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Overall Reviews at Teleperformance

Customer Service Representative | Hobart, IN | Jan 11, 2019
Eye-opening experience
I can only speak for the site I worked at, they try to work with you while in the training, which is limited (to what you can remember, since you can't take anything home with you) to study. However, when you get out of training (not hands-on-enough) you're put out on the floor and expected to achieve the objective of 7 min calls in 90 days. This is only possible if all the calls were for simply request, however, they aren't. Many of the issues you deal with, required more detail resolution then you can give in 7 mins. The manager has a major disconnect with the employees and the supervisor, they yell and scream out incentive, directives, and demands while you're on the phone. Creating a distraction when you're trying to listen to a client on a call. You can only punch in on the computers, that take up to 5-10 minutes to boot up. You're expected to start 5 min earlier for your shift, so that you can be ready at the start of your shift, however, you don't get paid for those 5 xtra mins. The equipment is mediocre at best, you can barely hear with the headphones, the keyboard are dirty and dusty, some mouses work, others don't. The system kicks you out or crashes, The software program either freezes you out, and then you're responsible for resolving them if you're off the phones for to long. You're not updated on information needed to do your job until you already had the issue put in front of you by the client. If they're a problem, you are the one who brin...more
Pros15 min breaks, Incentives, bonuses
ConsCold, Distracting, No accountability by management, lack of response to request, no management etiquette
Customer Service Representative | Richmond, VA | Dec 26, 2019
I would not recommend
This was one of the most difficult jobs I EVER had! For starters, there's a very dark and cold feeling you get when you walk thru those turnstiles. You are then seated at one of the smallest workstations you'll ever work at. They hire you BEFORE you even take the licensing test so you'd better pass! If not, you'll either be fired or forced to do an alternative, non license required job that literally pays PEANUTS. They seem to hire a bunch of young teens who literally seem to always bring personal issues to work. The calls....ohhh booooy the calls!!! They are literally BACK TO BACK and WILL burn you out!!!! There is literally NO TIME to breath. I kid you not, during my time there, there was NEVER downtime!!! Every now and then you may need additional help from another department, you'd think they'd have an escalations department you can transfer to if you have a problem, well you do, but you can't transfer them. You literally talk to this department and then have to get back on the phone with customer and be the middle man. Its stupid because once you get back on the line with the customer, if they have another question that you yourself don't understand, you have to put them on hold yet AGAIN to talk to the hire ups and THEN get back on the phone with a customer......i guess it makes too much sense to just TRANSFER THE CALL. You get lunches and breaks but you had better be on time. There is NO grace period, that means even if you are ONE SECOND late, you're in trouble. Oh a...more
Member Services Representative | Salt Lake City, UT | Oct 12, 2018
Fun place to work, but with issues
(This is going to be a bit of a rant, because this is a fairly recent development. will change if things change). I've worked at Teleperformance Salt Lake for a while now. Over the time I've been there I've applied for several positions. One of the first ones I applied for was Nesting SME. I really enjoyed the position... until they cut it. I worked as a regular SME, hoping that it actually was my job title. Then... through a series of events, that position was cut as well. They brought it back later, but didn't give me my job title back. I applied for a few more positions, but never got any. Fast forward to today. I applied for a position as more or less a junior trainer. I was thrilled when they told me that I got the position. Then... for an unexplained reason, they told me they were giving my promised position to someone else who didn't even apply for it. Most of the things that happened has occurred since the ACCM and CCM changed. Teleperformance operates on five key pillars it doesn't follow. These are Commitment, Respect, Integrity, Passion, and Innovation. They don't honor commitment. People who have been with the company for longer than I have were recently treated just as badly as the new hires during the most recent shift bid. Tenure means nothing. Commitment means nothing. They don't respect you. A supervisor recently made someone on his team cry because her stats were not good. He was only chastised a little. a better supervisor was later stepped down bec...more
Prosinsurance at work
Consbad management, uncaring higher-ups
Customer Service Representative | Reno, NV | Mar 14, 2019
My review got deleted the first time
This is my second time reviewing this company because the first one somehow got deleted, I worked here for 3 months and hated every second. I wish I would have believed the reviews before accepting the job. MANAGEMENT IS HORRIBLE!!!!! Everyone is on a crazy power trip and there was a lot of discrimination. Training was a waste because it didn't prepare you at all for the phones. I got 3 weeks with one trainer and I could've finished it all in a week. It was way drawn out and we didn't learn much. The next 3 weeks were with a different trainer and it was more hands on. That would have been great except for the fact that THE DAY BEFORE graduating they changed every kind of call we would get. Instead of giving us another week, they put us on the floor and we were clueless. EVERYONE was upset including my trainer and the assistant helpers but for some reason the manager only pulled me aside for being upset and told me "we don't put up with disrespect. We're not even going to give you a warning without firing you." which was weird because all I did was sigh loudly out of frustration that my entire training was for nothing and I was about to go out to the floor with no knowledge of what I was doing. I later found out that I was the only one called out because that manager was married to the higher up who delivered the news. They didn't like me almost from the beginning because I went to HR (with 3 others) to report someone in our class who was highly inappropriate, Even our trainer...more
