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Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated
Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated
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SYKES Corporate Headquarters 400 North Ashley Drive Tampa, Florida 33602 United States of America
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Overall Reviews at Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated

Agent | Fort Smith, AR | Jul 3, 2018
Such a Horror
Management doesn't care about you or your personal life. They only want warm bodies. Its all about favoritism here. Some TMs are cool & youll make friends. Careful what you say & who you associate with here-things & ppl tend to "get around" here. Very stressful & mentally exhausting job. Pay isnt worth the job but good temporary. Benifits are horrible, incentives are horrible. No job stability. Theyll fire you just as fast as they hired you. They wont work w/you when it comes to your attendance. If 1 person abuses something then everyone gets it taken from them off the floor. You are stuck w/a schedule you dont get to choose from, even if it doesnt work w/your personal life they dont care. The place itself is disgusting & nasty in itself sanitary wise. They expect a lot out of you & hard work goes unnoticed here & you dont get the proper recognition for being a good employee. Management doesnt do their job. They wont work with you on your schedule. Youll deal with rude & abusive customers all day. Scripted work. The pay for what u do all day isnt worth the work. They dont care who u are or if u are a good employee theyll get rid of u since its all about favoritism here. Brown nose- if u dont they will work against u. Wont work w/ur attendance or personal life. Two faced people work here in management. Alot of pressure when it comes to stats. Your incentives & hard work are based off of what the customers say about you which isnt fair nor is it a good system to reward your goo...more
ConsPay, managment, breaks too short, stressful, fast paced, good employees dont get the proper recognition for hard work they preform, incentives, favoritism, they will fire you over anything they can without speaking to u first
Customer Service Representative | Malvern, AR | Jan 14, 2019
Not a good place to work
I wouldn’t recommend anyone to work here unless you are great with sales. You have to offer on every call you get and if you don’t make enough sales they will write you up or threaten to fire you. They tell you to tell the customer that there’s nothing you can do for them when really management won’t let you. They don’t care about their customers, all they want is DirecTV sales. Employees are not trained properly. They don’t even use all of the systems they need while they’re in training. And when you finish, you’re just put on your team whether you’re ready or not. Most times agents have no idea what to do for the customer because it requires a system they haven’t learned. Every day all they want is sales and once it’s clear that you won’t get one on a call, they expect you to say there’s nothing you can do instead of telling you to fix the issue. The customers are usually always mad and complaining about the service and the computers crash constantly. The management always has the music turned up so loud that you can’t hear your customers. If ever a call escalates the supervisors on the floor will do anything to not help you. They run. If one day you can’t come to work for something like weather, a funeral, a sick day, etc. they force you to come in on one of your days off and make up the time. They don’t care one bit about your personal life. They won’t let you just take the day off without giving them your 40 hours. In order to actually make good money here, you have to p...more
ProsOccasional free food, casual dress code
ConsVery stressful, pushing too hard for sales, rude customers, management doesn’t help you, music always turned up too loud
Customer Service Representative | Alabama | Mar 6, 2019
Worst company I have worked for
Let me take through the entire process at this company. 1. They call you for an interview, hire you, then you sit around for months while you wait for them to do a background check 2. You get put in a training class that's similar to headstart. They play little games and give you candy if you do good 3. They put you on phones with FAKE customers who are nice and leave you good reviews to build up your confidence. Then throw you to the wolves that are mentally tarded bank of America customers! 4. You "graduate" and that's when the real BS starts. 5. You get placed on a team with a team lead who doesn't care about anything besides socializing with other team leads. They try to brainwash people and make them think they can control what a customer has to say about your performance. No matter what you do they find something wrong and write you up for it. 6. It's all about kissing up and being popular. Popular people get to break the rules, the dress code, and have poor performance as long as people like you you will be over looked. Those who are not popular get wrote up for even breathing wrong. 7 good luck getting a full check. Their head of HR just got fired for stealing money and everyone knows she got fired for the same thing at her pervious job but when you tell them your check is not correct they say it's your fault for not making sure your time is right 8. Legal Aliens... This company is managed by foreigners who do not understand American culture at all. They a...more
ProsThere is no one they won't hire
ConsToo many to list
Support Specialist | Denver, CO | Jan 23, 2019
Giving it a LOW 3 stars at best.
