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Fulfillment Associate | Marrero, LA | Jun 17, 2019
Can be the easiest job or the hardest job, depending on what the customers order that day
Tl;dr: Job varies between "get paid to do virtually nothing" tier, and "apocalypse" tier Long version: Your duties will be centered around 3 order categories for the most part: BOPIS/BOSS(Buy Online, Pick up In Store/Buy Online, Ship to Store), Will Call, and Delivery/Same Day Delivery. BOSS is the easiest of the 3, you just have to go to the back in Receiving, find the packages marked with the special stickers(in my store, they were green), bring them to the front by the service desk, print the pick stickers for them, then stage them in a location for the customer to get them. BOPIS you'll have to go through the store and get all the items then bring them to the service desk and do the same stuff as for BOSS orders. Usually you'll be given 2 hours for a BOSS/BOPIS, but the orders can usually be done in 5 mins or less, like I mentioned above, very easy. If your day consists solely of these, consider yourself very blessed. Will Call can consist of very small orders or very big orders, and the time you will given to do these can vary greatly(shortest I had was like 2 hours I think, and the longest was 138 hours). In my experience, these were the vast majority of the orders that I had to fulfill, so you can probably expect the same if you decide to take this position. They can be hard or easy, but mostly will be easy-medium difficulty, depending on how many orders are on your phone to fulfill at a given time. Delivery is the hardest category by far that you'll have t...more
ProsWhen it's easy, it is extremely easy
ConsWhen it's hard, it is impossibly hard
Plumber | Bainbridge, OH | Jun 13, 2019
Good, only if strictly used as a stepping stone. Managers were decent, but store’s lack of training and supportiveness is a deterrent to stay long.
Home Depot isn't that much different from other retail store jobs. Pros and Cons alike. However, if you know nothing about Home-Improvement like how I didn't, it will be a hair-pulling and frustrating experience. I was usually the only one in plumbing department, and not only was my supervisor frequently non-present to help me, but the computer training only skims the surface. On the floor, I had to answer questions from multiple customers coming from all directions at once about products that I know next to nothing about. Imagine being expected to be a lifeguard when you don’t even know how to swim. Thats literally how absurd it seemed. On top of that, I had to carry around a first phone and answer calls from customers all at once. One time I recalled having to assist 6 customers all at one time!!!!!!!! My department supervisors didn't seem to have my back either. My assumption is that they felt that I, being a Younger Person, posed a threat to their seniority. The only time both my department supervisors would usually speak to me would be after I had made a mistake, as opposed to showing me the ropes and showing me the correct way to do things. This was particularly true when I was working for the Pro-desk. That manager there seemed to lack any commitment or character. The customers are not worth mentioning. I sometimes think it would've been easier negotiating with ISIS terrorists!!! Id say at least 75% were impatient, snobbishly arrogant and entitled. Many would inte...more
ProsHR is awesome, Lots of Goodies and food provided in Break Room, Made a lot of quality friendships with co-workers, Store Managers DO CARE about your well-being and have your best interest at heart.
ConsInadequate training, Immediate Supervisors are crooked and selfish, Everyone want's you to pretend to be Superman, Employees stretched out WAY TOO thin, A majority of customers are entitled snobs
Lumber Associate | Detroit, MI | Jun 19, 2019
Personal Experience as lumber associate.. TLDR: Alone, Hard, Hurts, Bad management, But great pay and benefits
As a Lumber Associate your typical day goes as follows (lets say opening, 5am) -You are the only one in your department -Look at which lumber and materials need to be restocked, find them upabove on the overhand, now write that all down -Find the overnight stockers, they have most likely have your mini forklift -Wait for stockers to finish wasting your time by making you wait -Get your forklift, now the rush starts, you see in the small hour from when you clock in and the store opens you can lift and bring down pallets (or store ones the night shift didnt have time to) without a guide/lookout or gates. Trust me you want this done first because when you open customers will always be in the aisle so it will take you forever to close it off, and secondly because you are the only one so you need to find someone from a different department (pray they arent busy) to guide you and be your lookout. -You look at the clock "oh snap we are open" now you open all the lumber and building materials and start stocking them -Ok 2 hours later if customers havent come to yet then the swarm begins -Cut wood, load trucks with your forklift, assist customers. -Ok now it is 9:30 your back up arrives, if they show up and it is a fellow associate then woo yes your job just got 1000% easier... but if your department head (atleast mine for example) shows up... well enjoy working on your own for the next 4 hours completing their long task list that you will have to request help from associate...more
Lot Attendant | Kent, WA | Jun 5, 2019
Your mileage may vary...
