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Overall Reviews at Sprouts Farmers Markets

Receiver | San Diego, CA | May 1, 2018
Great place to work- friendly co-workers, management and customers.
Sprouts is a great place to work if you want a good environment involving customer service with good corporate management, good co-workers and lots of chance of quick advancement. That being said, one does need to put in the effort. There is lots of training on computer modules along with peer training as well. Customers are friendly and regular so it is easy to establish a connection. The pace is quick but with a laid-back feel. There is a great employee discount for super healthy food, vitamins, supplements, body and beauty products and quarterly employee appreciation days where employees receive a larger discount and "catered" (either by management or brought in) breakfasts or lunches. There were also rewards for going above and beyond in the form of Star discount cards. Additionally, Sprouts does many things to give back to their local communities and charities. One way they do this is to reduce food waste by supporting local food banks and churches with things like leftover bread and bakery products, produce and dairy products. They also work diligently to educate regarding healthy lifestyles and to do innovative things to reduce their carbon footprint. Another nice thing is that you are paid weekly via direct deposit. Overall, for shift work that may vary depending on variables, I felt they were mostly accommodating regarding scheduling and things like requests for time off etc. It works both ways, though, if one was helpful when they needed someone to cover ...more
ProsFriendly environment, healthy lifestyle based, good discount, flexible scheduling, good advancement possibilities, support local and national communities and charities, works to reduce carbon footprint, weekly pay, fast-paced yet with laid-back feel
ConsMostly part-time w/o full benefits though one might work full-time for several weeks at a time
Vitamin Manager | Riverside, CA | May 24, 2018
Culture Needed at SFM
The leader in Natural foods stores in the area, the shining stars at Sprouts Farmers Markets are the people who work for the company. The longer the staff have committed to Sprouts, the more loyal they seem to be. I have come to develop close relationships with the people I grew to know as my second family. They are dedicated to educating themselves and their staff (if they are in management) and they are loyal to the company they have dedicated their time to. The problems lie within the exponential growth that Sprouts has encountered. It's no surprise that in business, the larger a company gets, the smaller its culture grows. Sprouts has put a chokehold on the culture it once prided itself on. The staff is overworked and undercompensated for the time they put into the company. When the company went public a few years ago, no one in management was offered stock. Those who were offered stock were in upper management, already making triple digit annual salaries. In the time that I worked there, the company had switched from a passionate, risk taking CEO who was grateful for every employee to one who came from an accounting background and was more focused on a better bottom line for the company. Though a better bottom line is ideal for any business, a lot of employees felt as if they were treated more like money makers than people. The turnover rate is high and the company is trying to figure out how to get back to their roots while meeting financial goals. I will profess, eve...more
ProsExcellent Management, Dedicated to Education, close staff relationships.
ConsIn need of better pay, Needs to consider hiring upper management from within, Offer more free time for FT staff
Clerk | California | Feb 19, 2019
Incredibly disorganized.
No room for advancement unless you have a loud mouth and excel at self promotion. No real need to ever demonstrate that you are capable of performing the job you bluffed your way into because it is hit or miss whether you will ever be evaluated and if you are you can always just ensure you become friendly with management who have a grade A standard of applying different rules and standards to different employees based on relationships with said employee. Management constantly whines about high turnover rate amongst employees. Low wages, suppressed raises and then the cherry on top, hours being cut without much rhyme or reason. So low pay, little to no raises and hours disappearing just to pad the bottom line and management has the gall to wonder aloud why anyone worth their salt turns their back on the place. Performance reviews are a joke. You can be as reliable as should ever be expected, never put a foot wrong, hit every goal ever set before you and you will receive a 3 out 5 just like your colleague who spent the best part of their working year “sick” or hanging out in the back chitchating or fooling around on their phone. No incentive to work hard because we all just get paid pretty much the same no matter how productive you are or how useless you are. The result is a workplace full of listless employees who are in that frame of mind because the company has ground them into a permanent state of apathy or because we only attract the low hanging fruit these days....more
ProsFormed some great friendships.
ConsHandful of people do all the work and get zero reward.
Senior Deli Associate | Lemon Grove, CA | Dec 11, 2018
not a grocer to work for if your looking for longevity in the work place
Management is horrid throughout this company, while staff suffers from constant hour cuts and new hires during hour shortages. There's no support for the little guy no matter how hard you work or what you put into the company and it's shown by the division of benefits by placing staff in to tier brackets. In example around holidays (paid holiday time) and department bonuses and pay wages. The pay scale throughout this company is laughable considering a newly appointed meat cutter can be paid more then a manager with no where near any amount of the same responsibilities held ( with respects to the program the cutter has to go through to use the meat saw). The company will hire people past maxed position pay scale and refuse to raise the pay of another maxed out associate to that same level withing the same position. The higher you start withing sprouts the better your are. They do not support growth from within or respect Law regulations like equal opportunity by hiring individuals in position before interviewing everyone who's applied. As well as punish people for mistake that should be clearly resolved by management(failing to schedule lunch coverage or refusing to supply coverage when notified about the shortage before hand allowing staff to take lunches on time without meal violations then reprimanding said staff saying it's there responsibility to take there lunch/breaks on time when there's no provided coverage or if they do take there lunch and disregard the ...more
Lead Cashier | Folsom, CA | Nov 4, 2019
If applying, don’t work at the Folsom location...
