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Overall Reviews at Sutherland

Customer Service Representative | Las Vegas, NV | Jun 15, 2018
Honestly, could've been worse
It just depends what department you were signed on to. It can be a very chill work environment, I loved my coworkers (not so much some of the supervisors but what are you gonna do). Hours are consistent, never less than 40 and you have a set schedule. You can decide between 4/10hr shifts or 5/8hr shifts on certain programs (I was PS VUE where they did these but sparingly. Schedules are picked based on who's performing the best (best get first picks in shift lottery). My main gripe/why I quit was due to the product itself. While I was working there, we were glorified appeasers. If you tried to solve an issue without following the IKB's verbatim you get in trouble, but the IKB's were incorrect/didn't work and were EXTREMELY limited. Lots of angry customers. There was also an issue with the blacking out of certain sports events due to the contract signed between Sony and broadcast stations. These blackouts were VAGUELY mentioned in a (*) that you had to hover over to find, or you could go deeper into the PlayStation Forums but, of course, no one ever found those on their own. Just lots of annoyed and irate customers. So, really if you can deal with that, or just avoid that department then the job/employer isn't unbearable and the atmosphere is chill enough. I'm just a baby and really couldn't stand what we were boiled down to. We weren't customer service, we were customer punching bags. All we were really capable of was refunds (sometimes), pw resets, and zip code overrides.
Prosatmosphere, coworkers, pay, benefits
Consthe actual job, supervisors were lowkey useless and never wanted to be bothered
Customer Service Representative | Las Vegas, NV | Mar 23, 2019
Was fine until everything went crazy
When I first got to Sutherland in 2016 I loved my job. My manager was awesome and so was my team. But then things took a turn for the worst and they made me and four others go to a different line of business and with that came a new manager. My new manager didn’t Care about anything but herself. If I needed help with something she wasn’t available but always somehow made it her business to be available for things I did wrong. Then they wanted me to work two lines of business for the price of 12.00 an hr. I was not having it. Either I work one or the other but you’re not gonna save money by me working both. I tried to go back to my original line of business but the account manager basically said that if I went back to my old line of business I’d just be phased out because I don’t hold any value there. I was so upset. They didn’t give me an offer letter for my new position they trained me poorly for it. Not to mention the drama they had going on. I was on the Metlife campaign. Metlife didn’t Care about us just like Sutherland didn’t. It was a awful work environment. I was on medical leave and was terminated. My manager didn’t do anything but say welp they said you were termed so I guess that’s what it is. But yet another person was out on leave and she had her job when she came back. If you choose to work here be careful. They suck and I’m so glad I’m no longer working there. Its not worth the stress.
ProsReally aren’t any. They have a high turnover rate
ConsManagement plays favorites, the higher ups don’t care, and agents act like they the managers so they don’t act their wage
Customer Service Representative | Syracuse, NY | Aug 14, 2018
Your job could be gone at any moment
While your co-workers and on-site management are pretty alright and you do have the opportunity to make a decent amount in commission, everything else about Sutherland has its flaws. The main problem with Sutherland are that they don't provide any service of their own to consumers. Instead, they are contracted by various companies to handle projects for them (usually to handle that company's customer service). With this business strategy, you never have any job security. Rumors are constantly floating around that the program you are currently apart of is going to shut down. In my one year at Sutherland, three different programs shut down in the Syracuse office alone (one of which I was a part of). You may be lucky enough to be moved to one of the other programs once yours is shut down (like I was) but that is not the case for everyone. Besides that main issue, the next biggest problem is upper management at Sutherland. They care about the bottom line and that is it - it feels like you are just another numbered employee to them. Because of that, it is very much a "quantity over quality" type of job which makes it very hard to provide good customer service. Finally, the program I was on for the majority of my time at Sutherland was very busy. It felt like back-to-back calls from about 11AM though 10PM EST which can be very draining.
ProsDirect management and co-workers are fun to work with, opportunities for commission
ConsLow pay, heavy call volume, stingy upper management
Technical Support Specialist | Remote | Jun 25, 2019
I really disliked working for this company
To be honest, I hated working here. Initially, I thought that the company would be fine. It seemed like a very laid back company at first but after training, everything changed. I understand that the training cannot teach you everything you need to know. However, you will be clueless when you get on calls because either you didn't learn enough or a method has changed by the time you start working. I feel like the company's culture shifted, at least with the program that I was on, and the company started focusing on sales instead of the quality of calls and whether you actually helped customers. That would be fine if more pay came with more responsibilities. Also, it seems as though this company doesn't believe in work/life balance. I've asked for time off a few times and it was never approved so I just had to start calling in sick to get a rest day. However, you will get warnings and they won't subtract your sick days from your PTO. Also, even after asking for better hours, the mandatory overtime that they stuck on my schedule made it just as bad as my original schedule. That was enough for me to realize that I'd prefer to work elsewhere. Overall, if you love working from home, this may be a good fit. As a student and someone who enjoys my free time, however, I wouldn't recommend this job to anyone. The amount of work they want you to do is not equivalent to the pay.
