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Inside Sales Representative | Nashville, TN | May 16, 2018
Mixed Reviews based on place and position
T-Mobile was always a fun place to work and I always loved my job when I was on the retail side. I thought T-Mobile was where I would be for the rest of my career. However, when I was promoted and moved to Nashville, TN to the Inside sales dept at the call center a lot of things changed. The Director was hired in from another company and had no experience with our department. He made it a place where as a SR Manager I always had to worry about losing my job and what he was reporting to the VP. After 5 years with T-Mobile I was let go with no reason and no corrective actions. The Director never came out of his office and managed by providing no feedback or positive reinforcement. There were promises made by both the Director and the VP that they never followed through with and simply stabbed me in the back. I loved my entire team of 105 AE's, 7 Area Mgrs, and 7 Sr AE's. They were all dedicated and loyal to me. After I left I kept in touch with several of the managers and found that they lost 50% of their AE's within 3 months. When I started my new job I had over 30 of those employees reach out to me for a job. I gave job security and management a 2 star rating simply for the time I worked for 2 great leaders in Pittsburgh when I was in retail. The DM and RMl were phenomenal to work for and always had your back as long as you were doing the right thing. That's the way a leader should be. Do I recommend T-Mobile? It's going to come down to the leadership and Sr Leadership so a...more
ProsBenefits, Pay, Stock, company structure overall
ConsMixed leadership directives, no life work balance in certain departments, low pay for amount of work
Coach | Colorado Springs, CO | Aug 29, 2018
Great company for benefits
With working for T-Mobile, I have learned a few thing with big corporations. Specifically, with T-Mobile, they treat their front line employees fantastic. Great benefits from Paid Time Off to Employee Service Discounts, to even assistance when you are going through a rough financial time. The biggest problem with T-Mobile (*Disclaimer* I am specifically speaking in reference to the call center) is politics with management. If you are searching for career advancement, GREAT, T-Mobile is the place to be. If you are wanting to level up and career path. HOWEVER, don't let it fool you because they don't hire you based off of your skills. They hire you off of politics and if people LIKE you. Not because you can do the job well, and get results. Only if they can collaborate with management and see if they like you. Has nothing to do with how well you do the job. In fact, a few managers in the call center actually refused to promote individuals who consistently proved strong performance and the ability to do the role very well, for individuals who spend hours discussing with peer on what they were going to have for lunch. For example, promoting individuals to coach (supervisor) who got along well with the drama-fest managers, for them just to shy away their reps because they are too busy trying to collaborate on what they were going to order through Uber Eats. However, they chose to demote a Coach based strictly off of their ability to like that individual, even though th...more
ProsPTO, Benefits, Pay
ConsDirect Management, Career Opportunities, Call Center Politics
Mobile Expert | Philadelphia, PA | Nov 18, 2018
Great money if you're sales driven
Depending on what store you are in and what managers run the store your experience can be great or miserable. Store environment varies as well. Some stores are cut throat and have no code of honor when it comes to sales. Some stores live by honesty. I've worked under 3 different store managers. The first awful, the second awesome, the third does not lead by example and seems mentally checked out. The company in general and what it stands for is amazing. My district does not seem focused on growing their employees within the company, only on company focused metrics that allow leadership to bonus. Hourly pay is no longer based off of experience and tenure, instead based of the living cost of said area. Every Mobile in a district makes the same hourly. When T-Mobile made this change, they also cut back on the commission structure allowing less motivated experts earn more and driven experts earn less unless picking up more hours. Full time was almost unheard of this level when I was first hired, however, part timers still received full benefits and perks, instead accruing pto at a slower rate which does increase with tenure. When I went on medical leave every new hire was hired as full-time causing new-hires to accrue their pto at the same rate or quicker than a second tier tenured employee like myself and a couple others who were screwed in this decision. Lots of politics inside the store.
ProsGreat discount on service, opportunies to earn/win free devices, great benefits, free yearly stocks, 401k, tuition assistance
ConsNo set schedule, last minute schedules, standing all day with long periods in one spot on hardwood floor.
Specialist | Springfield, MO | Nov 1, 2019
Easy Work, Stressful Senior Management
I worked as Customer Service for T-Mobile USA for seven years. I don't have much to say because there's so much it would be exasperating. It's a good job but at least at our site, the politics of our local Senior Leadership played too much of a role in day to day work, and job security. I was ultimately forced into a constructive resignation for being a nuisance to a certain manager, and was told they would get my signature on my resignation with or without me, after seven years of very hard work in multiple departments and across numerous projects. Human Resources began going to bat for the frontline employee about two years ago, and changes were becoming apparent. At the time of my resignation however, a divide had manifest itself between HR and Leadership, with Senior Management taking steps to wall Human Resources out of critical conversations and misleading employees to believe HR was not necessary. For instance, I was denied my multiple requests to speak to Human Resources when I received the call on my day off forcing my resignation. Yes, I was forced into resignation without even speaking to or having the ability to speak to Human Resources. The compensation was pretty good at first, but after seven years of top percentile performance across the entire company, I was still making less than colleagues who had been with the company for a much shorter period of time with less experience, and lesser results. All in all, it was a decent job. Just don't drink the k...more
Sales Representative | South Carolina | Apr 27, 2019
Good company to work for, but very hard to keep up ...
