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Supervisor | Northbrook, IL | Oct 23, 2018
Quick paced, and good challenge.
I started out as a peak box loader and was promted to supervisor about 8 months later. I worked hard and found meaning in working hard. Being a package handler is a whole nother beast. The pay is to good to pass up a promotion despite increased responsabilities. 19.30hr im 19 years old. UPS helped me find my motivation to exceed in other aspects of life. It teaches you determination and managment skills. A typical day involves me setting up my boxline. And scanning boxes in trucks for misloads. Then taking care of all the odds and ends. Open/broken boxes wrong labels leakers and things like that. I do this all well supervising my employees and making sure they do what they need to do. On a bad day which there are many I am responsible for covering the workload of an employee that didnt show up as well as my other responsibilities. In my opinion the people with the worst expierences have the worst attitudes. Having a good attitude is everything at UPS. If you have a crumy attitude you will not enjoy your job, youll hate it. You will eventually find it gratifying to push yourself and do a good job. Managment is tough because it has to be but if you work hard and do your job the people there can be very fun and playful. My coworkers are good dudes and very funny. Management always had food for us and rewards like UPS clothing. They gave a way xboxes in raffles and reward supervisors with ps4 games. The CEO started as a package handler and worked his way up. There is always oppor...more
Prospay, benfits, face passed, Lessons learned
Consrarely take breaks if ever
Operations Manager | Gaffney, SC | Dec 10, 2018
A good place to work but improvement in communication needed
The typical UPS begins with arriving to the facility and asking people how the day went and asking if the upper managers have made any big changes or if anything has been going on that you need to be aware of because work of mouth is the best way to become informed of stuff at the facility I worked. Then you will prepare your employees to start work as they all begin to arrive at their scheduled start time, where you then need to hold down one of the more menial office jobs until your clerk can start work because she is limited to six hour days. Making it difficult to get out from behind the desk and actually manage during this time. When your clerk arrives and you can leave said desk it's good to walk around and keep presence on the floor to ensure your 100 employees are staying busy and productive introducing motivation and accountability where they are lacking. Then you look at your overalls for the day and decide how long you are going to work people to make goal and begin making adjustments based on that while handling anything that may come up during that. After you finish up for the day you will be handling alot of repetitive end of the day paperwork which is the same information readily available to anyone after you end the shift and it's even published the next day automatically. Without you lifiting a finger to create it. Which is unfortunate because at this point and time you are most likely already passed your salaried hours. Which they say when they hire yo...more
ProsGreat well paid employees, Easy discipline system, Safety focused environment
ConsNo breaks what so ever for management despite 12 hours days most of the time, No communication, No Work/Life balance.
Package Handler | Greensboro, NC | Apr 6, 2019
"Seniority" is used to hide behind bias & favoritism
When you start working as an Unloader, you get sent back home a lot. Imagine coming in on the Sunrise shift (4:45am -7am) & Supervisors telling you there is a low work volume & you're not needed. Really?! And you just know this when I've forfeited my sleep & money to come in to work?! They try to tell you that there is no way for them to know the work load beforehand which is poppycock! UPS is a boys club. Most of the men have the less physical jobs e.g, working the floor, pick-off and the sorting. It is sexist, bias & they practice favoritism. For example, to change to the position of Sorter, they say you have to have seniority. However, a male co worker started after me and by the next day or so, he was switched to the Sorting position, but I had more seniority than him. They are not consistent with their rules. I was told you are not allowed to have cellphones & music devices on the job, yet many, many, many, workers are in possession of them inside the Hub. In addition, I was met with extreme difficulty by a Supervisor who refused to switch me back to the position of Unloader after he changed me to the unsafe position as Loader which I did not request. Yet, another male co worker was switched from Pre-load position to Unloader with ease. It seems at UPS, the Load position is where they send many of the females. During my time as a Loader, I was harassed by another Supervisor which ultimately led to me changing to a different shift. There is another position call...more
ProsYou meet some nice workers
ConsNo breaks, low pay
Package Handler | Florida | May 23, 2019
Worst Job I've Ever Worked
Crooked, lazy management who couldn't care less for their subordinates; who will always find a way to delegate responsibility on to somebody else. They like to perceive their power as absolute and cannot be reasoned with. They behave like spoiled children and clearly demonstrate favouritism, and would rather waste time and talk about online gaming than lift a finger to help someone in need. Only if they are commanded by a superior or threatened will they pitch in to minimally relieve package handlers of a nearly unbearable workload; or they will find someone else to do their dirty work for them. Occasionally they would offer some worthless praise that they likely figure justifies their pay cheque. Sadly, the only supervisor that legitimately tried to help was terminated shortly after I was hired. Maybe I should have clued in sooner that good people will not last here. To make matters worse, some of your coworkers will be nice up front, but will rat you out for brownie points as you are struggling to cope with a ridiculous workload as they waste time and shout racously with innuendos and twisted comments. They get to break the rules but new hires get to bear the brunt of being the bastions of burden. Otherwise, nobody here could care any less if you exist or even gave a solid attempt to put a dent in the workload. I had expected at least slightly better at 3 AM. Spent my short ten minute break either trying to find a spot in a washroom or clearing a path into th...more
ConsNasty drinking water, corrupt management, dirty obsolete facility, pricks for coworkers..