ProsWorking from home, paid training
ConsMicromanaging, too much overtime, little time off, poor training
Consultant | Houston, TX | Jun 18, 2019
Productive Environment
Took a lot of time to still be where I am today. It’s pretty hard to change your lifestyle for the better here. It’s cool to sit down and type for living but to consistently self evaluate compute and hold several conversations in one to ultimately get a customer to remember the value of their product want more products and to not want to call back in with smiles in 12-15 mins is a very alert and high stress level environment to only get paid $12.44 and hour after 4 years plus maybe a bonus for This amount or that. The games are great when the managers are in sync with each other and the managers try to be in sync with their team. I was a person there attempting to build and keep the unity with personable bonds and due to my proficiency people weren’t shy about asking for help. With the poor support from our managers it Gave me a moment to shine There came a few moments throughout the years I felt mentally and academically ready to learn next advancement requirements. However with the blind leading me into crashes, I can’t learn anything more from this position or this environment. years. simply. gone. AlI I have to show for is me working to only have enough to pay the same bills I’ve started with. At this point I’ve decided: I don’t want to spend another 4 years working for anyone else in my life again.
ProsPerfect start up, transfer options, Pto, site holidays and emails, on site Gym
Consnothing on your desk, vendor sales of cans but no cans either, breaks pretty short w/ 4-8min walk to car
Sales Associate | Rochester, NY | May 10, 2019
Use extreme caution
This company is a horrible place to work for, they will use the 5 step sales process on you to make the position seem more than what it really is, if you have a medical reason for not being at work even if you informed them about your condition at the interview they will still write you up for it but will let others call in on a constant basis because they allow those particular employees to take advantage of a federally funded program designed for family medical leaves of absence even though they are aware of the real reason the employee is calling off, they also have employees that will fall asleep on a call and not do anything about them. When you go to switch a program and are unsure of the process and don’t come in on the last day in your old program they will entirely fire you from the company even though technically speaking you no longer worked for that program any longer. Management will not take your side on anything you do even if it is the right thing that you are doing. The management team will lie to you and attempt to use deception to keep you in that program if you want to switch. And if you decide you no longer want to be in that department like I had mentioned earlier on they will terminate you for a mistake. This employer is biased and will not back you if you are not apart of their friendship circle.
Technical Support Representative | Rochester, NY | Jun 23, 2018
Textbook example of how NOT to run a company
I apologize in advance, but I cannot say anything positive about this company. The way their CEO runs the company is this: you are a cog in his machine, and you had better adore your status as a cog or else. He is extremely capricious, and will fire anyone at the drop of a hat. Even managers are not safe from his axe. Sutherland is highly sales-oriented, even for positions that don't primarily focus on sales or billing. My job was to provide tech support, but I was still expected to sell. Sutherland will schedule you any way they please. Your work schedule will vary from one week to the next, which makes it impossible to plan anything in your personal life around your work schedule, the way responsible people do. In fact, my schedule bordered on trick work (C shift one week, A shift 2 days later, etc.). For me, this came to a head one evening when I had a grand mal seizure during my shift (I am battling epilepsy). This can happen when my sleep schedule is disrupted by trick work. I was fired 2 weeks after this happened. I'll let you make your own conclusions on that one. Overall, Sutherland is the worst employer I have ever had in over 25 years in the work force.
ProsIt's a job if you're desperate
Conshostile work environment, inconsistent scheduling, low pay, mgmt. is quick to fire people
Retention Specialist | Las Vegas, NV | Feb 6, 2019
Not the greatest
I worked for Sutherland global service for the att program, it was a great job to start off with if you’re just moving to the area to get you’re foot into the door and pay you’re bills, other then that I would look at this company as long term place to work. Management consist changing nothing stays the same. Will change in the daily basis. the day to day basis was to show up 5 mins early before you’re shift starts to be on the phone exactly when you start shift. If you weren’t able to get that you would either get yelled at or get written up for it. Would take calls from customer canceling there att services, taking irate customer yelling and screaming, to turn them around to save them from canceling there services. Would get a bonus on how many customer you were able to save. I was the top preforming agent in the department every month, but really didn not feel value to the company felt easily replaceable. Even if you make the company as much money as possible still won’t be value as great employee. Would promise promotions and raise would fool you.They have a great commission structure that they will play with on, either taking all of it or taking some of it. I would not recommend any friends this place just due to the fact of management
ProsPay, pto.
