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Overall Reviews at Transcom

Agent | Florida | Nov 16, 2018
Well, where do I start on how negative and stressful working at home for Transcom is? Please take the time to read what I have to say below.
I want to start by saying that I initially felt great about working for the company. They said they were the best place to grow and work your way up the ladder etc. You would get bonuses every month for showing up on time and you get to work from the comfort of your own home no silly office politics, all sweet right? Well what I experienced was the complete opposite of sweet. Training was 5 weeks long. During which we went through a bunch of articles and power points. There was so much information and code numbers thrown at you it would make your head turn. Thankfully you are told you don't have to memorize everything. After only the first week of training we are told we would have to take real live phone calls and help customers. This was surprising because we barely knew what we were doing at that point but we were expected to fumble our way through call with a customer which is completely unfair to them that we get to waste their time. The whole training experience left a bad taste in my mouth and I was already feeling unsure about everything at that point. By the time the 5 weeks are up and it is time to hit the floor you are placed on a team with a Team Lead who is pretty much your manager. Now here is where Transcom starts to become the stressful job I was talking about. Your Team Lead may not be available all the time. Even though it was me and my trainees first week on the job we often found ourselves left completely alone for days with no manager to talk to....more
ProsForced overtime if you are in it only for the money
ConsMetrics, lack of support, low pay, low vacation, you can never call out sick or risk dicipline, no job security
Technical Support Advisor | Remote | Nov 28, 2018
The Good and The Bad of Working For Transcom
This review will be a lengthy one . So if you want all honesty and no bull then please read further . So I am currently a T1iOS , MAC+ Advisor and a Mentor , my job duties include assisting customers with technical and non technical issues . So let’s discuss training if you are interested in this job apply and get hired you will be trained in a room called Blackboard, during this time of training your trainer may or may not be on camera, the training does consists of many slides and a lot of searching for articles in order to properly prepare you to look for information while on a call to assist your customers , during the first or second week you do take phone calls in order to prepare you for when you get on the production floor , but just like any job when you try something for the first time you are very nervous about it and then with practice you become more confident , before you can even make it to the production floor you have to pass your final exam , I have seen people in my training class go all the way through training and don’t make it to the floor because they fail the exam (which if you fail the first time you can take it again) . So once you pass the final exam you then make it to the production floor ,you have about 15 other coworkers and you communicate with your manager via a chat room , a lot of the times the TL’s are busy because they have meetings and sometimes they have to assist coworkers in another BB when they are having tech issues with there system...more
ProsWorking from home, job advancement, management
ConsPay, the way CSATS are recorded, strict attendance policy
Customer Service Representative | Remote | Jul 26, 2019
Set Up to Fail
I've been in customer service for 8 years and I have yet to understand what Transcom is really all about and why they treat their agents like they do. Customers were calling in for a full range of issues dealing with their internet service. Technical, Billing, Issues and New Customers. They take the scripted route and demand that the scripts be read VERBATIM, everytime for every customer, every work perfect. I was actually told by my manager to IGNORE THE CUSTOMER so that they could record me reading the script word for word. The customer could say, "please shut up" and I would have to keep on reading. I never did understand where exactly this absurd, militaristic procedure for handling customesr was coming from. I tried talking professionally to my manager and the guy above him explaining that, hey this isn't working. It creates a stressful, negative scenario for everyone invovled, especially the customer, but I was totally brushed off and eventually fired because i was so frustrated. Transcom (a BPO) claimed it was the client (the internet provider) but upon researching the client and posing as a customer myself while talking to the actual client's customer service agent, that was not how I was treated at all. . I was not read scripts and I was helped by a professional, well spoken individulal. Yet the way we were forced to interact with customers was a total departure from any of the well known industry-standard protocals. The customer service industry...more
Proswork at home
Conslow pay
Customer Service Representative | Louisiana | Jan 14, 2019
they work for a few companies, what happened with me wont necessary be your case!
