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Overall Reviews at Tim Hortons

Barista | Rochester, NY | Oct 20, 2019
Extremely poor management and organization..
When I signed up for Tim Hortons, I was guaranteed "full time"... However after my training was finished I realized that the hours you are given are incredibly unstable. Ontop of that my manager THREATENED me with time I took off in a TWO MONTH advancement. Once my vacation time came I was called the morning off, my manager was saying that "This is completely unacceptable to her and that she will fire me on the spot if I dont come in. Also adding that she has my note confront of her saying I asked for only a few days off instead of seven". When I asked her to send me a picture she never did, and once I talked to corporate about the issue, she already had "disposed" of it since it was no longer a issue. Another MAJOR POINT YOU SHOULD SEE BEFORE APPLYING TO TIM HORTONS is that now most stores in my area of New York, are now cutting their hours down, claiming that it is too costly to have so many staff on a shift at once. This will mean two things for you: One is that you will be understaffed at all times, and two is you will have a small amount of hours. There are various other issues with the company/stores I worked at, such as poor management, coworkers stealing, and having the feeling you are completely expendable, no matter how much you do for them. Lastly, the promotion pay is awful.. For becoming a supervisor you get a $.20 raise, that's it!!! Then becoming a manager you get a $1.75 raise. The amount of pressure and unrealibly is not worth anyone's time, let alone yours..
Cashier | Potsdam, NY | Feb 6, 2019
Like any other fast food chain...
Tim Hortons is basically the Canadian version of Dunkin Donuts. Except that they have good coffee. Tim's was a nice place to work at and very social environment. A typical work day consisted of taking orders for customers, making and giving out coffee & food items, restocking, cleaning, etc. The management really depends on the person, and if you have a good team or not. If you have cooperative and friendly people with a nice atmosphere, you'll likely have a good day. If you have people who aren't too nice and get frustrated, then you'll be pretty stressed out. The hardest part of the job like most jobs is keeping patience. Keeping patience is keen because you will most likely experience stressful and difficult situations but in the end, you have an eight-hour shift in total, get through that bad hour(s), keep pushing through and in the end, you won't even think about it the next day. A nice thing to enjoy about that is one thing you will not forget, which I think is the most enjoyable part of the job is, working with your staff. If you work in a friendly environment, make a friend or two, work hard and keep a good attitude, you'll feel like the day flew by. The free coffee helps too though.
ProsFree/discounted items, social environment, simple tasks
ConsShort Breaks, Management can be a hit/miss, not likely to get a raise
Crew Member | Fredonia, NY | Feb 12, 2019
Don't work here.
I can understand needing money to get by and taking a job in fast food, but other places are always hiring as well and you'd be much better off anywhere else. This particular tims was TERRIBLE. Highly stressful, the owners are nowhere to be found, I was constantly being bounced around to the other locations with no explanation as to why and was ignored when I asked. The management was on their phones in the office constantly, but took credit for any achievements our team reached. Trying to call of when sick was a joke as they could never keep a full staff so they just wouldn't answer your calls then threaten you with a "no call no show." You work every holiday with no holiday pay, you don't get any vacation time. The stress of having to do multiple positions at once was a daily occurrence. Everything is constantly breaking and takes month to get fixed. I just can't stress it enough, DO NOT work here. The minimum wage was tempting, but the pay was hardly worth it when the stress of the job stayed with me even on my days off and had such a negative impact on my quality of life that I am honestly still recovering from. I took a two dollar pay cut at my new job, but I'm so much happier. If you do decide to work there, just do me the favor and leave sooner than I did when you realize just how bad it is. You will find a new, better job.
Former employee | Tonawanda, NY | Feb 21, 2019
Very stressful and fast paced. The franchise that I worked for was not caring towards their employees at all.