Package Handler | Doraville, GA | Sep 10, 2019
Fast paced, job is pretty much what you make it
Its a labor job and pretty self explanatory. I really had no problem with the job itself; coworkers are always friendly and welcoming, there are a lot of opportunities to advance in the company for anyone, and it is a unionized work place. The work environment is dangerous but that should be expected in a warehouse. The pay is good for what you do. Its a good starting job for high schoolers since 1) pretty much anyone is hired because they always need workers and 2) its honestly really hard to get fired/written up unless you're being a lunatic. Its hard to find a work/life balance if you aren't working the morning shift, especially for students. I can't say I learned much but a typical day as an unloader usually consists of being sent to unload your assigned truck and moving back and forth to wherever your supervisor sends you. It definitely takes a specific type of person to work here as there will be some people that are rude, will leave you to do all the work, etc. Considering the fact that you will be doing hard labor in various uncomfortable environments, all of those things are annoying but its important to take everything with a grain of salt. Some days that will be hard but if you have a strong enough will, you'll be able to learn how to ignore these things. What I had a problem was the management. Most upper management people I dealt with were disrespectful and rude to workers while simultaneously demanding respect. They aren't protected by the union so they like...more
Loader/Unloader | Indianapolis, IN | Jul 25, 2018
Extremely physically demanding
Before I begin, I must preface with the working conditions. I was working in a sheet metal, temporary building with no air conditioning or indoor plumbing. They had 3 port-a-potties for over 40 workers. They provided water but it would usually not last half of a shift since it was during the summer. The building did not have fans until after I had put in my two weeks notice. The day started at 3pm and was supposed to end at 8pm, per the application, but we would be lucky to leave before 11pm. A typical work day would be everyone huddles at the entrance to do stretches for about 5 to 10 mins then we would be sent to our designated trailers. I was one of the few people who worked as a loader and unloader so we shall start with unloading. An unloader would go into a trailer with another worker and would set up a conveyor belt that we would then place boxes, weighing between 75 to 200lbs, onto and push down to the person who then scans the box and places it on the main belt that leads to the loading area. Unloading was the harder of the two and every single unloader would leave at the end of the day drenched in sweat to the point where they looked like they had just left a pool. We would get maybe two breaks in a shift but they would not last longer than 5 to 10 mins each. We were allowed a couple of minutes for water breaks but if they saw us doing anything outside of drinking, like sitting, we would be issued a verbal warning. Moving on to loading, it was a lot more lenient. Th...more
ProsTime and a half for any work done past 5 hours
ConsWorking conditions
Server | Earth City, MO | Aug 25, 2018
HOSTILE MANAGEMENT! Good pay, insurance, 401K, vacations... ONLY if your Union
If you don’t mind working for id10ts that will fire you for ANYTHING, just to break you down so you will do what they want no matter how unfair and/or stupid, then you “might” like working there. The union isn’t much help, as they have become more a business partner than having your back, like in the old days. Plus, I’m not going to be pushed to vote democratic just because the union wants me to. Management is a flipping joke! I have worked at a lot of different jobs, unions & non-union, but never have I seen anything as backwards, hostile, unpredictable and incomprehensible as they are. You never knew, from day to day, if you where going to be targeted for harassment. You are not a person at UPS. You are a number. Everything is a number. If you mess with their numbers, your going to get harassed, fired, treated like excrement and made to be as miserable as they can possibly make you. No, I’m not some disgruntled employee. This is simply the sad truth. I really enjoyed the challenging work, but couldn’t take the constant a holes of supervisors and managers. Heck, some didn’t even agree with the practices they where forced to enforce! There are those who failed at their original job and where made a supervisor. Untrained, unprofessional and forced to be on call 24/7 on a salary. Some Supervisors where so ignorant, that the janitor was better qualified. Seriously! UPS, doing things the same way for decades. Why? Because change is not in their vocabulary. ...more
ProsIf your Union, fair pay, 401K, insurance, paid vacations, paid sick days.
