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Truck Driver | Henderson, NC | Dec 29, 2019
You Are Just a Number
Typical day involves load assignment, pre-trip and clean out different truck everyday, drive to load assignments 1-4 deliveries per trailer. Dock and call customer to come to receiving and open doors to let you in the building up to 30 minutes wait time, start unload process, technically you do not have to touch freight, but the average load is never secured or loaded properly at the DC, the refrigerated freight falls over causing you to have to assist or extended your dock time to wait for them to restack or downloaded fallen freight to another pallet, and sometimes it's not even their freight it belongs to the next customer, the current customer is moving it out the way to get to their pallets and then they must put it back in the trailer after they've fixed it. You must remove all stickers from each pallet as proof of delivery and verification it was delivered to the correct customer. I have not learned anything, management is a joke, they are nice enough to get you in and during pre and post orientation, and then the nightmare grows. You do not have a set start time, it varies from day to day, the worst being they push you back up to 12 hours, messing up your driver sleep time and rest, because it's very difficult to wake up for a shift after a 10 hour reset and for them to tell you that your next assignment has been pushed back. Also, there is a MANDATORY 6th day every other week, they do not tell you this in orientation. With the mandatory 6th day, it never fails, eithe...more
ProsIt's a job and I get to drive
ConsEverything else
Company Driver | Ellenwood, GA | Apr 29, 2019
New Driver
Although this company has flaws there is an upside to the company. Us Xpress offers company drivers college for themselves and their family which can help move up the corporate ladder. The companies day to day operations can be messy and frustrating for new company drivers. I myself have work more than 14 hours a day which included on duty driving and on duty physical unloading. When the math was added up for the hours of training it averages to 4-5 dollars an hour. That did not make me a happy camper. They did have me off weekly and placed in a hotel with complimentary breakfast but at first they misplaced me in a rundown motel which made me feel very unsafe and a bad impression of the company. The door seemed to had been kicked in at some point and didn’t close properly, their was no free complimentary breakfast so I had to eat out and was upsetting. One call to the fleet manager and they were able to fix me up at a nicer stay with complimentary breakfast in just a few minutes. On the upside they are responsive managers. Training was approximately 175 hour long and it was stressful at times. Barely getting to shower, eat or really do anything. Unloading was the most strenuous pet of the job but could be the most rewarding. You get to interact with employees and get a bit of physical exercise. 70$ a day is not enough to live off a truck and to pay bills at home for a month. If you plan on joining this company be prepared. Great thing about Us Xpress is that i...more
ConsStressful lifestyle
Company Driver | Jacksonville, FL | Feb 9, 2019
Us xpress ads on their website do not match reality
First things first, if you are just starting out, go for it! Them or Schneider will do just fine and you can work for a year to get some experience. However, once you have been through 3 days of orientation, you will notice that nothing that you saw on their website promised you, truly applies TO you. Those things apply to the drivers that have experience - those that do, do not come to US ha HA ha? You can expect to be paired up and stuck with a random "team mate", which translates into someone that has no idea what etiquette is in a small and confined space! I mean, if you got a buddy that you know and can handle for weeks at a time - go for it! Otherwise, you are in for a real ride... We all were new once, which is fine, but the company's matching ability is this - close eyes, stick a finger up the nose and pick a name...taadaa = you've got a match! So, get used to smelling cigarettes if you don't smoke and small inconsequential things like that. Spoken or written, email or paper - it is like Christmas! You will find out once you are on the road woohoo! Bring air freshener and a sleeping bag. The 175+ hours is for the new drivers. However, if you have not driven for a little while, do not be goaded into signing up for a "little refresher"!! Driving a truck is like riding a bike, you learned to do it once, you won't forget it. And 175 hours to "refresh" yourself is...odd... Although, not odd for the company once you know this! You will be running TE...more
ProsGood for newbs
ConsPay, home time, culture, managerial behavior... everything that really matters
Driver | Ohio | Feb 1, 2019
Misleading and only there for your money.
I wanted to become a truck driver and us xpress was a place near me that had classes and training. I took the classes and although I had trouble, I made it through. Everything went smooth until training. I worked 175 hours in a month and was paid next to nothing. THEN they booted me off because after getting my CDL and after 175 HOURS of training I wast sure was a certain road sign was. I am not very good with my English (reading and writing, Im having my son type this for me) and on the application there is a question where it asks if you can read or write English, I said NO. I asked about this and they said that with my broken reading and writing skills I was fit for the job. Why would they put all the time and all the effort into the classes and training if they knew I couldn't read a certain road sign. And what i don't get, is that they did a final test AFTER all my training hours and I failed. Why would you put someone to drive for 175 HOURS and somehow see them as unfit for driving after that?? All in all if you are fine with English I guess they would be an OK company to start with. I cant say anything on pay or benefits but from my experience, in the end they just want your money. They seemed very nice and transparent at first, but as soon as they're done with what they're required to do, they throw you off the boat. Essentially lied to tell you things that made you happy. Bad overall experience.
