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Shipping and Receiving Clerk | Austin, TX | Aug 6, 2019
Very safe work environment where hard work pays off well! Bond between the team is unrivaled!
A typical day would consist of however many amounts of big rig trucks were lined up outside packed with products to unload, palletize, inventory and stock. Everyone has their role and hard work is involved. You would always be greeted by your co/worker and exchange pleasantries. Everyone got along very well and always had something in common no matter who it was. Everyone would look out for each other no matter what "position or department" you were assigned. Safety was taken very seriously and everyone had an eye out for the concern and safety of their fellow co/worker, if something didn't look safe or questionable, someone would let someone know about it. And it was done with respect. The safety lady did a good job in that regards, no-nonsense cross your t's and dot your i's, square business approach! Every Friday BBQ and drinks were provided, Beef Fajitas and Sausage one Friday and Chicken Fajitas and Sausage the next, awesome! Management was easy to get along with and almost always present, but not so much as to feel like you were being watched or breathing down your neck. Very Transparent workplace where everything is laid out from pay raises, safety, investment/stock options, vacation, bonus, etc. no red tape, if you did not know or understand something, it was because you didn't ask or weren't paying attention. Overall a very fair, honest, safe workplace where hardly anybody is uptight and hard work pays off very well and is recognized.
Delivery Driver | United States | Apr 18, 2019
Bad management, dishonest, poor communication
I was lied to about the actual location of the job and how many hours per week I would be required to work and start times. I was told I would be a local driver, but that translated into remote communities as well and fighting the hours of service rules and overnighting away from home, consequently. Benefits don't kick in until you work 860 beware if you need to go to the doctor within 6 months. You will work for a year at Sysco's whim with no set schedule..."peddle relief"...they call it, even though you interviewed for and were hired as a local delivery driver... All things that are misled in your initial interview. The schedule for trainees is...simply there when they want you. You dont matter to management. Your personal responsibilities outside of work are very indifferent to Sysco. Appointments and family issues that you plan outside of the schedule will come down to a choice...try to reschedule when they call or text you to change your times and routes or be dismissed. You will have no less than three (3) supervisors as a driver. All of which don't communicate with eachother about scheduling and routes. They will separate employment with you if you cant be flexible at the drop of a hat. Although, they keep thieving and dishonest employees, which I was made privy to that information by supervisors, who obviously dont know what confidentiality is. Worst job and treatment from an employer I've ever experienced. Do not work for this company!...more
Delivery Driver | Pocomoke City, MD | Feb 23, 2020
All about who you know & how much a-s$ you kissing!
67k a year NOT 82k You can make the same money if not more (fuel truck) or close to it without breaking your body. If it was possible to get rid of management and bring in people who care about the workers let alone the company itself this would be a great place to work.They talk about how much they care about safety but they don't practice what they preach. You will go out with 20,000 to 30,000lbs. of goods that you will handle every case 2,3,4 or more times.Work yourself to death. Every driver is run into the ground. Management treats you like you do not matter. Job is terrible and is very unorganized. The trailers are loaded like complete chaos. Everything is basically thrown in the trailer and mixed. Trailers do not work and leak from reefers freezer boxes will be collapsed and thawed.The freezer floor will be a sheet ice.The blue covers, straps and pallets smell like cat urine and often have bird cr-ap or other animal wastes from being stored outside or in open trailers. Drivers urinate in the corners of the trailer smell like urine and there's chewing tobacco or sunflower seeds spit everywhere inside tractors and trailer alot Trash and dirty employees come to work with dirty clothes and smelly they do not believe in bathing around here so you have to bring disinfectant with you to swipe and clean every tractor everyday alot of a*s kissing if you are good at that you come in and get a office job ASAP. Management blames corporate but really they are afraid of closi...more
Delivery Driver | Bismarck, ND | May 11, 2019
Don't expect to have your own life.
Sysco thinks that they own your life when you drive for them. You start between 3 and 5 in the morning, and you finish as soon as you get your route done. You have a base route, but they routinely add extra stops onto your route; however, you won't know whether or not you have extra stops on your route until you show up for work that morning. They routinely add stops to your route so you are scheduled to work 12-16 hours per day, so don't plan on being able to be able to schedule appointments or get anything other than work done during the day. Sick leave is a joke. You are given paid sick leave, but they won't pay it out unless you have to take at least 3 days off in a row. If you have to take a sick day, you won't get paid, but it will still use up one of your sick days. Bad weather? Too bad. You will be told that your trailer will show up late, but you aren't given a specific time until it is about to show up. I've been strung along for 8 hours before without knowing when it would actually show up. So I couldn't actually accomplish anything I personally needed to do that day, since I was expected to show up once they told me the trailer would be there, and I wasn't put on the clock until it actually showed up. Your route is routinely screwed up so that you are scheduled to run back and forth across town over and over (wasting a ton of time with unnecessary driving), scheduled to be at stops when no one is there to take delivery or after they stop taking delivery. ...more
Forklift Operator | Alachua, FL | Feb 6, 2020
Dont believe a word they say!!
