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Crew Member | Hudson, NC | Jun 10, 2019
Excellent team members with great teamwork skills; however poor schedules and raise opportunities
I worked at the manager training store, in which all employees are exceptionally well at their job yet underpaid. Some members had been there 2 years or longer and never gotten a raise. Scheduling is always a nightmare- every week. There isn’t a week that goes by where someone doesn’t have to stay late or come in early or are asked to work an extra day, most of the time all of the above. I personally work sometimes 10-4, 11-8/9, 8-2am, 4-10/11. If you are not a set opener or closer, you will work different hours every week. Typically every week I’m asked to stay over or come in an extra day. Every regular team member works at least two 11-8/9 shifts a week if not more which is a miserable shift. There is a book where you can write in what days you would need off for things such as a doctors app or vacation which is nice, but never expect a regular schedule. You typically would need to work at this location for 5 or more years for a shift management position; however very unlikely for the manager training store- you would at least have to be relocated. Night and evening shifts are usually always understaffed and stressed especially during dinner rushes. I love ALL of my coworkers but the scheduling there can make life a nightmare for people fixated on maintaining a regular schedule/fitting a specific lifestyle, and chances for raises are slim and advancement are fairly slim and take a long while. Training is exceptionally well and working at the training store, and you will en...more
ProsFree $4 lunch, then 50% off any amount more
ConsShort breaks
Crew Member | Plainwell, MI | Jul 22, 2019
Poor management
When I was hired to work at Wendy's I was still considered to be a minor, because I was only 17 years old at the time. At the end of my interview, the general manager offered me a job, but said that because I was still a minor they were only going to pay me $7.86 per hour. At the time, the minimum wage was in the process of being raised to $9.25. When I turned 18, they did raise my pay to $9.25. I only worked at the front counter of the restaurant for the first month or two that I worked there. I picked up using the register very quickly. The first time that I was working until close, I was very overwhelmed with all of the cleaning duties and other things I was needed to do before my shift was over. It was expected that I had already been told and taught what to do, even though I hadn't. The first time I worked the drive thru window, I was very stressed out. After doing it for a few times it became my favorite thing to do because it made my shift seem like it went by much faster. No one else usually liked to do drive thru so I began to do that almost every time I worked. People called in all the time, or just didn't show up. I witnessed at least 5 employees walk out in the middle of their shift and quit without any notice. There were a couple instances in which it was only me and one manager running the entire restaurant. There were several occasions that I stayed at the restaurant until 2:00am, even though my shift was supposed to be over at 11:30pm, because we were so short...more
ProsFree food
ConsPoor management, short staffed, stressful, unorganized
Crew Member | Saint Peters, MO | Sep 21, 2019
Improving store
The Wendy's I worked at had a General Manager that was newer to the store. She was friendly to only a select few employees then was passive aggressive to the rest. She was all excited to have me on board and started me on full time hours. A few weeks into starting I got an illness. I had to call off a few days and brought in a doctors note. After that, my full time hours became 15-28 hours a week. The assistant manager and shift leader bragged about me and loved working with me but she ignored that and continued to cut my hours. Working with the General Manager was MISERABLE. Not only because how passive aggressive she was but she was also a ticking time bomb! Just the slightest incline in business would stress her out to the max and she would be running around the store yelling at staff and trying to do everyone's job for them at once. When I was first starting to get ill, I had to go home for throwing up and I was screamed at by the GM. On my second to last day, the Wendy's inspector came to our store. When the GM found out that the inspector was at her store for the inspection that morning, she started balling and frantically calling all of her managers. This job was not stressful other than when working with her. The assistant manager is amazing. She is strict on procedures and food safety. She communicates very well with her staff, especially during rush. Overall, she is the best manager at the store. The shift supervisor works with her partner and does all of his work f...more
Proseasy going, easy
Crew Member | Massachusetts | May 28, 2018
A Typical Day at Wendys
This job is not for the faint of heart. Fast food jobs are normally titled as "easy", but my experience was far from that. As soon as I would walk in, you immediately get thrown onto a position without a hello or 'team huddle' that is supposed to happen. The job is stressful, and all about making times- giving little care to quality. Throughout the day you get screamed at by management for not making times, loud enough that customers feel uncomfortable and have told fellow coworkers and I that they feel sorry for us. The end of day roles around, and you never get to leave at the right time. It's when they say you can leave. They order dozens of tasks required of completion before they let you walk out the door. It's not only 5 or 10 minutes after your supposed shift ends, but more frequently 45 minutes to an hour of tedious tasks keeping you hostage in an unhealthy environment. Additionally, I have had hot coffee thrown onto me, sandwiches thrown at myself and my car when leaving or entering shifts, a weaponized robbery when closing, and many many more 'unfortunate incidents'. After all of this you may ask why I even work there. Honestly, the only positive outcome of this mess are your coworkers. I have seen them more in the past 2 years than my family or boyfriend; they really become the people you are in this mess for. That and to support a living that the poor excuse for a wage offers. Oh, and they give you one shirt when you work 40-50 hours a week, a...more
