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Overall Reviews at Starbucks

Shift Manager | Philadelphia, PA | Jan 8, 2020
Not the same Starbucks it once was
Starbucks is owned by shareholders. Decisions are made at the behest of the price of shares. 2009 they let go of thousands of staff, closed hundreds of stores cause shares were falling because corporate grew to big too fast. And all the little people payed.
Senior Project Manager | Atlanta, GA | Nov 13, 2019
Excellent workplace culture of partnership
Some of the nicest and hardworking individuals of my career. Employer really make you feel valued and always giving back to employees/partners. Sorely lacking in mentorship and career-pathing and development for some work stream employees,
Barista | Puerto Rico | Nov 5, 2019
Ambiente de trabajo agradable
Excelentes patronos, aprendes mucho sobre el mundo del cafe. Creces como personas y aprendes la importancia y el valor de un cafe de buena calidad.
Prosplan medico
Barista | Weaverville, NC | Feb 19, 2020
Learning, growth
This job helped me gain the growth and experience in need in customer service industry.Management made things difficult at times, but overall a decent place to work.
Barista | Irvine, CA | Jan 7, 2020
Great job to begin skills and allows for close interactions with customers.
This occupation was a great experience since it was my first official job. The work environment allowed me to challenge myself to new tasks, such as supervision of employees and guaranteeing the satisfaction of customers. This job gave me the opportunity to strengthen my leadership skills, starting from a barista and eventually being promoted to a shift supervisor in the span of less than two years. This job introduced me to learning how to work in a fast-paced and efficient manner. The most enjoyable part of this job was working closely with team employees and ensuring we worked together and fairly.
Shift Manager | Round Rock, TX | Jan 29, 2020
Fun people in a fast-paced environment
Starbucks is a fun place to meet new people and grow your passion for coffee. Flexible scheduling and the ability to accomplish goals outside of the workplace. Depending on the management, the experience can be rewarding and fun, or can be total garbage and the worst experience ever. Wish they paid more for how most customers treat you, but if you can let things roll off your back , its an easy job with great benefits.
Department Manager | Canton, NC | Feb 17, 2020
Ok if your not solely supporting yourself
I began working for Starbucks as a barista at maybe 12-15 hours a week but due to extreme turnover I soon got more hours and was made assistant manager then manager, and my life was no longer my own. I wasn't allowed to hire and fire as I saw fit and when people would call in sick, not show up for their shifts or just quit, I had no back up and I was expected to fill in. I was working 15 hours a day a lot of the time, with virtually no help and no one cared. I had a 3 year old at home I never got to see, except on my day off, and I didn't get many of those. I was working 7 days a week and making chump change. I went through advanced training and got my coffee master certification, which nettied nothing for me in either respect or financially. I hated it.
Senior Program Manager | Seattle, WA | Dec 6, 2019
No sense of direction
Good: diversity and friendly - workplace culture Bad: depending on departments, some managers have no sense of directions where the company is heading and teams work in silos which contributed to service down time due to outage without effective communication.
Certified Trainer | Clarksburg, MD | Mar 9, 2020
Its fun to work at. My manager was a little bit weird but other than that it was really a great workplace. Th benefits were great as well. There is place to grow.
Barista | Boston, MA | Dec 16, 2019
Awesome people
I got to work with hilarious and hard-working people. They cared about their customers and made sure I had the information to complete my tasks. They helped me address certain situations along with achievements. The staff made the store. I miss them!

Questions And Answers about Starbucks

What is the interview process like at Starbucks?
Asked Jul 11, 2016
They sit you down and ask you questions pertaining to the company’s views and your availability.
Answered Feb 12, 2020
Quick and friendly
Answered Oct 8, 2019
How would you describe the pace of work at Starbucks?
Asked Feb 11, 2017
Extremely fast paced. Plus they are supposed to rotate jobs ever 2hours but dont they stereotype you to a job and that's what you do. I used to stand in one spot at cash register and cant move for 4-5hours straight at a time. Also be prepared to ask to go to bathroom like a child, cause they tell you if and when you can.
Answered Jan 16, 2020
Fast pace but makes day go by so much faster
Answered May 17, 2019
Do they let you choose what days and the number of hours to work? I'm a student and I want to know if they're flexible like that.
Asked Jan 16, 2017
I just got hired at the South Miami Starbucks just yesterday. At my first interview, my manager asked me my availability and told me that she wouldn’t call me within the time ranges that I told her, so yes they let you choose days and times. I’m also a student, so I had the same worry.
Answered Jul 18, 2019
Yes they are flexible
Answered Jan 20, 2019
Do you get paid weekly or bi weekly ?
Asked Jul 5, 2016
I get paid biweekly.
Answered Feb 12, 2020
Bi weekly sometimes
Answered Jan 24, 2019
Are they usually quick to reaching you for an interview?
Asked Nov 2, 2016
Yeah, on the phone
Answered Mar 23, 2019
Yes they are pretty quick.
Answered Jan 20, 2019