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Transportation Security Administration
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Security Officer | Columbus, OH | May 30, 2019
I worked with TSA and I believed in their mission, I supported their cause and I took my job seriously keeping passengers safe. At JGI (John Glen International) Columbus, OH was hit or miss. a typical day at work is long and fast paced, you have to move quickly or you will be left behind so pay attention in training and orientation. I learned a lot of procedures from which i will take with me into the future, Management depending on what checkpoint you get is pretty good. there is a checkpoint that has horrible managers but the other two checkpoints function perfectly. The workplace culture is not what it could be because on the concourse with bad managers...some of the officers are rude and disrespectful to new hires wearing white shirts. Make sure to know your stuff and don't be afraid to snap back at someone who disrespects you. Be advised on that checkpoint that comes after the letter A in the alphabet because some of those officers are "tight" with the supervisors. the culture on that checkpoint is not what it could be. the other checkpoints hum quite nicely. the hardest part of the job are the officers that are in tight with the supervisors and get away with more than they should. its difficult seeing people stand around while others work hard. Be aware of your mistakes because they are very unforgiving if you make any, I know this from personal experience. Know the SOPs and learn them well because some supervisors try to write you up for some things you were trained to...more
Prospaid lunch, good benefits, nice uniforms, pride in your job
Consmanagement, some lazy officers, unforgiving with mistakes
Security Officer | Midland, TX | Mar 21, 2019
Way too stressful, horrible management
I don't even know where to begin. You are verbally abused every day by passengers and you have to take it, nobody takes you seriously, it's one of the most thankless jobs out there. You hardly ever get any kind of breather at any time of the day, you're on your feet all day and it doesn't help when you have knee and back issues. Management does not have your back on anything. If you aren't in the clique, nothing you do is right, nothing great you do like catching a gun for example goes noticed or commended. Like it never even happened. Some people get special treatment over others, favoritism runs rampant at the TSA. Supervisors are completley untouchable no matter how many complaints from co-workers or passengers they get but will crucify a TSO over one small thing if you aren't in the clique. The benefits are not really as great as people try and portray them to be. Morale not just at the airport I'm at but all over the US, is in the toilet. Many of the TSO's have the worst social skills you can find, which makes the workplace that much more uncomfortable. The job is dangerous because of the constant abuse we take on a daily basis from passengers, it doesn't pay anywhere near enough what we have to deal with, we hardly have any kind of workplace rights. Getting any kind of time off that coordinates with your personal life is pretty much near impossible. You get what you get when it comes to time off. If something comes up in life and you need a few days off, you need at lea...more
Security Officer | Spokane, WA | Jun 7, 2019
Continuing Pay Shortages, Managerial Issues, High Stress Position - - NOT RECOMMENDED
The Office of The Inspector General noted in their recent report (publicly accessible and covered by CNN) the systemic issues with TSA Employment. Pay Shortages - it is one thing to be the lowest paid Federal Worker, but it is a fiscal crisis when you are owed monies and you are not paid in a timely, responsible fashion. TSA remains committed to pay you eventually, which could take weeks or months to resolve. Your back-pay is given in lump sums with substantial taxes taken out - it is a lose lose situation, especially when there are so many payroll processing errors. I have lost the opportunity to pay my bills and properly invest in my Thrift Savings Plan because of these issues. Time off - not happening. You earn annual leave, sick time, and compensatory time off, but there is no ethical mechanism to use this time. Severe staffing shortages make getting prior approved time off nearly impossible, requiring workers to call out sick to use their time owed to them. Turnover - as outlined in the OIG Report, turnover is a great problem. It makes it difficult to bond and gel as a team and be in a productive work environment when the conditions warrant leaving the employer. Most of my colleagues have left employment and I haven't even been employed for a year yet. Pros: If you need health insurance, this is one of the only part-time positions where you can purchase health insurance and participate in a retirement matching account. The caveat to this is that yo...more
ProsPart Time - Health Insurance Progams and Company Retirement Match
ConsHigh Turnover Rate, Pay Shortages, Inability to take leave
Security Officer | New York State | Jan 3, 2019
Overworked, Underpaid
I write this review during the government shutdown of December 2018, I am one of thousands of government workers not being paid. One of the cons of working for the TSA is lack of any union or representation during times such as this. This is only one of the many problems with the Department of Homeland Security. A typical day starts early in the morning, around 4:00 am if you are a full-time employee, shifts are 8.5 hours. I am a part-time employee, who begins work at 5:00 am, these part-time shifts are 5 hours and can begin anywhere from 4:00 am and end around 9:00 PM. This is only at the airport where I currently work, I cannot speak for other airports or to their schedules. The typical day starts with the first flights out of the airport, screening passengers, checking ID's, giving advisements, screening bags, scanning passengers or patting down passengers who request pat-downs. It is noisy, fast-paced and sometimes stressful atmosphere. Dealing with the public who are for the most part not appreciative of the job we do. We are short staffed and underpaid, and more than likely we are performing the job of two people, all while trying to maintain situational awareness and being helpful and courteous to passengers. The hardest part of the job is trying to keep up with the changes that occur to security measures. Having leads who are ill-equipped for the job, and make our job more difficult, and supervisors who do not support their team. The most enjoyable part of the job ...more
