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Associate | Phoenix, AZ | Nov 29, 2018
Not really Military Friendly
You really have to get involved in everything, be extra friendly to management, and sale a whole lot of products to advance at usaa. They are very picky and bias. I worked for USAA for about a year and a half. I had resigned because I wanted to take on a new venture. My manager stated I was rehirable and I left on good terms. I was probably just thinking about the yearly bonus but things didn't go as planned so I reapplied to a few positions at usaa to try to return. I couldn't even get selected for an interview. Everytime I applied, a couple days later it would say No longer under consideration. I was curious so I contacted HR and asked them what's going on. They stated other candidates just are more qualified. I'm thinking that someone who is a former employee, has four years of call center experience, two years experience in insurance, still licensed, a Veteran, and a college graduate cannot get a interview and there's more people qualified than that and the position I applied for is still posted online so apparently they're still looking for people but they don't want to hire someone with those credentials? I guess. I just laughed it off and said you know maybe I don't belong there. Usaa is not my company and not for me. It'll take forever for you to get a schedule with two consecutive days off. They don't care about work life balance. They want usaa to be your life. The company only cares about getting sales. They're so sale driven and greedy. It's so busy and stressful...more
ConsLimited schedules, Too many calls
Solution Specialist | San Antonio, TX | Oct 9, 2018
Great Company, not so great job
As far as call center jobs go, this might be the best. They don't jump down your throat too much with numbers. But it is still a call center job and you will still take call after call for your entire shift. This type of job just wasn't for me. If you're going to work in a call center, you might as well try and get in here. The opportunity for movement within the company, if you are on the phones and trying to get off the phones, is near zero. Unless you have a very specific in-demand skill (like you have an IT degree or something) it just wont happen. External job postings vs internal job postings was at least a 10:1 ratio if not worse. If you can get into this company and NOT be on the phones, you will be the envy of thousands of people. I quit this job after several years because my chances of getting off the phones were so slim. That being said, the pay is good. Insurance agents are hourly, so there isn't the same sales pressure that you have with other insurance companies. However, you also don't get any commissions either. So the average pay can be slightly lower than if you were pulling in commissions every year from hundreds of renewals. Benefits are great. Decent premium cost and coverages, good amount of PTO accrued throughout the year instead of bulk at the beginning, a great education fund for $5000-$10000 a year towards tuition of ANY degree (MBA, Law, Nursing, Engineering, ANY degree), an awesome 401k match up to 8%, and a company wide bonus every ye...more
ProsOutstanding Benefits
ConsToo much outside hiring for jobs that people stuck on the phones would like to apply for.
Loan Specialist | Phoenix, AZ | Jan 5, 2019
Onsite amenities
The first couple of years were great working here. I worked in the consumer lending area for most of my tenure. I started with USAA in the mortgage originations, but consumer lending needed help during summer surge. Their training for the new positions is better than most companies offer it is in a classroom for a few weeks, followed up with sitting with other MSR's. The benefits were good out side of standard medical, they have a free onsite gym, Starbucks, child care- though not discounted and closes at 6:30pm,when many positions schedules were much later that. They also have a large cafeteria and a mini mart so you don't have to leave the campus since you get a 35 minute lunches and two 20 minute breaks per day. The benefit that mattered to me was the tuition benefits they paid 100% of my schooling and I graduated without any student loan debts, they paid it all. Maternity leave is now 18 weeks paid time off. They do company family days as well. There are high call volumes with little break in between calls. It is hard to get promoted to a leadership level even with degree, it is more about who you know versus your work ethic or experience. I recently left for this reason, as my degree field is only offered at corporate office. I would say in the last 2 years the culture has changed, they are going through pains of being a compliant company so there are a lot of changes happening and will be for the next few years now that they are a larger company. The starting pay ...more