I worked on the Xbox program from home for 3+ years, was doing phone support for 1 and half and 2 on chat support during that time I was moved to 3 different supervisors. Which was okay but the frustrating part of this job was the fact that they would always change their support structure which would go from bad to worst, to the point of not receiving the help we needed 10 - 15+ minutes for a simple approval/yes or no question. I've voiced my thoughts on the matter several times but only was heard and nothing was done. The leadership rolls at the time were spread incredibly thin with teams growing and more workload and less time to actually handle and assist with escalations/questions and other things related which then lead to other agents having to take escalations for chat support. I'm sure as well just like all companies that each department hated each other, getting a customer over to the right area for their issue to be resolved was constantly a uphill battle of the other agent disconnecting or not accepting so you end up stumbling having to again put a customer on hold or wait even longer for another agent to answer/accept. Until recently I was sure my job was pretty secure but it was obvious that things were ramping down with my hours eventually getting cut to 30-32 hours a week. Towards the end a lot of time was being offered to sign out early every day, more and more agents were leaving or moving to different programs. Soon they didn't have enough hours to provi...more
ProsWorking from home, quiet workspace, provided a Xbox one S console, and Monitor and computer. Trained efficiently, a lot of "voluntary" time off
ConsSupport, program security, hours
Customer Service Representative | Provo, UT | Jul 21, 2019
Sykes Says One Thing But Does Whatever They Like
In training Sykes emphasize that you cannot access your own accounts with the client and that if you are caught you will be fired. That's all scare tactics. I know of at least one individual still working there that was caught and written up for accessing his own accounts on the call floor, on company time, from a work computer through client systems. They will say that there are rules for transferring and putting customers on hold and that you could lose your bonus if you don't follow the rules. More scare tactics. It almost seems like you'd be a fool to follow the rules, right until somebody is in hot water over minor offenses. Some people will be written up because they don't push a digital solutions on every call. Do that a few months and they're out of a job and management goes around making an example of the firing. Sure pushing digital is way less concerning than self dealing with a financial product but it makes the supervisor's manager unhappy so that's what's focused on. Which rules are enforced is patchy at best so good luck guessing. A coworker may come in wearing shredded legging Monday and management doesn't say a thing but you could get in trouble for wearing a t-shirt on a Tuesday. Why? Because the rules are made up and management wanted to make an example of someone. A good point is that Sykes is very flexible about scheduling. So if you simply email a school schedule to a supervisor you get the schedule you need. I have heard from people not majoring in ...more
ProsFlexible scheduling and tuition help
ConsBroken promises, scare tactics, and constant begging for overtime
Customer Advocate | Sterling, CO | Apr 13, 2019
I wouldn't recommend it
I worked at Sykes just short of 3 years. In that time I was bounced from call center, to at home, and then changed departments. I started in the Yellow Pages department, where I was yelled at on a daily basis by customers due primarily to customers not understanding that if you change addresses and don't update your profile with us, you're not going to get the notice of "all changes to ads need to be entered by such and such date", which is something their agent's should notify them of and ensure they know when that cut off date is. The other primary reason was that their agent refused to contact them in a timely manner, making their problems our problems. I was then moved to the Xbox division which was slightly better. However you are overworked because they seemingly refuse to actually get new employees in a timely manner when it's busy and then when it does slow down, they lay them off. Then they just threw us into at home, shoving electricity and internet costs onto the employees. Now it is convenient to work from home I grant you, but when you get reviews from a manager you can't even see, talk to face to face, or who isn't even in the same state as you, it does NOT induce a comfortable work environment. Their rating system for employees is a joke. After someone calls in, and the case becomes closed, the caller or online chatter can rate their experience. This is pretty standard, however management does not take into account when people are being unpleasant ...more
Customer Service Representative | Kingstree, SC | Jun 30, 2019
It's a stepping stone. Nothing more.
Well, from the beginning, it felt as if the job was being sold to me. That seemed like an early indicator of a high-turnover. I was right. However, it was a means to save up some money while I looked for other opportunities, so I accepted the offer. Training gives you somewhat of a foundation to get started, but you won't truly learn until you actually hit the floor. Once on the floor, I began to feel as though there was a general lack of support with the answer to everything being "use your resources." Now this is true for most things, but I generally only had questions when my "resources" could not point to a definitive answer/solution. The lack of support ultimately led to customers becoming frustrated, which sometimes led them to produce a poor customer service survey/rating, which negatively impacts your already unrealistic metrics to follow (this can get you out of the door if not improved). Now, if you accept and stay with the job long enough, you will realize that you're only gonna get calls on the same 5 or 6 different issues with a few odd-balls every once in a while.That said, it will get easier. The problem is that you're still confined to unrealistic performance metrics and low pay that will probably put you in a situation to need another job to make sufficient income. Commission only helps slightly depending on how well you sell. Mind you, it's hard to sell when you're trying to resolve an issue that was caused by a sale (from another agent) that was bas...more
Pros1 hour lunch, Flexible attendance policy.
ConsLow Pay, Stressful, Tedious, Very limited vacation options
Onboarding Manager | DeLand, FL | Jan 13, 2020
Toxic workplace/A lot of turnovers.
