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Overall Reviews at Stevens Transport

Title not given | Dallas, TX | Nov 25, 2018
No mission statement; no teamwork; daily chaos
My days are never the same twice. I learned to operate in an always changing; fast paced environment and how to give my best ability for satisfaction of customers only. When you show management your ability to do something well, you end up getting tasked with lot of other jobs that reduce the integrity of your job. The people who hold the designation of upper management are task masters without any desire to understand the details of a job or the volume of work that each employee must do. They don't believe that anyone does enough work and a complaint is seen as being weak rather than a cry for help. Most people who are hired are strong, reliable workers, but end up leaving within 2-3 years due to burn out. The company would rather hire new people than trust their senior staff with ideas and recommendations for how to improve the environment and culture. Their goals consist solely of making more money without any consideration of how to train, motivate, manage, or pay their staff to produce better or to establish defined goals and metrics in order to generate more money. When the money goals are not met, meetings take place, lots of talk about wanting to improve, but nothing that is long lasting or permanent. Everyone works for what they believe is a correct goal even though there are no goals.. The employees work out of fear and the teamwork found is making friends to help you to cover your mistakes. Whenever an attempt is made to improve things, you are immediately blame...more
Truck Driver | Dallas, TX | Feb 6, 2020
Great company to work for...if you like bashing your head against a wall repeatedly
The job was not bad at first, but over time it does wear you down especially when you realize you get to hardly see your family at all. Pay was what I would expect if I was driving a local job and not an OTR job. Miles were non existent most of the time. Was fired after my accident in June of this year. I was okay with that, until it came time to get my W2s. They sent my W2s to the completely wrong address, even after I called to have my address updated after I was locked out of the system by my termination. I called to get those and my 1099. The lady told me essentially that "since" you dont work here anymore, you're not as important as our current driver. I said Federal law would state otherwise. I called in 2 months ago to have my address updated so I could get my W2 and 1099. The fact they couldnt do something that simple is a huge case of NOT MY PROBLEM!!! Because of their incompetence, I now can not get my tax information in a timely manner. All they have to do is sit downt down at a computer, email me a copy, it only takes a few minutes and everyone is happy. Oh no, apparently that is too much for this company to comprehend. So now I have to figure out how to get access to my information. They want me to call next week (great theory except I work 7am-5pm with an 30 minute commute there and back) So by the time I get a chance to call, they're going to be going home. NOT acceptable. So fair warning, do not work for this company if you want a hassle both working there an...more
Truck Driver | Dallas, TX | May 21, 2019
Worst experience ever.
I'm usually pretty optimistic about a new work environment but the more I worked at Steven's transport the worst the environment got. I had 2 months of training three trainers got physically abused by the second trainer and was told management will take care of it. No one got back with me for all I know he is still driving with them. So I started my first month out as solo which was an awesome feeling so about the 4th week my truck broke down and that's fine stuff happens so someone in management got impatient with the shop after 4 days of me sitting there. They decide to fly me back to Dallas. So that's 90 dollars out of my my pocket that I had to pay for uber and then 30 dollars for baggage claim. So I get to dallas and guess what they tell me my truck is fixed. So now I've wasted the whole weekend not making any money and they send me back to pa. So theres another 30 dollars for baggage and another 60 for uber. Now mind you they are going to pay me for the uber but not for the baggage and oh on top of that they have to tax me for the money that I spent out of my pocket. When a multi million dollar company is reaching into their drivers pockets to pay for stuff like this it's time to move on. No amount of I'm worried will ever get me to come back to Steven's. If you take my advice go somewhere else where they will treat you like a human because Steven's doesnt. Just for the record I will be filling a complaint with the better business bureau.
