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Overall Reviews at The Walt Disney Company

Actor | Miami, FL | Jul 31, 2018
Fun place to work, the Disney Store management team is terrible
I worked at the Disney Store in my city and the management team was just absolutely terrible. I can't blame the whole company, but cast members were leaving left and right due to the lack of understanding. Extremely unapproachable team and very difficult to work with. From the time I came on the first day, it was extremely difficult to speak to the manager in charge. She and the assistant manager were extremely condescending and rude, and were difficult to work with. I was only really able to build a relationship with about to management members and they really pulled for me and understood what was going on. If I could work at a different Disney Store I would because the benefits were great and I absolutely love the company. The cast members who had worked in previous Disney Stores prior to that new store opening had made it clear that they would also be leaving because the management was really difficult. I was thankful that my job position was only temporary for the holidays. The problem is that I had school at the same time and the management didn't seem to take that into consideration. Overall, I loved the Disney culture and the other Cast Members, they really give their all because everyone is so passionate about the company they work for. One thing you need to be in passionate because even if you're having a bad day, you need to still be able to see the princess or the superhero in every kid and make them feel like they really are. It made me feel terrible that I saw th...more
ProsDisney training, benefits, free park tickets
Consmanagement team, unapproachability
Audio Visual Technician | Anaheim, CA | Feb 14, 2019
Great co-workers, perks, but poor work-life balance
I started off in basic retail in Disneyland and eventually moved up to a special role for visual merchandising. My coworkers were basically my life source when working there. I made life-long friends working there and enjoyed perks on my own, with friends, and with family. A lot of guests are nice but there's a lot of jerks that can ruin your shift. Hours can be long and the park is usually busy-- and STUPID busy during peak times. If you are part time, good luck trying to do full-time for school or having any requests off approved. Most people would submit a request for a day off and most of the time they wouldn't get it, so they would just call out instead. I would sometimes have a day requested off a YEAR In advance and it would still be denied. Even during non-peak times. Everything is based on a seniority basis. You will have bad 4 hour shifts and awful work areas like Main Street or World of Disney for the first year or so. The pay was pretty bad when I started working (2015) and it wasn't until late 2018 that the pay went up an okay amount. There's no self-expression there like tattoos, unnatural hair colors, jewelry besides watches and simple earrings, or any non-nude nail color. There's a lot of negatives working here especially for the parks, but I don't want to bother going into it. Bottom line: If you love Disney, you will love the environment and hopefully coworkers. If you have any responsibilities like kids, a second (or third) job, or school, you will be ...more
ProsFree park entry, random CM events, free parking, sometimes cute costumes, nice coworkers
Consstrict dresscode, no consistent work schedules, very busy in the parks, low pay
Principal Software Engineer | Burbank, CA | Sep 18, 2018
The Entertainment Industry is both Dynamic and Challenging
A typical day for at work is started by checking calendar for the meetings of the day and planning both where to be and when to be there along with determining what information to gather. Next is checking email for any high priority emails from key individuals and determining what action items are required for those emails. If there are new requests from the BU then I will begin to look at those requests to see what work will be required to complete these requests. Lastly, I will scan through the emails for any unusual notices or requests for information. Through a regimented process I have learn the basics of time management and I have developed some useful organizational skills. The rest of the day is typically spend responding to emailed or verbal requests for information and fulfilling the BU requests. On designated days, There will be time allocated to direct communication to and with key individuals within the BU to better understand their current and upcoming needs and wants, also to provide status on the active projects or to discuss any potential blockers or issues. The most difficult part of this job is trying to balance the challenging needs of the BU with the amount of process that is now required to do the job. Usually when the BU comes to me to let me know that they need something, they usually needed it last week, not next week. Managing expectations in all directions can be a bit of a challenge at times. Learning about new or different technologies and how t...more
ProsThere is always something new to learn or be exposed to at Disney.
ConsThere is absolutely no shortage of things that need to be done at Disney.
