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Overall Reviews at TD Bank

Fraud Analyst | Greenville, SC | Jul 3, 2018
Good Place to work
The company overall is a good place to work. They have very good benefits and pays well. They acknowledge employees for doing outstanding work through surveys completed by other employees. Management is different case by case. You can have a manager that gives you all the support you need. You can have a manager that makes it seem they are there to give you support and guidance but don't really give it to you. You have managers that show tons of support for specific individuals, but not fairly with others. Some managers can give you the feeling of showing favoritism. You have certain employees who time after time always are being recognized by management. It's not detailed what these repeat recognized employees do over and over to get the recognition, just that they do very good at the same work others do as well. The companies top management, the ones that are next to the head of the company show support to your department time and time. Sometimes by visiting personally and getting a better understanding of your specific role or sometimes sending a department wide email. All in all it just depends on what department you work for and who your immediate supervisor is. You will always have supervisors/department managers you feel good to have but then have ones you feel would rather you not be in your position and make it look as they want to help you succeed but rather help you exit the department or company all together if your not always on top of your A game. Plain and simp...more
Prosflexible, benefits, pay
Consworkload, communication, guidance, support, advancement, teamwork
Teller | New Jersey | Aug 29, 2019
A good Break Down
I've been working at TD Bank for over a year now as a PT Teller and feel that I can give a pretty fair breakdown of at least our store, because every store is different. In the region I'm in (NJ), almost every store is understaffed for one reason or another and at times it can be very demanding on the staff. There have been plenty of weeks where me and other tellers would work 6-7 days straight get one day off and do it again. No matter what they tell you, YOU WILL WORK ALOT OF WEEKENDS. The hours don't really seem that bad but trust me, your work life balance will probably end up suffering if you work here. The PTO is pretty nice but there's a catch, all of management waits till the best time to take theirs THEN if they have favorites they get to pick, THEN you kinda get what's left. I don't want to make my management seem horrible, because they really arn't and actually most of the time they are pretty chill and helpful, but when it comes to PTO and Weekends and scheduling they really make us feel like a body just to be there and nothing more at times. ON TO THE JOB: Over all the job is pretty chill and easy once you get the hang of things. Team work and communication can be important at times when it gets busy but it's manageable. There will be things and customers that you simply can't stand but that's with every job I guess. One thing that sucks is 30 minuet lunches especially when you can get 9+hour shifts. You can eat and relax on downtime but still. Over...more
Teller | Spring Lake Heights, NJ | Nov 3, 2019
Wasn't for me
In-store training could induce anxiety. Sometimes management left me at the front by myself (pre off-site training), so I wouldn't know what to do if a customer walked up and no one was coming from their breakroom conversation fast enough. Also if CSR was busy. Awkward moments indeed. I maybe could have sent a message for help, to my co-workers through the pc system, but it took about a month too put me in the system/get credentials, for whatever reason. There was a co-worker who couldn't stop micro-managing and rushing me. Cant be nervous working a job like this but some of the co-workers did everything to make me, and some of the other new workers, on edge about making a mistake. Was told to always ask for ID when people take out money, and did so with a customer at the drive thru. He got pıssēd and came in to the front desk. My manager came busting in and asked what I did. She then explained that the guy is cool because he's a regular customer. How tf was I supposed to know?? And another co-worker came busting in during another shift while working the drive thru. She sent me a check from the front that said $2000 (to be withdrawn, she got his license already), I gave her the $2000, she went to the front, and the customer was confused because he actually wanted $200. He wrote it wrong and she was so ready to make it seem like I made the mistake of overdrawing $1800 like I'm a dūmba$$. I was so over this place.. didn't deserve my patience and the anxiety was insane. Went on ...more
Store Manager | North Attleboro, MA | Jul 8, 2019
Great Company!
