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Overall Reviews at Taco Bell

Cashier | Rochester, NY | Sep 19, 2019
Terrible experience!!!
They say flexible hours on the door, but don't be fooled. Your hours will be judged based on whether or not you can get a survey while working. Management is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!!! There were definitely favorites and no one was disciplined for not following dress code etc. I was scheduled for days I could not work and the manager never answered on the app we used for communication so I could revise it. The pay was great and all, but not when I was only working ONE DAY A WEEK. I got written up for calling in last-minute once because of an emergency and added to that same write up was from a time where I called in THE NIGHT BEFORE I had to work, and still got in trouble for it. The coworkers have absolutely zero compassion and are all petty and rude. If you do something wrong, they don't take the initiative to actually tell you what you did wrong, they go running to the managers who take a side approach to your wrongdoings. And if you don't take their shifts, they will be unrelentingly passive-aggressive toward you, but the second you as them to take theirs, they are "busy" or "can't". DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE TRAINING!!! Most of it was done online so you had to go off memory if you needed to remember how to do something because there were no "own your zone" cards anywhere in convenience to anyone who might actually need to use them! The OTJ training was very half-assed and it relied more on the employee to figure things out for themselves. I never even had a manager tra...more
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Rancho Cucamonga, CA | Dec 1, 2018
A stressful job that not many would take willingly, but not a bad job.
A typical day at work would usually entail sitting at the Drive-thru waiting for people to come in, then taking orders, moving the food along, getting drinks, bagging the food, cashing the orders out, handing out orders, putting food on/off the stove, counting change, and keeping the whole thing neat and tidy, all while those various things overlap each other while you're the only one at the window, since the other one was closed for more stock space, you'd be lucky to get any help at the window. It wasn't a boring job, but I can't say I enjoyed it a whole lot. I learned how to multitask better, manage time better, how to train employees, and some managerial skills along with an easy way of closing a small sauce cup. Management took things extremely seriously and usually weren't in the mood to lighten things up at all, although I can't really blame them, if they let the overall time that it takes for people to get through the drive-thru go over 4 minutes, they get in trouble with the higher ups. The workplace culture was the only reason I stayed at Taco Bell for as long as I did, once I got to know everyone there, the job became somewhat enjoyable, although the stress of the job also made me crabby sometimes and I snapped at a few people sometimes, I felt sorry about that, but they understood, (I hope) but overall I loved the people there, I just didn't love the job. The hardest part of the job is probably dealing with the bad customers as they yell all types of s...more
ProsFree meal on 30 minute break (up to $6), Good customers, Good first job, and Good work culture.
ConsBad customers, unenjoyable work experience, terrible first job experience, no free meals when you aren't on the clock, you can get punished for other's mistakes.
Shift Leader | Seminole, TX | May 15, 2018
Great supervisors and employees
The fact that I didn't really care for this job does not reflect on the company or anyone working for this company. I took the job because it was better pay and better hours than what I had at the time, but, I hate to cook and do dishes. I was training to be a shift leader and as so I needed to know all aspects of not only my job but the employees I'd be in charge of from time to time. So a typical day was assisting customers with placing orders at the front counter and drive thru, making food orders, washing dishes, preparing what needed to be prepared ahead of time, putting away products from truck deliveries, rotating products, counting down tills when cashiers left for the day, cleaning and checking the property outside to be sure it looked nice and clean. I had more trouble trying to memorize what products were good for what amount of time before they needed to be thrown out than anything else. I loved most of the people I worked with and loved the managers I worked for. At the time I was training, our store was still under construction so I was training about one and a half hours from home, one way. I would work twelve hour shifts in order to get three days off. However, there were several delays in completing our store, which of course was not Taco Bells fault. But after several delays my husband decided it was time to give up and find a job that wouldn't have me gone for fifteen to sixteen hours a day. Overall, customer service was my favorite part of the job and cook...more
ProsManagement, customer service
ConsCooking, dishes
Cashier | Grand Rapids, MI | Jul 10, 2018
This job was a joke
I think it really depends on which location you work at. Some taco bells have great management and others have bad ones. Unfortunately, this location is not the place. I want to start off saying that I'm not trying to bash every single person at this location. But I just want to put it out there that unless you like playing around and not taking your job seriously, you will be highly disappointed. I have only been to this taco bell for two months and already I feel like I'm at my last rope with this place. I've barely gotten trained, mostly learned as I go which is expected but I never ever gotten training so limited. Foodservice be unnecessarily slow even on our slow days because they can't just make the food without taking their time talking.to each other or their friends. Barely have gotten any breaks, not even a 10 min break. Constantly getting ignored when I try to communicate about making sure the orders are right or if I have a question, my lungs are small so I can only be so loud. My schedule constantly getting switched from mornings to evenings to closing messing up my sleep schedule. (I was suppose to close every day) Can never keep any workers because of the way they do things it is so bad. Even management are leaving, so being unstaffed is very common which means slow service which means a lot of drive-offs. And the worse part is while I'm busting my butt trying to make a decent check, the pay doesn't add up because on the low wage. I have never been at a job whe...more
