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Overall Reviews at TaskRabbit

Painter | United States | Feb 14, 2020
Can be sensational once you've create huge customer base
Out of dozen companies I've worked for, is first that allowed me work in a few fields at once. I happen to be fortunate to have diff skills. The management is basically yourself . So you can self destruct at anytime.Perfect place to develop self discipline.Some customers just dont know what it takes to get task done. Go slow paced and it can work... Beware of 1 hr jobs with 4 hr travel. set work area wisely....
Handy Man | Jacksonville, FL | Jan 1, 2020
Pick and Choose your hours and jobs
Task Rabbit allows work autonomy. Set up your preferences on the site, then pick your jobs, rates and days. Its like Uber/Lyft for home projects... Love it
Entrepreneur | San Francisco, CA | Oct 5, 2018
Flexible Tasks and Hours
Better variety than your run of the mill Postmates or Uber app. You set your price, hours, location, etc. and I really like that you can work in most major cities.
Independent Contractor | New York, NY | Jul 27, 2018
Fleixbility Galore
As a Tasker on the app you can tell that this is an extremely well run company. Great support as well as a constantly updating and improving platform on which to work.
General Contractor | Cleveland, OH | May 4, 2018
Independent Contract work on your schedule
Task Rabbit is great because it helps with someone that needs a more flexible schedule. I also enjoy meeting a myriad of wonderful people in nearby cities. I learn something everyday doing tasks on the Task Rabbit app.
ProsFlexible schedule
ConsNo Healthcare
Housekeeper | Sacramento, CA | Jan 13, 2020
Was ok. Nothing great . Not always a good were horrible especially when the job should have had 2 takers they never had two. So unsafe job practices
Independent Contractor | Philadelphia, PA | Mar 22, 2020
Rewarding part-time job.
Outstanding opportunity for part time flexible work, I try to stay in the 15 hours per week area. I usually get at least this many hours; I could easily double that amount but 15-18 is my limit. I'm busy with other stuff. My hourly rate is terrific because I go the extra to maximize my client experience. To this point I have many repeat clients. I'm my own boss, I love the fact that it's on me to make it happen - it's my business! Customer support works for me totally, that's because I get the platform. I don't bring unnecessary issues for them to solve. By far most of the clients are really OK.
Event Staff | Charlotte, NC | May 6, 2019
They are bias against their contractors
I’ve been working on TR for 6 months. It took that long to finally reach elite status even though I never had one bad review, no cancellations, and my acceptance rate 100%. The review stating that all it takes is one client to ruin your metrics is TRUE. I declined an ongoing cleaning task for this problematic lunatic, and not only was she allowed to still review me (and of course she gave me a thumbs down), my reliability metrics went from 100 to 75%, and for some reason it dropped an additional 9% a few days later, leaving it at 66%. It tried contacting support several times, but they only allow you to do so through email. You can’t speak to anyone over the phone or chat because they will end the conversation because it’s not considered an emergency. Every response that I’ve received asking for an explanation is not only vague, but automated. It’s literally the same message VERBATIM, and all that they do is change the signature of different person. It’s frustrating and not helpful. The lower your metrics, the less job request you will receive because they won’t send clients to you and, of course no one is going to want to hire someone with a poor metrics, but keep in mind that it DOES’NT take much to make you look horrible. Out of 21 reviews, I only had 1 bad one, and my percentage dropped a whopping 34%! Taskrabbit says that the encourage clients to leave honest reviews, but yet they don’t allow honest reviews about their platform be publicly posted on their site. Contra...more
ProsFlexible hours
ConsVery poor customer/contractor support
Independent Contractor | New York, NY | Dec 3, 2019
Great platform for independent contractors
This was a great way to have customers reach out to you for independent contractor work. Varying from private apartments, rental properties and commercial property's such as retail locations and restaurants.
Customer Service Representative | Los Angeles, CA | Nov 17, 2019
They steal from the employees and force them to work for free. THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD.
They routinely steal credit card information and sell it on the dark web. This company is a huge scam!! They routinely steal from customers and you will receive fraud charges left and right. They are unethical and do not respect the employees or the customers in any way. They will be on the news very soon.

Questions And Answers about TaskRabbit

Do u need to bring your own supply
Asked Sep 13, 2016
Yes I do. I get ripped off for gas, for advancing client pay when shopping. The tanker is completely exploited.
Answered Sep 22, 2018
More often than not, it is a requirement to have your own basic supplies for the job. Yet there are clients who prefer to use their own products.
Answered Aug 25, 2017
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at TaskRabbit? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jan 24, 2018
It takes a few weeks, maybe a month for them to look at what you've done, as far as your orientation and testing your knowledge on what you've learned, about how the job works
Answered May 20, 2019
Two weeks, no vetting process
Answered Nov 7, 2018
What is the interview process like at TaskRabbit?
Asked Oct 24, 2016
Just a background check
Answered May 4, 2018
They make sure your well aware of possible issues you can get into and that your not an employee of them. safety precautions and process. They are pretty clear with how the system works.
Answered Dec 6, 2016
What benefits does TaskRabbit offer?
Asked Jan 26, 2019
Flexibility in schedule and pay. Lacking health benefits since Independent contractor and not employee.
Answered Jan 14, 2020
Health, dental, vision, discounts on wide variety of merchandises
Answered Jan 26, 2019
How does the personal liability insurance work for task rabbit. Do you have to supply your own insurance or does task rabbit have you covered?
Asked Jan 14, 2019
Since you are your own boss, you have to figure out a way to get your own health insurance and whatever you need.
Answered May 20, 2019
Own insurance
Answered Apr 19, 2019