ConsHostile work environment, low morale, junk Equiptment or lack thereof.
Package Handler | Lawnside, NJ | May 3, 2019
Hit or miss management, terrible pay by comparison.
**Read the whole thing if you really want to work for ups.** So you want to work for ups? Think again you start from the bottom as all businesses should start employees, but advancement is very few and far between, need a degree to be a supervisor that's fine and dandy (still need to start as a package handler) when you become a supervisor welcome to a living hel* of unorganized chaos don't worry you probably were only a package handler for a month and don't know how things work anyway hope your at least part of the 30ish% of supervisors that aren't a** hats, as a package handler your at the bottom and thus you get treated as the bottom, scarce training and being asked to constantly do things you don't know how to do on top of waking up at 3am to go to work will probably make your work environment miserable, hope your not getting harassed it happens a lot especially from the supervisors, Healthcare it's a joke they tell you everything is covered you go to the hospital and you end up still paying $300+ that's not so bad right? Guess again your only going to make about $150 a week because you only work 3 hours a day Maybe 4 if your lucky, you freeze but also sweat in the winter not so bad I guess it's always 100% humidity in the summer hope you like sweating oh and they run out of water fast remember to bring some, peak season is great the only time of the year you actually make money but your going to have to work 6 days a week and probably 6 hours a day, don't think about ...more
ProsShort work days (3 hours), no dress code, holiday pay
ConsSupervisors don't know how to treat people/do thier jobs, terrible pay in comparison to a job where you actually work decent hours, healthcare is basically useless, medication coverage is only accepted at CVS, can rarely use your paid time off, dangerous work conditions in a majority of positions, short work days (3 hours)
Package Handler | San Francisco, CA | Mar 23, 2019
Challenging physical job you have to be in shape to perform the duties
Job at UPS was for seasonal Christmas help part time. You have to been on top of what is going on as from the time applying for position in another city for like Ceres, California you go in for interview to work there but at the end of interview the HR person paused at the end to tell everyone by the way the Job you interview for will not be actually in Ceres, California but will be in South San Francisco, California and you will have to take a bus the provide to get to work during this time. Work hours varied from 10:30 pm to 9:00 am. one week or a few days then told you will catch the bus the next day at 12:30 am and once arrived in the bay are will work from 3:30 am to 9:00 am. Was constantly changing from day to day and week to week. Issues that occurred is management would forget to tell all employees causing many employees miss the bus due to the constant time changes and not being informed by all supervisors and manager at the San Bruno UPS facility. In addition many employees on pay day had no checks or they they were shorted many times on hours worked there therefore having open grievances with Union Reps to get paid with at time some would not receive paycheck for a couple of weeks. The other confusing issue was no consistency from all supervisors along with manager how they wanted the work done and offered very little training. A few hours of telling you what you would be doing then watch a videos for 1 hours going over warning labels on packages that was i...more
ProsThe only pro was that you were shuttled in a charter bus, Did not have to drive 1 1/2 hours to the location
ConsConstantly having hours being shorted on paychecks.
