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Overall Reviews at The Cheesecake Factory

Host/Hostess | Miami, FL | Aug 22, 2019
Fast-Paced and Intense Workplace
A typical day at work as a host featured sitting guests, updating table availability, and restocking and tidying up the bathrooms. Working as a host at Cheesecake Factory has taught me how to interact with a restaurant guest and provide the best accommodations for them alongside quickly surveying for the next available tables. Although most of the management was very friendly and cooperative, there were occasions where two managers on the floor would give conflicting commands resulting in a multitude of issues and a scolding from whichever manager was not satisfied. Another Issue was the possibility for a small promotion. Being a Host consists of being a first a Runner and then a Filler. Runners take guests to the tables and Fillers take guest names and manage where to seat the guests without overwhelming servers and while accommodating to said guests. After working for a month as Runner, I was told by a manager that my Filler training would start in the coming week. After waiting for two weeks, the training went to another host one of which that had been working there for approximately half the time I had. Another two weeks led to training for another host. Only within my final weeks after 5 months has training for a filler actually been confirmed. Nonetheless, the managers are still somewhat of a delight to encounter at work. Most are friendly and accommodating to the other employees and with schedules. The workplace culture consists of the normal "Smile to all ...more
Cook/Dishwasher | Santa Monica, CA | Jan 5, 2019
The worst Company to regular employee
Poor Management Kitchen Managers always try to talk bad with dishwasher and everyone is in the kitchen. They will continue call you on your days off and you tell them u were busy l, mostly ended taking you days off. Kitchen manager always use their power to take advantage to sleep with the Women use to work in the kitchen if they wanted benefits as more hours and Monday and Friday schedules. But if they start having problems with the girls or almost getting they use to fire them for no reason They also use to scream at you if they had bad day. They will make punch out to break and make you to keep working on ur 30 min break. If u had to call off for medical reasons and having proof of medical recipt and they didn't like you automatic getting suspended and they will tell you to come 3 days later and when you come back, you final check was waiting for you. Most of the time if kitchen ask you to stay longer, he will clock you out 30 min before finishing helping him. They will delete you hours or a comodate your hours so didn't have to pay you overtime,, use to do it when make you to 7 days in a row. They have a option of giving you 1 week every year paid off, and you ask them the week off and you give the form they will ripped off as soon they go to the office because on specific week and when the week arrived they scheduled me and when I try to talk to the chef he refused to give me the week off until I talk main manager is when they removed the schedule from the...more
ProsGreat Benefits as Vacation and Free Meals
ConsGet away from that company unless u going to be Front Management
Server | Georgia | Oct 27, 2019
I feel like this needs to be addressed, hopefully you read it
Okay first all off, I’d like to consider myself a good server, according to every other job I’ve had. However, this job is completely different. Management does not care about you. I’ve never heard the words “thank you, you’re doing a great job. But you could work on this...” There’s absolutely no positive reinforcement. It’s never enough for them. They only pick up things you do “wrong” only because they make you do so much (take tables (which will seat you 4 or 5 tables sat once, including big parties, food run, help bussers (which I’m paying then both out a good amount (even though I pre-buss, help hostess seat people, etc. We have this new manager sub for us for this month and even she was like wow.... I wish she would stay because she gets stuff done. We even had this other “manager” who has temper problems and once it got a little too stressful for him, he yelled “Screw this ***” I can’t do this anymore, and ripped his shirt open and threw it on the ground along with his keys and some other stuff and stormed off. And this was when an employee needed them for her table. So what an example. Of course, the GM ran after him and still has a job! But when someone has to ask him a questions regarding an order I put in, he just looks at us like we are stupid and rolls his eyes. Sorry to make this so long, but this is just the beginning I’m miserable here and feel extremely under-appreciated. Everything is your fault, no matter what. Client, 10% to...more
ProsLittle money
ConsClientele, management
Kitchen Manager | Pennsylvania | Dec 5, 2018
Very busy and understaffed
If you have no life and no family, this is the job for you. As a Kitchen Manager you come in for your shift knowing that many things have been skipped that you'll have to deal with, employees call out constantly because it's a very demanding job and they are asked to do a lot. The menu is way to big with the companies staffing level guidelines to execute so management is "encouraged" to work well beyond the promised 5 days, 11 hours a day work week and quality of life speech they give you when your first start. Easily averaged 75 hours a week. The staff that does work hard and shows up everyday are unbelievable and under paid. They do make the culture unique and as enjoyable as can be but it's generally non-stop. Most of the management staff are poorly trained and over worked leading to a lot of disgruntled, angry or frustrated conversations that happen where they shouldn't and arguing isn't just unproductive debate, it can get ruthless and dangerous. The environment breeds animosity and forms groups working against each other instead of with each other. Management is paid well if they are hired from outside the company, internal hires are underpaid drastically. You do get to travel and see multiple units and even visit corporate in California for a few days if you do well. The company does many things right, they make money and are always busy, but staff and management are worked to the point of complete and utter exhaustion. Lots of overtime for hourly employees and in some...more
ProsStable job
ConsYour life becomes this job. No quality of life at all. You will live there
Server | Roseville, CA | Apr 20, 2019
More cons than pros
I’ve worked at a few restaurants before and the culture at cheesecake is not favorable. Seniority and favoritism is played, 80% of servers who works there has been there for 5-10 years and has made it their career so the newbies who are hired as part time college students get the worst sections and shifts and pretty much get treated like a nobody. Not to mention how rude fellow coworkers are to the newbies for no reason beside the fact that we’re new. Super cliquey, like high school, only a handful of people i can say are friendly and helpful. Bussers attitudes SUCK, they are never around to help and i still have to tip them out a good amount. Managers get stressed out and don’t listen to you, sometimes even walk away when you’re talking. Best part about the job is the money (when you happen to get scheduled a good shift with a good section-this is rare especially for someone who’s only been there for 6 months) and the flexibility of hours (if you need a day off they always work with you). When they’re short staffed you will work 12 hour shifts with a 30 minute break. Sometimes a break violation will even occur and no manager is in site to care. This has NEVER happened at any restaurant i’ve worked at.. there was always a manager checking labor and making sure everyone got proper breaks. Double, triple, quadruple seating is an everyday thing. Again with no help around, you’re on your own! A message to management, STOP playing favoritism and seniority so the veteran server...more
ProsFlexible schedule
ConsRead the long paragraph above
Server | Seattle, WA | Mar 6, 2020
Money was good; most things were not.
