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Overall Reviews at Swift Transportation

Over the Road Truck Driver | Salt Lake City, UT | Dec 17, 2018
I've worked for some bad companies but it amazes me they are a business
Working for swift was by far one of the worst decisions I've made in my life. I've ran OTR, local, and regional for them. you won't make any money OTR so lets just get that out of the way now. you only make money when moving a loaded trailer and they have had me fix so many trailers for them so i hardly had money to eat and pay bills. my checks over the road were about 500- if lucky 600. I got a local job with them that was better on average making 800-900 a week but thats like a full 70 hours a week. they do not care about your sleep, your sleep schedule has to change on a dime for them. they expect you to make impossible times as if they don't know what traffic and construction is. they will work you to the bone on days they can or make you sit for hours. the longest I've sat for them was about 30 hours and that wasn't for my 34 reset. i left the god awful company and they continue to screw me over even after the fact by putting on my DAC report that they fired me when I gave them a 2 week notice that I was leaving. the driver is blamed for everything in this company and when you need help fast you should be ready to sit on hold for at least 2 hours. the company is a joke and the only thing that is holding them afloat is underpaid drivers, people owing them money for schooling, and they will literally hire anyone.
Prosthey will hire anyone
ConsI litterally have nothing good to say about swift. you can ask any previous employee as well
Otr | United States | Jun 1, 2019
Otr truck driver
Mgnmt is overstressed and overworked, corporation that doesnt really care about drivers and disrespects them from the start. Coworkers for the most part are good, but company is only interested in making money and office people are focused on their job there and going home after work. This would be a place for newbies to get their cdl then quit and go elsewhere. Dispatch software is antiquated, difficult to use and driver is bombarded with unnecessary messages constantly. Company believes on spending money to micromanage drivers, give top executives large salaries, maintain corporate status quo and they cannot handle any criticism at all. This could be a good company, but like most companies is too big to get out of its own way. Pay is lower than mid and small companies pay. Look for massive driver layoffs and pay reductions once they begin receiving and implementing driverless trucks which will be the deathnail for drivers in the trucking industry. All large companies and many mid size companies are breaking their necks trying to get in line to receive driverless trucks. These vehicles will replace 3 drivers for every driverless truck, it will also lower freight prices down to the point where owner operators cannot make a profit. My advice is to stay out of debt and accept a lower standard of living and not depend on this industry which is on the cusp of implosion.
ConsToo long to list
Truck Driver | Oklahoma City, OK | Jan 29, 2019
Poorly managed
The only thing positive about Swift is the equipment. It is not worth it tho due to the size of the company and poor, poor, poor communication. I could give example after example; they are too numerous to mention. Among the top mishaps by Swift would be not knowing if a trailer is empty or not when they dispatch you to pick up a broken trailer and bring in to repair (assumed empty otherwise it needs to be hauled to the location where the merchandise is to be delivered) Another good one is sitting on dead time because there is a mistake on the trailer number of the empty to hook up to and then just saying "just get one" I already had one and lost two hours. It is a pretty simple thing to do to just drop a loaded trailer and pick up any empty one. They are all the same; trailer number is of no consequence. But know, repeatedly you have to sit around and wait to hours or more for them to locate you a proper empty to pick up that has been there for days and is about 100 feet away. Mistakes by then are just too numerous to mention; I could go on for hours. Just go totally frustrated with their lack of communication and organization. Time is money to a truck driver. You got 30 minutes to get that empty and find a place to shutdown for the day but they needlessly hold you there so now you are in violation of the time clock..
ProsGood equipment. Lot of terminals. Good roadside help
ConsPoor management, poor communication
Truck Driver | Oklahoma City, OK | May 10, 2019
Highly Recommended for Recent CDL Graduates! :D
First off. Don't listen to every driver who decides to run his/her mouth about how bad of a place it is to work for. I have a lot of good things to say about this company. No company is perfect as they are all operated by us imperfect people. Anyway, enough of my soapbox. I really liked how well they had their Qualcomm macros set up. The workflow was easy to remember as well and made things a lot less stressful just for the fact that they are really organized. If you drive Over-The-Road with this company, you will definitely get to see the country. I saw so many beautiful sights that I will remember for decades to come. They also have really good clientèle with drop-and-hook, no-touch freight. If you're lucky enough to get a Kimberly-Clark load out of Tulsa, OK, take it!!! Those loads are gravy, light-weight, loads and those guys are so organized, at least on the drop-and-hook side of things, that you'll be in and out of there within the hour for sure, as long as you know what you're doing. Otherwise it could take longer. Anyways, do yourself a favor and apply with them. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Can't say for sure though cause I have heard some pretty awful stories from fellow drivers. Definitely a great place to get your start. That, I can be sure of. ;)
ProsExcellent Equipment!!!, Friendly Staff, Cafe's at Some Terminals
ConsSometimes people will try to force-dispatch you on loads.