ProsOther team members, and you learn to deal with lots of stress
ConsManagement, stress, no social life, demanding management, exc
Grill Cook | Cedar Rapids, IA | Apr 9, 2018
Grill Cook
The morning shift begins with entering a store. And tripping an alarm. If the key holder has the security code then it can be disabled. Following that the employees may punch in and begin morning preparation. Usually some type of mess or careless act of responsibility is left obvious by the closing shift. Utensils are missing, hidden or broken,etc. Typically you will have a maintenance repairman, truck driver, window washer or exterminator check in to do his job in your area. It is a restaurant so work space is confined. It is normal for you to not be able to do your job if a repairman is needed. Which can affect availability of the products being offered on the menu. Usually a customer doesn't place an order till after 10 am. Cause the store is not open, but occasionally you have that new customer that doesn't know the store hours. And who wants a double stack at eight am. The openers get there at six. In order to get the store up and running the employees hustle through their morning routines to prepare for lunch. So their is usually a hour to make sure everything is in place for rush. That is the point everybody is coming to each other for assistance to the customer. The most important part is knowing how to do your job. And making an effort to assist your fellow workers as much as possible. Usually by twenty to two pm central standard things die off. And some of the employees can be cut from their shift. The store remains in steady operation for anoth...more
ProsCasual fast paced work, free pop
ConsMinimum wage
Crew Member | East Liverpool, OH | Sep 24, 2019
Was super unenjoyable
my first day i showed up the managers were late and i had to call into the place on a morning shift at 7 am and they didnt know i was supposed to be there because the managers had no communication skills and didnt tell the crew anything none of them really knew what to do to train me so i stood around for like 15 minutes for the manager to show up before she put me with someone to train me and she comes in and tells me dont worry about it i always end up showing up late like?? lol thats not a good thing and i noticed a lot of people had same experiences i had with training they never trained me properly they just had me watch a few videos then had me go up to do burgers they had me watch a few times then expected me to just know what to do on every burger even at one point told me i need to be faster even though it was my first time doing burgers they made me feel very uncomfortable and other employees that were nice must of even seen that they was being rude about it cause he turned around and told me dont worry ill get used to it the other places i trained the trainer would stay with me throughout the day doing some letting me do some and reminding me to do something if i do it wrong these guys showed me a few times and left me out to dry it was one of the worst training experiences i ever seen with unprofessional management when i told them i was going to put in my 2 weeks and gave my reasoning with the training she basically just said i need to watch more videos and she d...more
Prosdiscount lunches
Consbad management uncomfortable work environment
General Manager | Denver, CO | Jul 3, 2018
Set up for success from Day 1
Very organized and detailed management training program with competent Trainers, at least mine were. Excellent benefits and good compensation for management. It's hard work but really worth it. Fast paced environment no matter what store you work in. Staffing was a bit of a challenge depending on the area. Until recently the starting wage for a crew person was minimum wage which was rarely negotiable and involved too much red tape when requesting to raise it for a new hire with experience. They have since realized that method wasn't working and have made some improvements. Wendy's has very high standards when it comes to food quality and restaurant cleanliness all the way down to making sure the lettuce cutlett does not have any remaining lettuce on it after its been cleaned. Food safety is top priority, as it should be. They are like no other restaurant I have ever seen and that is one of the things I loved the most about the company. I always compare any other restaurant I'm in, whether on my own time or for work, to Wendy's. I haven't found one yet that meets or beats them. You can tell me "My pleasure" till the cows come home, pun most definitely intended, but when you are just putting old fries back in the fryer and calling them "well done" or taking the "clean" slicer and putting it in the dish area when the inspector shows up so you don't get marked down --well then, you really don't have standards.
ProsFull benefits for Management, good compensation. High Standards
Conssometimes long days, staffing for restaurants is sometimes difficult
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Austin, MN | Sep 23, 2019
Wendy's was a fun place to work, sell, and promote Wendy's brand food. It was fun serving customers especially regular customers.
