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Office Assistant | Los Angeles, CA | Sep 25, 2019
Only good for job experience.
I started working there after I graduated high school to help pay for college. I've been there now for 4 years. I'll cut it straight to the point, it's a good job when you're starting your first job experience. Just don't stay if you know you can get something better. Seriously. I went from sales floor to cash office associate to accommodate my school schedule. But my review will be based on the sales/cashier part since that's where most of you guys start. The biggest problem I have there is the pushing to get credit cards. First, you don't get paid commission to get cards so it's just extra stress for no reason. My manager pushed us to the point where we'll be reported to in the office and even written up if we don't get at least 1 every 100 sales. Now, it's if we don't get 1 every shift the managers will complain to us. (I haven't gotten one in over 1 year only because I'm in CO so I'm pushed a little less) but it's a huge problem nation-wide in this company. NOBODY WANTS A TJ MAXX CREDIT CARD, PLEASE STOP. I won't complain about the customers and managers, everyone is different in every store. my manager isn't the best and since she came to the store, it's been ruining everyone's shifts. Another big reason this company sucks, is they hire many people but yet DON'T SCHEDULE ANYONE. WE ARE BUSY EVERY HOUR OF THE DAY AND WE ONLY HAVE 1 CASHIER UNTIL AFTER NOON, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? THEY HAVE TO CALL COORDINATORS AND SALES FLOOR ASSOCIATES TO RING UP AND THATS WHY ...more
Prossometimes flexible, they give free food...
Consstress, stress, stress.
Backroom Associate | Richardson, TX | May 29, 2019
Friendly and lies
I never get upset until i got the position of the backroom. I always been stressed and pressure from a manager. Everytime i try to fix the problem never it was okay or even tho i have a idea never use it. I felt betrayed too... I even open up about my situation and also my financial too ..now im homeless. Now i have to sleep in my car in a week cause i dont have for my rent cause i dont have no money for a hotel or food or a job. I tought it was supposed to be a fun environment ..... But it was not my fault they never give me enough workers to do process thats why the backroom always gets packed for their lack of communication. Yes i did mistakes i failed 2 seals test ..the first one was my fault the second one was the keyholder fault cause she got distracted. And a month ago i didnt have a cutter ....so i was doin multi tasks i was cutting the pallets and carry boxes doing beauty doing furniture dept 86 and also luggage and shoes basically everything layout. I carry heavy boxes like 70 lbs. And the max is 50 right. I had 4 times that boxes drop on my head. I also hurt my shoulder also had a bump in my wrist also swollen. But i Never told nobody ...and i have cry all the times in the restroom thinking what i am doin wrong. When i got back from my vacation i was blame for all the stuff still in the backroom. And i was catching up. I feel like a idiot too i got approach in a bad way. One of the manager told me that he have help alot while i was gone and that same day he did...more
Sales Associate | Newton, MA | Apr 19, 2019
Great workplace atmosphere and friendly environment!