I worked for this franchise (Kelton Enterprises) for 7.5 years and it wasn’t always bad. But in the last few years since RBI took over as the parent company things went downhill fast. The lack of compassion for the employees and their concerns is appalling. Because of the raise in minimum wage management wasn’t making much more than team members. Being salaried for 45-50 hours and working 50+ hours a week and not being shown any gratitude or caring really wears on the team. There is complete lack of support from upper management. I moved up fairly quickly in management but feel like I was not properly trained in the position and was basically made to figure it out on my own. When I couldn’t handle it anymore and needed help upper management was no help at all. Yes a company needs to worry about it’s bottom line but it also needs to take care of it’s employees. Happy well taken care of employees make happy well taken care of guests. Plain and simple. I hope this franchise gets their stuff together because the owners are very good people but they need to refocus their priorities.
ProsAs a manager free food while working.
ConsPoor employee recognition and benefits. Lack of compassion for the employees.
Front End Associate | Victoria, TX | Sep 12, 2019
Barely got any shifts and was cut for "training not going fast enough", poor management
I got hired on for Front-End Cashier. Told one of my managers I wanted to work the overnight shift, but she told me I had to go through daytime training first. In the end, I barely worked any shifts in the course of almost two weeks and was told my training wasn't going fast enough when I was just barely getting introduced to the cleaning and sandwich making sides of the job by the 5th shift. Was also given other ridiculous reasons like I wasn't smiling (a blatant lie). I felt like I was barely shown anything in my training to really know what I was doing at this point. It just seemed sloppy and half-assed overall. Poor management, poor scheduling, and also stupid rules like you get a discount on an Iced Capp (not even free, considering it was basically minimum wage) but only if you stay in the store and drink it; you can't go outside with it. The whole experience felt like I went back to school. I barely had any freedom; you don't take charge at what you do, you get told what to do and what position to work, constantly getting switched around. One word to the wise: be wary that one of my managers was particularly strict about shaving. I shaved clean but was told I still needed to shave. It has to TRULY be clean, at least at my location.
Supervisor | New York State | Apr 6, 2018
Worst job I ever had.
The job started out fun because I love fast pace jobs, however the companies true colors quickly came out and I could see how little they cared about their employee or their customers. The company only cares about their "times" (how fast they get the product from the customer's order and into the customers hands) which often meant making our customers unhappy because they had food being thrown at them and they were being rushed out of the line. I understand this is to make the service as fast as possible for all of he customers, but they took it too far which made for some very unhappy customers. I ended up finally quitting after two years because I threw up on one of my shifts as the baker (the person preparing all of the food for the day) and my manager tried to tell me I had to stay and keep working, and when I told her I wouldn't she yelled at me as if I had done something wrong for not wanting to poison all of our customers for the day with my germs (which, by the way, turned out to be a stomach flu that I had for 10 days and made me lose 10 pounds because I couldn't keep any food down).
ProsNothing, they took away the one "perk" of free drinks
ConsTerrible management, stressful shifts, bad hours, and many other things...
Cashier | Fredonia, NY | Aug 12, 2019
Not a good experience.
I did not like working there. The owner would tell everyone to reach out if they had any comments or concerns, but then wanted nothing to do with any situation you actually ended up bringing to her attention and instead insisted you take it up with management-who also did not care about any employee's concerns as long as they kept getting paid. It's very hard for employees to work, let alone stay motivated enough to actually perform well, in such an environment. Management was a huge problem there, and everyone turned a blind eye to it. They are unhelpful, rude, lazy, constantly in your face, and extremely condescending-and the owners allow it. Everything gets flipped on you, and it's always your fault if you are not happy or stressed out. No one wants to help, they just find ways to turn it into "your problem" with a 'if you don't like it there's the door' attitude. I felt very unappreciated there and I think a lot of the crew members did as well as morale was always very low. I had planned to go to a different Tim Hortons but then found out the same owners own all three in my area. I will be trying the one on the Fredonia campus when school starts back up.
