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Total Quality Logistics (TQL)
Total Quality Logistics (TQL)
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Total Quality Logistics (TQL) Ratings
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Total Quality Logistics (TQL) Reviews

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Overall Reviews at Total Quality Logistics (TQL)

Account Executive | Lexington, KY | Jan 24, 2019
Be ready to put in the hard work and hopefully you’ll get lucky!
Reading some of the reviews, and through talking with friends I knew outside of TQL, the offices differ a huge amount. I loved my office, leadership was very helpful and it was a fun environment(except for a few in leadership), but a friend I knew at a different office said it was insanely cut-throat and unwelcoming. The first 8 weeks are training on an established broker’s account. If you’re lucky, you get put on an in-house broker’s account, and you learn how they prospect businesses, how they talk to truckers and you learn more in-depth stuff. However if you aren’t lucky, you get put on a “remote” account, where you’re working on a broker’s account who is in a different office. Most of the trainees I saw in my year there that were put on remote accounts didn’t make it much past training ended because they didn’t learn much, and their broker was a jerk and it tainted their view of the company. After your first 8 weeks, you’re still working on your broker’a account, but you’re allowed to prospect for your own book of business. Prospecting is HARD. You’ll make 80-100 calls a day, reach someone on maybe 50 of those calls, not get hung up on immediately on 20, and have a meaningful conversation that MAY lead to freight on 5, and that’s assuming they pick up next time you call. There’s no script, it’s all about you. For the first 23 weeks of your employment, any freight you get will go towards your broker’s commission, not yours. Also if you’re lucky, your broker will gi...more
ProsGreat environment, if you get lucky it’s great
ConsWork/life balance, based on luck
Logistic Coordinator | Louisville, KY | Nov 27, 2019
Work Hard, Play Hard
A very intense yet fraternity type work environment. They work hard and play hard. They want to see you hit your goals and because it can be stressful, we often break a couple days a month for different types of competition throughout the day. Both work related competitions with goals in mind and non-work related, and month-long competitions or just short day competitions. Music is also played throughout the day to pump people up. My office was a very fun environment, but kept that way to try and ease the stress while getting you pumped up to make money!!! Because ultimately that is what they care about. Loved my coworkers and the office environment. However, just know they have an abnormally high turnover rate for a reason. They expect you to hit your goals or work hard to prove you are trying to. If they don't like you for whatever reason or just don't feel you are adding to the team environment of they expect, they will find a reason to fire you. People quit quite a bit too. It is good for short-term employment, resume-builder, and a decent base salary, but odds are after 1 year you probably won't be there anymore. Don't get me wrong, there are people who do stay and have been there for years, it's just that a solid 80% are not going to last for more than a year for multiple reasons, and they want the best that add money and fit in with the team environment. The interview process is kinda long and intense, but none of is weighed too much as long as you just do your basic h...more
Logistics Manager | Milwaukee, WI | Mar 20, 2019
HONEST REVIEW: “If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.” Robbed of time, trust, and customers with no warning or good reason.
There are 2 stages to this racket. 1st you are a “trainee” where you make the senior brokers money by doing their job for them 10 hours a day @$10/hour (for 6 months) 2nd They send you off to peruse prospective customers under the guise of “you are able to make unlimited commissions now that your training is over.” REALITY= They are sending you off to find new customers and prospects for the same broker you were training under... they will give any new buisness to the person who “trained” you as soon as they accrue enough dirt on you. (Example of dirt: hanging up phone without leaving a message automatically gets flagged by IT department....I made approx 500 calls a week, naturally a few got cut short, certainly wasn’t cheating the system.) -This leads to a Pledge/master fraternity style relationship which might seem appealing to a young guy/girl fresh out of college or an older “misfit” who wants to fit in somewhere that seems trendy. -Word to the wise, if you accept the job, BROWN NOSE they will hold your hand and give you a career if you are willing to keep up the facade of a legitimate operation. This is a boys club and they are very obvious about it. If you’ve already accepted the job NOTE: “Proving ground” is completely fake. They say, “you have 8 weeks to generate $2500 in revenue or you get let go,” REALITY: They will plainly give you customers last minute, if they like you inorder to help you over the $2500 mark, if they don’t like ...more
ProsCentrally located office
ConsLow wages, deceitful management, frat house politics
Account Executive | Lexington, KY | Feb 14, 2020
Valuable experience. Know when it’s time to leave
I will start off by saying TQL offers very valuable experience, as they pretty much cram a logistics degree into six months of training. It’s a nice environment to work in, if you can tolerate distractions. The goal is to find customers with weekly volume and consistently close those customers. This way, you’ve got a gradually increasing book of business and you’re able to keep up with your goal. Easier said than done. They stress the importance of sniping prospects, which is waking up at 5am to tag the best ones in your name. I can promise you, you can do this every day during the duration of your employment and still not get anything worthwhile. You aren’t going to find success in the long term unless you get lucky or they hand you customers from people who either quit or get fired. You’re stuck pretty much relying on management to get you over the hump, and if they don’t like you, you can forget about getting good prospects. I will say this, you can get extremely lucky there, and it’s true that some people’s lives are changed in an instant sometimes. I’ve seen people land a one-in-a-million (literally) customer and go on to make $10-15k a week. I’ve seen complete idiots find success by learning how to manipulate the system from older employees. Brown nosing can have learning some helpful tricks. But again, it all comes down to luck. And I can’t stress this enough: know when it’s time to look for something else. Eventually, if you aren’t constantly growing your...more
ProsExperience, work environment
ConsVery political, poor work-life balance, annoying preachy management
Account Executive | San Antonio, TX | May 16, 2019
You won’t know until you try.