*Think twice before working here, your mental health could be at risk* I was a hard working agent, always looking for better ways to assist my customer,(half of the team ignores the customers needs and just mis-rout the customer to another department just to not assist). I tried seeking better opportunities for myself in the business but was never taken in full consideration because of my HONEST believes. Great stats monthly and great reviews from my customers. I tried, and really hard! *AGAIN: Think twice before working here, your mental health could be at risk* Unprofessional, unreliable, not trust worthy, high school environment. You can not trust coaches, supervisor, client case owner nor HR. I had so many issues in this company it was ridiculous. Harassment was one of my problems. I have many proof of this! ONE of this situations was resolved A FULL MONTH after the incident with a male agent occurred: (he grabbed me by my sweater, turned his hand and put me down on his desk for no explicable reason, almost hitting my face with the desk. And HR didn't even know after 3 weeks of the incident. Coaches never reported this and that was concerning for me), and after being resolved they decided to fired me for an unreasonable excuse just because I was bringing to the table many concerns. PS: In FL they can get you fired from pretty much anything and you cannot fight for your ''rights'' unless is race related termination. EXAMPLE: coaches and sup...more
Customer Service Representative | Remote | Dec 3, 2019
Customer Service Agent
I worked at Sykes for two years. Hired for membership services. Talent Acquisition and trainers never mention anything about sales being a requirement. You get small Incentives for AHT, ACW and conversion. They changed the metrics trying to compete with the competitor. So this created a Domino affect. Once the bright star who always met their metrics and QA was failing to meet sales. Which I was never hired to do sales. We were told to process credit card orders but this wasn’t based on our overall employment. In August My TL was saying how Sykes was hiring Sellers to sale membership. Mindful been there for a two almost three years always met metrics and now the metrics changed creating it harder to meet sales which was 10% Goal was changed to 13%. My TL started pushing sell, sell, sell. They created these one hour training sessions to train you on how to close a deal, how to get a member to renew their membership early.No matter if the caller (80 yrs old) and membership is good for two plus years! Sykes pays $10.00 hour (pay changed due to Trump tax cut on the wealthy.. before that it was 9.25). The phone calls are repetitive (complains on vendors solicitation, complaints on third party, or sometimes to renew member or cancel membership) Over the course of three months I got one verbal warning; a written warning about not meeting conversion(sale) aka Sykes Standards and if I didn’t meet a new goal of 13% within a two week timeframe HR would notify me of Termination. I...more
Customer Service Representative | DeLand, FL | May 26, 2018
Awesome company IF they have the right training
Company is okay. You have to use chat to get in touch with tier 2 for help you just can't walk to him/her and ask for help. Anyway! In my opinion the work balance is great. Company is okay. However the only issue I had (former employee) was that the training provided is not exactly the best training. They can do better but decline to do so. 8 hours of work is a great. Helping customers over the phone not bad at all. But what happens when the customer is calling you for help on a particular situation (talking about technical support) and you have minimum idea on how to help. A normal situation will be. Put customer on hold while you research the resolution (that can take from 30 minutes to 3 hours). Customer is not quite happy of the waiting time while you research the resolution. This is where the training I'd received comes to play. The training has to be in-depth in order for the agents to satisfactorily help the customers. Customer wants and needs help right of way not stay for hours waiting for help. I will compare their training as if an instructor will take you to a classroom, he will go over the titles and subjects on every training book he is training you on. And that's it! All the learning and in-depth training you'll get it during your nesting period while the customer is on hold. Not good. If they provide a way better training it will be awesome to work for Sykes. And never mind about the trainers. They don't have a problem telling you with pride that they know mor...more
Pros40 hours per week, Benefits, Close to home
ConsPoor in-depth training.

Questions And Answers about Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated

What are the days you work & how many hours a day ?
Asked Feb 6, 2016
Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays
Answered Apr 20, 2019
I worked M-W, Fri-Sat due to disability. 4-9 MT or 6-11 Est. Originally, for training it was Any days: from 2:30-11pm Est. However, I wrote to HR, they accepted my schedule due to being disabled and I had 2 days off because I couldn't work anymore than 25 hours. The only draw: asking for a survey on every call.
Answered Apr 6, 2019
What is the dress code?
Asked Apr 30, 2016
Business casual.
Answered Jun 19, 2019
Dress code is whatever you feel like wearing since most positions at Sykes are work at home. Thats what makes working here great not having to spend money on work clothes or thinking much on an outfit to wear.
Answered May 29, 2019
What is the interview process like at Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated?
Asked Sep 22, 2017
I had to do a test on the computer summit some questioned test get interview after that they said they like everything that I did a lot and hired me I took my drug a couple days ago and passed so now I got orientation and ima try to get some training
Answered Jun 16, 2019
Very simple and did not prepare me well for what i would be doing
Answered Mar 25, 2019
Does Sykes hire felons
Asked Feb 24, 2016
Yes they do. It depends on the felony and age of it. But sometimes they don’t so just depends.
Answered Mar 8, 2020
No they do not hire felons I just interviewed with them and after I told him I had a felony 5 yrs ago (not theft or fraud) the guy told me no we do not hire felons closed my application and stood up to usher me out. Waist of time completely.
Answered Oct 11, 2019
When is the drug test popped on you , is it after training , before training , during orientation , before orientation or not at all?
Asked Sep 22, 2017
They don't do that until u go through about anywhere from a 4-14 day process--fake urine my dear
Answered Nov 8, 2019
In Fayetteville, after the offer they will send you to labcorp for urine test within 48 hours.
Answered Jul 4, 2019