GENERAL HOME DEPOT REVIEW: I'l be upfront... I've spent six years and change with Home Depot, split between two stores, and it's been a bit of a mixed bag for me. Usually, your coworkers at the store are fair to great, but... the corporate staff are generally hated, if not with a passion, then with a fair bit of reason. New policies and procedures come down the chain from Atlanta, and it's usually pretty clear that the folks writing those policies haven't worked retail a day in their lives. Also, the schedules are computer generated, and it's generally a safe bet that they're simply signed off by HR without actually looking at it, because they're absolute garbage on a depressingly frequent basis. Not to mention the fact that departments are chronically understaffed for actual conditions, even if the bigwigs in Atlanta feel they're overstaffed and order hours to be cut. There's also a rather high turnover rate among new hires, with people often not realizing what they're getting into and just walking off the job or not showing up when they get fed up. God knows there were more than a few times in my first few months where I almost quit! And don't even get me started on shoplifters... things on that front have gone downhill rapidly over the last two years after they curtailed the ability of Loss Prevention to arrest thieves. My current store loses thousands of dollars to thieves in an average week. It's absurd, and there's nothing that Corporate seems to want to do about it. ...more
ProsGood sense of camaraderie amongst the store staff; decent pay for retail;
ConsCorporate can be clueless at times, scheduling/staffing levels can definitely be improved, usual retail wage slave problems with customers, high turnover rate for new hires
Store Manager | Corona, CA | Jan 10, 2019
Need Supervison makeover to lead and push every employee to follow some sort of structure.
The Home Depot is a highly motivated and successful business. Their formal management, that is Store Manager and ASMs are extremely good people managers. Their Department Heads have a great deal of responsibility but little experience managing people and are extremely underpaid. Also, there is only one DH per department so if the DH is scheduled for the morning, or has a scheduled day off, the department is not technically supervised. The same is true of the department managers. There is an assigned MOD, who has the watch of the entire store, however, that manager is only assigned to his department so the other departments do suffer a lack of home management by the ASM or DH assigned to that specific department when not on duty. The store that I worked was Blessed with a terrific group of people. The all got along well and were a united team. And, as stated above, the managers were wonderful people managers, however, they were all very very weak in employee supervision. I used to joke about how I could have walked through the store for an entire 8 hours with a store phone in one hand and a piece of paper in the other and no one would have noticed that my work had not been done. There was what appeared to be great fear in the management staff to "Put the foot down", so to speak, and make an employee do their job. Not necessarily to only work, but to work and have the results equal to their assigned duties and their pay. I not only had to do my job, but many tim...more
ProsGood people and managers
ConsPoor follow up supervision and enforcement of employee duties
Sales Associate | Slidell, LA | Nov 5, 2018
It's just an orange flavored big box retail store. Results vary.
Typical day: Walk in and help customers with whatever project or question they have about a thing-a-bob not working right. They really expect you to be a tradesman or intermediate level handyman. Expect some of the aforementioned "pros" expecting you to do their job for you and know what parts they need for a job and how much. Walk with the department supervisor and get delegated to do all the tasks they should have done/be responsible for. Nod head and give lip-service that you will do them all, no problem! Like, even the stuff that would have taken two minutes or less to do. Get paged to the service desk for your returns like it's the most important thing going on. On the way, expect to be flagged down by an associate or customer to do something in a neighboring department. Put up your returns, straighten and re-shelve some parts. Optionally, pack down a bay or two (really just random or whatever floats your fancy, no real direction was given except when it was really obvious). -- Learning: It was nice to learn some ins and outs of trades and what all goes in with it. Pretty good knowledge to have in any circumstance. Also learned, that computer training is kinda good but really terrible if it's the only thing offered. A hands-on demo of some really basic stuff or ability to actually have fun and play with your departments stuff would have been nice. This company does not have the right IT in place for what really drives the business: inventory man...more
ProsDirect Deposit, Flex Hours
ConsNew Labor Model (No breaks/coverage), Management, bad inventory management tools/practices.
