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Overall Reviews at TruGreen

Lawn Technician | Pembroke Pines, FL | Jan 15, 2020
Dysfunctional Job
“Your replaceable” was told to me on first day of working here. It’s not wrong, but really? One of the most dysfunctional places to work. I was told to arrive at 8am on my second day of working here. So that’s what I did, I got up and got ready for work and was going to be there by 8. As I got up to go to work, I get a call from another manager saying I was actually supposed to be there at 6:30am. So that set the tone for this job. The job is talking to customers on there property, and spraying there yard. It doesn’t get anymore complicated than that. You can get up to 30 stops a day in your designated area. My area was around Miami. So I had to get in my truck in the morning IF they had one available for me or I had to spend the next hour looking/resupplying one, drive about 40-50 minutes away before I could start my work. So imagine being given 9-10 hours worth of work, and having to drive about an hour to and from your branch but not before taking an hour just to ready your truck, while also being expected to make it back before nightfall. It’s nearly impossible. Unless you blitz through people’s lawns and don’t take a lunch break. Expect all your equipment to break down. From the reel, that roles the hose up, not working, to your spreader that will stop spinning. EVERYTHING will break down, especially while your working. That will make your already long day even longer. Be ready to improvise. Also expect complaints from customers, ALOT of complaints. ...more
Lawn Care Specialist | Lewis Center, OH | Aug 21, 2019
Worst company ever!
Lewis Center Ohio location! I just wanted to start off saying that this is the worst company I have ever worked for in my life. My first day in training on the truck with an individual the said individual started saying racial comments to me in a very negative manner, I reported this to management the guy denied it and then of course nothing happened. I was pushed on the road finally after training with vehicles that did not work and equipment that just kept breaking down while in the field. Would contact management they would never answer and just send a text that they were in meetings and can't talk right now? Been at the company for 30 days and still never got my uniforms was wearing a couple shirts and a couple pants from some other person that I've never met. All clothing was way too big for me as well as boots. I would report these things to management with every issue that I would have and they would just blow it off and just send you back to work and pretty much not care. They are also making technicians manipulate numbers while in the field, the wind would be blowing so hard and chemicals hitting you in the face you call management they tell you to edit the tablet and change the wind factor which is manipulation? Which also means and from what they told me that if the wind is blowing too hard the customer does not get the treatment that they're paying for the chemicals are just blowing in the wind not on the lawn? Today is Monday August 19th and I returned the coupl...more
Lawn Specialist | Oklahoma City, OK | Apr 2, 2019
well managed company with an equal opportunity for everyone to succeed
At TruGreen, they have recently made changes in the "higher-ups" causing changes at the branch. However, this wasn't so much that it changed things drastically, in fact, it changed things for the better. A typical day at work wasn't too incredibly hard, on the other hand though, it was more taxing on the body than I ever imagined. You are assigned a company truck that is yours for you to take care of and keep clean, check the oil in, and keep it kept up to par. With that truck, you drive to your assigned route and do your daily tasks, whether that be aeration, spraying pesticide, treating for mosquitos, treating tree and shrubs, spreading limestone or fescue seed, treating for grub worms and other insects, or laying down sod. As far as the management goes, they are generally really good at keeping you where you need to be as far as workload and really anything you would need. They work with you to get you to work at the pace they need you to work at, and they also work with you to make sure that your equipment is in proper working order. Workplace culture was really laid back as far as the coworkers go. Everybody is there to help everybody. Personally, for me, The hardest part of the job was keeping up with the work pace that they eventually require. This was only because I have severe feet problems and, very unexpectedly, my asthma, that I thought I had grown out of, had become an issue. these factors caused me to slow down throughout the day and make it really hard to get u...more
Prosmanagers are there to help with anything you need, benefits are available as well as 401K through wells fargo
Consbreaks set you back a lot, the health insurance was changed to cigna, equipment does often break.
