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The Children's Place Reviews

Overall Reviews at The Children's Place

Teaching Assistant | Hebron, KY | Jul 20, 2015
Loving and positive workplace safe for children
A typical day at work would consist of educating children, getting to know each child as an individual from learning, to interaction, to the way they play. Keeping up with hygiene and overall health of child: (Changing diapers, properly medicating children at specific timing, potty training, and cleanliness of clothing and bodies, dealing with injuries and emergency health issues, etc.) During the day, Teacher's must fill out papers keeping track of the child's day (Diaper changes and details, nap times, behavior, food eaten, etc.) Throughout the day cleanliness of the center was maintained, things like assisting co-workers, helping around the center, and keeping up with inventory/ laundry is important. During the end of the day(closing hours) daily cleaning was done, every toy and item in the center must be sanitized on a daily basis.
ProsWeekends off, steady work schedule
ConsNot flexible, not enough available hours, short-staffed
PT | Concord, NH | Jun 13, 2012
A great enviorment if you need a break from your child
this place is fantastic. its designed to help you if you need a few hours away from your child to get to an appointment or need some ME time. they are like a mini daycare. they are a structured place your child can sing, play with other children and socialize with parents as well if you just want to meet other people. its a mostly volunteer place, often with other moms or parents running it. they also offer free parenting classes and help if you need to discuss or even vent about the hard job of parenting. My kids loved going there and I enjoyed volunteering. I was always treated great, with smiles and I think its a great place and wish there was more around. they always make the volunteers feel appreciated too by adding you to a wall, and a mailed out newsletter thanking you for your service.
Prosfree snacks, play time with other kids and meet other parents
Consits only up to a 2 hr max
Teacher | Camden, DE | Jun 13, 2016
I love working with the children but there is not option of advancement and no medical benefits.
A typical day at work would be clocking in at 7am and going to the morning meeting place with my boss. At 7:30 the children go to breakfast and I put my first group of children on the bus to school. After breakfast I take my preschoolers to our classroom for our day of fun and learning. I greet and interact with my parents because I believe we are a team in preparing out little people for Kindergarten. The best thing about my job is we have formed a family bond with the co-workers and our parents. Relationships with good communication and common goals will last a long time is one of the things I have learn. The hardest part would be dealing with some of the behavioral issues with some of the children.
ProsRelationships with different families
ConsNo overtime, benefits or chance for advancement
Teacher | Waldorf, MD | Feb 4, 2018
I have reviewed the summary.
Average work day consisted of setting up your room, checking on your supplies, During your paperwork for students. Being receptive for the arrival of students and parents. Making sure all materials you need are in order. Proceed with your schedule to make sure your day is fruitfull, nourishing and most of all fun.keeping an open mind where management is concerned, we all are in this together. Workplace diverse. Trying to keep yourself in a posture of professionalism at all times. Knowing that this is a workplace not a social arena. At the end of the day to know that you have done the very best that you could do to ensure the well-being for everyone entrusted in your care.
ProsBeing a meaningful part of a team of caring staff members.
ConsNeeded more staff to be on the same page.
Store Manager | Garland, TX | Dec 23, 2022
2 stars
What is the best part of working at the company? The employee discount was the only decent part of this job. This was legit the worst job I’ve ever had. What is the most stressful part about working at the company? The unrealistic expectations for stocking and being on your feet an entire shift. No water allowed on the sales floor and no time to go to the back to even get a drink of water. What is the work environment and culture like at the company? High stress and unrealistic expectations. I was expected to return to work before I was ready after a long battle with Covid. What is a typical day like for you at the company? Stocking, greeting every single customer no matter what, checking people out.
Store Manager | Watertown, NY | Dec 27, 2022
Messy and unorganized
The company forces you to shove store credit cards down customers throats. If you don’t get enough people to apply, you get shamed for it but there’s no reward for it (previous employers always compensated AND rewarded us for approved store cards). I was hired with the promise of being full time because the manager was planning on retiring once I was trained, but she never did. They made it look like there was no turnover because they never terminated anyone out of the system. For a year and half after I left, I got calls to see if I could come in and work. They don’t pay well, and even as a lead I had no benefits.
ProsCoworkers were friendly
ConsNot fairly compensated
Sales Manager | Bloomfield, NJ | Oct 30, 2022
5 stars
What is the best part of working at the company? I was able to grow from associate to management level. I also learn to use my qualities to make our company profitable. What is the most stressful part about working at the company? I’m an individual that can take stress very well. I will look at any situation with an open mind to resolve accordingly. What is the work environment and culture like at the company? It’s a professional setting, where team effort is highly looked. What is a typical day like for you at the company? Huddle with team to check sales and address any changes or goals for the day.
Home Health Aide | Buckeye, AZ | Mar 5, 2018
Poductive, fun and loving place to work
My normal 12 hour day depends on my client. I can have a very busy day were I am taking them shopping, grabbing something for them to eat. cleaning their house,cooking. It really depends on what that client needs doctor's appointments or even following them to the hospital. I talk to P.T.'s , O.T's , RN's and have to pass on problems that the client is having, what is going on to the family and may have to remind the client several times if there is dementia. I have learned that the clients and families are very grateful for your help. and that is actually the best part of my job.
