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Customer Assistant | Manchester, NH | Sep 22, 2019
Toxic workplace environment
The usual day starts by caging the newly delivered stock and getting it out on the shelves, however the management expected blood and sweat and made sure they got their moneys worth, with no regard for a persons disabilities or mental health. Management are self-centred and toxic, they clearly learned to manage people in forced-labor camps making staff turnover very high. I persevered there for over a year as i needed the money but eventually I was forced to leave because of the terrible stress and anxiety it caused, a job that should have been relatively easy is made miserable and unbearable by the toxic bullying culture and narcisticly hostile overbearing management. There is nothing good to be said about working at Tesco, they even use security to randomly frisk staff before they leave and during shifts. It is humiliating and degrading to work at Tesco.
Delivery Driver | Ryde, CA | Jun 27, 2019
Good job except for management
In June 2016 I was employed by Tesco's as a Temporary Customer Delivery Driver to cover summer leave for the company's permanent drivers, delivering across the Island in Iveco and Mercedes delivery vans both manual and automatic. This involved daily safety checks on the vehicle I was allocated, ensuring vehicle met the legal requirement to be on the road, loading the vehicle and delivering the customers groceries in a timely manner within the given timeslots. Other duties included weekly safety checks, standing in at Click & Collect, (stationary vehicle) and assisting other drivers with the loading of customers orders then unloading of the empty trays after delivery and ensuring the vehicles and trays were clean and ready for re-use.
ProsGreat away from store dealing with customers
Customer Assistant | Gwynedd, PA | Jun 15, 2018
It Varies for each individual
Some individuals thrive within the Tesco environment, I have seen someone shoot up from a customer assistant to a team leader within a year of service in the store with the potential to go further as a departmental lead in a lager store. However, I have struggled to find my true base within the company and while the atmosphere amongst staff is undeniably great, progression as a career is rather limited. Further hours were not offered to me through my part-time contract except overtime which was no guarantee every week. Tesco also seems to have considerable problems paying its staff correctly, though as long as you keep on top of what you are owed and approach the pay officer within your store, it should be fixed by next pay day, but again, check that pay slip too.
ConsNot much room for progression in smaller shops
Customer Assistant | Plant, TN | Apr 20, 2019
I LOVED my job but the way my store works now makes me HATE my job
When i first started there was a vibe and it made working there fun This has been sucked out of the store i hate working there now, its really sad I have tried to get into the management scheme for the past 6 years and every time i ask i get no you are not ready you have to do *insert excuse*. I then go complete them and exceed in the tasks to a better level than some of the managers can attain and it is never enough I even completed a apprenticeship to help me get into a management position and once completed i still got refused to be placed on the management scheme. i am now looking out of Tesco because i can no longer move forward in the company
ProsAmazing benefits
ConsI would say management attitude (unless you are friends/ family)
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Surrey, ND | May 27, 2019
Part time at Tesco
I was very excited to start working at Tesco, this was soon to fade- while I worked hard there would be certain managers that would follow me round and on occasion call me over the speakers while I was using the bathroom. The ladies that have been there a long time can be extremely rude to newbies - not all but, some department managers would just walk up and and down looking busy but, where only busy looking busy. There were a handful of lovely people who would help but, beyond that it was so boring and made me want to bang my head against the wall.
ConsMoody colleagues
Groundskeeper | Louisville, KY | Jul 1, 2018
The company is really good for gaining experience but not very good leadership
First starting here I was working outside and spent time inside vacant apartments and running OPC. But as time progressed things were no longer ran by communication, just based off the office wanted. Which is understandable but not when everything is so close together and they think you’re slacking when certain things don’t get done. They really like to point fingers and it always puts me in fear of losing my job. Besides the childish drama, the work pays well in wages and benefits.
Sales Assistant | Mobile, AL | Sep 30, 2019
Good pay, but is it worth it if your mental health suffers.
I’ve worked in Tesco for years and those whole 3 years I’ve suffered! You might question why I stayed?! ....but why wouldn’t you stay if you’re being paid nearly £10 an hour to do an easy job, especially when you rely on money. They management is poor, if you have any issues due to Bullying/harassment, you can’t talk to anyone because you’re classed as the ‘bad’ person and no one takes you seriously. Think before you apply for Tesco, pay might look good but it’s true when people say the grass isn’t always greener on the other side!
Senior Electrical Technician | Cross, SC | Dec 30, 2019
Not really appreciated by local staff, as were contracted out for maintenance
Worked for A1 maintenance group contracting to but owned by Tesco. This cause a few problems, regarding who was in charge. Attempting to placate the store Manager was not easy, as they were changed quite frequently. This caused different priorities to emerge
ProsBreakfatst was reasonably priced but the time it was provided was a bit late for 6 'o clock start
ConsExpected to work instant miracles at the expense of planned maintenance
Stocker | Shoreham Beach, MD | Aug 24, 2019
Atrocious ways to contact them.
I was employed there and their absence policy is atrocious they either dont pick up the duty line or if you phone and catch the night team they dont pass the message on, might end up receiving a letter if they bothered posting it properly and say they have called you numerous times when you never actually receive a phone call. Missing letters and not picking up the phone when you phone them, plus them not ringing you ends up getting you fired 😑 Pathetic excuse of a company.
Customer Service Representative | Dundee, MI | Nov 20, 2018
Quick paced customer service
Typical day of work is clocked telephone support. Times logged for breaks, etc. The time spent here gave an extensive experience of varying customer service examples. Management were very professional and the work place culture was sociable if you opted in to social activities. Hardest part of the job was ticket handling - mostly when system errors would occur. Some abuse from clients. Most enjoyable part of the job was grateful customers.

Questions And Answers about Tesco

On average, how many hours do you work a day at Tesco?
Asked Jan 4, 2017
I would work 10 a day five days a week. In this time it's good to help eachother out
Answered Mar 20, 2020
Twelve hours
Answered Mar 5, 2019
When are pay days.
Asked Jan 2, 2017
Every other friday
Answered Mar 6, 2019
Every fifteenth day of the month and the thirtieth day of the month
Answered Mar 5, 2019
How are the working hours at Tesco?
Asked Sep 4, 2016
Weekdays before 6pm
Answered Nov 27, 2018
Its normal woking hours
Answered Aug 23, 2017
Tesco is big comppany
Asked Mar 30, 2018
Yes, I worked in Tesco HSC
Answered Sep 20, 2019
Yes very latge
Answered Apr 26, 2019
How long is an induction day if u start at 10:30am?
Asked Jul 15, 2017
6 hoirs was just about team effort
Answered Apr 26, 2019
This can take all day.
Answered Oct 14, 2018