ok so you can work for transcom but you will be working for another company as a customer representative, I work for and internet provider, I know some people work for apple and such.. the internet company that I work for It's not a good one so that doesn't make make job pleasant all the time , most of the customers are angry because they are not getting what they expected so it can be frustrating, but that can happen in any job, I had a good trainer and they tried to get us ready for the phones , at first it's hard I have to admit, since u are not in the call center it self u can't actually see how someone else does it's ob, but they have a good way of training you , u will get it just stick with it, they have like a Wikipedia where u can find how to do the process step by step. I my self had a problem with payroll and they keep messing stuff up , but other than that I like it. it can be stressfull because the company keeps changing the process or policies, and u have to do so much on a call it drives me crazy, even if u would like to have a short call u have to ask them so many things and pitch stuff it's annoying for the customers and for me, but that it's what the company wants for their clients. in terms of the schedulle , they will let u choose what schedule u would like and what days off, witch it was great, I started a second jobe and they change my schedule to a later one without a complain or a will see, they can set dates off for appointments and stuff witch i...more
Prosgood pay, you choose your hours, work from home
Consnot that many options for health care
Customer Service Representative | Florida | Nov 28, 2018
Not a good place to work
The basic people are great to work with. Training is just a bunch of powerpoints and slides. They expect you to know all about the KB’s and have to pull so many on every single call. You go through 3 weeks of class training and then 2 weeks of nesting. There are no raises no vacation and no sick days. So what you start out at is what you will make. And if you are very lucky you may get a bonus each month with perfect metrics. The insurance offered is so expensive that you will be working for less then federal minimum wage. And if you are sick and in the hospital like me forget it, you get written up and threatened with your job. They play favorites and there are so many people missing five six days and they still have a job. I am still there but actively seeking a new job. QA’s are a nightmare for you never know what KB’s to use on each call and if you use the wrong one you fail your QA, if you don’t continue to say the customers name throughout the call you loose points, it is a never ending cycle of you did this wrong. When all they really need to do is take the time to train you instead of making you read thousands of KB’s to service a call. You don’t get to choose a schedule they choose it for you, and you are locked into that schedule for the time you are with them. I started my class with 25 people and they dropped like flies until there were ten of us left, so I was moved to another class that started with 21 and they dropped like flies as well, we are now at 12. This ...more
ProsRegular employees not higher ups
ConsHealthcare, no perks, no vacation, sick days
Technical Support | Remote | Apr 2, 2019
Do not work for them
Hi everyone, the only reason to work for this company is if you cannot find a job then go for it till you find something else. Too many issues that makes me believe there is something suspicious about the company. 1. This is a company I know that will never verify you verbally they tell whoever wants to verify you to send a fax, please who does that, only Transcom. Seems the headquarters is not in USA is the problem I do not know. I needed someone to verify me the same day, I sent several emails for this purpose, they responded saying they cannot speak to anyone. I called no one would pick up. 2. If you work as a technical support you are on your own. First of all there is nothing techie about the job but more or less of telling lies to the customer about the data package they have for their internet and the customer yells back at you or curses you out. When you try to tell the next level of manager to handle the call they avoid doing so telling you there is no overall manager to speak with. I had an incidence that my team lead said I should ask again that there was a manager available that is just an example of out of many incidences. 3. If you are lucky, i do not want to say unlucky but if you fall under a micro manager forget it you will be stressful. I was a victim. On day he did one on one this so called micro manager was yelling and talking over me and would not allow me to speak and alas ask me what happened after and the so called HR and everyone believed ...more
ConsCannot speak with HR, micro management
Technical Support Specialist | Remote | Oct 19, 2018
The most unprofessional company I've ever seen!
I really don't know where to start with this review because I have so much to say... I worked for Transcom for a few months. I was a Technical support advisor. In training, I was told about all of the amazing benefits and support the company had to offer. Well it didn't live up to it's expectations once training was over and I hit production.. I had perfect CSAT surveys for supporting the customers, which is great because that's what helps you get more of a bonus on your paycheck. But my last month with the company that changed, only because customer's would leave reviews, happy with the support I provided but not happy with their product in general. So if you get a bad CSAT survey and it's nothing you did wrong but the product itself, it STILL counts against you and your bonus! This is not right and Transcom needs to make changes to such a unorganized and unprofessional system! There is a disconnect between the training that the company offers you and the way your team lead will tell you to do certain things and how to handle certain situations. I was threatened multiple times to be but on a final warning for not doing things I was never taught to do or even told to do! How am I suppose to do something I was never even informed about? I would constantly be reminded all day long to sign up for overtime which did no good because I would then have to miss other days due to technical issues and be sent home and wait for the problem to be fixed which knocked me out of my overtim...more
ProsThe customers
ConsUnprofessionalism and lack of support from Management, the CSAT survey system, tech issues with equipment different programs!
Technical Support Specialist | New Bern, NC | May 1, 2019
Run away!!!