ConsManagement, short breaks, do not value there employees
Technical Support Specialist | Rochester, NY | May 11, 2018
Extremely face-paced and demanding but nice atmosphere
Typical day was non-stop call center tech support and customer support for turbotax. Mandatory OT during tax season. Learned to multitask and troubleshoot etc while keeping frustrated customers at ease. Learned how to work out a solution and stay on line as long as it took. Hardest part of job was staying calm and managing my stress, not knowing whether I'd ever have a break. Most enjoyable was satisfaction from helping people, and my lunch break. Parking was terrible. Culture ok, but not time to socialize. I learned to type very fast, listen and record and follow up with instructions in emails. Learned to screen share. Dealt with multitude of issues. Sometimes I simply couldn't solve a problem because only IRS has access to tax info, I just helped with tech support and issues with the product. Management was firm, but very fair and treated employees well.I was terrified at first, but got accustomed to high volume call center which gave me a lot of experience and confidence
Prosnever a dull moment, learned a lot, good wages i could live on, good incentives
Cons12 hour shifts, parking, rarely a short break, not allowed to ask coworker for help had to figure out everything on own, couldn't transfer to superior
Nevada | Nevada | Jan 6, 2019
favoritism and lack of ownership from leadership
I thought this would be a real opportunity to work for a serious company but that is not the case at all. There is no ownership from everyone in a leadership role, from supervisors to the directors themselves, as long as you have friends in high placed you can do whatever you want with no repercussions. I worked there for 2 years and as soon as I got on my mangers bad side I was Fired within a month. I had ZERO disciplinary actions for 2 years but they found random reasons to literally push me out the door. HR is spineless and told me that unless there is a major violation like violence or harassment, I should not bother them. This place lies to everyone, two separate times the director promised the support staff a raise but ignored everyone and pretended like it never happened for months. They even LIE TO THEIR CLIENTS, they have no moral issue with fudging the numbers to achieve their goal. The work is not hard, it is basic but there are so many lies and favoritism coming directly from management that this place it is Toxic. Other BPOs are not like run like this, Do not work for these scammers who treat your job like a meat grinder.
Proscafe and gym
Consbad management and terrible communication, ZERO job security

Questions And Answers about Sutherland

What is the work environment and culture like at Sutherland?
Asked Jun 20, 2016
White collar plantation. Pay is the lowest around for equivalent work. Company isn't up front about expectations, and will, once you're in the door, slowly dribble out the truth, like unless you have applied for the day off two weeks in advance, you will NOT be able to use PTO on a weekend day or Monday, so plan those attacks of the flu carefully. Turnover is high, either because people find something better or they quickly get canned because of the rigid (Don't even THINK about punching in more than 5 minutes ahead of your shift) requirements. Look, there are far better employers than Sutherland. Go find them.
Answered Feb 19, 2019
Unless you're on the management side of the equation, you are grossly underpaid and and over-managed. Turnover is high, either because of the super rigid standards of Sutherland or people find something better. Despite the chirpy assurances from your immediate managers (who are mediocre at best), there is very, very little opportunity to move upward. There are only so many team lead or team manager positions that will be created, and this company likes to get extra work out of people (like coaching) without compensating them for it. QA functions are handled out of India. Management is in Syracuse, NY and staying there. You can find better paying call center opportunities within 5 miles of Coral Springs.
Answered Feb 19, 2019
How did you get your first interview at Sutherland?
Asked Jun 8, 2016
I went to the unemployment office to look for work, and they said there was work at Sutherland, but that I had to attend a job fair. SO, THEY GAVE ME THE ADDRESS, AND THE DATE OF THE UPCOMING JOB FAIR.
Answered Jan 14, 2019
I applied on indeed and then received a call from a recruiter to come down for a face to face interview. I completed the personality test and typing test at home, and just needed to complete the final interview. I waited in a room full of other people for 3 hours, 3 HOURS, before meeting with someone. I watched as people next to me said “screw it” and left. That should’ve been my first clue that this place was terrible. Get out while you can.
Answered Jan 9, 2019
What is the interview process like at Sutherland?
Asked Jun 20, 2016
Just a minute, group discussion, aptitude
Answered Apr 3, 2018
Very hectic
Answered Mar 28, 2018
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Sutherland?
Asked May 20, 2019
Be yourself and filly transparent
Answered Dec 31, 2019
Make sure they know that it IS JUST A CALL CENTER, and if they aren't sure what that really means, do research
Answered Nov 26, 2019
Can I use my laptop for work at home CSR position
Asked Oct 18, 2016
Unless otherwise specified, you CAN use a laptop ONLY if it meets the minimum specs. Most positions require a Windows 7 or 8.1 PC (Windows 10 or Vista sometimes required) with an Ethernet port for network security reasons. Check the website for current specs. Many jobs are Work at Home (WaH), some are hybrid, and others are in an office. Some remote jobs require a minimum video resolution or screen size. You may need an external monitor that connects directly to the computer. Most of these are the minimum standard requirements for the majority of companies that offer remote (WaH) customer service & tech support positions.
Answered Apr 28, 2017
Yes because you can communicate to the clients if your working at home
Answered Mar 29, 2017