They have a great training system in place for servers and food runners. My location followed state laws about thirty minute breaks, too, so kudos to them. PTO was nice. At first I didn't mind the work, but after a while problems started to arise; most "clean" dishes were dirty and flecked with food, silverware was similar and had no polishing system in place, so I heard lots of complaints from guests; Kitchen staff make many mistakes, or sometimes they don't make your food at all. I don't blame them--there's over a hundred different options of hot dishes, and the company will let the clientele get away with anything, even the most crazy modifications; There are too many contradictory voices in management to the point of being hypocritical, so regulations or rule changes are generally unclear. They'll always take the side of the customer and bend over backwards to please them; It's all about making money for the corporation--they wouldn't close even when they didn't have hot water, when the power went out, or when the ventilation stopped working. I had to beg to be released from serving a man noticeably high on heroine. We'd often find people on drugs digging in our trash cans or making a scene outside the employee door. There was a gang-related shooting outside. Wallets were consistently stolen from employee area. One manager had a knife pulled on her in the women's bathroom. These things are generally outside their control, but adequate safety measures are not put in pl...more
Baker | Park, KS | Jan 29, 2019
Absolutely Unacceptable Managment PARK MEADOWS
I have never in my life felt so alone at a job. I worked at the Park Meadows Cheesecake Factory for about a month and it was the single worst month I’ve ever had at a job. As soon as I started we were already understaffed and managmemt made no attempts to hire more people the entirety of my time there even though it was the single busiest time of the year (December). I found myself doing a 3-4 person job with myself and MAYBE one other person every single day. The restaurant closes at 11 on weekdays and 12 on fridays and saturdays but I would consistently be there till 1-2 in the morning due to the fact that we were so poorly understaffed. Managment did not care that I was in that predicament because the entirety of my time there a manager came to assist me one time other than that I was on my own, even with 3-4 managers on at ALL TIMES. After doing the math (35 cheesecakes replaced at least twice a day with 12 slices each at about 9 dollars a slice) I discovered I was selling at least $5,000 of Cheesecake a day for the restaurant yet the restaurant staff made 0 effort to assist me. I find it completely unacceptable to make an institution that much money just to be spit on in return. The job was so rediculous that we had two people walk out on shifts effectively making me the only baker. Not only was it a pathetically run operation the servers would get very aggressive because things would take too long even though there was no way I could go any faster or catch up completely...more
ConsPick Your Favorite
Food Runner | Rochester, NY | Oct 22, 2019
This business needed a lot less favoritism - the staff made it a fun place to work
A typical day at work consisted of opening duties and preparing for lunch rush. Gathering the staff i am working with to assess any projects or helping hands when I, or someone else wasn't around. When i started a had a pretty good basis of the fundamentals of the various jobs i had under their roof. After leaving i realized how much i love establishing relationships with customers and entertaining "regulars." I was also able to thoroughly build my communications skills and broaden my spectrum of people reading. The management at this job associated quite heavily with the staff outside of work for both professional and unprofessional reasons. This created favoritism, and built barriers with management with those that chose not to hang outside of work with the staff - disregarding performance and punctuality. This could have been corrected by communication and consistency among management. Overall, the company values had an impact on the strategic direction of business. Their values influenced the staff more than anyone (outside of management) to always provide a great experience for the guests. The hardest part of the job had to be defusing situations out of our control. For example, as a server when food would come out under/over cooked and trying to make that customers experience better - was truly difficult. But you have your people in this world who are understanding in this place of business the server's bartenders didn't cook the food, but we would go to th...more
Senior Kitchen Manager | Charlotte, NC | Dec 10, 2018
After 10years many pros and many cons
You'll take a lot of know how and experience with you. It'll also take a lot from you. The company hires external managers and pay them 10k more a year than someone who has been with the company for some time and is interested in a management position. The company wants you to care about each and every employee this point I can feel I'm just a number and will be replaced with some other guy that they'll just throw in there tomorrow. Then again...they're struggling just to do that. All I hear is the bottom line bottom line bottom line. I get it.... corporate corporate corporate...I mean are there humans working in the corporate offices in California? Had a fellow kitchen manager go to CFI.... cheesecake factory institute out in Cali. He's someone I trust.... corporate big wigs HAVE NO CLUE WHATS GOING ON IN THEIR RESTAURANTS. NONE. Career advancement is there...if you don't want to see your home or anyone that may live there! When you start to think about your well being and overall happiness and just you...over your job...your dead to management. I was literally scared to talk to my regional boss because I've seen how people have been treated when they've been in a similar situation as myself and said something about it. Ended up being a productive conversation though...he's just as unhappy as me. He's home 2 days a week and his kids are in school,...sad ….100k+ a year or not. After almost a decade however, I can't say it's all been bad. I will ta...more
