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Overall Reviews at Subway

Senior Sandwich Artist | Decatur, TX | Dec 2, 2019
Overall really good for a first job
This job is really good for a starting teen or adult who is looking for their first job. This job can be very inclusive and has a very healthy working environment.
Sandwich Maker | Westminster, CO | Nov 5, 2019
good food and fun to work there
Subway is an easy job and fun to make sandwiches. customers are very nice and like the food. The manager at the time cared for his employees and helped us learn.
Team Assistant | La Crescent, MN | Oct 8, 2019
Almost a 5 star
They are a pretty good company to work for specially if you are a high school student just getting into the working community. Otherwise their compensation and benefits is poor, if you are trying to support kids, dont work there.
Business Manager | Roseville, CA | Jul 12, 2019
Good start for customer service
It is very good start for teenagers who don’t know what customer service is. Also how work in the kitchen learning about hygiene. How to deal with customers and learning about cash handling situations. Making right choice front of customers.
Retail Assistant Manager | Pulaski, VA | Jun 17, 2019
Depending on the management of the place. If they are good and well maintenance it is worth the working place. Depending on the area they will pay well also.
Customer Service Representative | Elkview, WV | Nov 28, 2019
Sub artist/ Manager
Created a positive atmosphere by greeting customers upon entering establishment and providing a pleasant and friendly shopping experience. Received payment by cash, check, credit cards, and automatic debits, maintaining all cash and media. Assisted in processing and replenishing merchandise, monitor floor stock, and ensure establishment is organize, clean, and inviting. Observed and followed all policies as they relate to customer confidentiality.
Shift Leader | Tuscumbia, AL | Jun 21, 2019
Great customers and fun-loving coworkers. Procedures on food prep and prices changed a lot
Most of the employees cared about customer satisfaction. The managers were either complacent or immature, so low morale was the norm. This Subway was owned by Love's Travel Stops, so any interest in a management position was capitalized upon by the managers. This store was open 24 hours, so schedules were flexible.
ProsFlexible schedule
ConsLack of competent leadership
Customer Service Representative | San Andreas, CA | Jun 14, 2019
Good first job
I learned a lot on food safety and improved my customer service skills greatly. My co-workers were really helpful when I was shy and trying to remember the many different types of Subs. The environment was always clean and uplifting.
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Lafayette, LA | Dec 10, 2018
overall working at subway was easy and very much dependant on customer intake
I enjoyed working for subway because the hours weren't excruciating or lenghty, my job was never too demanding physically , and i was allowed to be trained in more than one area of the establishment
Sandwich Maker | Dyer, IN | Aug 24, 2018
Good job
All shifts at Subway are repetitive, so it ends up being a good, easy, stress free job. It's even better if the workers all work together and have good attitudes.

Questions And Answers about Subway

Is it weekly pay
Asked Apr 20, 2016
I ask my manager for my pay check stub in haven't got one yet it been a month now n we get paid every week what xo i xo ot how i go by get one
Answered Oct 13, 2019
No, biweekly pay.
Answered Sep 11, 2019
How did you get your first interview at Subway?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Turned in app got job next day
Answered Nov 26, 2019
I applied through Indeed and then got an email through asking if I was able to make a certain time at the store
Answered Nov 5, 2019
How many hours you get a week
Asked Apr 26, 2016
Some weeks w5 hours other 35 or 37 hours never 40 hr weeks. Never consitiant.
Answered Nov 18, 2019
I worked 40 hours a week, sometimes more, but had to cut down because of health reasons. I only worked with 3 other people and we ran the best subway in our area.
Answered Sep 16, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Subway?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Subway is a teenage workplace. Many call in sick and many dont show up for their shifts. Not having a manager for the time I have worked there everything tends to fall onto me and I am not the manager. District managers dont really care about anything and only act when the owners are involved. Lots of favoritism and It is just a drama filled situation. Ignore all of that and the job itself isnt bad. Laid back and calm until lunch rush or dinner rush. Hoping that everyone before you did their job and you have enough prep to last through the day. Good job for teenagers. Not so much for people trying to get somewhere after high school.
Answered Dec 17, 2019
I find its unprofessional. Not once have they checked the temperature they just wrtie what ever they please on tempeture logs. Coworkers are rude and unprofessional to each other. Makes for an uncomfortable environment to work in. Secdual is never consitiant. Training differs from person to person. One person tells you to do things one way an another person tells u not to do that way. Very horribile experiance. I needed to the as a in the middel to make money id rather clean up vomit then ever work for this comapny again. Never saw where the tips would go. Unclean practicies. Where is corprate in this to regulate and watch what really goes one. Belitteling emplyess and bedgering them. I cant stress enpugh how Completely unprofessional.
Answered Nov 18, 2019
Do new employees get paid for their training period?
Asked Oct 31, 2016
Yep, manager taught me how to clock on in and out. I got paid for the 3 hour training, but we're going forward next week too with sandwiches and whatever else is asked of me.
Answered Jul 12, 2019
I’ve worked for 5 days training in subway sometimes 8 hours sometime 6 some of them 10 and I didn’t get pay a penny they still deciding if I got the job is it that possible?
Answered Jan 30, 2019