DON'T believe what they tell you in the interview. I promise you they are full of it! They claim they provide training and give you time to get up to speed because safety was more important. At least that's what they said anyway! I was hired on Monday Jan 27 and let go by the following Wednesday because I didnt meet the 10 pallets moved per hour because I was only provided with a trainer/mentor less than a total of 4 hrs the ENTIRE 3 DAYS I WAS ON THE REACH LIFT! Mind you, I didnt start moving product until fri and that was only 4 hrs with absolutely no trainer at all. Worked monday 4 HRS AGAIN WITHOUT A TRAINER! FINALLY TUE I got a trainer for a little bit because he got "called away" Honestly, it was more like maybe 2 hrs! Even at that I'm being generous because the "trainer" kept leaving me alone without fully explaining things. Wednesday worked 6 hrs again with NO TRAINER because he was "busy" and let go Wednesday after they had me go home for the day. I told them NO WONDER THEY CANT KEEP PEOPLE! WHEN YOUR "TRAINING" IS A COMPLETE JOKE!! There is no way ANY COMPANY can decide in less that 14 hours total if you can do the job. Even the safety manager agreed that wasnt enough training! Forgot to mention the fact that the inventory management system is messed up (which they know) but they still expect you to get the numbers they want immediately WITHOUT execptions! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY IF YOU INTEND TO KEEP A JOB LET ALONE WORK FOR A COMPANY TH...more
Customer Service Representative | Lewisville, TX | Jan 26, 2020
Poor Management
By the time they got their training class ready, we had all forgotten we had applied. The trainer told us there was no way she could teach us everything, that we had to learn basically on the floor. Then, the Supervisor would rudely say, "Go ask one of your co-workers," who would answer with attitude. The manager would belittle you if you pointed out a flaw in the system. Rewards were quarterly, not monthly; and, was lunch with your supervisor, who was a jerk. Christmas bonus was a bag of candy fit for a 4 yr. old. No raises & they'd jump all over your back for the tiniest mistake. I got fired for following company procedures. Customers always upset because drivers were under so much pressure they'd make huge mistakes, and curse at the customers. All they care about is money. One customer told me he only saw his sales rep once, and after that just got 1 call encouraging him to order more. They would substitute their brand for other brands & not pass on savings. They would try to collect on debts 10 yr.s old instead of writing them off. Fired sales reps with 20 yr.s tenure for not producing 'up to standards.' Once whole area crew of sales reps left to work for a competitor who paid them more. Downsized and forced tenured reps to take a huge pay cut to keep their job. Typical corporate company. Only didn't outsource 'cuz needed English speaking people to take orders. Will treat you like a robot and fire you for the tiniest mistake.
Clerk | Lewisville, TX | Jan 21, 2019
Great relationships with coworkers and customers, Great pay and benefits
My favorite part of my job there was interacting with the people, customers and coworkers alike. I got to process customer and delivery orders through the warehouse. Each day I got to be a part of helping I enjoyed going out of my way to help customers and to be a team player for my coworkers.At times apathy of some of my coworkers in the warehouse made my direct coworker's and my job quite difficult. But when I and or my direct coworker and I approached management the urgency of some of the warehouse would get better. Communication in other words lack thereof often created unnecessary hurdles so to speak. My direct coworker and I made a point to overcommunicate at times to avoid such issues. Overall, this job was the best job I have had although like other jobs it has its flaws. The pay was the best I received. Also, through the struggles I encountered here and often times learning things on my own versus being fully trained, I became a stronger, better person.
ProsGreat social interaction with customers and Sysco family, Great pay, PTO, and health benefits, Often good free food provided by the inhouse kitchen or abroad
ConsPoor corporate management who make uneducated decisions, lack of communication, loss of site concerning reason for being in business, putting emphasis on generalized statistics instead of on good customer service
Kitchen Assistant | Norman, OK | Aug 1, 2018
Free food , generally positive company.