ProsBenefits, Work at home options, good co-workers
Conspoor managers, pay is not competitive, not enough off phone positions, not enough work/life balance
Real Estate Manager | San Antonio, TX | Apr 5, 2019
USAA Real Estate Department
I worked at USAA for over 12 years and found myself, like many recently, without a job. USAA has a reputation of never being laid off, which we have all seen in the news is not true. I was in a leadership role and was always a top performer always meeting my metrics and always had high member satisfaction scores (my team reflected these scores). When the decision was made it was about a popularity contest. It's the "good ole boy team" and will always be, 100% sure of that. I'm not bitter, I'm thankful for USAA making this decision for me or I would never have moved on. It took me over 6 months to get over the stress I was under and cannot drive by USAA campus without feeling the anxiety all over again. The Leadership meetings where they would bring in all leaders from all USAA campus' would cost the members $200 - $300K every year. We would stay in resorts, fly everyone down to Phoenix, eat at expensive restaurants, play rounds of golf. Most Executive Directors and Directors would be drinking and driving and had been videoed taking shots all night and then get into vehicles and driving back to the resort. When I reported this, shortly after I was no longer with the company. USAA is a great company, but the leaders are very unethical and Human Resources cover up for them. If you want to come in and punch a time clock, do your time and leave this is the company for you. If you want a career and try to climb the corporate ladder, you will have to play the game, ...more
ConsManagement, Lay Off's
Auto Appraiser | San Antonio, TX | Sep 12, 2019
Leadership will retaliate if you voice frustrations
We were perpetually understaffed which caused major frustrations for both adjusters and members who are filing claims. We would have 30+ minute hold times and members would complain that their adjusters were not calling them back. We were reprimanded if we advised the members the truth that we were busy and unable to make our outbound calls to assist the members who'd suffered losses. Adjusters were just as frustrated as the members because we wanted to be able to reach out to them and resolve their claims but were told and even threatened not to make any outbound calls when there were calls in queue. We were advised by leadership that if we wanted to work our own files we needed to work overtime and put down if we needed work/life balance so we didn't work overtime. Any employee who openly but professionally voiced frustrated was targeted by management and would be forced to quit because they were so miserable, or management would find some lame excuse that might at most require a verbal warning and used that as a means to terminate said employee. This happened to multiple adjusters who were not only good workers but good people with families. If you are a person that is okay with mediocre pay, good benefits, but having your sense of self worth diminished in order to squeeze every ounce of labor out of you that they can, and you can keep your mouth shut and be a good soldier if management is being unethical then this may be the place for you.
Member Services Representative | San Antonio, TX | Feb 18, 2020
You will LOSE your mind
If you want to spend your time speaking to angry customers and having a "customer's always right" attitude, then you will fit right in at USAA. USAA expects a lot out of you and 95% of people are MISERABLE. USAA has a good mission, but the management can make or break your time there. Managers need to be evaluated just like frontline employees, if not, more so. USAA wants members' money ( and has a lot of it) but fails to pay out money to members when they actually need it. They lose thousands of members every year. They lose thousands of employees every year but don't count that in their stats in order to keep their "good" reputation so they can make the list of "best employers". The best piece of advice I can give is DON'T DRINK THE KOOLAID. Look at USAA as just a job, a stepping stone to the next big thing. Do yourself a favor and give yourself a time limit there. Trust me, you don't want to waste/spend the rest of your career there just for a parking spot (no joke, that's an actual goal for most people. How pathetic!?) There are so many better things you could be doing with your time and working for USAA shouldn't be one of. Reputation on the outside is good. Reputation on the inside is awful. I am so much happier now that I'm out of this awful place. If any current employees are reading this...your life will change the moment you give up your role there. There is light at the end of the tunnel, my friends. For soon-to-be employees.....RUN!
ProsCoworkers; educational benefits
ConsManagement, mental health, call after call will break you.