Everyday we would open the store to get ready for each day. Duties included: cleaning everything, stocking cooling units with product (hamburger, French fries, chicken and prepped items such as ketchup mustard, vegetables and mayonnaise.) We cut fresh vegetables, and made fresh salads, while firing up the fryers and grill along with filling the ice machine, and making sure the soda machine was functioning properly. We made fresh coffee, and made sure that the frosty machines were ready even in the mornings! I learned everything I could about the fast food industry. This includes everything that goes with food safety, how to take orders, run the cash register while taking orders, and hand out the correct orders in a prompt and timely matter. We had regular customers that came in everyday who claimed that they could not live without a mouth watering Wendy's burger, or a fresh salad or an ice cold frosty. I enjoyed our regular customers because we got to know each other, and we would talk about anything from current news to sports, and entertainment. I enjoyed the sports conversations the most! The hardest part of working at Wendy's was putting the ordered items away on truck days. Items included: (35-45 pound meat boxes, 40 pound fresh cut fries boxes, 40-45 pound lettuce boxes, 50 po...more
Crew Member | Ozark, MO | Nov 2, 2018
Quick paced, fast hands, fast reflexes, gotta be a good listener and even better mover
A typical day at work is fast and jumping straight into the action, not knowing really what is coming and preparing for who knows what, but once you get going, there is no stopping you with hard commitment. I also learned to use both of my hands very well, and speak quick and fast to the point with guests, as well as have a nice quick chat, i gained hardcore communication and reading skills from working at wendys for so long. The managers had all their different ins and outs, the store manager though, couldnt quite get a grip on the store for a long time, as well as not being able to keep a solid crew, but with his determination im sure the wendys crew will be fine without me, i stayed there for so long to ensure the store would get better, after about 4 months, nothing, and its tiring doing the same greasy stuff every day. The hardest part of the job honestly was dealing with guests, i always got tongue twisted talking to some, then others i could ramble forever, but i must say for me, that was the hardest part. The most enoyable part was when i got to put away truck, because i love organization, wjen i got the chance to reorginaize the messy store, you best believe i jumped on that. To be perfectly clear though my coworkers got me through most days I didnt think I could, providing emotional support and job support when needed, a good family home.
ProsFree meal before or after shift, 50% discount on food 30 minjtes before or after shift
Customer Advocate | Franklin, TN | Feb 5, 2019
I worked for franchisee, not corporate, so my reviews don't reflect the Wendy's brand
Be wary of working for franchisees. The quality control can be a real issue; the place I worked at had a dangerous conflict of interest between managers and employees, with hiring relatives as the norm. It was a fairly awful environment and many of the favored employees did not pull their own weight. Assuming you are properly staffed, the job isn't particularly difficult. Assuming. We all know how rare it is to find a stable working staff where people don't call out, or quit. Doing the work of multiple people is extremely stressful and will wear you down as a person. That is what you can expect working for any fast food place below a certain size. Hardest part of the job? Drive-through. You didn't have much time for breaks, and you sometimes have to do every single part of the job by yourself; make fries, the sandwich, the drink, and handle the money. It's not fun. Most enjoyable part of the job? Free food. I think official Wendy's policy is staff leaders get free meals, but our manager used her manager meal to feed staff, so we got to eat basically as much as we wanted. Which is the norm. If you don't allow it over the counter, it's going to be stolen under the table anyways.Wendy's has some good stuff too. My store had difficulty keeping things repaired, and a cockroach problem. They also didn't clean as well as they should have.
Prosfree lunches, decent scheduling, smoke breaks
Conscorruption, short staffing, cleanliness

Questions And Answers about The Wendy's Company

How are the working hours at The Wendy's Company?
Asked Jun 10, 2016
Very horrible i wish i could get more hours
Answered Feb 27, 2020
Flexible with your schedule somewhat
Answered Feb 25, 2020
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at The Wendy's Company? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 10, 2016
I put the application in and called them right after and they set up my interview and I got hired in the spot at Wendy’s.
Answered Feb 18, 2020
You apply online and for me personally I really had to fight.
Answered Feb 16, 2020
How did you get your first interview at The Wendy's Company?
Asked Jun 13, 2016
I turned in my application and they called me the next day to come in for an interview
Answered Feb 28, 2020
Walked in they hired me on spot
Answered Feb 8, 2020
If you were to leave The Wendy's Company, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 21, 2017
Poor management
Answered Mar 3, 2020
Lack of hours
Answered Jan 22, 2020
If you were in charge, what would you do to make The Wendy's Company a better place to work?
Asked Jan 4, 2017
Hire more people that can work well with others
Answered Mar 4, 2020
Better communication, better pay and make sure all locations had air and heat units that worked property It can be a very busy place to work and during the summer, an EXTREMELY hot place to work.
Answered Mar 2, 2020