Unfortunately my GSM was quickly coming off the rails by the time I got hired. His general domineer was socially awkward and his way of managing the office made it extremely hard to want to stay. I remember my 2nd interview with him lasting maybe 3 minutes after waiting on him to finish playing ping pong for 45 minutes while I waited. I was actually the one to end the interview... I didn’t mind the atmosphere (which is unique to say the least). They seem to go after the ex-athletes who still live in their glory days which was fine by me since I was a high school and college athlete too. A lot of testosterone floating around. You need thick skin to work for this company. You would catch it from your coworkers, customers, dispatchers and last but not least the truck drivers. On paper the job seems very straight forward. Convince a company to let you handle their shipping and logistics needs. The first few weeks you still believe it’s straight forward until you start doing your own customer prospecting. That is when you need to grow an extra layer of skin because you have then become the most annoying thing in the modern world. Cold call TELEMARKETER. I grew up in the oil fields and have never been cussed at so much in my life. If you’re lucky enough to find a few customers who are willing to work with you and you manage to hit your 6 week Proving Ground goal, it seems that good is never good enough for the company. Oh side note. Don’t let them tell you it’s a bas...more
ProsFree coffee
ConsMy “cons” are only related to My office. It seems like the company overall is decent.
Team Leader | Chicago, IL | Sep 25, 2018
Innovative business with a bright future
I have routinely evaluated and developed my office leadership attributes to bring energy, a competitive mindset of daily improvement, and adaptability to a fast paced work environment. I commend your efforts in finding the best hire to fill your organization’s hiring needs. Once you review not only the quantity, but the quality of my experience in all aspects of business I needed to become successful, you will be confident in moving forward filling your position. At TQL, I quickly found personal success breaking multiple office records. Through prospecting, building customer & carrier rapport, assessing needs, developing solutions, analyzing market trends, negotiations, coordinating shipments, ext., I closed the most New Customer Accounts in a single Week, Month, and Quarter (no overlap). I routinely evaluated and adjusted, until my complex, demanding, 24/7/365 position became a simple successful and precise operation. Within my first year, I accepted the opportunity to be 1 of 6 Founding Members of a satellite office in the Chicago suburbs with the goal of leading an increased number of new hires turned into successful brokers. Along with managing my book of business, I was promoted to Sales Team Leader, responsible for managing the growth and success of half the office's employees. Each week, I lead one on one coaching sessions to build rapport with each individual team member, find their target gap to map out their next step to success, set achievable goals to ...more
Prosculture, compensation, technology, travel, high energy, competitiveness
Conslack of communication, complacency, dull environment
Account Executive | Troy, MI | Aug 16, 2019
Horrid Leadership and Management
This office was a great situation and a great place to go to prior to "management" change. The new leadership and management act with complete hypocrisy, rudeness, borderline HR questionable situations which are not short of racism, sexism, elitist mentality, and an overall politically domineering agenda designed for the "inner circle" aka "the golden boys" aka "leadership" to do well. In short, the company is the same nationwide, however, the "Detroit" office (which is in suburban Troy, one of the wealthier parts of Michigan) is led so poorly that the office has a higher turnover rate than the national average. You are paid below minimum wage with 0 overtime or appreciation for the effort you put in, and the music that used to be enjoyable to listen to is kept at a level so low, there might as well not be any music playing. You will be yelled at for watching the TV that is on, you will be yelled at for playing catch or ping-pong, and you will be yelled at for things no one cares about that even leadership does, but only when management is out for the day. The job isn't hard, they basically hand out the position to anyone since recruiters get paid on you staying there for 30 days and they want you to be glorified assistants for "big brokers", it's just whether or not you want to work here knowing that if you have a degree you can START $15K over what they will disrespectfully pay you here with a brainwashing attempt of "nothing is given, everything is earned." ...more
Account Executive | Savannah, GA | Jan 8, 2019
Absolutely the worst place I've ever worked...