Prosfree food
Consno breaks, crazy mixed schedule, no communication, bad managment
Team Member | Winter Springs, FL | Dec 10, 2019
Fine as a starter/temporary job
The Taco Bell i worked at specifically was insanely busy but the people i worked with made it worth it. My biggest problem was store managers and cooperate. In the year that i worked there, we had gone through about 4 Store managers and 4 district managers. Shift leaders were very pleasant to work with though. Working there definitely did help improve my multitasking skills because you are literally doing a 3 person job all at once. Working in that location was very stressful at times because of the high volume of customers all at once during the day and night time. Sometimes we would be in a rushes for 6 hours straight. Sometimes i would go to work for a mid shift and be completely swamped that whole entire shift working either drive thru or kitchen. I will say also that the training is almost non existent. You either have to watch, ask someone or figure it out yourself because almost no one trains. Even if you did receive training its only like a day or 2 worth and not even that great at that. Especially if you're training for the window.. They'll have someone show you where the buttons are and how to do everything else like cash out, make drinks etc but then after about 30 mins they're in the back doing their dishes. Also no one helps with dishes. I was only trained (already having drive thru experience luckily) for about 2 maybe 3 days after saying they'd give me a week and then threw me in the window on a Friday by myself... That was the first day i quit (then was asked ...more
Cashier | Pflugerville, TX | Dec 1, 2018
Teaches you basic customer service, food handling, work ethic, and helps develops quick thinking.
You either are owned by your shifts, or own your shifts there is no in between. It's best to be proactive with your tasks so things do not pile up, making your rushes stressful, and leaving customers waiting. Make sure you ask questions, and learn to prioritize everything so everything is tended to from most important, to least. There is always something to do, something to clean. It helps your shifts go by quicker, and gets your higher ranks attention. Push for the highest pay you can get when discussing pay. if they can start you on the low end they will. Unfortunately, customers can be very impatient, and rude. As most are with Fast food employees, so having thick skin is a big plus. However the good customers you'll never forget. I advise a new hire to stay out of drama, and gossip as their is a lot at Taco Bell, and it can become a very toxic work place. Read the manuals (E.g.) Prep sheets, Service Champion flip book, Food Champion cards, and stay on your toes to ensure the customers leave happy, and you don't have to defuse an angry customer. Personally Taco Bell has been a great learning experience. I've been a Service Champion for 2 years now, drive-thru mainly. I do dishes, food prep, order taking, cashiering, and running drive thru independently. My best lessons have been learning to remain calm during stress, being proactive, multi tasking, and prioritizing. Fast food isn't for everyone. But if you like a challenge like I do, and are a good sport ...more
Pros30 minute breaks, Full time, free sodas, flexible schudules
ConsUnaffordable healthcare, short staffed, constant call ins, hateful customers, stress
Food Service Worker | Suwanee, GA | Mar 29, 2020
Issues were specific to the store
I've always admired Taco Bell's policies as well as their community outreach programs, however, the store I worked at was not the most stable not organized. My manager wasn't knowledgeable of many procedures and recipes, and each training experience was different from another. Eventually, I just read the company approved instruction manual and self-trained. There were also a lot of physical arguments on Taco Bell property. I, and a few others, outlasted most employees. My manager was an emotional leader and tended to fire based off of anger rather than the inadequate conduct of his subordinates. I was fired twice, due to my issue with academic interference, and my desire to have more flexibility in my hours. However, I was also rehired 2 days after the first termination and a week after the second. I also feel as though I did not receive proper compensation for my work their. I performed managerial duties, but I was under the age of 18. Thus, I could not be a manager. I covered shifts no matter what I was doing, and came at their every beck and call. I trained new employees, and went to other stores to help as well. I was also subject to slight physical abuse by unhappy customers (spit on, beverages and food projectiles thrown at me on multiple occasions, yelled at most days, called slurs, etc.) and took it on as a designated position, as I was one of the few who could handle it without my patience and tolerance waivering. Eventually, this resulted in me quiting, as I was on...more
Assistant General Manager | North Royalton, OH | Mar 28, 2020
Best Restaurant General Manager in the world
I started with my RGM when I was 16 years old. I am turning 21 years old this year, and I must say that the lessons this job -- and more importantly this man -- have given me, will be carried on for the rest of my life. The days at work are dependent on your culture, building the team around you from the ground up and having reliable people. Listen, it IS Taco Bell after all, and you aren't always going to have the best people come in or out. The days might be long, the work might be tenuous. However, always having your faith in the folks around you, despite the assumption that you won't have greatness, will ultimately lead you TO greatness. It's all about being knocked down only to come right back up. We do this every single day in our lives. A day at work is as good as any fast food job gets, and each restaurant is different and has a different culture. For us, we like letting the folks in our community know we're here for each other. There is no "you're in this alone," because a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. Building individuals to be the best and strongest that they can be will lead you to ultimately be the best and strongest chain. Not only are we the strongest chain that we can be, we are also loyal to each other. And that is why we consistently run solid metrics, and encourage a phenomenal work environment. This is the best stepping stone that I could have asked for. I don't know what I would've done without it or my boss as role model. I hope...more
Customer Service Representative | Pasco, WA | Jan 29, 2019
front and drive thru.