Consyou cant sleep when doing team driving.
Truck Driver | Tunnel Hill, GA | Apr 16, 2019
Not Worth the Trouble
I noticed a ton of adds about USxpress have popped up all over the internet. That made me want to put my two cent into the business practices of this Company. These people no doubt have major issues keeping drivers...……...Pay per mile is as close to slavery as possible. Only getting paid for being "productive for your company". Doing everything else for FREE...……...THERE IS NOTHING FREE USXPRESS...…………. I want to explain the process these people use when "HIRING" new drivers. It is very important because I have never been so disrespected as I was the two days I wasted at there orientation class in Tunnel hill, GA. As a whole not just one person that is. They rush you from one spot to another treating you like livestock accept you have no value that is. Doing your physical the "Doctors" will constantly threaten you with failing and sending you home for touching steps not lifting your leg high enough and perhaps if you cough you will no doubt be sent home...…,,,,,,,,,,THEY DO NOT PAY YOUR WAY HOME... …….REMEBER THAT...…… It is very important because out of the class I was in. Maybe about fifteen people. Six people were sent home. That was when I left. My partner failed and I left with him. TRASH trucking companies are a dime a dozen. Meanwhile , I could hear other applicants arguing with the worthless staff about there work history and any other thing they should have gotten sorted out over the phone...…...
ProsNo pros about Xpress
ConsFavortism and lack of Respect
Driver | Tunnel Hill, GA | Mar 11, 2020
Wasted weeks being fooled
Here again is another driver-mill pushing through large groups of potential drivers, every 3 days, to see if anyone sticks. Many do not. The US Xpress student driver is a ‘number’, so HR and Management have no time to know you. My training began on Monday, but since there was a shortage of trainers, the Monday group quickly overlapped with the Wednesday group leaving many students to sit around doing nothing for days. Finally I was assigned to a dedicated route, even though I had very clearly requested OTR (preferably regional). After a week on dedicated (which I hated), I was transferred to an OTR route and proceeded to drive another 2 weeks for this company. Having surpassed the requisite miles with no troubles, US Xpress should have, but DID NOT elevate me to full time driver. They negated the week I spent driving the dedicated route and requested that I START OVER earning miles. My trainer admitted he'd seen this happen many times before. So, I had to leave. Now I’m starting with a smaller, more “personal” company. There were only 3 other student drivers at orientation and each of us personally met the owner/president for a sit-down. Better pay and desired regional route. It’s a DIFFERENT WORLD. I will say that the Trainers in US Xpress trucks are great people. No complaints there. But… If you want to feel like an unappreciated fool, then definitely work for US Xpress.
Otr | Tunnel Hill, GA | Oct 24, 2018
My personal experience
First off, I feel that training should be longer and that it should be seasonal. You need to be familiar how to drive in all conditions, so I would recommend it twice a year or to be longer. I was told to follow my GPS but that is bad advice. You'll find trouble almost every time, the minute I purchased a Rand Mcnally GPS that trouble was virtually nonexistent. Dalton Dunbar, you were the best dispatch, brother. I take responsibility for my mistakes while I was there. Although, if there was more information on what could have made my experience more smooth, like not following that gps, I would have enjoyed it more. Also, the directions to shippers are terrible at times. All the same, sometimes the dispatch (not Dalton) would give you loads that are hard to plan routes for, you'd have a hard time making it while finding a nice place to rest. And the pay was not very good to me being otr starting out. I made more as a trainee. Overall, it's not a terrible company but I would recommend not going to any big company tbh. I'm being honest, please listen. If you find yourself there already, be safe and plan yopur routes and where you'll stay. Look for a place to stop 2 hours in advance if you have to.
ProsMost dispatchers are friendly.
ConsNot enough training, needs to be doubled. Upper management - some are butt holes, Pay is bad starting out at least in my case, The rest of what I said above.