Risk Manager | San Antonio, TX | Aug 3, 2019
Buried in external consultants, importing weak (failed) managers from other large financial institutions on top of already weak legacy management
Legitimately good intentions and real attempts to always do the right thing, to strongly live up to the great brand reputation, to be true to the company's strict mission and its members. But its all becoming a sadly hollow effort fast as risk & compliance initiatives have required rapid and extensive hiring in of leaders and senior or mid-managers from other large banks and financial institutions. Many of these new joiners are essentially rejects or force-outs from their prior employers and/or are completely not fitted, or fittable, to the USAA "way". They all know each other in some kind of big bank compliance musical chairs network too. Many have also managed to somehow negotiate titles and seniority levels at USAAA way above what they held prior at other employers. USAA's recruiting function seems too sheltered, inexperienced to accurately benchmark titles and seniority, skills levels. And the existing USAA management lifers and many legacy staff in risk & compliance are sweet, earnest and frankly completely under-skilled, over-titled, under-exposed to a concerning degree. They are overwhelmed and the new managers from outside are steamrollng them. The workloads are incredible right now and the stress levels, in fighting are higher than I've ever experienced anywhere in prior, difficult roles. I hope USAA can settle the waves.
Loan Officer | Phoenix, AZ | Dec 31, 2019
Looks Good from the Outside
They are really good at branding themselves and making it sound like an opportunity, but their actions rarely match up with their words and you find that it is all just kool-aid, spin, manipulative game playing, and meaningless. You really can't trust your leadership or know what they really think and what they are saying and doing behind your back. Despite what the words on their wall say and what they are always preaching, Loyalty, Honesty, and Integrity are not valued, at least not when it is time for them to do those things. Look no further than the premise of this business. It's pretty ludicrous. It was started because military officers couldn't get auto insurance. Now, everyone will give the military insurance (and every other financial service) at just as competitive rates and services, if not more so more often than not. Yet they still act like it is some kind of privilege or special thing to be a member of USAA when, objectively, it just isn't. At the end of the day, your loyalty and military service with USAA get you nothing, absolutely nothing you can't get at any other corporation. They will work you into the ground and then will kick you to the curb like a piece of trash when you can't meet their constantly changing, unreasonable standards and expectations, or if they just don't like you come up with some pretext to spin it and justify it. Sooner or later, it will happen to you, just like it did to 80% of the new hire classes (2) I was a part of, and eventually t...more
Loan Processor | Tampa, FL | Oct 8, 2019
Constantly Changing - No longer an Appreciative Employer
If you are looking for consistency and stability this will be unnerving for you. You switch desks, switch teams, switch managers...with no rhyme or reason, this happens almost twice a year, if not more. Some managers and leads are helpful and supportive, others are hands off and will watch you sink. In the mortgage dept they dissolve depts meant to assist, and pile it on the processor's plate. As a processor, you are given more and more responsibilities of tasks adding to your current job responsibilities, and yet you are still expected not to make any mistakes, oh and you need to do it in 20 days rather than 30 days, then they change your responsibilities again, by adding even more, and your pipeline is over 40 loans, all of which you have to call everybody with status updates at least every 3-4 days (members, realtors, title, etc) all in addition to the actual processing job and phone calls and internal IMs with everyone wanting you to stop what you are working on and help them with a different loan. Wait until they say "no overtime" and then they get on you because you didn't get EVERYTHING done. Before, we were included in the annual bonus, but to save money, now they give you monthly bonuses based on marginal and borderline unrealistic criteria. Almost EVERYTHING centers around customer surveys (which whether accurate or not is solely the member's perception), this will determine everything regarding your career, pay, bonuses, etc.