Truck Driver | Rochelle, IL | Apr 26, 2018
Swift is a great place to work as a starting driver.
Don't get me wrong, Swift is a good company to drive for. Especially to start at and get your foot in the door to the trucking industry. You will always have freight to haul and a decent pay check coming in. That being said the pay could have been better, the bonus structure is very slow to start and takes 3 years to fully get going. You work a full 10 hour day every time you wake up and get your miles pretty easily every week. My biggest problem was with the management. I never had any idea what they were thinking, never informed about routine maintenance, delivery and pickup times were occasionally inaccurate (very frustrating). The reason I left swift was I had gotten into a position on a dedicated route and left Monday night and was home Saturday morning, and had asked and been told that this was a permanent position. I made life plans around that promise and a couple months later, the route was gone and I needed to go back OTR. Again I want to stress, Swift is a good company, especially for new drivers. It's not the best freight, not the greatest pay, and in my experience poor management. As for work culture, and the hardest and best part of the job is, it is similar to almost every trucking company. You do not interact with people very frequently, very little physical activity, and alot of time just to think and drive.
Truck Driver | Salt Lake City, UT | May 5, 2019
Lack of support for drivers after initial training/mentor period
A driving job is a thing unto itself. Work/life balance is inherently bad and very little if anything is done to make it better... but that is trucking. The things that matter to me are in two basic categories, the training/support/resources given to do my job, the lack of thoughtful consideration in trip planning. First things first... after you do your mentor driver time, there are little to no resources available for when you have.a question come up. If they do exist, they are not anywhere you can find them. A simple fellow driver mentor that takes over for phone calls after the in truck mentorship would be a game changer. Everyone misses and forgets things from class, you cannot change that reality, especially with brand new drivers. Second - trip planning has a lot of room for development. Sitting at a receiver or supplier is so frustrating and expensive for everyone... not getting driving time because of it is maddening. Having to do a reset in a random parking lot is understandable a time or two... but as a regular occurrence... that is bad planning.
ProsAll in one spot for getting a CDL and first job.
ConsThis is a first job kind of place or an experienced driver place, but not really a place for sophomore drivers.
Driver | Johnstown, PA | Feb 17, 2020
Beware they are cutthroats
Up too first day driving they treat you like kings and queens. Nice hotel stay, lunch paid orientation etc. After your hired they dont honor your request as whom they match you up with a mentor. My me ntor was very opinionated and forceful in that and opposite of both religious beliefs and political. Riding team was hard but I was shooting for the goal which was qualifying for my own truck. 2 hours short of qualifying they fired me for a cell phone violation. I was calling the police for a reckless driver trying too take oit my truck. I had not been able too purchase an expensive headset yet and they claimed I could have use my mentor whom was sick and sleeping trying too get well. They did not care about the reason. To them I was just a number and a means too make money. At $550 or less a week I was driving 9 and 10 hour clips between 500 and 600 miles per shift they were rolling in the money they were making off my labor. And 2 hours short of my own truck they fired me. No disciplinary action was taken. They told my mentor secretly over the phone to not let me drive and drop me off at nearest terminal. Their showers were nasty their motels they sent drivers too were runned down. Only perks was the newer trucks but even these newer trucks had issues.