Route Manager | Washington State | Sep 17, 2019
You can do better than Trugreen
I have worked in the lawn and tree care industry for 20 years. I started my career with Trugreen and was with them for a decade. I left that company due to their questionable ethics, their treatment of customers and employees, and their abysmal management of the business. Understand, Trugreen is not a lawn and tree care company. It is a marketing company that happens to sell lawn and tree care. There is a difference. They do not really care about results, only bean-counting. That is why their routing is awful, techs are expected to do 30 jobs a day, and sales are supposed to say anything to make a sale regardless if it is true or not. The goal of Trugreen is to outsell its cancels, instead of actually doing a good job and retaining its current customers. You can find smaller companies that will actually compensate you fairly for the hard work you do and the hours you put in. Companies that don't lie their customers or expect techs to run through 30 properties in an awful route just to hit some number generated by a suit in a cushy office. Companies that don't expect techs to spray in the wind and rain. Companies that would rather have sales people make honest sales and create long term customers than just generate temporary revenue they have to out sell after they make the new customer angry. Companies that have managers who will teach people new to the industry how to do the job the correct way and who actually know what a problem is instead of making up some...more
Prosfast paced, outside, work alone
Consunethical, poor management, corporate nonsense, poor compensation, long hours, seasonal
Lawn Specialist | Franklin, MA | Oct 5, 2019
It's a job
This is a job, not a career. If you need some work right now and your MVR is reasonably clean this is for you. It's not, however, a job anyone should be doing. Forget about the insane work hours, push for more stops completed, sales, etc. Nevermind the aging fleet and general disrepair of equipment (bring some tools). The real problem here is the point of the main service line is to give you a green, lush, weed free lawn. But why? On avarage, you'll spend 150 hours per season taking care of your lawn. More if you cut it yourself. How much does all that cost? More importantly, what does the lawn give you in return? A pretty green carpet that feels nice on your feet and looks good at the street? Really, what does grass give you that can't be had some other way? Oh right, a sign of wealth. The lawn really took off in America after WW2, levittowns for returning soldiers were built cookie cutter style, having grass pre-installed and care instructions left for homeowners on properly caring for their new lawn. From this, having a nice green lawn became the American way. Interesting, almost all the lawn care customers are white elderly folk or a boomer. This service is killing bees, disrupting the nitrogen cycle, painting the world with chemicals, and promoting one of the greatest American scams. A pretty green lawn is not impressive. A vegetable garden is. How about some flowers? Stop buying this. No one here cares about you or your lawn. We're encouraged to go...more
Sales Associate | Alpharetta, GA | Mar 7, 2020
Juice is NOT worth the squeeze!
This is Very ENTRY LEVEL, Door to Door, cold call sales. While most get excited about the weekly salary guarantee its all smoke and mirrors. You definitely earn the base salary by working long hours but then you don’t get paid commission on your first 6 sales every week, commission starts after that and then don’t expect more than $20-$30 per sale. I realized after making hundreds of calls every day and speaking with past customers that this company is more concerned about sales volume and not interested in fixing past customers issues many people in the call center got cussed out daily while making sales calls. The competition seems to be doing a better job with customer service, that trend was consistently evident while making sales calls and speaking with past customers and trying to get them to switch back which they don’t! You will be micro-managed daily so if you don’t like that then this is not the place to go. Very high sales turnover. You will be using your own car and gas money and they reimburse for gas but only ⅓ of what it should be. If I was told the truth upon interviewing I would not have taken this job so maybe I didn’t ask enough questions “You will be calling old leads, & past customer cancellations… the good leads go to the supervisors”. There is favoritism among the sales staff. “You will be going Door-To-Door in neighborhoods and even when there is no soliciting signs posted you are expected to knock and then enter the outcome into the App for eve...more
Sales Representative | Londonderry, NH | Jul 14, 2019
A Great Learning Experience That Will Challenge You & Actually Pay Well.
A job with a lot of ups and downs, as it as a sales job after all. A typical day at work changes based on bi-monthly intervals i.e. winters consist of staying in & just working the phones to call people who have canceled or who are inactive with the lawn care service, all to get your feet wet. Then when spring rolls around you will mostly just go cold approach door-to-door in order to sell people lawn care, which consists of knocking on anywhere from 80 - 125 doors a day, ideally; this is where your skill & intangibles will truly be tested. All in all, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Once summer rolls around, that is the much better part of the year, as far as work life balance & with the degree of difficulty for getting sales. For the first 2 weeks, you work the phones to cross sell (sell someone something else later on) active customers on what's called the Mosquito Campaign...which is a lot of fun. Afterwards, you'll be given a stack of lead sheets to drive your car to anywhere from 20 - 30 different houses & cross sell active customers on what's called the Tree & Shrub Campaign which can also be fun & much more laid back, compared to knocking on 100+ doors a day for cold approach sales. So a typical day at the office is, as you can see, is not so typical... Of all the bad or good things that I can highlight about TruGreen, one thing is for sure when you work for will learn the ever so valuable & future-proof skill, which is the ability ...more
Lawn Care Specialist | Las Vegas, NV | Jul 11, 2019
Hard work, for which you've been thoroughly trained and elucidated.