Graphic Design Intern | Kissimmee, FL | Nov 13, 2019
Great opportunities for networking and exclusive events, but rules must be followed with no toe out of line.
I worked as a professional intern for Disney for one year and in the College Program for six months. I was so extremely excited both times to have this opportunity, and I really did learn a lot and meet a lot of lifelong friends. However, working for the Mouse isn't all pixie dust and magic. They have very strict policies to follow regarding dress code, social media, timeliness, everything. I learned a lot about working in corporate culture, both the good and the bad. I struggled with traffic in the Kissimmee area (extremely unpredictable), and so sometimes I was a few minutes late to work. Even though I always stayed long enough to cover those minutes I missed, I was talked to about being on time. I was expected to clock in not at 7:59, not at 8:01 – at 8:00. And I couldn't leave one minute early or one minute late either. Honestly, the really strict policies became emotionally stressful after a while to the point that I worried so much about accidentally putting a toe out of line that I couldn't perform my duties to the best of my abilities, and it made it hard to connect with my supervisors. There was a lot of good, too, though. I was able to meet a lot of people that I know will be lifelong friends, I got to do on-the-clock networking and meet-and-greets to learn more about other roles within the company, and Disney regularly offered exclusive Cast-Member-only events at little to no extra cost for us. I got to go to the parks for free whenever I wanted, and I got g...more
Operations Analyst | Seattle, WA | Aug 20, 2019
Where do I begin?
Worked here under contract for 9 months. The interview went well, I thought it was easy. Casual talk, somewhat technical. Disney portrays a magical company with a wonderful, happy environment. That couldn't be further from the truth. I was in a technical group and we were treated worse than an abused homeless dog. One of the FTE's who had been there years was VERY abusive to everybody, even the hiring manager. I don't know how he kept his job. VERY rude, condescending, yelling, put downs. All day long. Multiple daily outages across the company. I have never been anywhere that had so many things breaking. During outages, we had bridge calls and managers yelling and demanding getting things. Nobody was ever nice or cordial about it. Sometimes a manager would storm into our room and yell for someone to get on the phone NOW. A supervisor at a remote facility once told us contractors we were lucky to have a job, and often asked, why are any of us even here because we are so useless. That is completely factual. Contractors were totally expendable. I saw many of them get fired. Good hard working people, Disney management didn't care. Some people were very nice, many were rude. For service outages, we were expected to call the service owner to report it. Some answered the phone yelling and expecting us to fix their problem. My hiring manager fired several people. He LOVED power and control. We had an FTE who had been there a few decades and he even said this m...more
Front Desk Agent | Orlando, FL | Apr 23, 2018
It's Work
There are pros and cons that come with a job with the Walt Disney Company. As a College Program Intern (though you are under-compensated, put in poor living conditions, and worked to the bone) you meet a lot great people, have some wonderful experiences and it is a great internship to have on your resume. If you are looking to further your Disney Career, you need to either be hired into Professional/Management internships right away, or directly into Line-of-Business. This is because to be hired into entry-level operations is to undergo a long a grueling journey for even minimum job advancement. Do to the sheer number of employees and the craziness that plagues daily park and resort operations, good work can often go unnoticed; and with so many highly qualified and wonderful people clamoring for very view higher positions (that are often given to interns anyway) you'd have more luck swimming out of a pool of syrup than furthering your professional prospects in operations. Leadership is hit or miss, either you have absolutely stellar folks who are fantastic at what they do or people that (for one reason or another) make the operation ten times more complicated than it needs to be. It is also important to note that choosing to work for Disney is to see the less shiny side of the Mouse, a clear glimpse into the corporate atmosphere that every day becomes more apparent. Concern for ideals and the treatment of Guests and Cast Members is penultimate when compared to furthering com...more
Senior Software Engineer | Lake Buena Vista, FL | Aug 17, 2018
Fantastic experience getting to know how the Mouse works from the back-end