Associate | Sandy, UT | Sep 16, 2018
You get benifits.
They do offer benifits but the rates that you pay to have them are astrinomical. You can get a better deal on the health care exchange. You do get sick time 4 hours every month for full time and 2 hours for part time. After a year you get a week vacation. Pay raises are a joke your lucky to get 25 cents a year. Average pay for my position is $10 and hour. They take half your paycheck for your benifits every two weeks. The management don't care what problems you are having they expect you to be there every day, but if they have problems they can miss weeks at a time and take their problems out on you. You do earn sick time and can use it if you call out if you have enough sick time to cover your entire shift it doesn't count as an occurance. If you do not have enough you get an occurance. You are allowed 3 occurances in a 6 month period. Unless the doctor gave you a note ahead of time that you need time off or you request it ahead of time. If you need time off for a sick child you get an occurance if you have no sick time. They do give you 3 days bearevment for a death in the family but if you need any more time after that to take care of things that time counts against you. You do get a write up for your occurances after 3 of them. The first one is more of a talking to. Get 3 more occurances in a 6 month period and it gets put into your personel file. The days you miss and the write ups are supposed to fall off in 6 months from the day they occurred unless you go on LOA t...more
ProsOffer benifits
ConsEverything. This place is horrible
Hardware Associate | Brooklyn, NY | Sep 3, 2018
A typical day
A typical day at work would depend on the time you came in. If you're a sales associate if you came in the morning a pack down list you would have to print out or one would be provided to you. And you would bring down product not on the shelves while also clearing any carts left overnight while also providing customer service. Midshift consists of customer service, returns and store maintenance and whatever tasks assigned to you by a supervisor or manager. Closing would ensure the same responsibilities of mid-shift but you would have to sweep and clean the department and log into the computer any broken or empty packages of merchandise. The workplace culture truly depends on the store they vary. While I was working there, there were many nights especially during the weekdays where it was understaffed. And when it's like that responsibility from associates that came earlier in the day fall on you and it becomes more work. Maintenance and returns become a priority as the department takes a drop in terms of appearance. When you have to do these responsibilities on top of helping customers it becomes hard. Customers need a lot more assistance because of the products at Home Depot. There is a wide variety of product that looks similar but have specific uses and customers not familiar will have a hard time choosing the products for their project. As you help customers the department looks worse. Management seems to lack the ability to identify your situation or come up with app...more
ProsVacation time, sick time, many benefit programs. 401k with match
ConsManagement more likely to lack skills in communication and leadership, this can bring job satisfaction down, being understaffed is common on weekdays, part-time hours are all over the place.
Customer Service Representative | Ogden, UT | Mar 19, 2019
Decent Pay, But will leave you soulless
I have been at this call center for 4 years and its what you would expect from a call center. Yes they have tons of shift options, but you are forced to do s shift bid every 6 months and what you get is based off of your stats. Home Depot contact centers only care about 2 things money and stats. They peddle this "Values Wheel" propaganda, but its a ruse. They just want to sell stuff and make you neurotic over your stats. They "technically" cannot fire you for stats that are not meeting goal, but they will do other things like, write you up for "behavioral issues" that is ultimately the road to termination. The benefit package is expensive, But they have medical, dental, vision, 401k and stock options. Full time employees get a bonus, what they call "profit sharing" twice a year. Most of it goes to management and the higher ups. You will get $100 at the very least. They have company parties for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. All of which you will be required to work on. Also a few random days of the year they will spring for food. There is free coffee and a mini convenience store in the break areas. They have an onsite Gym and a food pantry for those who need it. They put you on a points system; 10 points for attendance and they will fire you. Full time employees get 4 hours of PTO every month, 40 hour work weeks, and a mandatory weekend day that is added to your schedule. They will not accommodate your schedule for anything. Not school, not your ...more
ProsProfit Sharing
ConsEverything else
Project Specialist | Auburn, CA | Jul 14, 2018
Home Depot is like family, supportive, open door policy, provides opportunities for growth if one is motivated