clock in at exactly the right time even though the clock is a minute fast, and immediately help in drive thru while counting a till. Repeat orders in Drive thru so the other person near the screens can type it in, and still remember the order as well as make sure that your front counter is stocked, tables wiped down, floors sweet and mopped, as well as bathrooms on point and stocked. oh and don't forget to do the dishes even though that is the drive thru order takers job, and be nice and greet customers. And never leave the mop bucket or broom in the front and always stay in the front. Ask what you need to do to better yourself and maybe become a shift lead, get told what you need to do, but never get shown. and 6 months later watch someone who has been there less than you get the job over and over and over again. So you stop coming in early so whats the point because we are not allowed to refuse service, even though you get verbally abused by customers everyday. And you dont make enough to pay for the 175 or even 75 dollars a paycheck for there full or part time coverage. And to top it all off you have to ask for surveys and if you dont get them all that day your getting attitiude from management or fellow workers who are younger than you. And your smile fades more and your spirit goes away, whats the point working for someone that doesnt give us the reasons for why something isn't happening. And to be told that a fellow worker is going to be fired if she screws up one mor...more
Consshort break, work on break, no consistency
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Longmont, CO | Nov 19, 2019
An OK Working Environment for Part-Timers
I didn't work at Taco Bell long enough to get a sense of what working there would be like in the long run but for the time I was there, it was ok. I didn't mind cleaning or taking customer orders whatsoever and the flexibility with working hours was great. I did have a few issues with management though. The most competent manager I spoke with on a regular basis was 19 and she was far more qualified for the role than any other adults I met in that position. The other managers I met were helpful for work but weren't great under social circumstances. One of them that had previously been very kind started to become more emotionally volatile after having relations with a coworker. Another repeatedly offered to drive me home and asked for my address after work, it came to a point where his persistence was downright creepy. The best part of that job was my coworkers (not including the managers), they all seemed very down to earth and were pleasant to converse with. They helped me greatly through times when I needed assistance as someone who was new to having a job. In moments where I talked to them, they all seemed to view Taco Bell as a temporary position that they'd use as a platform to reach higher goals- which is what I ended up doing. Taco Bell was great for part-time work, it allowed me to have a flexible schedule where I could make some money and earn good first-time work experience. Working at fast food places like Taco Bell is something that teens and college students can u...more

Questions And Answers about Taco Bell

What age they hire at
Asked Oct 16, 2016
In Texas, you can start working at age 15 with a workers permit, or age 16 without one.
Answered Aug 17, 2019
To work at taco bell, you must be at least 15 years old.
Answered Jun 29, 2019
What uniform do Taco Bell give you when you're hired on?
Asked Dec 4, 2016
3 t shirts, 1 hat and 1 apron. You have to provide your own black pants and slip resistant shoes. No need for belts necessarily.
Answered Nov 11, 2019
Work shirt, hat, nametag
Answered May 31, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Taco Bell?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
Taco Bell Culture is youthful, upbeat and positive. That being said each store has their own dynamics. My experience has been very positive and I look forward to going to work. Top management promotes team effort from everyone, I appreciate this. As an employee, I feel it is my job not only for the company but for myself to uphold a positive attitude and do what it takes to ensure each customer has a safe and welcoming experience.
Answered Oct 16, 2019
TERRIBLE & TOXIC! In an already fast paced, high stress environment with less than acceptable conduct due to unfair, unsafe practices, degrading, insulting & completely bias behavior displayed by upper management.
Answered Sep 17, 2019
How would you describe the pace of work at Taco Bell?
Asked Jan 15, 2017
Lunch and dinner can be hectic. It is neccessary to prepare by having trained staff, the right amount of food prepped and enough people on staff to get orders out quickly. When your not taking or filling orders there is food to prep, cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. There is never time for standing around doing nothing.
Answered Dec 16, 2019
Steady work environment. But it's nothing compared to working at manufacturing jobs. Now those are fast paced jobs.
Answered Nov 11, 2019
What is the most stressful part about working at Taco Bell?
Asked Feb 6, 2017
1. The learning curve. When you are learning the same quick pace and consistant quality is expected. 2. When new staff are not trained properly and continue to make poor decisions. This increases customer complaints and creates an unequal work load for team members. 3. As with any workplace, negative or self important people increase stress tremendously. Hopefully your manager is on top of this. If your manager is the negative self important one they're is a problem. I've been through all the training videos ( more than 20) and positive feedback with a teamwork attitude is what TB promotes.
Answered Dec 16, 2019
Customers who come in high or on drugs. AND those customers who takes 10 PACKETS OF SAUCE FOR ONE TACO.
Answered Nov 11, 2019