Note: As I was under contract I cannot base my review on benefits or other items not offered to contractors. As a senior software engineer on the cloud team I worked with the team to help move the company to the AWS cloud. A typical day was getting in to work early to get started on new tasks or pushing along my current tasks before the daily SCRUM meeting with the team. At the SCRUM meeting each team member talked about their current task(s) and if they needed any help from other team members. Post SCRUM was used to brainstorm and help members. The rest of the day was spent finishing assigned tasks, attending meetings, or moving onto new tasks. These tasks could involve setting up meetings to gather information from stakeholders for the work required or researching something (a certain AWS infrastructure, a new module for a technology stack, etc) to be able to complete the assigned task. I enjoyed working with my team members who are a very talented senior staff and I can say I learned a lot from them. That was the most enjoyable part along with learning new skills. The hardest part of the job was having my tasks stalled due to waiting for lead people to review code/sign off/give guidance. This was mostly because the team was slammed with a ton of work and several team members were re-assigned to other teams (due to the amount of workload faced by other teams as well). It was a great opportunity to learn the inner technical workings of the company after spending...more
Senior Manager | Burbank, CA | Aug 9, 2019
Great for the Disney Fan - Must Be Willing to Settle
disney has a strong brand which is why most of us want to work for them. However, they are known to be one of the lowest paying employers in the industry. It works out better if you get at least 3 yrs experience and leave the company go work somewhere else and come back. That is really the only way to climb the corporate ladder. Unfortunately if you transfer within the company - they take into account how much you were paid in your last position and give you a minimal raise. Not enough to count as a real raise. I used to love the benefits when I started we had christmas parties at Disneyland just for employees and their guests. That no longer exists. Benefits are slowly being chiseled away. I think though Disney is now waking up to the tougher competition in the marketplace and are willing to be more flexible in terms of compensation and enhance their benefits package, but it will be a slow road ahead. There is a lot of buyin internally that needs to make this a reality. If you are a Director level or above you will do just fine here. Culture really depends on the segment you work in. Some areas are great to work in and collaborative. What i enjoyed the most and why i stayed there for so long was moving from segment to segment felt like I had moved to different companies. The culture, management style, benefits were all very different. Only the pay as i mentioned above gets constrained because they know how much you got paid and you can't really negotiat...more
Delivery Manager | Lake Buena Vista, FL | Jun 14, 2018
Your Dream Employer
My experience with The Walt Disney company was exceptional for every day of my 37 years. I began as an actor, performing primarily in 2 of the live theatrical-style shows on property, then advancing into Entertainment leadership. Advancement opportunities were always plentiful. I traveled to France and China, and throughout the US on business with the company and learned the roles of stage manager, production manager, producer and operations manager. The day to day experience was one of respect, support and encouragement. The culture at the company is optimistic, positive and highly collaborative. My best managers were skilled at balancing the needs of the organization with the needs of the individual. I never felt like a number with Disney, ever. Respect, dignity and transparency dominated my experience. The most enjoyable part of the job was my daily interaction with my fellow Cast Members. Being a fellow Cast Member to others gave me a sense of belonging and acceptance I will cherish forever. The hardest part of the least the one I took with the greatest seriousness was the responsibility to uphold the standards of the organization. I would recommend a career with Disney to anyone willing to stretch themselves, continually grow and eager to feel the sense of accomplishment of being part of a truly great organization.
ProsBeing part of a great organization with an exceptionally proud heritage
Houesekeeper | Anaheim, CA | Oct 30, 2018
Positive Environment with Impossible Expectations
Housekeepers and union signed agreement with Disney for 13 rooms per day per employee. Check out rooms take a minimum of 50 minutes to clean. Stay over rooms can take up to 20 minutes. Management will pass out your assignment sheet for the day and key. After considering morning and before leaving tasks and two breaks you have 6.5 hours for room cleaning. Mathematically and factually there is not enough time to do your job the way you are expected and required to do. Some days there can be up to 11 check out rooms as your assignment. Every day is a balance of either getting caught with a dirty room or not cleaning enough rooms and you have to choose. That is the hardest part. You can be terminated for either scenario. The most enjoyable part of the job is cleaning and preparing the rooms for the guests to experience the magic. Making the windows, mirrors, and decor shine, mopping and disinfecting floors for any curious babies or children, providing extra coffee or tea for the parents and mostly using guests souvenirs to decorate their room. I sometimes would get to hear the shouts of joy when guests would walk into their clean room with the decorative touch that I would surprise them with.This I believe is expected while staying at a Disney hotel.I really am going to miss the happy atmosphere of the guests and the Disney show.