I enjoyed working for Home Depot. The store I worked for was managed very well. Supportive environment, team building, usually fun. As in most work places, employees are expected to do their jobs. Heavy accentuation is placed on safety. If one is motivated, there is a wealth of potential for education (search the computers and ask, folks), and potential for working up within the company is there. Home Depot acknowledges hard work. I have 2 Coastal Redwoods growing in my yard right now that were gifts of acknowledgement for my achievements along with multiple awards. The hardest part of the job for me was that I felt I was working below my potential. Home Depot employs many retired individuals who supported their families working socially respectable careers. It is ignorance of the public to assume these people lack value and all they are capable of is locating items on shelves and not knowing where things are. I hear the anti-box store commercials, too. The truth is Home Depot does employ those with basic levels of education and works in conjunction with community programs for mentally challenged individuals but Home Depot also employs retired carpenters, electricians, plumbers, teachers, nurses, previous CEOs, upper management, etc. Our store had holiday parties, success sharing events, volunteer community work, education for the public. What moved me the most was how the store came together to help each other in need. Donations, bake sales, Home Depot itself matched em...more
ProsOpen door policy, support, family like atmosphere, potential for growth and advancement
Conspay scale

Questions And Answers about The Home Depot

What advice would you give the CEO of The Home Depot about how to improve it?
Asked Oct 3, 2016
I believe every place of employment has favortism lack of management and professionalism. I worked for Home Depot for about 8 years and when i got terminated it was the best thing ever. I did not feel like a slave again they pay sucked but because I was dedicated and I was assured I will be promted I stayed. Working in NJ was 1ooo times better than working in PA. The values are so negative in PA. It took me less than a month to find a better job that I made more than I made in 8 years in Home Depot...
Answered Mar 23, 2020
Add more people in the store and lot, very poor customers service due to lack of associates. Management does care.
Answered Feb 20, 2020
Why did you leave your job at The Home Depot?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
I left due to no ability to move up.
Answered Mar 14, 2020
In the winter hours got cut REALLY bad. I was part time but it never got as bad as it did in 2019-2020. Most Part time employees were only scheduled 1 day a week with a 7-8 day gap. Sometimes more. I had a total of 14 days off on one schedule.
Answered Mar 3, 2020
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at The Home Depot? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
I got hired in 2017. The hiring process was very quick. I had my first interview On Monday May 29th and was offered a second interview immediately. Second interview was that Wednesday and the second interview me getting an offer and being hired. I had to wait the normal week for the background check and drug test and from there I came in on June 9th and was given my schedule. I trained in the back doing videos for a week from 12pm-4pm and I was put on the floor for the first time June 19th.
Answered Mar 3, 2020
I applied in mid-January on a Thursday. On Sunday, I received an email about scheduling my interview. I had my interview on the following Thursday, and I was told that once they’d interview everyone that day and tomorrow, they’d talk about who to call back. I got a call back Wednesday afternoon if I was available for my second interview the next day. My interview was with the store manager, and I got a job offer that same day. I did my drug and background check. HR, then was told that they would call me for orientation which ended happening a week later on Saturday. Orientation happened and we were told that we’d get a call once schedules were done, but almost a week passed and nothing. I had to login every day until I got it. So it took three weeks to get to orientation, and five weeks to start.
Answered Feb 8, 2020
What benefits does The Home Depot offer?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Success Sharing, stock purchase, and other insurance programs.
Answered Jul 13, 2019
Part time associates can get vision and You must be full time to get full health insurance.
Answered May 9, 2019
If you were to leave The Home Depot, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Being understaffed in every department of the store despite having the people for it; petty and unempathetic managers who only care about leads and credit, not the wellbeing of their employees.
Answered Feb 28, 2020
Needing full time and not on a what ifs constantly wondering if your doing a great job and if so it really doesn't matter cause at any time you can be let go especially if your seasonal it's a dam if you do or dam if you don't. the hours are perfect but once you become the team your not sure if you get to keep the same hours or if they decrease then your struggling paycheck to paycheck. it's the stability if that's what you need then that's a good reason to leave. the Home Depot is a great place to work the employees are very respectful and very helpful I felt like family but I need stability
Answered Jun 24, 2019