Insurance Agent | Salt Lake City, UT | Apr 16, 2019
Enjoyable and yet Not
I enjoyed the one-week class and doing the insurance test as the 'teacher' who was in charge of the 'class' was extremely kind, helpful, understanding and cheerful which made it easier to go through so much information at once without becoming stressed out and he laid out the information in an easy-to-understand manner. After passing the insurance certification test, there was a four week training which nicely spread out the information required to properly handle your job while also mixing in activities to keep you focused and also get to know your coworkers who were starting at the same time as you. When I hit the floor I had a really good supervisor, she was new to the position, but she was willing to accommodate, was helpful, kind and understanding while also being great to talk to as she never flaunted her position over others nor took advantage of her position as she handled everything and everyone fairly. When there were a few changes in the work policy that put the new workers off the phones, she understood that focusing on a call we couldn't do anything about would be difficult, she handed out white boards, markers and erasers to make notes like a supervisor might to ensure we understood the job requirements while also enabling us to give feedback to those we were sitting with listening to their calls while also being able to ask questions to them if we got confused anywhere. When the new employees were able to be on the phones again after going through the new polic...more
ProsWonderful training environment, cafe in office, nice break room with beanbag chairs, ping-pong and a large TV
ConsUnsure of when the Company will decide to lay you off but mark you as something else
Sales Associate | Remote | Aug 19, 2018
Wrongful Termination
I been working with Teleperformance for almost a year, and was really looking forward to building a career with the company. On 7/31 I started my shift, and within 3 hours I was called into a meeting with my Supervisor and her Sup/trainer. I was wrongfully accused of “call avoiding” and I explain many times that I never avoid; nor have I ever intentionally hung up on a customer. There was clearly an issue with the companies call router system, and I was told by the supervisor that I’ll be placed on “leave of absence” without pay. Which is ridiculous considering that only employees could request leave of absence. But anyways, the supervisor made it seem as if an investigation was on going, to resolve the issue with the system. But instead of receiving an update on when I’ll return to work, I notice on my ADP profile the status displayed “Terminated”. On Wednesday 8/8/18 I received an Email from HR to schedule a conference call with HR Rep and My supervisor. I was expecting an apology, and hoping my employment was reinstated, however the supervisor continued to lie and accuse me of “call avoiding, while HR Rep was very condescending and just kept repeating the reason why I was terminated (ignorant). I’ve been an employee for almost a year, and my hard work was disregarded. If I didn’t want to take calls, I would have never signed up for the job! Furthermore, I received positive feedback from QA quite often regarding my performance. Speaking of “call avoidance” I have docu...more
ProsAbility to work from home office. (The only positive thing about this company)
ConsPoor system tools/ No respect for hard working agents/ Lazy Supervisors And Team leads
Customer Service Representative | Remote | Sep 17, 2019
Don't Apply to Work Here
I had a profile up on a job search site and Teleperformance contacted me. They had me contact the recruiter via Google Hangouts and we set up an interview for the position of Work at Home Customer Service. I was told to reserve an hour for the interview. It ended up being entirely via hangouts CHAT. No video or audio. I know she was following a script and it is her job to do so, however I must say that this hiring process was very concerning and very strange. The main part of the interview took 90 minutes, and then I was told to standby for another 30-40 minutes. Two and a half hours later, she messages me again. Good news! They want to hire me... and sends me more information and expects me to be available the entire time. It took the better part of the day and then I was to report at 8am the next day for the next part of the interview. The expectations were never clearly set and they treated me like a number in a database. The most disheartening and troubling part is that I was not allowed to ask questions at any point...and was told I need to finish the "documentation portion" before it was time to ask questions. What she meant was that I can't ask questions before signing the contract. That is a huge red flag for me. It is unprofessional to ask a new hire to sign an agreement without offering the opportunity for questions before the agreement is reached. As much as the pay was enticing, all my senses told me to run the other way. Teleperformance's values don't align for m...more
Consemployees are humans, not robots
MRS | Richmond, VA | Apr 6, 2018
Just go Get your free license and get out
Pros : Pay is decent for the Richmond Area $15 for property casualty license $12 for banking (deposits) $10 pre-licensing class for two weeks They pay for the property & casualty license and exam. Cons: Micromanagement at its worse! The test you take during open house (labeling the computer parts and answering web base questions) has nothing to do with the job you will be performing. The “client” USAA treats the employees like they are criminals. They make you lockup your personal items, they lock the headset to the desk, no pens, no papers, no handbags, no wallets or cell phones. You are required to go thru a turnstile to get on the production floor which is a one-way in & a one way out situation. Which again makes you feel like lockdown in San Quintin. You have to badge in and out of the training room and as well the building when you leave for the day. If you decide to wear your coat on the production floor because you’re cold you have to wear that coat all day long you cannot leave it on your chair. You have to keep it on your body at all times.. They will tow your car from parking in the night time team members parking space There are cameras over every cubical, in every hallway, in the break room,locker room and the training rooms. You can’t personalize your desk with inspirational quotes, flowers or family photos but I’m required to take give the members the best service ever but Im looking at boring blank cubical walls....more