Overall, truly a great company to be apart of - They stand by their mission of being America's Most Convenient Bank by staying open 7 days a week, printing debit cards on the spot (and now credit cards), and having a 24/7/365 customer service line that can help with most issues. Where it gets difficult, is in terms of compensation and work/life balance. Typical banks are closed Sundays, and close early Saturdays. Typical banks are closed by 4pm during the week. TD Bank is not your typical bank - and that comes with a price. Some weeks/months it feels like TD consumes you. Even with a day or two off, it's difficult to cram everything you have to do within those two days. Meal prepping, laundry, friends/family, groceries, doctors, etc. just to name a few. Everything is crammed into days off because days on, you're not out of there until 5pm/6pm/7pm (8pm on Fridays) and potentially back in the next day for 7am/730am. Compensation is also sub-par compared to other banks, and other similar roles. Tellers are arguably compensated competitively, but other roles above that are not. Especially if you've been promoted from within. One or two promotions, and you'll realize that you're below the market by 20-30%. Company culture is a driving factor with why people stay instead of jump ship - TD Bank is truly great to work with, and several managers are fair to work towards making it an enjoyable place to work for. Aside from direct compensation, the entire benefits package (aside f...more
Vice President | Washington, DC | Jun 19, 2018
Performance strictly & solely driven by sales numbers/goals
Addressing client maintenance needs, submitting completed financing requests to Loan Center, circling back to U/W'ers to move deals forward, handling portfolio requirements, i.e., renewals & updated financials, outbound telephone sales/service calls, visits & callbacks to 9 branches that I supported, customer referrals to TD partners for additional products/services & scheduling face to face meetings with prospects, customers & referral COI's (CPA's, Attorneys, Realtors) Gained increased credit U/W'ing knowledge & importance of strengthening my centers of influence (COI's) Central NJ Regional Management Team was an experienced & knowledgeable one but was not as proactive in working with the line personnel, micromanaged too much & needed to roll-up their sleeves to lead more by example. Culture is unique. You learned to develop a positive rapport with back-office personnel to get the job done together. Challenges due to the ever-changing regulatory requirements in the financial industry. Needed to be adaptive in jumping from one priority to another. Sometimes was frustrating that resolutions could not be resolved in a more productive manner. Working with clients to help their businesses grow & assisting them with their other financial needs. Receiving thanks from them was very satisfying.
ProsGood 401K plan, bonus compensation
ConsLimited options for employee banking services, same as for customers
Senior Teller | New Jersey | Jun 1, 2019
TD Bank was great until the new regional marketing manager came in
I worked at TD Bank for four years. I finally left because I was tired of consistently working every single weekend. When I would request a weekend off using my PTO, it would be decline for a poor reason or I had to work more hours to even get it. The RMM is horrible at his job and making his region a bad environment to work in. So many people have left because of the extreme pressures to reach sales revenue and not having a healthy work/personal life. This region is really bad. If you are looking to work at TD Bank just be prepared to be micromanaged all the time and work every single weekend if you are a part timer. Also, I was a part timer and they make you work close to 40 hours even if you are hired as a 20 hour part time teller. There is rarely any full time tellers besides the head teller because TD Bank keeps removing positions and making the current employees work multiple jobs for little pay. TD Bank rarely closes when the weather is horrible. I have risked my life in bad weather just to get to my branch when only a few customers show up. Lastly, TD Bank is so be hind in technology . I hope the branches get a technology update very soon because it's needed.
ProsPTO, Benefits for part timers and if you are lucky you get to work with great people
Consthe customers are extrememly rude and disrespectful, pay could be better for tellers, management is poor, 10 minute rule is stupid, you won't have a decent work life/personal life
Associate | New York, NY | Aug 1, 2018
TD Securities
Like other jobs it has its' good days and bad. As a contracted employee there, its became very obvious to see that majority of the work load is placed on the contracted workers. On a daily basis you were expected to do the job with limited system access or no access at all. .An example being: as a settlement associate i should have access to the ALERT system, which provides settlement instructions for other banks and clearing firms, but i did not have that access. so i would have to go to a co-worker in another department to get these delivery instructions so I could settle failed trades. When I approached Management about getting the access to this system i was met with the following comment: It costs to much to give everyone access to that system... So i guess its cheaper to have trades fail for several days and in some instances for a couple of weeks and take the chance of losing a client, rather than giving the access to a person that needs it.. TD did treat its workers well, as long as they were full time/permanent workers. Christmas parties, bonuses & food But the contractors were always over looked. In the 2 and a half years I was there, I never received invites to the Christmas Parties or emails about breakfast and lunches that were being provided by the company. My experience at TD Securities was decent, i only say decent because the majority of the people i worked with made the days go buy fast and we had a few laughs as well.
Customer Service Representative | Greenville, SC | Jul 30, 2019
Has a lot of potential and I am sure with the right team things could be different.
Typical day at work: Start the day opening the "store", depending on your role, you will be delegating or being delegated, provide customer service, and then leave for the day. Management: I have only been at this "store" since I have been with the company, but my "management team" is full of uncaring members. They are there to play "manager" and go home. Workplace culture: TD Bank itself seems like a wonderful place to work. Very active in the community. Our "store" doesn't really get involved with anything. Our "store" is a get up, go to work, get off work type of place. Hardest part of the job: Watching long time customers and their joy coming into the bank wash away with new uncaring staff. Realizing that I am doing the same workload as management but getting paid dollars less than they are. Most enjoyable part of the job: Interacting with long time customers and getting off work. Overall, there is SO much potential. It is too bad management has to play favorites and gossip. It's very unfortunate that my team members cannot be professional, well, truly professional. It's all about titles and delegating. Everyone wants to be a boss, no one wants to lead. Pay, PTO, and benefits, is what is keeping me there. I have a small child to support. I truly dislike my job because of management.