This is my brutally honest opinion of TQL. Training is your first 6 months here and hours are from 7:45 to 5:15. This sounds ok for a 35k salary right? Wrong because TQL throws in after hours shifts along with working every other Saturday. With afterhours you are working 12 hour days and it's fairly typical for you to work 60 hours in a week already due to management promoting you to stay after normal business hours. Not worth it unless you are absolutely desperate. Management also requires you make 100 cold calls a day to potential customers who literally get called everday also you need 2 hours of call time which is easier said than done when people hang up on you constantly or just straight up tell you stop calling us. You are expected to borderline harass potential customers into giving you a shot at running some of their shipments. When prospects ask to be on the do not call list most people don't request it or don't put it in the notes so these poor people are constantly getting calls begging them to give TQL freight. Some potential customers have even contacted lawyers and the police. It's ridiculous what TQL does. You have to get lucky to even get a customer, and the sales goals are unrealistic you never meet them. When I was working here, 5 or 6 people got fired due to not meeting goals. The turnover in employees is awful. Management also micromanages and will look down on you. You also are encouraged to lie to potential customers and carriers which is not ethical at...more
ProsFree lunch on first day, occasional events
ConsLong hours, horrible management, unrealistic expectations, unethical
Account Executive | South Bend, IN | May 9, 2019
Total Quality Call Mill
There is a 22 week training period where you take a bunch of generic online training modules. During this time you will also work on a senior brokers account where you negotiate rates with carriers, book loads, and act as a secretary for the broker. Sales training is pretty much non-existent, although, the senior broker may give you some advise from time to time. After the training period you are sent off on your own to "proving grounds" where you are required to have 6 hours of call time a week and hit revenue goals. Call time is more important than revenue goals. If you hit your revenue goals, you can and will be let go for not making call time. I have seen people in proving grounds get let go for being 20 minutes short on call time, but have over $1,000 in revenue on the board. TQL is always hiring because of the high turnover rate. New hires are sold on the idea of unlimited earning potential as long as you put in the work. Luck plays a major role in becoming successful here, unless you already have inside connections with companies that use brokers. Most of the people that have been around for a while benefit from the hard work of others that have been fired for not hitting call time or revenue goals. When someone is let go, their book of business is distributed throughout the office to the office leaders buddies. In the early days of TQL, there was more opportunity to succeed. Now the company has thousands of brokers competing, not just with other brokerage f...more
ProsPing Pong
Conscompany structure
Account Executive | South Bend, IN | Mar 8, 2020
The most miserable industry in the world
This company is saturated. We've called everyone thousands of times. They all know who we are and we have a bad reputation. A major reason for this is that call time is seen as more important than actual revenue numbers. Therefore you are pressured to make a bunch of calls in order to impress your boss but the result is that you aren't very good at sales because you aren't being given adequate enough time to prepare for each call. Most of your competition is also with other brokers at your company as you compete for peanuts as all the good accounts have already been handed out. The way the commission structure is set up you spend a year working here before seeing a commission check. The secret to success at this company is to have an 8 hour call time each week, start prospecting your first month as a trainee, work 12 hours 6 days a week, wake up at 5am daily to grab prospects from the watchlist, and wait for everybody to quit/get fired so that all the good prospects can be redistributed to you. If you manage to get a customer the fun only begins. In the freight brokerage industry, you are relying on truck drivers for your income. Read that sentence 10 more times. You will learn very quickly that the trucking industry is the shadiest and laziest industry on the planet. The level of corruption is on the level of wolf of wallstreet. EXTEMELY STRESSFUL. You are on call 24/7 for truck driving emergencies and this will put a strain on your personal life. A driv...more

Questions And Answers about Total Quality Logistics (TQL)

What is the interview process like?
Asked Jul 19, 2016
The interview process is lengthy and a waste of time. 3 interviews, 4 tests, a shadow of a current employee, a homework assignment, to find out your qualifications don’t match there needs. There employees don’t make as much as they claim and they work 50-60 hours a week. Save your time and find a better job.
Answered Oct 28, 2019
You take 6 assessments including having to memorize and pinpoint the 50 states only to be moved on to the final round of in person interview where they can cut you after wasting your time. Its trash. Trash company.
Answered Sep 7, 2019
Is anyone making 100k+
Asked Aug 2, 2016
I've made $165K this year so far.
Answered Aug 29, 2018
Yes. Although it is the people who have been there 10+ years and have big name companies such as Driscolls, Amazon, etc. All the companies now that TQL put in their database are worthless. New sales reps don’t stand a chance or they get lucky.
Answered Jan 17, 2018
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Total Quality Logistics (TQL) a better place to work?
Asked Jan 19, 2017
For one I’d treat the employees like people and not robots. More pay. More incentives. Restructure the entire commission part because there’s so many people that work so hard and make no commission after busting their butts to get a load from a customer
Answered Apr 9, 2020
For sales people, I would eliminate the threshold of 75 days on inovices and make sure employees get paid for their work regardless of when customers pay their invoices. I would also eliminate the open floor enviroment and add cubicles to each persons desk so they have a feeling of privacy, which i thinks holds some individuals back from there full potential due to the feeling of being judged or always listened to or criticized due to the open environment work place.
Answered Mar 19, 2020
How did you get your first interview at Total Quality Logistics (TQL)?
Asked Jun 18, 2016
Took the typing test online & the states test.... oh yea and the tql knowledge test.
Answered Mar 11, 2019
Referral from a friend.
Answered Sep 13, 2017
Is the drug test required for hire a urine test? And if so, does it take place on sight or off sight at a lab?
Asked Feb 14, 2017
No. Just got hired in Richmond. No drug test
Answered May 17, 2018
Urine test / Off site
Answered Jul 9, 2017