsUntold opportunities to excel working for Sprint
ConsLong commute for last ten years of my employment with Sprint
Sales Manager | Fairfax, VA | Jan 25, 2019
Overall Sprint is a Good Company
• Typical day involved meetings in the morning with consultants and upper management. Interacting with customers, consultants, and checking emails. Schedule local business events and take a an available staff with you to visit these local business on none peek hours. Closing would involve price checks and planogram review. Safe Count, Inventory check. • I learned a lot the most valuable thing is that people don't buy on price they buy on emotion. Every interaction is a unique interaction and its important to listen and not give up. Schedule your day in advance and be aware on upcoming events and planogram changes. Review promotions and listen to employee's. • Working in retail store the culture was competitive and exciting to compete with local market's. • The hardest part of the job is almost being a parent for grownups. The possible merger agreement delegated a pleather of tasks down in store fronts. The support for some things are very limited like operations and point of sales. • The most enjoyable part of the job is the job. If you like to have fun and work hard sprint is great. Overall sprint has been great for me.
ProsCompetitive, Commission, Engagement, Technology, Flexible
ConsConference Calls, Cold Calls, Support, Tool Changes, Merger, Conflicting Promotions online vs retail
Account Executive | California | Aug 13, 2019
It is an ok job
Entry level positions have low pay scales. The company has taken back most of the benefits that made the job good. Get the experience and move on to greener fields. Advancement is possible if you know the right people in the corp. During my 13 years with this company i applied so many times for other positions for which i was qualified but the position was generally given to outsiders or friends of higher management. Very few times did i get a call back to let me know that i did not get the job. There are other telecommunications companies that offer a better work environment and that appreciate their employees. After 13 years of dedicated service to this company and leaving in good standing i did not even get a “thank you for your years of service to Sprint”. I stopped working here almost 3 years ago and yet i am still getting checks from lawsuits regarding poor compensation practices. On the flip side this is a company that has operations throughout the USA. This allowed me to move across the country with the security of having a job everywhere i went. Also, some good friends came along my career with Sprint.
ProsPaid time off ... if approved by a sup
ConsThe company is results driven and does not particularly care for life work balance

Questions And Answers about Sprint

I am starting as a sales associate for 8 an hour plus commission, is commission hard?
Asked Sep 17, 2016
If they are starting you at $8 an hour you are lowballing yourself.
Answered Apr 22, 2019
Been working for the company for 7 months and my commission check alone monthly is close to $2,000 so it just depends on how dedicated you are to hitting your quotas
Answered Nov 6, 2018
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Sprint? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
About a month depending on the season and if each manager that you’re interviewed with is available at the time.
Answered Jan 29, 2020
I love working with sprint
Answered Oct 30, 2019
What benefits does Sprint offer?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
I understand that employees get a free phone line, but are the phones free or discounted?
Answered Oct 13, 2018
They give Free Drug Testing of new hires, they don't trust.
Answered Oct 11, 2018
Can part time employees get Benefits?
Asked Sep 5, 2016
Eight dollars an hour. Sprint should be completely embarrassed.
Answered Oct 19, 2018
You can if you work 24 hours a week
Answered Mar 27, 2017
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Sprint a better place to work?
Asked Jan 11, 2018
I would say change the whole upper management team, have people that know how to train store managers properly as well as reps. Learn how to compensate hour reps better instead of taking away from their commission and hourly pay should be higher. Change the whole culture of sprint and actually listen to the feed back that you’re getting from reps and take action. Stop taking short cuts and pay up
Answered Mar 25, 2020
I would make sure that my employees are truly happy and feel that they are valued for the work that they do!
Answered Mar 7, 2020