** This is all specific to the front end “Head Cashier” position** My job was okay in the beginning. I went to “Cashier Camp” and was trained on how to be a Cashier, which is more of your job than anything else because some of the cashiers are too slow to function on their own. I went into this job completely blind because I had very very little to no training. My whole experience with Sprouts was DRAMA. Day after day, night after night. **This next part is specific to the Folsom location, please keep that in mind** All of the drama was caused by ONE female Head Cashier who is so far up the store managers a** its beyond belief. My whole time there was this female constantly trying to get me fired because I walked into her position and learned it in a month PERFECTLY. Jealousy was a huge factor. So it was day after day of being pulled into the office, being scolded by managers for things I never did because she made it all up. Again the DRAMA was overwhelming. This store is all about favoritism. If you aren’t a kiss a** and you don’t accept and adapt to the bullying you’ll be fired within a couple months, or if you tough it out they will make it unbearable to work there. They play favorites with no shame at all. Management is horrible. HORRIBLE. The store manager sits in the office all day long, only comes out when corporate is there and acts like she knows everything thats going on. The store manager has little minions (including the head cashier from above) who run to her an...more
Courtesy Associate | Temecula, CA | Dec 30, 2019
You will be nothing but a number to this company.
You'd think you were working in the Entertainment industry. You arent cared for. Only by Head Cashiers who, in the end cannot do anything and are not treated well either. Employee nepotism is pretty obvious. If you are best friends with the higherups, don't worry about calling out every day. They'll just forget about it. Whereas you can be a courtesy clerk, be majorly sick, and then get slammed for it, and have it affect your attendance. Getting told "We have a business to run" is something you'd expect them to say to someone who NEVER comes to work, NEVER makes an effort with the customers and NEVER communicates.I have been told this, as well as a couple of cashiers at the store who spoke to me and said they were told the same thing. If any of the management team reads this, you know who you are. If you really gave a ____ about your employees, you'd understand that we have lives too. Some of us go to school. Some of us need hours. You never take the time to realize that schedules change. You expect us to come whenever you please, and harass us if we aren't able to take a shift that you called us about the morning of. I hope more employees see this and realize how horribly managed this place is. We're all just treated like numbers. You wonder why your turnover is so high? Why NONE of your employees want to be there? Why multiple people will talk behind your backs in the break room at a time? Its because you aren't leaders. You put what you want first, when in reality y...more
Store Manager | Fort Collins, CO | Apr 4, 2019
Like working in a coal mine
My role was assistant store manager and it was a terrible experience. Although I loved my employees and they loved me back, the store conditions/company support was awful. The store manager had no backbone, scheduling was such that nobody ever had a weekend off. And of course, they only completed the schedule on Fridays, for the following week. You couldn't plan anything in your life due to not knowing in advance when you would be working. They would also schedule people to work late shifts and then come in the following day for the early shift! And this would be actual "scheduled" shifts; not emergency/last minute changes! In addition, Sprouts has mold problems in their dairy and produce coolers. And because they get "seconds" of produce, ie. they get the hand-me-downs of produce from the larger grocery chains, the fruit and vegetables mold very quickly. That's why you can buy a cheap pkg of strawberries and the very next day it is moldy on your kitchen counter. Sprouts has inadequate room for refrigerated storage. Plus the produce is generally on the verge of being bad/moldy when it enters their back rooms. The older stores don't have enough cold storage on the floor to accommodate the increase in shelving requirements (pressure from newly constructed store layouts) and this means ambient temperature displays when certain produce should have cool display. Employees exposed to the mold had running noses, watery and itchy eyes and were sick and missed work more than...more
Pros15% discount on groceries, flexible schedules good for students and parents
ConsMold, low wages, no head office or managerial support, scheduling problems
Deli Manager | Sacramento, CA | May 21, 2019
Terrible place to work. No matter the money don't do it.