ProsPTO, 401K, Health benefits, flexible hours
ConsManagement style, long work hours, weekends, gossip
Customer Service Representative | Cherry Hill, NJ | Oct 28, 2018
Very stressful work environment
I worked as a part time CSR I for about 9 months. They have this "Be Legendary" customer service platform that requires you to "greet" people at the door, but it is actually to try to get personal information from them in a lobby setting in order to sell them products. No one wanted to lobby lead, ever, so the same employees get stuck doing it for long periods of time. It feels very forced and demeaning. I had extremely high goals, and each of the products have a certain amount of "sales revenue" points they are worth. This point system was terrible! You get very little for savings products even though it requires the same amount of work as checking products. THERE ARE SO MANY APPLICATIONS. You cannot do your tasks on one central system, but many, and about 10 passwords to remember for said applications. There is a really old one that you actually have to type in code to retrieve important information and no one will teach it to you. Every quarter they ask you to rate your own performance, and even if you give the customers a very pleasant experience and help them with everything they needed, if you didn't sell enough, you weren't allowed to give yourself a positive review or say you meet the job requirements at all. I felt a great amount of relief when I resigned.
ProsGreat coworkers, paid time off, and discounts.
ConsExpensive healthcare, unrealistic sales goals, being forced to be pushy with customers.
Customer Service Representative | Florida | Aug 28, 2018
It's a job... not terrible, but not great
I've been employed with TD for nearly a year. I started as a Teller with no experience, was promoted to Teller 2, and have recently been promoted to CSR (personal banker at other banks). My biggest gripe is the total lack of training for new positions or even on rarely used tasks in your current position. It seems that the corporate structure for on the job training is simply "trial by fire". They will just sit you with a customer whether you've been properly trained on the task the customer needs you to complete for them and then tell you to just utilize the internal search engine or to call the retail support line for employees to have someone walk you through the task. It is very frustrating, especially for employees who actually have the hunger and desire to learn more and grow within their positions and it also looks HIGHLY unprofessional to the customer who has to sit with someone who isn't very proficient. Also, they aren't very streamlined. You will have to use multiple different systems to accomplish a single task when all of it should be readily available in a single platform. It seems they don't properly invest in upgrading the infrastructure and things take a long time to get going once they decide to enact some sort of change.
ProsRelaxed atmosphere, easy going, accepting of everyone
ConsPay could be better, be ready to train yourself

Questions And Answers about TD Bank

What is the interview process like?
Asked Feb 16, 2016
Very laid back interview process, be confident, smile and be positive. Do your homework on the position and the company.
Answered Jun 23, 2019
Applyed on line HR reach out to me the next day jan 31 had a interview with hiring manager later that evening HR call and gave me a offer , still have to do back ground check and finger printing
Answered Jan 31, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at TD Bank? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jul 12, 2016
Application had submitted and completed an online assessment as well but still waiting for an interview or rejection letter. However it was stated in email that if selected for an in-person interview, i will be contacted within 7 business days by a member of the recruitment team.
Answered Sep 16, 2019
Filled out application, recieved call from recruiter 2 weeks later, didnt even realize he was performing a phone interview. Went in the next day and interviewed. Less than 24 hours I was offered the position with start date the following month.
Answered Jun 23, 2019
How are the working hours at TD Bank?
Asked Jul 10, 2016
Working hours are horrible doesn’t matter if you’re new, PT or FT. They will work you and all you get at the end of the day is a half cocked smile and nothing else. The money isn’t even worth working the OT which they don’t give anyways.
Answered Mar 25, 2020
Good for part-timers. Horrible for full timers.
Answered Mar 15, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at TD Bank?
Asked Oct 18, 2018
Run away and don't look back you will regret working for this employer if you do choose to work here be careful about pushing your limits because they will overcome every part of your life they will take it over
Answered Nov 24, 2019
It’s awesome place to work ! And to not be nervous and be yourself
Answered Nov 20, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at TD Bank?
Asked Jul 10, 2016
Horrible environment. At our branch an employee was allowed to harass other employees constantly. Sad part is manager was aware and didn’t care, say you’re gonna go higher to address this and your job was threatened daily. Don’t sell customers products they don’t need and your job is on the line. They only cater to part timers or people always doing wrong or at least it was like that at our branch. Very stressful and crooked environment
Answered Sep 6, 2019
Competitive enviornment, there are cliches, management watches employees like hawks.
Answered Jun 23, 2019