T-Mobile is a great company to work for. They offer very competitive benefits and pay. However, in the retail world, it is very high pressured sales. The company is too focused on adding new customers rather than supporting existing customers. You’re paid as a sales rep more to acquire new customers rather than what you sell to existing customers. All sales and promos are built to acquire new customers, so it’s hard to leverage those promotions to upsell existing customers. The commission structure changes so much that you really never know how you’re getting paid, and sales targets and metrics are reachable but absurd. The company harps on business account activations more than consumer account activations. It almost feels like you can never be good enough. You can have 30 new activations on a target of 15 for the month, but only one of those will be a business account and rather than being commended for exceeding your quota you’re reprimanded for not doing good enough. It almost feels like you can’t win for loosing in this environment. Other than that, most of the store managers are very friendly and supportive. Someone is always around to help, and the company typically stays as transparent as possible with most policies and procedures. Of course in retail the hours are garbage because it’s retail... It’s a good company to work for, if you’re willing to bend over backwards to accomplish unrealistic sales expectations, and give up your life outside of the comp...more
ProsWireless service discounts, good leadership, PTO
ConsUnreal sales expectations, constantly changing requirements
Account Executive | North East, PA | Jul 16, 2019
pay isnt competitive, management is a farce
If you do not have outside sales experience, do not apply nor waste your time with this job. They will not train you. They officially do have "a training" that you "endure" more than attend. The purpose of the training is to convince the new hires that T-Mobile isn't gosh awful anymore as a service provider, that is literally the entirety of the purpose of the training. This is not subjective. Objectively, the final exam was on one single topic, and it was that one. I have seen new people without experience get fired/written up/drummed out/whatever constantly. Base pay is about 30% less than same job at the "other" wireless telecoms. Commission is solid however. Goals are reasonable. It doesnt take an act of god to hit quota, the job would actually be ideal and pretty great except: The corporate culture, at least in the slice of the pie that is my purview, is toxic and disgusting. Which frankly blows my mind that this is my issue with this company, of all companies. My peers / the other regular average joes/josephines are 100% by far the only livable part of this company right now. Management is amazing at hiring the best talent, which makes me wonder who exactly hires the managers because thats where theres a significant drop off in "buy in". Unless you're specifically interested in stealing company time or committing fraud, I think you would be well served looking at other jobs. I will put it to you this way, the only people that seem to have no complain...more
Mobile Expert | Houma, LA | May 1, 2019
Very horrible company
Do not get sucked in their trap they do not offer anything they say they will and management is HORRIBLE they salary is horrible stressful place everyone has a bad attitude bad commission the store is full of scammers they add stuff to people accounts hard to get days off when people ask for them because someone is always mad in there the store system is slow compared to other carriers the benefits are good if that’s your thing short breaks they have very strict rules about the door opening and closing no one likes to do their job but expect you to do their job they use group me which is cool but you have to constantly post the sale numbers at 2 and 4 everyday 😩 they want you to wipe down the walls and mop everyday plus sale phones every Friday you are required to get on a “conference” call at 9am even if you’re off you still have to work the conference call is the same routine every Friday throwing people under the bus and lies about the other stores doing so good your pay if usually about $609 on the 1st and 15th don’t expect good commission the most I made was 100 dollars extra lol on the 1st and they say you’ll get $500 dollars a month and if you get 15 perfect surveys and that hasn’t happen for anyone yet so don’t believe them do not trust anyone in this company they are evil people and the magenta glove movement is so so fake don’t even try to get to know the customers they don’t want anything the same people come in there everyday 😂 do not work for this company unle...more
ProsFree lunch from management
ConsNo outside life and commission sucks short breaks
Sourcing Specialist | Bellevue, WA | Apr 10, 2019
This is a great organization for those willing to sacrifice work life balance
Culture: an unspoken policy is you either move up, move out or burn out. I have averaged 60-70+ hours a week for almost 2 years. I have received awards and recognition but as you do well more is expected. Management: gets bonus on employee enhancement - it benefits management to groom their employees for greater roles. Workplace Culture: Phenomenal, there are a lot of positive people at this organization, aside from being overworked - we are all happy doing what we do best... Winning Hardest part of the job - being overworked: T-Mobiles annual review policy... 80% is the new 100%. Meaning if you perform all your regular responsibilities and meet all your goals, you are only meeting 80% of your bonus structure. The average T-Mobile Employee in Network Cost and Procurement as a whole has a 2.5 person workload so on average most of the employees are working a minimum of 50-60 hours a week just to meet their 80% goal each year for bonus. The salary seems nice, but if you break down the total hours worked - the salary does not match the work load. Bonus's are decent - if you perform Benefits - 401k grants are great, insurance is awesome on average a preventative maintenance health plan for a single person you will pay between 125-175 or a family plan 250.00. I have never heard anyone complain about the benefits because they are awesome. Added is the T-Mobile service benefits. Retail employees get 25% off their plans and corporate employees 75% off their pl...more
Sales Associate | Boca Raton, FL | Jun 18, 2019
Fun, fast-paced work environment.