Team Driver | Lake City, FL | Jan 8, 2019
Dedicated Account Lake City, Fl
This company only pays top dollar for their dedicated accounts (Target, Dollar General, etc) 54cent team split at target DC in Lake City, Fl, u only need 1yr experience to get that pay. Fleet Managers and driver managers are people who never sat in the driver seat of a truck. This company operates as a tight knit family. So with that said if you are one who doesnt fit in and constantly at a disagreement with the fleet manager, they will find a way to remove u from the company no matter how clean or safe of a driver you are. As with any large company u are just a number. For the most part i enjoyed the pay and miles per week on the dedicated account. They did give additional home time if u gave at least a two weeks notice. Routes are southeast coast from Miami. FL to as far as Bristol, VA. U can easily average 4000+ miles a week, and they pay $20 per drop. You are only dealing with refrigerated trailers and they have 5 stores max on each trailer. Do the math and u can easily make $1500 a week if your proactive and jus do your job. If you live within 100miles it also makes your 34 reset more enjoyable. All in all team up with a buddy from trucking school or somebody you can deal with for weeks on out and make money together.
ProsGreat Miles...Great Pay
ConsInexperienced office personnel... Job Security
IC Group | Tunnel Hill, GA | Dec 14, 2019
Side two.
I work inside the office at USX and I can tell you after reading the complaints posted here, in conjunction with having a front row seat for new hires - there is enough responsibility to go around when people fail at this job. A lot of drivers are unprepared when they start out (no savings no plan to accumulate any), they don't prepare to operate their business or fully understand how to operate as a business. Some are hopping from company to company collecting sign on bonuses then find themselves unable to go back once they've run the circuit. There is a balance, the company can not be solely responsible for your success. USX gains nothing when drivers are unsuccessful so that is definitely not the goal. My advice is simple - come work for USX, it's a great company with people who really care about you, but do your part. Be prepared, know how to operate your business and be ready to work hard and you will be successful. And for the record, I am about as low level of an employee as you can get, I am not a shareholder or a member of the management team. Just trying to bring some honesty to the conversation.
ProsLots of good people; good expressions of appreciation; fast pace; opportunities for advancement
ConsOlder facilities, need for better communication between departments, decent pay but need better raise schedules
Leasing Agent | Tunnel Hill, GA | Apr 11, 2019
Nothing but another Trucking Company of common thieves looking out for themselves
Lease purchase driver They offer no insurance I had a stroke on a load going from Roxboro North Carolina to Dover Delaware but was able to drive the truck back to Charlotte nc that's where they told me what was wrong I thought I had just slept wrong and my right side had gone to sleep then I was informed DOT will not let you drive for one year after this so I can't drive charged over $1,000.00 to take the truck from charlotte nc to Salisbury nc about 65 miles then took the rest of my escrow and bond money made up charges so I'm home dying with no way to pay for Medical help or medicine much less anything else. So if you want to work for a company that don't care if you live or die i don't think you can do better than US XPRESS!!!. It's been almost 6 weeks now they have not even tried to contact me to find out how I was doing P.S. I drove the truck out of my driveway so the wrecker could pick it up there wasn't anything wrong with the truck it has not been wrecked no mechanical problems when it left my yard and I have pictures to prove this now I'm going to have to hire a lawyer to settle this problem with them so if you don't mind fighting for what you earned go to work for usxpress
ConsDont care about their drivers

Questions And Answers about US Xpress

If you were in charge, what would you do to make U.S. Xpress a better place to work?
Asked Feb 13, 2017
I will try to talk to the drivers to see what area or cities they feel more comfortable to work and try my best to keep everyone happy
Answered Apr 17, 2020
Find better FM's...lil more optional home time
Answered Mar 20, 2020
Do they have automatic trucks in fleet
Asked Sep 6, 2016
Automatics, why dont you learn how to drive!! I learned on a 18 speed suicide shifter!! Get off the road and stop clogging up the road and let us old school show you how its done!!
Answered Mar 4, 2020
Yes, they have automatic trannys for steering wheel holders.
Answered Sep 18, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at U.S. Xpress?
Asked Jun 24, 2018
DON'T do it! It's not worth your time. Find another company please!
Answered May 14, 2020
Get a maximum of 6 months experience with US Xpress and leave
Answered Mar 11, 2020
As of today 9/25/18 does US Xpress only give UA drug tests only? Just trying to make sure they haven't changed it.
Asked Sep 25, 2018
As of January 1st US Express does hair test
Answered Jan 27, 2020
If you have verfiable experience just urine test. If you’re coming as a student they pull hair.
Answered Jun 26, 2019
What is the best part of working at U.S. Xpress?
Asked Dec 2, 2019
You get to choose what dedicated account work best for you and that you can take the truck home that way you don't expend money on your personal car
Answered Apr 17, 2020
Your own truck open highway and seeing the U.S.
Answered Mar 20, 2020