Driver | Dallas, TX | Dec 26, 2019
Seasonal PVD Driver - Dogs are a big problem
Fun place to work for a few months around the holidays. Use your own car and get paid Hourly plus $0.58/mile. Dogs are the only downside. Several close calls and a few nips on my legs. Only been here a month! People don't seem bothered to put up their animals and they act like its normal and ok to let them growl and bark at you nonstop. They forget that in the eyes of the law you're an invited guest the moment they purchase something online to be delivered. So any unprovoked attack is a lawsuit waiting to happen for the homeowner. But they don't care. Carry a good pocket knife (or pepper spray.. good luck with a pit) so if you get cornered and attacked you can defend yourself instead of just bleeding out while waiting for help that might not come. You find out real quick that your 25MPG crossover will now get 11MPG due to the constant stop/go/idling and since you pay for your gas... be prepared for that. You average 40-100 miles a day @6-8hrs a day. I don't recommend a truck or thirsty SUV for gas concerns or anything small like a civic since you can't fit many packages. You'll find yourself not getting called in for work because you waste so much time digging around a tightly packed car and meeting back with the brown truck 6+ times a day. Just remember I told you so. Their insurance umbrellas over your personal policy while you're on the clock. So that's good. Pro tip: If you deliver in a rural or bad cell reception area just download offline maps for you are...more

Questions And Answers about UPS

Why did you leave your job at UPS?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Ups Shop Steward Mahoney 15 yrs in service never stops working for employee’s. With COVID-19 the immediate action members endure from his representation is high regard to SAFETY On duty and off duty. Passing gloves out on the primary (full 360 of building structure) while work is in progress to standing at point of departure for the next day arrival equipped to work safely Mahoney is a dedicated shop steward is on call for anything members need any question or resolutions that need to be solved. Leadership is 100% positive Representation 100% of the time The unions backbone of commitment Teamsters are afforded paid leave & short term disability eligibility for 10 days under physicians care Once 2 weeks are used you can use accumulated paid time off or short term disability thru Local 804 Health Fund or TeamCare or paid leave through NYS paid family leave Ups will pay up to 2 wks of fully paid leave to Teamsters who are diagnosed living with someone w/Covid 19 or have been quarantined by government agency medical professional or Ups Company will re-populate up to 80/35 hrs Short term paid 170 week NYS 60% of regular pay maximum of $847.00 weekly Working under Local 804 is full care for members. Requesting sanitary and disinfectants for the work environment and receiving on request. People working together for the quality and value to employee’s working at UPS. This is what Honor is.....
Answered Mar 30, 2020
Ups Shop Steward Dave of Slic 1192 delegates a strong efficiency in duties to fellow employee’s. A laborer union official that represents and defends the interest for members. Holds his position to high standards and is trustworthy as a leader continually having the backs of employee’s. In accordance he informs members of rights under CBA- monitoring and enforcing provisions of CBA He represents Local 804 in Honor and Dignity When you work for Ups and become a member of Local 804 you are provided job protection with strong representation from leaders. If you want a job that pays well Holds high standards of integrity as a must Have fellowship of unity and strength this is the job for you. One of the benefits to being an employee is the opportunities for positions and the room open to advance within You cultivate a great career path well worth it
Answered Mar 20, 2020
What would you suggest UPS management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Top Dog • Brown Army in Action Being deemed Essential we learn from our higher up’s what it takes to suit up and show up on the front lines of duty BM Schlotterbeck 35+ yrs. in Service a.k.a. Chief Commanding Officer, the hierarchy of the primary wearing THE BADGE OF INTEGRITY In BRAVERY SACRIFICE & COMMITMENT for CUSTOMER FOCUS... & EMPLOYEE COMMITMENT You will see a full floor production of operations for The Love of Logistics driven in high class representation of prestige and great dignity • On front point checking in staff • to walking the lines of sorting to USPS Small Sorts • DMP • Loading bays • to office duties • Ready to Deliver and lead with enthusiasm STANDING... for something bigger which is the paradox of discipline which runs through the seams of UPS Setting a precedent for the business being present in daily operations with a dedicated involvement seeing production through to the beginning to the very end. Stellar leadership incorporated with a servant leadership to foster employee involvement and engagement. The good olè fashion family man ethics circulating an atmosphere of good olè fashion heart, blood sweat and tears - The endurance of this leadership is what shapes you into the evolution for development into a team spirit and a Do Whatever it Takes in attitude- it’s the special discipline - the culture of characteristics a mutual trust and openness of collaboration and clarity of goals with the willingness to work hard together from all aspects of position in established humility. This is tie that binds - to what makes management and our team who they are in the epicenter of crisis as well as normal day to day operations. A congruence for employee’s and our communities that we serve on all levels A Declaration of Honor in Service This is Men of Honor **************************
Answered Mar 30, 2020
TOP PRIORITY: SAFETY Ups is a constant culture of SAFETY and management and supervisors of operations pride in conforming to the integrated and mandatory process for a yearly Emergency Evacuation Plan of process set to date of exact on March 12,2020. Upon this day our team received a group text from Supervisor Betro to advise all employee’s attendant for a PCM in the hub of Medford Ny. Upon arrival we were instructed by Head Supervisor Dicaprio of the primary to congregate in the front area as to be guided on steps for a testing in case of an emergency evacuation and where to assemble. We were informed that the evacuation alarm will be set off and we are all to follow directives to establish a clear vision in how to respond/when & if an emergency occurs. Our Business Manager Schlotterbeck is diligently involved - this is a rostered event. All are to meet in the designated area or assimilation and be accounted for by head supervisors & supervisors. On a consistent basis we are tested on UPS SAFETY DOK AUDIT. They are emergency evacuation plan distributed throughout or hub. This leadership executes with a purpose, a goal and we are given a full vision for the importance of safety and how to respond effectively Supervision takes action puts the well-being of employee’s at TOP PRIORITY. We are taught to BE SAFE & HOW TO DO IT The vigilance in our dedicated leaders within the organization is ensuring compliance with a genuine concern to help people stay safe every single day. When you work for a company that follows protocol rules and regulations for the greater good of all you know your in the right place. It’s a hub of credibility, accountability building a well equipped team of Champions in Safety. Honorable leadership
Answered Mar 13, 2020
Do Ups Get Paid Every Week ?