Front End Associate | Allendale, MI | Apr 4, 2019
Good enough environment, but lackluster training and hours
I started working there as a part time associate during my senior year of high school until a little after I graduated. The main problem was the fact that I could only work the night shifts from 6-10PM during the week days so the number of hours I could possibly have was pretty limited, but even the hours I could have worked were almost never filled to any reasonable level. Also, the training was extremely lackluster, at least that's my experience. My training consisted of watching videos on company time that only gave information, and the only time I really got to practically 'practice' what I supposedly learned, was when a customer ordered that item, and since I've had little to no practical experience doing this before, I would struggle and ask for help. Also, my shift was consistently staffed to the minimum, and that did not help with late-night rushes just before the store closed. I've learned valuable skills in communication and customer service, and I enjoyed the environment that coworkers brought for the most part.
ProsFood, long breaks in between rushes
ConsUnderstaffed, terrible training
Crew Member | New Haven, MI | Apr 30, 2018
Enjoyable if you just avoid the drama.
You can schedule what hours, what position, and what days you are available to work with the manager. The hours in the morning are more busy than the hours in the afternoon. It is best to be trained on as many positions as you can. When working here, I learned that communication is key. There was only one thing that I didn't really like about this job and it was the drama. The workplace culture was very stressful when it came to rumors and sometimes there were people that would blame others when they didn't do their jobs. But all of this was usually dealt with soon. The most enjoyable part of the job was the people you worked with in the morning (I don't know about afternoons). They were extremely team oriented and jumped around on all positions to help each other. Drive-thru would help Front-counter, and everyone would answer the headset for the Drive-thru, not just one person. I would suggest this job to someone who was just starting out in the workplace any time.
ProsAll food/drinks are free during work, breaks are easy to attain, nice workers (in the morning)
ConsMediocre training--had to be retrained a lot
Crew Member | Huber Heights, OH | Oct 1, 2019
Untrustworthy workers and management
I really enjoyed my job until the skeletons started coming out of the closet. Management conspires against certain workers to push them out, and they treat workers terribly and don't consider they have lives outside of work. A manager was caught stealing several times and the GM has covered it up. If they have a personal issue with a worker, they will treat them badly until they quit. Also, if you decide you want to quit the proper way and put in your two weeks notice, they don't put you on the schedule for the next two weeks as a means to disrupt your income and your life. It's a very unhealthy work environment filled with thieves and you can't be comfortable bringing valuables to work. Most of the employees refuse to do their job, leaving others to do EXTRA work that they're not getting paid to do. They ignore all health requirements and fake it as if they do, and they never clean several of the machines. It's a terrible work environment and I do not suggest this location for employment.
Pros$6 in free food
ConsNo breaks, must work 1 year to get ANY benefits

Questions And Answers about Tim Hortons

How long after get hired do they raise your Pay
Asked Mar 6, 2017
I NEVER got a raise. I was there a YEAR. I was the BAKER. And I was VERY GOOD at my job. Reviews never got done on time. And after a few missed reviews, you start to get frustrated with giving 110% for 0 return.
Answered Nov 2, 2019
I had to demand a raise and it was about 4 months
Answered Jul 6, 2019
How are the working hours at Tim Hortons?
Asked Jun 20, 2016
They give you all the hours you want
Answered Jul 6, 2019
They are flexible and you could negotiate with The Manager and you could exchange shifts with co-workers.
Answered Feb 20, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Tim Hortons? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 30, 2016
Your hired right away and it was no steps 3 days of training and then they toss you out there
Answered Jul 6, 2019
I dropped off my resume, interviewed that day, and hired the next. Training took about 4 days online and tomorrow will be my first day on the floor.
Answered Jul 2, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Tim Hortons?
Asked Sep 10, 2016
Don’t say you can work a lot of hours if you have a busy schedule outside of work
Answered Feb 8, 2020
Always be yourself.
Answered Nov 14, 2019
What benefits does Tim Hortons give to their employees?
Asked Mar 6, 2016
Only half of your food when your working
Answered Jul 6, 2019
Do they get payed every week or every 2 weeks
Answered Jul 31, 2018