ConsHaving to pay for expenses and they tax me on my own money given back
Truck Driver | Florida | Jun 1, 2019
A good foot in the door
Everything was good when I was in training until I got on my own that’s what all these unnecessary deductions came out of my check every since March 2019 I never got none of my grad pay when I took my seven days home time after the six weeks of training they post of paid me for four days out of the seven I was home never received that either it’s just overall not a good company now I would say their training is top notch wasn’t for them I wouldn’t know how to drive a truck they also taught me how to manage my DOT log That’s about it don’t get me started on my crazy trainers I had One was a older man that like to argue every single day the second one was psychotic was having paranoid delusions grabbed the steering wheel out my hand almost killed us and blamed me for it so I’m currently leaving them for someone else that’s giving me more Hometime consistent pay something Stevens lacks in. Also the lease program is a joke it’s all about the money they don’t care about their drivers lease they didn’t care about me because if they did I would’ve got paid correctly all the time I put in over the road they make money off their drivers as well as the freight STAY AWAY!!!!!!! Please
ProsTheir training is good they taught me how to drive a truck how to run my dot hours
ConsEverything else
Tractor Trailer Driver | Dallas, TX | Jan 20, 2019
Never had a safety issue or accident but they put unsatisfactory on my DAC report
I was a company driver for 3 months then I tried to lease program it would well for the first month after that dispatch didn't care about you getting miles most of the time I will repower someone else load that ran out of hours just to go 30 or a hundred miles then sit at a Walmart DC for more than 5 hours they start you out $0.30 a mile the lowest pay in the industry when I left after a year they did not try to give me a payment plan for the school they charged me eight grand for they say they just put a straight right away in collections and put it on my credit report then send bad things to my DAC report as well when I was a loyal driver even when I was leasing there were weeks where I break even and bring home no money just enough to pay for the truck and fuel I do not recommend this company Good luck to you if you want to take the chance I will not recommend a trucking company sending you to CDL School if you want to get your CDL check your local Community College most likely it will be only $400. what Stevens Transport charge you will have to work for them five years to pay off the tuition
ProsNew equipment, travel
ConsLow pay, they make more money off the drivers than they do their loads
Company Driver | Dallas, TX | Jun 11, 2019
Good training and driver management. Pay less than advertised.
Training and management were good. No complaints there. Accommodations provided for students while in training were not good. Low rent hotels with dirty floors, moldy shower curtains, and lots of druggies, etc hanging around. Having to endure an endless stream of roommates was mandatory even though they were complete strangers, often strange and sometimes hostile. My OTR training experience was great, my trainer was the best. Once driving solo, though, I was often not provided with detailed enough instructions for reaching my exact destination, had to find space to legally turn around, resulting twice in mishaps. Work was supposedly guaranteed to you once you earned your CDL. So the $5K+ schooling debt seemed worth it. But after a few minor accidents I was let go within less than a year and still have the debt hanging over my head. Pay is not as advertised. I was lured in by an ad saying “earn up to $5k/mo” but actually earned half that due to the number of miles available to drive and driving hours limitations.
ProsGood training and driver managers.
ConsHorrible boarding accommodations. Low pay. Insufficient support for new drivers.
Truck Driver | Mesquite, TX | May 6, 2019
Taste like Dissappointment
Dont waste your time working here. At .32 a mile almost any where is better. Unorganized and as a team we run about 4000 miles. This company focuses on profits from training, as far as, being a transportation company that is not the main concern. On weeks we make over 4000 miles it is because other drivers have failed and all of a sudden someone realizes that we need to make a delivery time. Then we are expected to make up for other drivers short comings. They will also put false incidents on your DAC report and they dont have safety bonuses or vacation pay and if you work as a contractor there are no benefits. Also you will be sitting at shippers and receivers for up to 12 hours. We spend a lot of time waiting to deliver loads. We are expected to handle OS and D even when the issue is NOT caused by shipping. If a shipper short dates a product and a receiver rejects the product suddenly the driver is responsible for the product. I worked 20 years in the food service industry not once did I expect the delivery driver to handle a product issue.
ProsI like my driver manager
ConsYou named they are doing it.
Otr | Dallas, TX | Jul 27, 2018
Good training and safety instruction programs
Typical over-the-road driving. I learned a lot about the industry there. Management is not there to listen to you as your a driver and mean nothing. A lot of the drivers are really good folks, but it's a tough bottom-line oriented company. The hardest parts of the job were dispatchers giving low miles due to repowers, and not paying attention to the types of loads & time occasionally. The driving was the most enjoyable part of the job. Diligent about mileage pay, but detention pay, deceleration pay, layover pay are virtually non-existent. Breakdown pay will often be short by one day. Don't even bother going to driver managers or payroll and trying to get back the shorted pay as it only adds to your frustration — they will never pay you what they shorted on your pay in the first place, so you'll only waste your own time! Spent 339 days on the road with under 26 days off and earned $22.8K gross! It's not a very sustainable profession for company drivers.