Working as a sales associate and predominantly a front desk cashier, I found that the staff at the Newton location T.J. Maxx was friendly, helpful, and supportive both to each other and to customers. Management was empathetic and understanding to scheduling and personal health concerns, especially in regards to my nut allergy. I would be given a schedule within the parameters I gave them to come to work, arrive and spend much of the day working the cash register, and when not doing so there were tasks such as cleaning, cart moving, customer service, and isle management that filled time that was not spent on break. Typically I worked out purchases as well as returns, sometimes having to handle returns and purchases, with credit from returns going towards the following purchase. Guide books and management aid was always available to make this process painless and without worry, and any serious customer concern would be taken up by the front desk manager, allowing the cashiers to focus on what they know. Management did not mistreat or command the employees under them, and there was a wonderful atmosphere of cooperation and friendly chat whenever there was time off of work. The hardest part of the job would have to come from the returns, as many times customers would bring untagged or outdated merchandise to the store, leading to more time having to be spent tagging and identifying items. I was taught and learned much about retail work at T.J. Maxx, and I am glad to have worked t...more
ProsGreat part-time pay, friendly environment, flexible work hours
ConsCustomer returns somewhat slowed workflow
Merchandise Coordinator | Rio Rancho, NM | May 22, 2019
Incompetent office and upper management
I applied on Indeed for the position which stated the pay to be at $11.10. Assuming this was the case, I attended the fast-paced orientation in which they have you watch video tapes and you sign your hire forms. Management places you on the schedule to train with other store associates. I thought this to be very peculiar. You would think that you would have management disbursing the same training to newly hired employees. Associates having to take on training new hires and not getting compensated does not sit well with me. I had to learn to clock in and out from other employees. They also had to pass on information as to grab a radio and inform me of break limits, lunch breaks, etc. My information in the system was wrong...wrong name. I could not register for direct deposit because of this. I told management several times and it was never fixed. I applied for a full-time position, yet, I worked the first week three days at 4 hours each day. The second week, I was also scheduled to work 12 hours a week. It was not even worth me getting up in the morning for these hours. When I received my first check, I was being compensated at $9.50 and not the $11.10 I thought. When I quit the position, I was told by management that my few hours were temporary and would have moved to full-time. This was never communicated to me prior to my quitting. I was also told should I have stayed on, I was going to be the beauty expert. Yet, I did not apply to be the beauty expert. I ...more
ProsDiscount - wow a whole $10%, get paid every week
Conshours, training, miscommunication
Backroom Associate | Viera, FL | Jul 15, 2019
I worked with this company for a combined 6 years. Both times for 3 years each. The first go around I was never offered or talked to about any type of advancement in the company. The second go around I was offered a full time spot after just 2 months. Not entirely sure what changed besides the fact I started doing less. After being promoted I took my position serious and did everything asked of me. Just to receiver a .23 cent raise. A year later of continuing to help others, do anything asked of me and being promised to be trained in anything needed to move up in the company. I was given a .25 cent raise. When asked what I could do the get a bigger raise I was told they would talk it over with higher management and get back to me. No one ever did and when asked I was told they received no reply. So going forward I continued to work hard. Hoping they would take action on there end after voicing my frustration to them. Later on after an incident with a manager. I spoke to another manager about it and what I thought was an “open door policy” turned out to be the exact opposite and my words were thrown back at the head manager who the issue was with. When I then went to the district manager about my issue. He was not willing to talk because he was on his vacation and would reply in 2 months... needless to say. The company uses you for every ounce of work they can get out of you and as soon as you aren’t willing to break your back for them. They hold it against you. While still ...more
ConsEverything you can imagine
Customer Service Representative | United States | Oct 16, 2019
Run in the other direction!!!
Horrible company to work for. Nobody cares from the head manager to the associates. Since day one, everyone was rude and nasty (the ASSOCIATES, NOT the customers), you get no type of training, barely any hours, the managers think it’s okay to put their hands on you, aggressively. Had another associate from ANOTHER TJ Maxx tell me how bad HER TJ Maxx is and how she was practically assaulted by one of her managers, as well. People quit on a daily because this job is so frickin’ intense for no reason. They make it seem like this is the most difficult job you will ever work in your life. Give me a break, it’s a MINIMUM WAGE, PART-TIME job and they expect you to go above and beyond when their working environment is so trash. I’ve seen associates get into it with managers and managers get into it with associates. The managers don’t know how to talk to people nicely, everything that comes out their mouth is rude and nasty. The supervisors are LAZY and sit around all day talking about absolutely nothing but when it’s actually time to help out, they roll their eyes and act like they can’t be bothered. Even had one supervisor tell me, “not to bother her, anymore.” Just down right unprofessional. The head manager couldn’t care any less about the environment of the store, just making sure you sell their precious “TJ Maxx Rewards Card”. Head manager goes out and has twenty smoke breaks a day while the store looks a complete mess. They promise people full-time benefits but don’t even have ...more
ProsAbsolutely none I can think of.