ProsShift meals, benefits are good, usually the people are good
ConsNo home life, work week consists of waking up going to work going home, repeat, everyday, you're a number
Server | Indianapolis, IN | Oct 17, 2018
Toxic, negative environment
The location in Indianapolis is run by a moody tyrant who has other unhappy, miserable mangers under him. It doesn’t matter how hard of a worker you are, how dependable and reliable you prove yourself to be, how compassionate and caring of a personality you have, how well you interact with guests, how high of a work ethic you have, or how much of a team player who goes above and beyond the call of duty. The qualities the managers look for in a server is how many ring errors or run errors you have. Nothing else matters. If you really want to work at the Indianapolis location, be prepared to be perfect. It doesn’t matter if you have a 97% accuracy rate and a 3% error rate. If you make a mistake, the management will beat you down, write you up, and make you feel as though you committed a federal offense. This place doesn’t treat you like a human being and I learned the hard way that being honest is NOT the best policy. I had the courage and decency to be honest about a minor mistake I made, but the general manger had another manager so his dirty work for him and suspended me for a day anyway. They were surprised when I stood up for myself, put in my two-week notice, and declared that I was way too good of a human being to work there. Once I walked out on my last day, I never walked back in and returned. God led me out of an evil place run by the Devil and his followers. This place continues to experience a high turnover. There are a lot of other good places to...more
ProsMet a few good human beings along the way
ConsToo many to list

Questions And Answers about The Cheesecake Factory

If you were to leave The Cheesecake Factory, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 20, 2017
Favoritisms with staff. Management don’t not care about employees
Answered Nov 2, 2019
Better job with more hours and benefits. I worked at CCF April 2018 til August 2018. I was working as a baker and it was horrific. Super fast pace and stressful. For the amount of work and stress you’re under it’s super underpaid. Also, the schedule is unstable. All managers have control over instead of 1-2 people. Which can lead to schedule issues. I was only receiving 8 hours in 2 weeks. Manager kept taking me off the schedule cause his favorite worker wasn’t getting enough hours.
Answered Apr 15, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at The Cheesecake Factory?
Asked Jan 18, 2018
Be yourself and if you like to work hard this is the place for you.
Answered Dec 18, 2019
Be positive
Answered Dec 12, 2019
Do bartenders receive tips, as well as their hourly rate of pay?
Asked Jul 2, 2016
Yes they do
Answered Feb 10, 2019
Yes you do
Answered Apr 30, 2018
What is the interview process like at The Cheesecake Factory?
Asked Jun 28, 2016
I been to 3 interview for dadeland cheesecake
Answered Oct 16, 2018
I was interviewed by one of the managers, who was very charismatic and nice. Not intimidating. Just about why I wanted to work there, things like that. They called me back for a second interview, and I met with another manager and the general manager, who told me they couldn't hire me because I wasn't available to work Sundays for religious reasons, even though I was available at all other times of days during the week, including holidays. Frustrating.
Answered May 10, 2018
If you were in charge, what would you do to make The Cheesecake Factory a better place to work?
Asked Dec 7, 2017
I would have a suggestion box and weekly have the employees suggest what do they think that would make the job a better work environment.
Answered Oct 5, 2019
I would do a taste test ever three months regarding cheesecakes with a limit amount of employee. Schedule a date and time to chat and limit per person at least 5 items to discuss. An idea to setup up on the menu a surprise item**During the Holiday Time. Also those who would like to participate donate 5.00 per person who signs up, once the funds accumulate, fill a jar with names pick only one. That person will donate the funds to anyone in a gift card for a slice of cheesecake. If okay to do so, write the first name of the winner who donated Cheesecake Factory gift card on the back of the gift card. I believe it is a way to welcome more customers, friends, families constantly to the Cheesecake Factory. It will also allow employees to share ideas together, represent about the greatness to work together. This is a sweet treat and a sweet reward. This is my opinion. I would also make the taste testing time with Cheesecake Petit Fours.. Think about this it might be a new choice size of the desserts and able to taste more than one type of cheesecake... Good Luck and Enjoy..
Answered Aug 7, 2019