I enjoyed working for TruGreen in both positions I had the opportunity to possess. The companies anatomy produces a structure where management has great insight and experience, to provide employees with techniques, and practices to overcome deficiencies, follow company procedure, and be successful. Most managers have been in the position they manage. I feel this created an instant camaraderie and team atmosphere, as well as, a testament to the opportunity for any employee to move into a management position. I learned a great deal working for TruGreen. I learned about the aspects of Pest Control and, about the health and state of lawn ornaments. More importantly I had an opportunity to interact with customers regularly and build a set of people skills I didn't have before. I relished the fact that I was allowed to work without being berated or henpecked. What was expected of me was clear and I had no qualm reaching out to management in any situation where i was unsure, uneasy, and/or inexperienced. The hardest part of working for TruGreen is that the nature of the business and their saturation of such a vast expanse. This, in itself, is prestigious and swanky. However, it creates an arduous workload for employees. If you are afraid of work, TruGreen is not for you. I ultimately feel that in an hourly position with TruGreen, you are compensated more adequately than in a salaried position. Salaried positions are not paid meagerly(commission excluded), but the Job Work/Life Bal...more
Lawn Care Specialist | Lititz, PA | Jan 3, 2019
Choose what YOU want to do with life
If you are looking to get rich, BUT lack the drive to go up the chain of command and willingness to move to do so... this is not the place for you. If; however, you are looking to have the feeling of being self reliable and out in the field, talking with customers and handling their lawns than this is the place for you. I have greatly enjoyed my time at TruGreen, and will continue to do so. I have no intentions on moving from this company as I highly value my social life with the team; and the freedom that working solo provides me. There is a large workload though which needs to be done every day in the summer, which with this type of work is the hardest time to do the amount of physical labor necessary. Getting that done is a rewarding feeling though, and will help you get your steps in! Social structure, equipment support, and work loads do vary from branch to branch. Compensation just took a bump up, though still leaves a bit to be desired. That said, if you are looking for higher wages you can go up the chain. I have seen three promotions from the local branch in just one year, and this is not just a fad but the normal. If you are undecided what to do in life it is perfectly reasonable to work at TruGreen for a season or two and do your searching for your personal goals during the Seasonal Lay-off. Would love to see more good workers come in and stay in but remember that your life is for you to choose.
ProsLong hours with time and a half pay, may work through lunch, Social structure, Get your steps in, Adventure/Get to know the area and its inhabitants.
ConsLong hours, sometimes must work through lunch, Weather, Compensation
Lawn Technician | Rocky Hill, CT | Jul 26, 2018
Not a typical job
You're hired as a "lawn tech" but in the course of the day they want you to stop and knock on doors to sell their service. They also want you to up sell current customers. You start at 630am get your route and check your truck then off to your route. On a typical day you can have anywhere between 30-45 customers and you're expected to service each one within a 10 hour time frame. Often your work sheet will say a customer has a 5000 sqft lawn and when you get there its over 20000sqft so that sets your day back at least 15 minutes and that will happen multiple times a day.You will not get home before 6pm on most days. Extreme heat and humidity,rain, etc.. weather doesn't matter to them, you need to finish the route in long pants, long sleeve shirts, and thick boots. They tell you right off that you will be working 4 eleven hour days. But often you're working 5 sometimes 6 days. Yes they pay OT which is nice but when you get back to the office now they want you to call customers and push more services when all you want to do is go home and see your family. Overall it was an OK job, not great, and definitely not for anyone out of shape as you will be walking a lot. My supervisors were decent but definitely micro-managed everything from your driving time, speed, to how long you are at each stop and if you're slow, you will get a call or text to speed up. There was no advancement opportunity that i saw. All the supervisors were there for a while and they want you to have at leas...more
Prospay was OK, supervisors were decent
Conslong days, uniforms were uncomfortable, no lunch breaks due to volume of routes

Questions And Answers about TruGreen

Do true green hire felons
Asked Oct 11, 2016
All trugreen employees are felons
Answered Feb 17, 2020
Yes they do and don’t care if they were prosecuted while working there. If you are a 2nd offense domestic abuser Sure! Why not?? They should do background checks every year!!! Scum!!!!
Answered Aug 12, 2019
Do you have to drive your own vehicle or you get paid per mileage?
Asked May 13, 2016
Trugreen--wouldn't do it
Answered Jan 9, 2019
Yes ,you drive your own. I had a rough time, driving hours to Kokomo and back at night with a vehicle that had its headlights smashed in so I could barely see. Ended up buying a car and getting in debt just so that I could have some reliable transportation. They should give company cars. And they dont count the miles driven from home to office as mileage they should pay you for. About .20 a mile
Answered Jun 27, 2018
What advice would you give the CEO of TruGreen about how to improve it?
Asked Aug 19, 2017
When down-sizing your sales teams due to Corvid-19 fears, try to keep your reps who have been consistently performing in the field despite the virus, in the sales department. Sending these innovative minds to spray lawns instead of calling potential clients will definitely be a missed opportunity for the company and it’s employees.
Answered Mar 26, 2020
Maintain vehicles properly so they arent death traps and invest in your employees. Also your management team needs reorganized, some have been in one spot to long.
Answered Mar 5, 2020
What is the best part of working at TruGreen?
Asked Nov 22, 2019
Nothing that is why I'm no longer working there
Answered Feb 23, 2020
Is good to work with TruGreen but bad management at midland Odessa
Answered Jan 29, 2020
what type of pre employment drug screen do they administer?
Asked Feb 18, 2016
Trugreen will also drug test you on any reported accident or incident if you work for them. Also, every 2 years you need to get retested.
Answered Feb 19, 2018
5 panel standard
Answered Jan 27, 2018