ConsEverything. Way too dysfunctional for any human
Cashier | Draper, UT | Jun 1, 2019
Good workspace, but with noticable problems
While working at TJ MAXX I realised that although they say you get payed by commission they really aren't telling the truth very much. While working there I sold many credit cards and received no commission. My biggest problem was that I felt very pressured to sell as many credit cards as I could to fit the needs of my managers. The problem is, these credit cards were labeled as "rewards cards" and we had to address then as so. This brought up many conflicts with customers. If you want this job then you need to be good with people, there are no customers like TJ MAXX customers! You need to constantly ask for social security numbers which will really bother people. And 10 percent off items that are already on retail is not very good at all. So although the benefits aren't really benefits, the people that you will working with are just amazing, the managers always strive to higher nice and easy to work with people although it bugs me that they don't offer drug tests. The managers are usually dissing out very flexible schedules. And you are aware a month before. My only problem with the scheduling is occasionally managers will hire more people than they need and they will then cut hours to save money which I hate. For instance a full time worker 40 plus years old, who has been working at the store longer than anyone else, has seen schedules where she only works 2 days a week, which affects her financialy. If you are looking to work full time don't work here honestly...more
ProsGreat people, decent pay, great workspace
ConsWork hour cut offs, poor benefits, pressure to sell credit cards.
Administrative Coordinator | Lebanon, PA | Oct 3, 2018
Favorite place I've ever worked at
I worked here for almost 3 years and was trained in everything you could possibly do. I loved the actual work that I had to do here, but management was iffy. For whatever reason, this company tends to move around their managers a lot, which is okay, but sometimes it's someone who doesn't even seem qualified to work with people. If you're a normal sales associate or working in the back room, it's super laid back and you don't really have much to worry about in regards to management as long as you do your job or even make it seem like you're being productive even if you're not. We've had a handful of people come and go that I've had to do extra work to make up for which is aggravating. Management is usually good at addressing issues with people not doing what they're supposed to and the company has an open door policy so communicating issues with them isn't hard or bad. I don't think the workload is overwhelming either typically unless it's holiday season. I would have stayed working for this company and planned on moving up into management, possibly higher, if it wasn't for the store manager I had before leaving. I don't think someone who is catty, unfriendly, and unappreciative is a good candidate for a store manage. I did a lot for this store while working there but after constantly being picked apart for the things I've done instead of receiving positive feedback for my efforts, I realized the job isn't worth the stress. I do recommend working here, but if you have bad mana...more
ProsDiscounts, Long lunches, Laid back, Easy work, Friendly coworkers
ConsBad management, Hours, Job turnover
Sales Associate | Las Vegas, NV | Sep 24, 2019
Horrible management and Corporate management
Yes, this is a good first job. But not a company to stay with. most stressful job I've every had. They force you to open credit cards, and if you don't open 1 card for every 100 customers you get in trouble. they'll give you a hard task to do as a "consequence". For example, one of my old coworkers didn't open a credit card for a five hour shift, and she had to vacuum the store and clean all the mirrors and windows while the store was open. They also give unreasonable time frames to finish task. We would get a five pallet shipment and have only two employees that would have to unpack. sensor, hang and size them. each pallet probably came with like 30 boxes with like 50 clothing items in 1 box. They had to finish all this in there 8 hour shift, Or else they would get in trouble... Ive also worked shifts over 6 hours without taking a lunch or even a break because I had to finish my project. You couldn't leave it behind for the next person to finish it. I've been threatened to get fired by my boss many times, so I reported to HR and there response was that my boss is encouraging me to work harder. Nothing was done with the situation. But the worst part was when I requested my graduation day off, a month prior, my boss declined it and said that he most likely can not give me the day off because the schedule was made... they make and post the schedule every Saturday for the following week. So I just had to call off work and he put it in as a no call no show. Ive worked at two...more
Customer Service Representative | Sugar Land, TX | Mar 4, 2019
Fun at the beginning but over time they continue cutting your salary
At first I was happy with my job. As a part timer I got paid really well and it was flexible and balanced out nicely with my life. Well over time management started playing favorites. My hours got cut short. There was one day I was supposed to work nine hours and the scheduling manager cut it down to a 4 hour shift. You ask for hours when you need them, and the scheduling manager doesn’t listen to you or gives extra hours to someone else. Another time schedule had very last minute changes (note: i am always responsible in checking my hours on time.) I didn’t know about and I found out two days later I never showed up for a shift because I didn’t know I was scheduled. The day before I checked and I had only one day. I could have got fired because it was mentioned on the company computer that I never showed up. When I’ve always been responsible and I did NOT know !!!! My checks started out with really good money then I was getting paid nothing. Just a days worth of money which is ridiculous for a JOB. I need to survive and pay off my bills. A days worth of money from a 4 hour shift is NOTHING. It’s a big JOKE what do they expect me to do with that little money when the WHOLE world is run by money??? I would only recommend this job if you plan on staying for a short period of time at least a year and a half. They don’t pay over time and the pay roll is always cut, so you feel like you have no point in going to work because apparently there is no work for you to do.