ProsIf you stay long enough to get a newer vehicle, they are great.
ConsUnsupportive management, dispatch politics keeps pay low.
| Dallas, TX | Jan 19, 2019
Worse Job I Have Ever Woke Up For
PLEASE, do not apply, consider, think or even have a thought that this company will be a good fit for you. The company only cares about those who kiss butt and listen in a fashion of submitting. I was there for 6 months and was not trained properly. My direct manager was pretty good he was a great humble guy, but he was the manager in name only. An employee/subordinate to the named manager was the one with decision making ability, he was a pompous arrogant narcissist! You are not expected to take breaks, they prefer you not take lunch, and if you need to stay late you better!! If you do not do any of those things they will bring it up to you. You must be ready to kiss butt and allow anyone with tenure talk AT you, not to you. Talk to you in disrespectful tones, condescending word choices. If you dare stand up for yourself you will be blacklisted and looked trouble maker. The environment is not good the culture is horrible. I beg you, please do not set your alarm clock to go to this job the next day!!
ProsThey gave you office supplies you needed.
ConsEverything about this place is a con.
Truck Driver | Houston, TX | Mar 13, 2019
I hope you take my advice into consideration when applying to the Stevens company,
Within the Stevens company, It seems there is a lot of favoritism. Which lead to me getting cheated out of money multiple times. I endured a tremendous amount of negative attitudes and unprofessionalism from dispatch on numerous occasions. They did not have good communication skills nor common respect when speaking to me. They showed no cooperation in helping me with my needs. More than once I had safety issues that were not handled in a professional or timely manner; leaving my well being at risk. The Stevens company does not treat their drivers with the respect they deserve by any means except for a select few. To my fellow truck drivers I would not recommend the despicable Stevens company for they have wronged me so many times as they will do to you. I hope you take my advice into consideration when applying to the Stevens company, this company is simply white trash.
ConsFavoritism, uncooperative, negative attitudes, unprofessional dispatch, bad management

Questions And Answers about Stevens Transport

Do they have auto shift trucks?
Asked Oct 24, 2016
I'm currently in training for the Stevens Transport Dallas TX . I'm hoping to receive an Automatic Truck amoung my arrival and or my departure for my driving career !
Answered Feb 27, 2018
The schools dont. Steven is replacing the manuals with autos.
Answered Feb 17, 2018
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Stevens Transport a better place to work?
Asked Aug 15, 2018
Have a few 1940's-1970's trucks for those who prefer/are more familiar/comfortable with them. This would broaden the scope of hiring more veteran/skilled drivers. If nothing else, having fully operational antiques sitting in front of the business with the company name on them would just plain look good.
Answered Jan 18, 2020
Increase pay
Answered Jan 6, 2020
What benefits does Stevens Transport offer?
Asked Jul 25, 2016
Health, dental, vision, life
Answered Feb 14, 2019
I didnt have any
Answered Oct 1, 2018
How are the working hours at Stevens Transport?
Asked Jul 1, 2016
You make your time
Answered Jul 26, 2017
Our drivers do not typically have pre-set working hours and are paid by miles dispatched. We work within the Federal Motor Carriers Hours of Service regulations and encourage you to reference them for number of breaks, off duty time, resets. etc. However, on a normal day they have a maximum of 11 hours of 'Drive" time which is added into a maximum of 14 hours 'On Duty' time per day. Office hours vary by position, however most positions will fall within 40 to 42.5 hours per week.
Answered Jun 23, 2017
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Stevens Transport?
Asked Jan 13, 2018
Don't sign a contract obligating you to drive for them.
Answered Jan 6, 2020
Be prepared to be treated rudely and spoken to in a condescending way.
Answered Aug 27, 2019