Proshealth benefits, retirement saving plan
Conspoor salary, shift work, early or late hours, poor management
Security Officer | Kenner, LA | Aug 6, 2019
One of thee worse place I’ve worked
Like I said above, this is one of the worse place I’ve worked. This is for ppl who don’t have a degree or only finished high high school and don’t mind settling for less. With a college degree you will feel degraded. The supervisors, leads and management is thee worse, too many favoritisms. It’s a lousy job with good benefits. They over work you. Sometimes u have to do work three ppl and if u put ur foot down and refuse to do it then ur called lazy by Tso’s managers, supervisors etc...They are petty there, it’s like a big soap opera. Pure gossip and minding ur business. They thrive off of seeing you fail. It’s a thrill to them. Every man is for them self. I personally think it’s a job for young kids or ppl who are in school and willing to come and go. This is not career oriented. To be quite honest I felt like I was going to prison every morning and when I get off I was set free until the next day. They micro managed & watched u like a hawk just to run to mangers or supervisor. Pure crabs in a bucket. Most of the women there are so jealous and envious. It’s such a different environment. Almost everyone there have the same mentality. While I was there they hired a younger crowd that was the best thing they did b/c the older ppl that work there and even the not so older ones that’s been there for a while thought they owned the company but guess what when they failed test they got fired like someone that’s been there for two days. Any meats bough said cuz I could go on and ...more
ProsSome good coworkers to socialize with and the benefits.
ConsEverything else was horrible. A whole bunch of miserable ppl.
Security Officer | Fort Myers, FL | Feb 27, 2020
JOB WARNING: You will come in contact with Coronavirus - COVID-19
With the Coronavirus being worse then the common cold, I'd highly suggest avoiding working at this organization, if you're sick and call off work, you will be disciplined and possibly terminated for failure to report to duty. Beware: This organization has an extremely high turnover rate for good reason. Probably due to the terrible work conditions, hostile work environment and very, very poor management. Worst place I have EVER worked! Shameful because it COULD BE a really good job, but it's not. Part-timers get the same benefits as full-timers. So, if you need great benefits and only want to work 20 hours a week... might want to consider it. If you need the money and decide to apply for full-time... you'll soon find out why they have such a high turnover rate. Don't worry about getting hired. They will hire anyone. Anyone! And if you think you will be treated like a professional, with dignity and respect, think again. TSA is the worst place to work in the Federal Government. Not because of the job, but because it is a poorly ran organization that doesn't know what it is doing. You will have to work part time for almost 6 months before being offered full time status, the pay is barely enough to survive on considering the job stress they put on you. They set high standards for security, but yell at you for not moving fast enough while following the standards. The promotion system they have set up makes it not worth getting promoted if you have worked the safe pay level ...more
STSO | New Orleans, LA | Aug 17, 2018
Welfare job
The only reason one would want to work for TSA is the opportunity to leave them as soon as possible for another job in the Federal Government. If you're under 35 with a CJ degree or prior military service, you might consider it. But you do not want to be stuck with this agency long term. It is difficult to move around to other agencies. Salary is okay to start, but you're not in the GS system, so pay doesn't significantly improve over time. If you're good at your job AND your supervisor likes you, you may get a 1% pay increase after a nearly perfect annual performance review. Education and ability mean NOTHING to the agency; your chance at promotion is determined by the pals you make in Management. The AM shift may start as early as 4:00 AM. The PM shift might go until 10:00 PM (or later) because you are at the mercy of the airlines, who always have delays.You do get health and 401K benefits, so there's that. The pension you would earn after 20 years of service is not worth the digging through dirty clothes, patting down "sensitive areas" (groin, buttocks, breasts) and dealing with the attitudes and ugliness from many of the passengers. And there are too many TSOs who have no work ethic, no motivation, no professionalism, and who only work there because they would be on welfare otherwise. Management is strictly motivated by maintaining the status quo to preserve their jobs, so they are not interested in working to improve conditions for officers. Consistently rated...more
ConsToo many to list
Security Officer | Covington, KY | Aug 17, 2018
It is a position that works around the airline schedule- so hours may or may not be family friendly. Your requirement is to be at work, you would be an emergency personnel so if you don't like driving in snow or there's been damages with storms, the airport doesn't close because of weather and you are required to be at work. You do get paid vacation and sick days but scheduling them may be difficult because you are competing for days with hundreds of employees. Government shutdowns do occur and keep that in mind, you would still be required to work with knowing you may or may not be paid for your job. You are required to keep track of your performance, and notify your supervisor and higher of good things you do- even though you see your supervisor and they know what your skills are- end of year reviews are your responsibility to fight for and ultimately your yearly bonus. There is hiring freezes and lack of additional funds for some positions, so job advancement may be a challenge if you don't want to work security on the airport floor. Depending on Congress and public there could be negative press about your agency and job position. There could be policy changes frequently and procedure changes so being ready everyday to take on any challenge is a must. If you get educated enough on intelligence on the threats to aviation you will understand just how important your job is.