Loan Processor | Addison, TX | Jan 29, 2019
• Processed purchase and refinance loans. • Served as point of contact for military personnel and their families throughout the mortgage loan process. • Guided the clients and introduce additional products to them as appropriate. • Interact daily with underwriters, loan closers, title companies, real estate agents, and governmental offices. • Performed first level review of documents including income calculations, asset statements, large deposits, tax returns, and correct total debt to income ratio for the loan. • Ordered appraisal and title work and coordinated the receipt of needed documents for a timely closing. • I serve as a subject matter expert for my team and other teams and departments in the organization including managers and directors on TX cash out refinance loan transactions, software, how to obtain information when the company policy and procedures were not detailed enough or a situation where the problem had not occurred before or been many years since it occurred, wrote detail policy and procedures, trained new hires and other employees getting them up to speed quickly to perform their job functions, and I have obtained numerous customer service awards and consistently at the top of customer service satisfaction scores. • I won both the award of the rookie loan processor for the month for the country and later on the seasoned loan processor for the month for the country which normally did not happen.
Prosgreat work environment

Questions And Answers about USAA

What is the work environment and culture like at USAA?
Asked Jun 27, 2016
It’s very corporate, competitive to an unhealthy degree, closed off and impersonal. No baby showers, no celebrations, no birthdays (unless you’re management.) I think that’s so strange. No one is immune from a lay-off, or a job “re-mapping” to a different position, especially the loyal folks with good institutional knowledge and experience, in my opinion. Thus, it’s an eerie, unsettling place to be everyday. To be successful here: You do what you are told. You only provide feedback that confirms what leadership is already doing. Have an idea for improvement? Unless you’re an executive, keep it to yourself and get back to work. You’re a number, they’ve got it, and eventually, it will be up. So...yeah. It’s not good.
Answered Feb 15, 2020
Unfortunately, if you do a lot of back bites or gossiping you will be the best friend of the managers, otherwise you will be ignored.
Answered Jul 7, 2019
How are the working hours at USAA?
Asked Jun 27, 2016
Monday thru Friday and lately, Saturdays.
Answered Dec 6, 2017
It depends what department you work in. If you are one of the many who work in the call center, there is very little flexibility. Policy services department is like a revolving door-so you will quickly get a M-F schedule. Policy services is open 24 hours. New Member Solutions department you will have to work weekends for years until you earn enough tenure to bid for a different schedule. They are open from about 6:30am cst to 8pm cst. You will most likely get a schedule where you have 1 day off during the week and 1 day off on the weekend. You will most likely not have 2 consecutive days off. If you are in an actual salary type job- life may be better
Answered Oct 14, 2017
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at USAA? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jul 5, 2016
I am on a process to be hired, after 2 phone interviews, 2 panel interviews, I am still waiting to hear back back, this process now has been on the second month, March 5. first interview, March 7 second interview, April 6 final two interviews, I was told that the results will be after two weeks on the final interview, we are on April 25 and o haven’t heard back, my status still is interviewing since I believe no background has been done yet, the position in question is computer system engineer- Mid Level, why does it take so long? Any other candidates has experienced the same? I believe if I was not considered they won’t spent all this time interviewing me and also won’t spent 90 minutes on the final interview too. Thoughts?
Answered Apr 25, 2018
Not long at all. You go through two interviews once you past the written test, computer test and drug test
Answered Dec 1, 2017
What is the interview process like at USAA?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Hired on in 2017 it took about a month. one online assessment, then a full month went by, 2 phone interviews, and one in person interview. Then I was offered the job the same day as the in person interview. I did have to leave on good terms for family issues but I just put back in my Resume to come back and did my online assessment on Nov. 12th. Its still under review. Im not to worried yet as it took a little over 4 weeks before I received the first call last time!!
Answered Dec 4, 2019
I received an accessment the next day after applying.One month later recruiter interview. One week later phone interview with two hiring managers.One week later I was offered the job.
Answered Oct 20, 2018
What is USAA sick leave policy? How many sick days do you get per year?
Asked Oct 9, 2016
There are no sick days, but there is ample paid time off to accommodate people. I haven't seen any "sick-shaming" going on either, which is nice.
Answered Jan 25, 2019
We have to take paid vacation on sick days.
Answered Mar 18, 2018