Dispatcher | Jonestown, PA | Oct 10, 2018
very competetive place and hardworking environment
typical day looks like, come check the board make sure all the trucks are not targeting late and there are going to make their load on time. answer phone calls assist drivers if they need some fuel, money loaded on their comdata card, assist them if they are having any complications with a customer of any kind. etc. learn how to assist drivers when they are In need and even in the most crucial time of their career. manage my time with my task as well as the time I spend with each and every driver over the phone or in person. hardest part of the job would be for example when there is a misunderstanding between the CSR of Swift and the customer and the driver wasn't aware of the misunderstanding and gets frustrated of the changes and then calls us and at this point they are already upset and don't want to here our explanation as to what happen. and takes all their rage and anger out on us but that is where our professionalism comes in and we just listen and wait till they are done and try to explain to them what happen to the best of our knowledge. most enjoyable moment of my job is when drivers are happy and the job is done and everyone is happy.
Company Driver | Decatur, GA | Oct 28, 2019
Great job for when your starting off in the trucking industry.
I have been with Swift for a total of 2 years. This was my first trucking job. I left after a year and a half to seek better pay. Let’s start with the terminals. They are very raggedy. It’s sad a billion dollar company won’t provide decent showers/driver lounges for they’re drivers. The shop is a whole problem of it’s on. I’m convinced that most of them are allergic to work. I called 10 times to see if my truck was done being serviced and no one would answer the phone. Another thing is I am ALWAYS ALWAYS looking for a trailer!!!! Just yesterday it took them 4 hours to find me an empty trailer. The only reason I’m not that upset about the wait is it gave me lots of time to fill out job applications to other truck companies. There are never enough trailers. The benefits they offer are top notch I will admit that much, but boy are they expensive. I guess you take the good with the bad in that department. So that’s about all I have to share with you about Swift make your mind up on your own, but I for one am looking for another job ASAP!!!
ProsA paycheck
ConsSwift is the con
Team Member | Phoenix, AZ | Nov 9, 2018
Very good place to work... minus a few problems
Swift Transportation has so many things going for it and there are truly some amazing, intelligent, and talented people there at every level. It is very much like a family and that means in all the best ways and also some of the bad. Days there are challenging, but rewarding with a decent amount of stress and a need to work quickly through a variety of different tasks. If you want to work in a place where people are dedicated to their jobs and enjoy working together as a team you will find a good home there. It was nice to work in a place where people were not cut-throat and pushing other people out of the way to get to the top. At times it was frustrating to see good people be bypassed for well deserved promotions simply because they hadn't formed the strongest relationship with people at the top. Overall it was definitely a good place to work and a great experience.
Proscollaborative atmosphere, community service and people oriented, great learning environment
Conslower pay than competitors, lack of opportunity to promote, lack of job stability

Questions And Answers about Swift Transportation

Does swift require a hair follicle test before employment?
Asked Jul 4, 2016
Take test. Of. urine and hair follicles ..because working the Swift Company
Answered Sep 4, 2019
Yes. Only goes back 90 days
Answered Jul 30, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Swift Transportation a better place to work?
Asked Jun 13, 2017
Be flexible with people who could prove that had emergencies and Illnesses on the absence policy, also when someone is having issues in doing something I would get them more training and help to make what they do easier and not as much confusion.
Answered Mar 18, 2020
More diversity in the office to make it more fair for every race! Take away the managements bonuses because they don’t want to spend any money fixing our trucks and trailers! All the money that’s left over at the end of the quarter is all split between management! Stop the 10%’s club. Drivers would give the dispatchers 10% of there pay, that way they were being taken care of cuz the more the driver made, the more the dispatcher made! Also no buying them food, gifts, drinking beer after work!
Answered Mar 2, 2020
If you were to leave Swift Transportation, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 19, 2017
Bad safety department with no experience. they make alot of driver's leave
Answered Feb 23, 2020
Not paying for mileage and staying in truck
Answered Nov 27, 2019
Does swift allow your dog to go with you?
Asked Jul 20, 2016
Dog policy. 1 Dog . 40 lbs and under. Must show proof of current vaccinations.
Answered Feb 11, 2020
Yes! We have a pet rider program.
Answered Jan 6, 2019
If your a solo driver are you allowed to bring your spouse with you on runs?
Asked Oct 6, 2016
Yes ! They will to fill out a rider packet and get it approved, but the process only takes a few hours to get done.
Answered Jan 6, 2019
Yes you are but she or him has to sign in first for insurance purposes.
Answered Apr 7, 2018