I have been in the grocery industry for 22 years. And the experience at my 1 year at Sprouts was by far the worst. I am very team orientated and built a strong team. But I succeeded with sales and shrink, with no real training. Sprouts depends on training you got from previous jobs. And makes you struggle to understand "There Way". You constantly are pressured to meet the expectations of the company without any real understanding of the process or vision of the company. I was thrown in my role as department manager on my 3rd day after the previous manager quit suddenly. Red Flag! My direct supervisor has no food service experience what so ever, but I was expecting to lean on him for directions. All they did was look up a Bible's worth of information on the computer at throw it at you decipher the ins and outs. But never giving you anytime to actually read it. Plus they say there is absolutely no reading of said paperwork off the clock or training, but they take a blind eye to such practices as they know you have absolutely no time to do so. I read the comments from other previous employees and didn't take heed to the warnings. Seriously regret that decision. Company wide the entire establishment from top to bottom is a mess. They are to new in the grocery industry and all there original ideas are not. Also there ideals of holding on to the really old ways of doing things as well as trying to stay new age absolutely don't work. For example having a salad bar open at 7 o'clock ...more
ProsBenefits for managers
ConsWork expectations way to high
Floral Manager | Camarillo, CA | Nov 26, 2018
Great place to work if you're not management
I worked for sprouts for 5 years and made a name for myself within the company. I was promoted from clerk to department manager in less than 2 years and became an all-star trainer. Once the company went public, the work environment started to decline. My produce departments across 4 stores I worked through, each did $65k+ a week and I used to get 300+ employee hours a week. Once they went public, department hours across the store(s) were cut by nearly 50%. This meant that employees could possibly receive full-time work at the expense of actual man power. My department was decreased to nearly 180 hours a week for an 8 man crew for a produce department that never dipped below $65,000 a week and did more depending on the sales and holidays. Because store management failed to uphold any corrective action towards employees, much of the staff became lazy and insubordinate. As department managers we were not allowed to carry out any corrective action beyond cutting hours so we had to communicate any problems to store management. The problem lied in their follow through or lack there of. Many of us managers continuously cried out for help but we never received it or were completely ignored. I left because my health was declining from the amount of unnecessary stress and the absurd amount of physical labor. I went far above and beyond the duties of my position to ensure that my department didn't fall apart and it was never enough for management even when they new most of my crew refus...more
Pros15% discount on everything in the store, great benefits, unbelievable store selection
Consas part time they can legally work you a minimum of 4 hours per week.
Cashier | Las Vegas, NV | Sep 21, 2018
Very few hours
I work as a cashier at a newly opened Sprouts. I really like my co-workers and head cashiers. I've had very little interaction with the asst mgr or the store mgr so I can't say much about them, although neither of them seem very friendly. There has been quite a lot of staff turn over already and the store hasn't been open very long. I've consistently been getting under 20 hours per week and employees are asked if they want to leave early because the store is slow. Uh, no thanks....we're hardly getting any hours as it is. Why would I want less hours - just to save the store a few bucks? I work a whopping 12½ hours next week, hard to pay bills with those kind of hours. And it's just not me, most of the cashiers average about 14 - 20 hours a week. The hardest part of the job is memorizing all the PLU codes and entering everything correctly. Plus learning all the steps to take for refunds and various forms of payments is difficult when first learning the job. Sometimes the customers take advantage of the return policy; such as returning salad dressing that is nearly empty and saying they didn't like it and want their money back. We happily offer refunds for everything. The cashiers process returns. Sprouts doesn't have a customer service desk. It's kind of sad to hear the employees talk about how dissatisfied they are with this company. Many cashiers and courtesy clerks mention they are looking for second jobs or looking elsewhere entirely. I think if our managers were...more
Pros15% employee discount is nice
Conspuny little paychecks

Questions And Answers about Sprouts Farmers Markets

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Sprouts Farmers Markets?
Asked Aug 16, 2017
Try to move up fast or don't stay too long
Answered Mar 10, 2020
They need bodies. They'll take you. Interviews are nothing to be worried or afraid of. They just ask for open availability.
Answered Mar 1, 2020
Do they drug test?
Asked Aug 30, 2016
They only run background checks during on-boarding. If during your employment a manager observes behaviors/reports that may indicate intoxication of any form, they are instructed to hold you in a secure area and perform on-the-spot drug testing. Rarely occurs and usually only if you are an employee they already do not like.
Answered Jan 25, 2020
If they did, they'd never get any one to work there. You'd have to be stoned to work at that place. What an atrocity.
Answered Dec 31, 2019
what is the pay schedule for sprouts? weekly, bi-monthly etc.
Asked May 27, 2016
Looking to find out what the starting pay would be?
Answered Aug 27, 2018
Do you get paid hourly or salary as a deli manager
Answered Aug 1, 2018
What is the best part of working at Sprouts Farmers Markets?
Asked Nov 26, 2019
Working as a team .
Answered Apr 2, 2020
Getting off at 11/30 am and that’s it
Answered Mar 28, 2020
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Sprouts Farmers Markets? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jul 7, 2016
I applied on july 27th and was called for an interview on july 29th. Was offered a job. Got an email for my background check. Was emailed on the 31st to turn in my I-9 info. Start orientation on the 4th of August. But that was supposed to be on the 3rd.
Answered Aug 2, 2019
I applied the other day and in the middle of the application process I was asked to schedule an on-site interview for a week form today so I am still going through the process but I had a scheduled on-site interview before me application was 100% complete
Answered Jan 16, 2019