Prosgreat federal benefits for insurance
ConsDemands on Transportation Security Officers is higher than those in positions higher
Security Officer | Philadelphia, PA | Jun 29, 2019
Stressful, Targeted Age Discrimination, and Perceived Undesirables
TSA has developed key policies, acceptable employee standards and a mission statement worthy of commitment and loyalty. The problem is, some employees do not stick to it, and it's not enforced openly by management. It's as if you become a target for abuse and criticism when you don't fit in with the status quo, or preconceived notion of how others view themselves. Standing up for what you know to be right in the workplace is disingenuous. A few employees pulled me to the side and acknowledged that I was being targeted for dismissal. This is sometimes typical of today's workplace, but it should not be. From the onset there were discrepancies and mistreatment. I was passed around from one person to the next to acquire the knowledge I needed to be successful on the job. I requested a new coach, one who was willing to train me properly. When I went for my two week training out-of-state, my name wasn't even included on the list of attendees. TSA paid for the plane fare, but failed to register me. Even after I sent an email expressing my concern. After successfully completing the course, it seemed as though management found other ways to discredit me, and devise a way to dismiss me from employment. They didn't admit that, but their actions proved otherwise. Finally, I was so stressed and had enough. I resigned from employment because I realized that life is just too short for unwarranted animosity. No amount of money is worth my happiness.
Security Officer | Dulles, VA | Nov 11, 2018
Very Stressful and high tension environment
I worked for TSA for a total of 3 years I relocated 3 times for career advancement. I found myself working to live and living to work. As a college student I was use to working with professional people especially having military and college training and tolerance. However, I applied 28 times for a promotion and received and interviewed it and was about to relocate and then was accused of doing drugs and then terminated without cause. I don't recommend any african american individual to work in this agency because, they're very prejudice towards those who are educated and eager to learn because they're fearful you'll take they're job. No a good agency at all. For this to be a federal agency and not to be able to offer a good retirement plan just a simple TSP it isn't enough. The medical benefits are alright it was enough to get braces but I wouldn't entrust any life decision making on it. They don't offer tuition reimbursement despite what they offer in this online certificate class (its not a degree). Overall I appreciate the endless hours of training however the management don't know policy or procedure. I wouldn't recommend anyone working here long term get your experience and then move on to a more reliable agency. I still can't believe to this day that these are the folks protecting our Aviation system. Its not good.
ConsManagement and and advancement

Questions And Answers about Transportation Security Administration

How are the working hours?
Asked May 24, 2016
Any time, lm still on Marine Time . As for what you want Me to do asap.
Answered Jul 28, 2019
12 hours are good, starting from 8am to 7pm.
Answered Apr 27, 2019
How did you get your first interview at Transportation Security Administration?
Asked Jun 17, 2016
Applied online
Answered Apr 21, 2019
I applied for the TSA position through the usajobs densite .The called me back After about 8-10weeks later
Answered Apr 21, 2019
If you start off part time is it possible to go to a full time position?
Asked Mar 24, 2017
Yes as needed
Answered Sep 26, 2019
Yes it IS possible to move to full Time.
Answered Apr 21, 2019
How long is the hiring process for the Transportation Security Inspector position?
Asked Feb 25, 2017
9 months for me
Answered Feb 17, 2020
The hiring process for T S A was not long to be exact it took about 6 months for the hiring job seekers learn about the company by being objective and to the point.
Answered Apr 20, 2019
What advice would you give the CEO of Transportation Security Administration about how to improve it?
Asked Jan 29, 2018
My advice is that, in big company like that where people came from all over the world need cooperation and treat workers as the same because company can transport their goods to some other country, maybe one of the employee's country, he/ she can recommend very good about the company, business people are always good and cooperative. Thanks
Answered Apr 27, 2019
Help job seekers learn about the company by being objective and to the point.
Answered Apr 20, 2019