ProsBeautiful and happy environment.
ConsMost housekeepers do not speak English.

Questions And Answers about The Walt Disney Company

If you were in charge, what would you do to make The Walt Disney Company a better place to work?
Asked Apr 6, 2018
Theres people in positions that shouldn't be in that place first of all. Management doesnt really care, management hide hours, overworking people, when others are getting treated fairly they fail to show up and those who show up doesnt get treated with the same respect, I taught hard work means something but all start with who is higher than whom and who they hire. This is disney, I had better expectations. It's a shame because if things were better I believe it would be way better place for everyone to work.
Answered Feb 6, 2020
Restructure the management system, and develope true open door policies. As of now most of the time you can't,find a manager when you have a problem, or have to work out a time. Now the other side is that is, they seem to have plenty if time open,up if it's to discipline cast members. I do not mean all managers, but it is getting that way.
Answered Dec 26, 2019
Why did you leave your job at The Walt Disney Company?
Asked Mar 22, 2017
I don't leave, they make me leave, we are just a numbers for this company, I get so tired off
Answered Sep 2, 2019
Back stabbing of management and cast members also dishonest guests!!
Answered Jul 23, 2019
What would you suggest The Walt Disney Company management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 22, 2017
Give all employees a 7 percent pay increase. The company is adding benefits as payment which does not make them benefits at all.
Answered May 22, 2019
Give cast members some degree to pick their schedules rather than letting a computer do it. Some people LOVE nights. Give the late shifts to them. Let the people who would rather work days work days. It's ridiculous to have cast members begging to exchange a shift with other cast members. Some cast members are so desperate that they offer free perks or offer to pay another cast member to exchange a shift.
Answered Dec 24, 2018
What is the work environment and culture like at The Walt Disney Company?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
What are the working conditions
Answered Aug 24, 2018
Horrible. Some people prefer nights; some prefer days. It would be so easy to have set schedules. But your hours change daily and you are frequently forced to work until 1:00 AM.
Answered Aug 18, 2018
What is the interview process like at The Walt Disney Company?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
It’s broken down into 2 parts. the web-based interview which is pretty much a repetitive personality test, you get 50 seconds to answer multiple choice questions about how you feel about certain scenarios regarding your personality, etc. then 20 seconds to answer questions based on a strongly disagree — strongly agree. upon passing it, some people get the next step on the same screen which is the phone or in person interview (i had the option to either interview in person or over the phone), or you’ll get a screen saying thank you for participating and you’ll hear back from them within 7 business days. i got the second option; but dont panic like i did!! they’ll most likely reach other to you in the next 10 minutes because i got the other option for the second interview right after through email. the phone or in person interview really varies throughout person or company needs. they called me surprisingly on an actually unblocked number, and she was pretty much going over my work experience, which to take into aspect i have previous amusement park experience, and then we got down to the nitty gritty. she pretty much asked where was my heart at, where did i truly want to work and i told her attractions. she explained the role to me and was like well if you want this then you might have to wait 2-3 weeks until someone transfers out or whatever the case may be. i wanted to but then i was thinking.. 2-3 weeks or 2-3 months!! so she suggested another role that was needed asap for employees and i just took that. i did my onboarding that same day and i have my traditions class coming up. whole process took about a month from when i applied up until my processing.
Answered Aug 8, 2019
Thorough, friendly
Answered Dec 5, 2017