Store Manager | Albany, GA | Jan 20, 2023
No work life balance/no tools for success
I would describe the relationship between field and corporate as abusive and I felt extremely taken advantage of regularly. The company does not allocate enough payroll for the workload and the extra hands needed are expected to come from the store manager as a salaried person they don’t have to pay overtime to. Loyalty is number one. If you aren’t meeting your goals, it doesn’t matter if you have a strong team and a perfect store.
ProsPto and benefits
ConsNo breaks, expect a 60 hr minimum work week as a SM, no work life balance, endless conference calls around loyalty
Clerical Worker | Aiken, SC | Jan 7, 2020
Transportation Provider
I enjoyed working with the clients and their families. I learned how to worked in a chaotic environment and most of all encouraged individuals that are less fortunate. I love working with this company but there were no growth for me in this company. I had a bachelor degree and the director of this company would not give me a chance to excel. I had great work performance and attendance but there were no future for achieving in this company.
Director of Operations | Hyderabad, Telangana | Sep 9, 2020
Cheap, Awful HR, Admin Hyderabad and IT leadership USA
A complete failed organization. IT leadership USA and HR Hyderabad made it horrible place of working. Higher management is sleeping and supports few employees in IT leadership who are responsible to make TCP a horrible / worst place. - A third class organization HR department is full of incapable people. - HR Team sitting in Honk Kong, Hyderabad, Gurgaon are of no use and having no basic skills / knowledge. - HR, Admin Hyderabad demand money from employees a big big shame. - Worst HR, admin at Hyderabad / Gurgaon ever seen in anyone's life. - Basically there is no HR. It's group of hobo, recruited from local tea shop. Don't higher employees and get the work done from 2-3 IT leadership people sitting in NJ office Your failure on higher management level has brought TCP shares ($9) on the same lowest level the way you've created culture / environment in the organization. You've been completely failed your IT leadership is worst in the world and HR / admin department is a big big joke!! Hyderabad HR / admin have been brought up from the ZOO.
ProsNo Pros
ConsA complete failed organization IT leadership USA and HR Hyderabad made it horrible place of working
Visual Merchandiser | Dubai | May 29, 2016
Good place to work, productive and challenging.
A good place to work with some minimal flaws. Enhanced my managerial experience and skills especially with decision making. management is good only but not stable members such as keeps on changing the senior positions yearly, in specific from OP's position and above. The workplace is good and fun and always challenging. The only hardest part of the job is the consistency of the management members and lack of staff in each store. But I enjoy the most the challenging part of the job and product launching, as well as travel to other countries which i also managed. But for now I am looking on a new phase of work and environment, new challenging role to enhance my skills and experience and growth.
ProsGood benefits such as allowance on car, petrol, salik, and food. Monthly Incentive and yearly increment.
ConsLack of staff.
Visual Merchandiser | Sharjah | Sep 16, 2016
-Friendly. -More opportunity to learn. -Easily build relationship with customer.
THE CHILDREN'S PLACE is an American #1 kids brand having 100+ outlet in whole over the world.I was hired as a sales person but because of my previous job experience helps me to stand as a merchandiser. Working as a merchandiser is different feeling than sales associate and with strong team gave me strong strength.Decorate the store, eye-touching display, create a story and reach out to the customer with that story is really biggest challenge. Despite of all that, increase traffic and peak high level of business is another hard task.On doing so, creating own thing and using own mind and love by customer is another best and enjoyable part of job.
ProsFree lunch, Free transportation
Cons9+ hour
Educator | Ottawa, ON | Jun 19, 2015
Dynamic workplace with ample learning opportunity
This centre operates around the clock, seven days a week, and all the children are operating on different schedules. This makes the environment very busy and educators need to be flexible at all times. The staff is extremely supportive and work together in a team atmosphere, change is embraced and best practices are high priority. Time management is the most challenging part of this job because there are always interruptions with parents and children arriving and leaving at all different times. Good communication is imperative and understanding of all the different families' needs. The most enjoyable part of this job is the autonomy to implement new ideas and activities.
Store incharge | Dubai | Apr 20, 2015
IT's a place for labour work and get nothing nothing personal but the management was very poor but grouth was easy because less manpower
The day is Sunday for reports I learn to manage all team and how to motivate to all I motivate team by catching the job they have done and praise them and in some case if there lack of knowledge the I will do correction and show them how is this and what they were doing wrong, brief to team about budge and achievement and give them idea how to make more effective on business The hardest part of the job was cancel all day off in week because of lack of man power most enjoyable part of job is no any restriction of time ,
ProsOnly all in one coffe also sometimes
Conswhen u doing straight long hours

Questions And Answers about The Children's Place

How often do you get a raise at The Children's Place?
Asked Nov 8, 2022
Every 5 years
Answered Jan 23, 2023
not very often
Answered Jan 19, 2023
What is the promotion process like at The Children's Place?
Asked Nov 15, 2022
they don’t promote within
Answered Jan 27, 2023
Answered Jan 22, 2023
What is the vacation policy like at The Children's Place? How many vacation days do you get per year?
Asked Nov 5, 2022
Depends on positions any where from 100 to 300 days
Answered Jan 24, 2023
0 if youre part time up to a week if youre full time
Answered Jan 13, 2023
What is the work from home policy at The Children's Place?
Asked Nov 2, 2022
There is not an option for work from home
Answered Jan 4, 2023
There wasn't one
Answered Dec 15, 2022
How long do you have to work at The Children's Place before you can go on maternity leave?
Asked Nov 6, 2022
Answered Dec 29, 2022
You don't get maternity leave as a regular employee
Answered Dec 14, 2022