Asked Jun 7, 2016
Yes, paydays every Friday, but if your a graveyard worker, you can pick yours up after your Thursday shift/Friday morning leave. This makes it easy and spares you another trip.
Answered Feb 28, 2020
I'm a part-time employee and we get paid biweekly in my branch here in West Orange, New Jersey.
Answered Feb 9, 2020
How did you feel about telling people you worked at UPS?
Asked Oct 5, 2016
Woman of Honor Carmin 1 yr. in service Small Sorts At Ups woman are celebrated - so on this month Teamster team member I give much acknowledgement for the professionalism great pride, and high standards of work ethic that delivers to the expectations of work expectancies for USPS SurePost Bringing a prestige standard to position Emulating honor for the Love of Logistics. Wearing the Badge of Integrity day in & day out. This is UPS where the proclamation of duty is a strong foundation & we are all in this together The culture is profound •The environment is clean • Livable wages • Comprehensive benefits package • The company encourages growth and supports learning endeavors • diverse • management & supervisors are highly engaged • employees are loyal One of the most top rated companies
Answered Mar 30, 2020
Honored is the way to describe how I feel to when telling people I work at UPS. You get to stand aside Teamsters like Don 26 yrs. in Service from loader/sorter/driver/local sort Men of honor in our hub of 11738. You see first hand the great dignity, morale and profound work ethic seeping in the works of a true Teamster High Profile Big Browner wearing the BADGE OF INTEGRITY and standing in leadership. Don models respect and professionalism. The unity within is established by each one teach one. Ups is a privilege to work at. You get support for a lifetime and benefits and discounts for Teamsters and your family You gain financial stability You get top pay under the local 804 Union. You get very valuable vacation time ( At 26 yrs in your at 6 weeks vacation—The best part is you can coordinate 2 wks..3 wks. 4wks. and so on for calculated time off... Use it as you will. You build a strong portfolio in Retirement and Stocks ••• Insurance protection with MetLife (Auto and Home) Life Insurance AD coverage Hospital Expense Protection VSP insurance Medical Supplement Program Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program Compensation & Benefits are endless From the people you work with to the lifetime support of UPS•Teamsters Union you have a life foundation of security and honor. There are many opportunities for growth and advancement and management is terrific.
Answered Feb 12, 2020
If you were in charge, what would you do to make UPS a better place to work?
Asked Jan 1, 2017
Keep employees informed better on start times, emergency contacts and best practices of what to do when things get hectic.
Answered Jan 6, 2020
I would guarantee that the belts/conveyers were kept at a reasonable speed. After late trucks (Williston, ND ) I notice they increase the speed. The brain automatically fills in when at stress and the number of misloads is guaranteed to increase. Better to work carefully at a good pace than speed up thinking it makes up time. In the long run it is worse and mistakes are made. During volume there needs to be extra attention to detail. I would also guarantee that the space at the dock is appropriate - we have to stack boxes to the sides of/against the trucks and off the dock in order to keep filling with smaller packages. This seems out of order for safety, egress and should be of great concern to our corporation.
Answered Aug 21, 2019