This(these) position(s) requires the ability to stay on your feet wearing steel toes thru out each work day while engaging multiple tasks from three or more different departments in a large facility often achieving overtime. A typical day at work would include several trips to the warehouse and break room with push carts , opening and closing the kitchen , running many loads in the dish machine , stocking cases of break room water bottles and supplies from storage , organizing product according to a quasi planogram , following a monthly and quarterly kitchen equipment cleaning duty schedule (changing fryer oil , cleaning large kitchen equipment), possibly assembling displays , possibly ordering kitchen snacks and supplies requests , possibly setting very large rooms for monthly sales meetings and special functions , possibly arranging buffet lines , maintaining pallets of product in a large storage room and possibly emptying a large trash dumpster in the ware house. The hardest part of the job was perpetually overcoming the daily physical demands. The most enjoyable part of the job was all the different types of food everyone would get to try in the kitchen and the positive mental attitude of coworkers.
ProsFree food, competative amount of pto, benefits.
ConsFarcicly Laborious position.
Procurement Specialist | Syracuse, NY | Dec 19, 2018
It was a Great Place to work.
I worked for SYSCO for 16 years . I started as an order selector and was promoted to a Night Operations Supervisor. I was I identified as a haul of fame Employee 7 Times. making me a great choice to become the Operations Training Supervisor. Then an opportunity came to move to the Merchandizing team where I was a Procurement specialist swiftly becoming a superuser / Trainer.until a 3rd round of Corporate restructuring eliminated my Position. So My review is both Positive and Negative of SYSCO. It was a great place to work for years Then understandably The company went in a direction that did not benefit the Employees. Companies Today have stock holders and they are accountable to show gains. But at what cost Great employees like myself are discarded and the one that remain are left to struggle patching up what remains. Saying that I would never have Left SYSCO but they may have done me a favor now I must look for a new career in a new world where it is no longer expectable to walk up to an employer and shake a hand and hand them a Resume. Everything is done Online Through Websites that can't see you and talk to you and may discard your application do to an underlined work or a shaded area. if your reading this and your seeking employment Good Luck and keep your head high. every day is new day.
Prosgained experience
Consno job security
Human Resources Generalist | Baraboo, WI | Feb 27, 2020
Corporate culter over all but local operating companies are better
Sysco Foods has local operating companies throughout the US that report to the corporate office in Houston Tx. The local op-cos are run according to corporate policy but have some opporunity to influence the culter based on the management style of the team running it. Each has it's pros and cons based on location, management team and history. Overall, Sysco has a fair compensation package with excellent benefits but expects a lot in return. Work/life balance is the individual's interpretation and depends on the position and the motivation of the associate. Sysco Baraboo has a great team leading it at this time and has an excellent group of veteran associates that are dedicated, honest and hardworking. Baraboo is located in a smaller demographic area and is very family oriented. There are basically 3 primary fields, Sales, Transportation and Warehouse. All are demanding positions, both physically and mentally but if the associate commits to the long-term, the rewards can be profitable. Their veteran delivery associates are some the most skilled and safe operators on the road. As with all companies, there are things that can and should be changed but overall, Sysco is a good company to work for but be prepared for change regularly and know you need to bring your A game every day.

Questions And Answers about Sysco

What is the most stressful part about working at Sysco?
Asked Jan 2, 2017
Not feeling secure in your job
Answered Mar 4, 2020
Too many rules that take too long to get a job done
Answered Feb 21, 2020
How do you feel about going to work each day at Sysco?
Asked Oct 18, 2016
I rather clean toilets
Answered Mar 4, 2020
You might as well take your desk phone cord and wrap it around your neck and hang it from the ceiling. No time to breathe in this place
Answered Mar 4, 2020
How are the working hours at Sysco?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
When your New Working hours- get called at 8-9pm and be told to come in at 4-5am and if they say your off but to wake up at 4 to see if you have to work. And 12-16 hrs a day the pay is ok but not for being a class a driver/warehouse worker on the road the ins is 200 a week. In other words don’t go there it sucks
Answered Feb 14, 2020
The working hours are terrible and bias for certain drivers . Again , the hours are misleading with a lot of promises. What a waste....
Answered Jun 5, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Sysco a better place to work?
Asked Apr 17, 2017
Don’t get rid of jobs to other company’s who don’t even speak English.
Answered Feb 21, 2020
Stop promoting people that have no experience, no time within the company, and because it goes against the nepotism policy in the handbook. Follow the guidelines they put in the handbook they gave you when they originally hired you.
Answered Feb 21, 2020
How often do raises occur at Sysco?
Asked Oct 19, 2016
For warehouse Order selector it would be about every three months. After one year you should have four dollars more then what you started with which is 18.68 here in Los Angeles when I started. After two year you will get top pay which is 27.50.
Answered Jul 13, 2019
Not often.. not enough for the amount of work they want you to do. Customers not profitable are not worth it attitude. Dumb move! Company's can grow with the right person by there side. I for one still believe in customers first. Thats why i struggle...
Answered May 8, 2019