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Benefits Analyst | Portsmouth, NH | Sep 30, 2019
Depending on your manager, it can be enjoyable or miserable.
Co-workers and claimants were most enjoyable to work with, as well as my first manager. The second manager suffered from Napoleon syndrome, and was intolerable. There was no reasoning to the rational of claims decisions under him. Having had vast prior experience in claims handling, as well as a NH adjuster licence, the work environment became a slippery slope. I had seen meritless claim approval, as the manager was afraid that it may be overturned on appeal, and hurt his groups rating. I was also told by this manager, that an employee needs to meet a certain average on the number of claim denials and approvals each month. This philosophy was unacceptable to my values. Claim decisions should be made on the facts of the case, not numbers the company wants to see...I had scored in the high 90's on a claim audit, and the manager actually work me up for mishandling the file. When he called to congratulate me on the audit score, I pointed out to him his negative remarks... He was blindsided and had no explanation. They have and will continue to lose talented and hard working employees with this narcissist as a manager. Upper management has no regard for employees, in fact, they retaliate if you have any complaints or constructive criticism, which is greatly needed within SLF.
ProsGreat co-workers
ConsTo many to list...
Claims Examiner | Hartford, CT | May 3, 2019
Like a second family but overworked
Overall could be a great place to work but it is depending on your manager and your relationship to them. If you were liked your manager would have your back. A bit of favoritism which was obvious. You are overworked in many departments as the timelines are not defined properly. Training is adequate but could use an overhaul. They try to make it fun at times but most are to stressed to join the activities. Not a good place to work if you have personal struggles or a family. The best part is the lifelong friends you make. The salary is not bad and the benefits are very good for the industry. You start off with lots of PTO time but hard to take it during the peak summer season. They do offer work at home opportunities which was great.
ProsPTO, Benefits, co-workers
Conslack of management understanding, Old procedures for new systems, complacent upper management unwilling to change
Operations Associate | Wellesley Hills, MA | Oct 15, 2019
Productive and Diverse company with various modes of relaxation such as threadmill while you are working. Agile workplace environment.
Sun Life can truly be described as an Equal Opportunity Employer to a certain extent. You are encouraged to apply for jobs and also given the opportunity to advance your career if you so choose to. The culture was quite diverse and with that being said, they were quite diligent in the commitment to the cause of inclusion for everyone. Sun Life was a place where you worked hard but you felt appreciated. However, sometimes it could be challenging to balance life and work. I will really miss working at Sun Life Financial as the positives truly outweigh the negatives.
ProsJob security becoming a concern as most jobs are being outsourced to other countries.
ConsGreat benefits for both myself and my family.
Director | Windsor, CT | Oct 25, 2019
Agile Work Environment with Poor Employee Communication
Most divisions are allowing work from home options for employees, which is a nice perk if you live in a metropolitan area. Sun Life has incorporated an Agile Workplace in Wellesley and Kansas City offices which makes the work environment pleasant. The culture has changed since our last acquisition: Divisions are siloed which hampers communication between departments, compared to the competition our technology is poor, change management in divisions is high causing confusion for the front line employees and managers and the annual bonus metrics are confusing for employees and management.
ProsLots of Vacation Days & Family Leave
ConsHealthcare is getting expensive, Leadership structure constantly changing, Annual goals are unclear and change throught the year
Project Lead | Wellesley, MA | Jun 14, 2018
Depends on your manager
This company is focused on the bottom line for share holders. For years they have reduced staff and increased the work load. They are currently working on streamlining departments using Lean Six Sigma approach. Work life balance is non-existent. Some managers coach their team, while others are too busy working on their own advancement to provide any leadership and expect you to just do your job and don't bother them. The people are generally nice and helpful. Competition for advancement is strong at the management level and some people have no integrity when it comes to getting ahead and will do anything to get there.