ProsFlexible, pays more than minimum wage, you move through different positions
ConsPay roll is always cut, favoritism, not meant to be a long term job, poor management, no hours

Questions And Answers about T.J. Maxx

If you were in charge, what would you do to make T.J. Maxx a better place to work?
Asked Dec 5, 2016
I would help T.J. Maxx be a better place to work at by just always making sure our employees know how valued they are and being sure there is always food and beverages in the break room for them, which they already do a wonderful job at doing. I believe a longer break time could be given as well, but we are catered too very well by all of our management and so appreciated, which is very nice.
Answered Mar 24, 2020
Train management a little better. They're not always on the same page, and every co-worker I work with, including me, want better consistency.
Answered Mar 22, 2020
If you were to leave T.J. Maxx, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Managers not professional. Disrespectful, which makes employees feel the need to be equally aggressive. Definitely no open Door policy. Manager discuss with other CEC/ friends they laugh and talk about other employees about what was privately discussed in office WHILE looking / staring at who they are discussing. Store manager cursing in lunch room, laughing and talking to other manager can be heard down hallway. Only prim and proper when store head manager come to visit. Very Fake! Favoritism gallore. No care about work availability. Terrible nasty attitude. Manager walking away while you are talking to them. In your face type of backlash. People not being held responsible for doing the wrong thing, favorite. I looking forward to not being there anymore. I couldn't be more excited to not work there.
Answered Jan 11, 2020
The salary of management verses associates is ridiculous. TJMaxx is the only company who offers 7-10 dollars an hour in 2019 but pays managers 55k and up.
Answered Dec 2, 2019
Why did you leave your job at T.J. Maxx?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
Bad communication from management to their associates. Being yelled at in front of customers. Looking dumb in front of customers when they had changed something but you were not made aware of. Overworking you. Doing more then the job description entitled. Being pressured to go to work on your day off or feeling guilty when they call on your day off but you had plans
Answered Jan 24, 2020
Stressful and the feeling of always being under pressure by the general manager
Answered Jan 24, 2020
What is the most stressful part about working at T.J. Maxx?
Asked Dec 5, 2016
Low pay with minimal hours. No chance for advancement.
Answered Mar 4, 2020
The only kind of stressful part about working here is during holidays or when it gets busy. You could have an all day rush or just a 30 minute rush and you’re dealing with customers every second. But I wouldn’t say that’s even too stressful.
Answered Mar 1, 2020
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at T.J. Maxx? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 20, 2016
When I was called I was told it would be a group interview. We were asked questions and given scenarios. After that they picked those who seemed more involved and were called by for a one on one interview with the hiring manager. They do check for your references. After that the job is pretty much yours from the one on one interview basically
Answered Jan 24, 2020
For me was 6 days I apply they call meter next day first thing in the morning they offfer the position the same.
Answered Oct 2, 2018