I worked at T-mobile for a year and a half. Great place to work at. It's very fast-paced, loud music playing all day, energetic work environment. However, it does get stressful depending on management, and how busy the store is. If it's a small store, it might not be that hard, but if you work in a large store with a heavy foot traffic, be prepared to triple-quadruple task. Some days it will be hard to have a lunch break. You are on your feet the entire shift with nowhere to sit. You get paid hourly + commission every 30 days. You must hit your monthly goal in order to get paid out well on your commission and if you dont hit your goals (which are mostly mandatory goals) after about 90 days, you will get hit with a warning and then termination if it continues. You are required to hit your goals no matter how busy the store is, how many hours a week you work, or how many issues you dealt with over selling, YOU MUST HIT YOUR GOALS. Overall, it's a fun place to work. Some days you dont even see the time go by, most days you'll have great sales, but there will be some days where you will make little to no sales because you dealt with customer service issues like a phone bill gone wrong, or fixing issues for customers. Most managers set up team competitions that make hitting your goals more fun, and they'll treat you with a prize at the end like taking the employees that won out for dinner with drinks, or a fun boat ride, and many other things. If you are an overachiever and ...more
Mobile Expert | Vancouver, WA | Mar 9, 2020
HIGHLY competitive, pay is low and training is a joke.
I cannot speak for every store but here's my experience... You're expected to quickly make high commission sales goals even if you have zero experience with retail and the "training" is ineffective to put it mildly. You start behind a desk at a computer digesting an information dump covering the business and expectations which come with ridiculous quizzes/tests that do little to prepare you for the demands of the job. Once you're on the sales floor you are to memorize several shifting promotions on a daily to weekly basis. From there you must deal with impatient customers on the spot who can instantly tell that you are new and typically prefer to work with a more competent associate. Now since the environment is very competitive, that precious sale your job depends on is usually lost to a co-worker who would rather gain the sale than waste time coaching you. Basically, there is no such thing as teamwork. You're on your own from the start and with low-hours and it is an uphill battle to improve the needed skills to succeed. My manager was also consistently rude, condescending and repeatedly berated me for not being as adept as my more experienced coworkers. Which damaged any motivation I might have had to progress. It got to the point where I was miserable every day I had to work. I liked the job itself, but with the toxic environment, unreasonable expectations, poor training, and overall terrible management I ended up quitting. Glad I did to be honest.

Questions And Answers about T-Mobile

Why did you leave your job at T-Mobile?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
My Team manager only helped out who they wanted to help out. My center in particular within my community management sometimes was too wrapped up in their own development or wasn't there for the night shift that we had to rely on other communities or floor support to help. They had their favorites and took them off the phone if they were having a rough day. I followed all the feedback that I was given to improve my metrics and still didnt get the personal development coaching because I didnt meet the "image" part. Management told us not to give adjustments but when you didnt and got a bad score they'll copy the rest of the management team and state that I should have just gave the adjustment to cover themselves. I left only because I got tired of playing cat and mouse (sending countless emails) with my management team to add back on promotions or do something that was within their scope and then get yelled at when they call back and get a different rep and they escalate to them.
Answered Mar 18, 2020
I left to pursue a career as an elementary school teacher. I absolutely loved my time at TMobile and would do it all over again!
Answered Nov 5, 2019
What benefits does T-Mobile offer?
Asked Jun 17, 2016
Small commission checks
Answered Mar 26, 2019
No benefits whatsoever
Answered Feb 10, 2019
Do you get a discount on phones / services? If yes, what is the discount?
Asked Apr 27, 2017
I would offer you and your family 75% off TPRi and Corporate and have not 20% but 60% off every accessories purchase And Have you and your family for life discount when you retire T-Mobile this would be the ultimate discount
Answered Jan 22, 2020
Discounts on phones too?
Answered Dec 6, 2019
How long is the tmobile training?
Asked May 4, 2016
My training was 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for three weeks. It was all online in the backroom on a computer, with tests every now and then and a final test one-on-one with your manager at the end.
Answered Jul 18, 2019
When I went in for an interview, I was told training is 3 weeks straight, Monday through Friday 9-5 and then after that you can establish the days you are available
Answered Jan 24, 2019
Is training paid? how long it takes?
Asked Apr 26, 2017
Yes it’s paid. And it 10weeks
Answered Feb 13, 2019
Training is now 3 weeks, full time Mon-Fri. Paid st $13.00/hr
Answered Jul 10, 2018