ProsFlexible hours, work remotely at times, on site gym
ConsToo much work, not enough direction from management, re-orgs are frequent
Member Services Representative | Kansas City, MO | Jan 25, 2019
The training for a Member Support Representative at the time I was employed was rushed. In addition, most of the employees are in Canada so you'd have to work virtually with them and it simply deadened the workplace culture. Management left much to be desired. You were only allotted 5 "free" minutes to use the rest room outside of your breaks. The pay was decent but with the other issues it didn't seem worth it. They have a large dining area which was nice, but with 30 minutes for lunch - it also, was not worth it. They also have a small gym which was free to use. Overall if you don't mind going with the flow and intense micromanagement, then you might be a good fit.
ProsFree gym
ConsShort breaks, intense micromanagement
Accounts Payable Clerk | Wellesley Hills, MA | Nov 24, 2019
Terrible work environment; no cubes=no privacy. Very siloed company=the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing.
Transfer invoices from inbox to prospective workers' folder; put invoices on a tracker; voucher the invoices; attach the scans to the voucher and save in Sharepoint; update the tracker. Work with the employees and Purchasing to resolve issues resulting in getting payments out the door. Run payments twice/week every other week. Direct manager in another country so communication isn't the best. Casual environment with sparse 'good work' events/lunches, etc. Most enjoyable was vouchering invoices; least was dealing with employees who didn't want to follow policy.
Operations Associate | Kansas City, MO | Sep 26, 2019
allowed to work from home 4 days a week a great perk!
as a contractor once i learned the systems needed to complete the conversions I was hired to process, there were 2 locations, one in Boston and one in KC. after a t unfortunately as a contractor i did not see much teamwork and as a rule contractors were ignored unless needed for something. overall it was difficult to get help when it was needed and the initial training was sub par. is however my understanding that as a FT employee, the benefits were excellent. im confident that once the complete merger of the 2 companies is complete, things will be much better.
Prosno micromanaging
Constraining program sub par
Senior Business Consultant | Boston, MA | Jan 14, 2019
Great project which provided very useful experience
I really enjoyed my 6 months at Sun Life in Boston, USA. The work was perfect for me and it provided great experience which helped me in my subsequent projects. The working culture was good, but I was pretty much on my own concentrating on successfully completing the project on time, which I did and the management was very happy with it. The job location was in a good city and facilities were provided to me, like a furnished flat and commuting to work.
ProsGreat project in good location
ConsBeing away from family and not being able to visit home every week.
Member Services Representative | Kansas City, MO | Apr 3, 2019
I believe Sun Life Financial is a good company as a whole but the Customer Service Department could use better management, job advancements and better
The turn over rate is ridiculously high due to lack of advancement, inconsistencies with training and constant nit picking from management. If employees were treated as adults and fairly with the chance for advancement, nobody would leave. Though I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn something new, I also would like to grown within the company.
ConsPoor management, low salary and no room for growth or advancement

Questions And Answers about Sun Life Financial

What is Sun Life Financial sick leave policy? How many sick days do you get per year?
Asked Dec 14, 2016
Had 10 sick days and 10-15 personal days
Answered Sep 28, 2018
Zero paid sick days. Was sick, communicated such. Got fired
Answered Apr 17, 2018
If you were to leave Sun Life Financial, what would be the reason?
Asked Apr 15, 2019
Poor management.
Answered Apr 14, 2020
Training is non-existent, at head office "left hand" has no clue what the "right hand" is doing
Answered Dec 17, 2019
Is the dress code more formal (suits)? Or business casual?
Asked Jul 25, 2016
Recently changed to - dress for your day. So if you won't be meeting with external clients, you may wear jeans or casual wear. When necessary you should dress business casual to business dress.
Answered Jul 9, 2017
Business casual
Answered Jun 21, 2017
•How are the working hours? is it strictly on site, or is there flexibility to work from home at times?
Asked Jul 19, 2018
Working hours are as any other job where you get paid for how hard you work
Answered Jan 4, 2020
Flexible working hours
Answered Jul 26, 2019
What is the vacation policy like at Sun Life Financial? How many vacation days do you get per year?
Asked Jan 29, 2018
8 days. Plus you can carryover time from the previous year. Was better when it was Assurant. Benefits expensive
Answered Jun 6, 2019
Standard 10
Answered May 13, 2018