I worked here for a few months. I can’t disclose who the client is but whoever you’re thinking you’re more than likely right! My experience was horrible. I had 3 different supervisors in a course of 3 months. The biggest issue was that I was fired on my day off. You are required to provide internet (if working from home). My internet service provider was Spectrum. At the time I had 5 devices using my internet daily, my personal iMac, my cell phone, my husband cell phone, and my work iMac. One day after being on MLOA for surgery, I began my shift as usual. I took one call and after that my cpu stop connecting to the internet. I did the proper procedure and contacted my shift lead, and IT. After days of troubleshooting n sending my cpu in, I was told it was nothing wrong with the cpu. However, all of my remaining devices connected perfectly to the internet. I went through my ISP and had them troubleshoot and even switch my equipment. The cpu still wouldn’t connect via WiFi or Ethernet. I was on the last day of troubleshooting which is the same day for my 2nd part of my surgery. My cell phone broke, and my shift lead was calling me to discuss other options. She couldn’t get through the next day BECAUSE MY PHONE WAS BROKE, and I got an email ending my employment. I was LIVID 1) I just had surgery and was approved for the week off and didn’t feel obligated to answer the phone 2) No other method was used to contact me or to see if I was okay because again my phone was broke (...more
Mac+ Advisor | Remote | Nov 10, 2019
2 years of being disrespected and insulted by management/HR
I was held accountable countless times for this company's lack of organization and proper planning when transitioning from one way of doing things to another. My computer would malfunction, people that didn't even speak English would then make me connect a google hangouts one way video chat to them and follow their instructions, which were the exact same every time, no matter what the issue was...every time, the computer was in much worse condition than when they started. Our training included the knowledge to fix the issue, but they did not listen, and clearly had no past experience in their job roles, which is frustrating when I am expected to depend on them for a documented resolution. I was "coached" (written up) 20+ times for their equipment issues, and their "I.T." team's mistakes causing more downtime and less money in my pocket, bills piled up, I struggled to even keep food in my house between the disconnect notices from the utility companies. I was accused of lying more times than I can count when attempting to reach someone that had any idea what they were talking about, they then held more than $2000 of pay from me after claiming that I was "not available" during working hours, they didn't bother checking for the active call logs or case numbers throughout the days that they claimed I was missing. Long story short, they fired me, and I was very thankful to no longer leave my financial wellbeing in the hands of this crooked and confused company. Luckily, I was e...more
Team Leader | Florida | Mar 5, 2020
Used to be good, now terrible don’t waste your time
I worked for 2 clients for this company over the course of 2 1/2 years. My first client I started off as an agent, I went to supervisor, then team leader manager with a 30k salary. Everything was more than great, the management was amazing and taught me how to go above and beyond for my team to keep the satisfaction level up and prevent attrition. That client ended our contract after 2 years due to not wanting work from home in general anymore. The second client I stepped down from management to become an agent again, to work for a company I had always dreamed of working for, that company was great however the team for this client was the worst I had ever seen in my life management wise. They messed up my schedule and absolutely refused to fix my completely flopped schedule. I quit my second job to try and hold on but it got much much worse, I never had a manager. Literally everyone but me had a manager so I could not get anything done. They acted like we were numbers instead of people, not like the people from my first client. (Which by the way they let go because of either country or pay difference, they let go of the best people in the company possibly the only people that knew what they were doing and left us with absolute bottom of the barrel trash) don’t do it guys, trust me I don’t think anyone has been as deep in the company as myself and so fast, to this day I have the longest article in the companies system out of anyone in the company about how I was so amazing at ...more

Questions And Answers about Transcom

Is there anyone applying for transcom recently? How long does the process usually take? I’ve did the application, then received an email to do a written interview what comes next?
Asked Apr 4, 2018
My interview only took 15 minutes and I was told by the recruiter an acquisition team would reach out to me in 72 hours. Originally told the interview would take 45 minutes but a I guess they can kind of can tell who will handle the position well and weed those people out first to not waste time. The others I guess they need to get a better feel for so they get more questions.
Answered Jul 19, 2019
I did the application on August 14th. I had the group interview on August 15th and later that evening I was offered the job. I speak with them tomorrow to finish the process. I start working on August 23rd.
Answered Aug 15, 2018
How often do raises occur at Transcom?
Asked Oct 17, 2016
The company provides bonuses but does not offer a wage increase or cost of living.
Answered Jan 22, 2019
It depends on the position you are hired for, and the client you will work for. However, most opportunities will include a raise after 6 months. Additionally, most opportunities offer performance based bonuses also.
Answered Aug 15, 2018
What advice would you give the CEO of Transcom about how to improve it?
Asked Oct 16, 2017
Your managers and team leads are racist and prejudiced towards minorities. You need to not have these types of people in positions of power, as it makes for a horrible experience. You need to replace several managers and team leads who are racist on your Apple Project.
Answered Sep 1, 2019
Stop with the micro management constantly and the impossible standards set for the employees to fallow.
Answered Dec 11, 2018
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Transcom? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Aug 11, 2016
It took me about a week
Answered Nov 28, 2018
For me it was 4 days throughout the whole process application, written interview, group interview(phone call with recruiter), I was given an offer right then, just had to make sure i had an analog phone and had to do speedtest on my pings, upload and download had to be at a certain thing. They overnighted my equipment and i start tomorrow!
Answered Apr 19, 2018
Is the job a Monday - Friday position?
Asked Apr 30, 2016
No even training was Tuesday through saturday. When I interviewed I even Told them I do not mind working a weekend once in a while but not every weekend and when I got my schedule it was for every weekend.
Answered Dec 27, 2017
It was a 24 hour office
Answered Sep 21, 2017