Customer Service Representative | Hilliard, OH | Nov 24, 2018
A decent entry-level workplace
Teleperformance is a bit of a meat grinder. They hire people who aren't interested in sticking around, fire them a month or two later, then hire more. They also hire people who are unaware of what the company does or is. TP is a call center. You will be at a half-cubicle, accepting incoming calls (or rarely sending outgoing calls). TP is also a contractor to other companies around the world, and that is the primary way they make money. They write up a contract with other companies (media companies like Verizon or Fairpoint, or booking companies like or others, etc.) and that contract states that they have a minimum number of seats filled with workers who are (usually) accepting calls that are meant for the other companies. This job can be extremely stressful, but really all you're doing is just accepting customer calls about different things relating to the contracted company. The training is often insufficient, but they do try their best. Many of the management there treat people like children, and for a fairly common reason--most people who work there ARE young. late teens or early 20's, usually. The real problem is that they have minimum promotion quotas to fill, and so middle management often ends up being a crapshoot, with people being swapped around from department to department with minimal or no training whatsoever. The culture there is pretty much nonexistent. Pay is slightly above average, but not enough to live on. Benefits are alright, when you...more
Proseasy advancement for those that earn it, easy to apply and get in
Consmeat grinder, stressful, poor medical benefits, poor middle management
Member Services Representative | North Lauderdale, FL | Jun 2, 2019
Unprofesional, Disorganized, Chaotic, Disgusting
Where do I begin? Heres a quick summary: From the disorganized management moving people from account to account changing their pay whenever they please or holding pay increases back, to the unprofesionalism of the supervisors and managers who feel like it is ok to touch people without consent and molestation reports being ignored. To the low pay and high stress by very controlling upper ups and even to the expressed hatred towards the workers by the governing managers to people having heart attacks, panic attacks and complete meltdowns in plain daytime in the middle of work due to the high stress of the tension and very strict almost impossible measures forced upon them and the overly condescending leads, to the lack of cleanliness in the offices (keyboards are full of goo, hair/pubes lashes and even gum and mucus) and headsets being dirty making people being sick left and right, computers and phones not working, to the ac and the roof not being clean and the roof isn't a flat solid surface but something that seems unfinished and that leaks water when storms happen and mold grows making people very sick. To the bathrooms being unclean and the janitors struggling to keep it clean every day, to the ratchet unprofessional excuses for workers that create scenes, physical fights and disturbances inside and outside the workplace to the point the police has to be involved... This place is the last resort for people DESPERATE to death for money. None of this was worth the 10-12 doll...more
ProsNot enough pros to outweigh the cons
ConsThe workpalce is disgusting. Not for profesionals who want to be successful.

Questions And Answers about Teleperformance

What is the interview process like at Teleperformance?
Asked Jul 18, 2016
Real quick. Plan on staying an hour though for typing test and waiting for interview. There is a line.
Answered Oct 2, 2019
Real quick. Plan on staying an hour though for typing test and waiting for interview. There is a line.
Answered Oct 2, 2019
What would you suggest Teleperformance management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 18, 2017
Teleperformance should STOP all the favoritism. Stop promoting your "friends". Promote people with program knowledge and management experience. Hiring you friends is setting everyone up to fail. Listen to everyone, not just your favorites, because in a fair work environment, everyone's opinion matters. With that being said, even though agents do not always get the best training, having a manager that has program knowledge and experience relaying that knowledge to others, is a win-win situation. This will never happen as long as your favorites and friends are being promoted. All supervisors should be their agents best ally and protect them at all times, especially when they are in the right. Agents should never have to fear their supervisors or upper management. Supervisors should not fear upper management and stand up for their agents. This company would not have as much turn over if the guidelines were followed.
Answered Jan 12, 2020
Revamp the training platform to to touch more on the new agents are expected to be doing once actually on the floor. The classroom does not prepare them for the real job Dynamics. That's why the turnover is high
Answered Jun 1, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Teleperformance a better place to work?
Asked Jan 14, 2018
Be more understanding when employees need time off for unexpected emergencies and illnesses
Answered Mar 29, 2020
More snacks, music, down time to get mind off calls
Answered Mar 19, 2020
What questions did they ask during your interview at Teleperformance?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Typical why do you want to work here. do you have any experience in so and so field Sell me this pen.
Answered Sep 27, 2019
Answered Jul 9, 2019
Why did you leave your job at Teleperformance?
Asked Mar 21, 2017
I am still there. 3+ years.
Answered Jun 1, 2019
Really sad to had to leave the company because their system tools don't work at the end I got frustrated about it and leave 😪
Answered Jan 30, 2019