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Overall Reviews at USHA

Insurance Advisor | Clarksville, TN | Dec 30, 2019
Awesome Team
A very rewarding job. Its a lot of hard work, be willing and ready. Assertive leaders, strive for greatness. Be ready to join a team that will express HOPE.
Insurance Agent | Addison, TX | Sep 9, 2019
high pressure high turnover
High pressure from management to perform... Extremely high turnover with average length of employment around 5-6 months. Strongly advised to work weekends, holidays, nights.
Prosweekly commissions paid
Consno benefits, telemarketing sales
Insurance Agent | Las Vegas, NV | Aug 11, 2020
It is what it is. Without honor or integrity.
When I found out that my clients would be canceled due to a specified disease such as a heart attack or cancer I decided I could not stay with the company. That was outside of integrity and not worthy of my participation. My clients are important to me and I do not want to leave them when they would need me most. It’s a matter of integrity. You don’t dump somebody when they need you the most. Also they offered me things they didn’t give me. Like pay during training. They offered but they didn’t do that.
ProsThe commissions were decent.
ConsThe company runs a Sweat shop environment with no integrity.
Healthcare Assistant | Orlando, FL | May 23, 2020
Only commission
Very odd system of hierarchy. There wasn’t an HR or anything, just a large groups of people split in teams in different districts, each team with 1 leader each leader decides how they want to split payment which is only on PayPal whether it was 50% of profit or 100 dollars per sale (which is NOT often). Was told id have base pay and never got it. Cold calls, you work your own hours but you can’t trust anyone to really help you that’s outside of your team. They can be greedy since you have to fend for yourself it’s possible to get rich off of this job but it is extremely difficult
Insurance Agent | Dallas, TX | Nov 19, 2017
Pyramid structure designed to benefit a few rather than all employees.
High pressure sales company, no job security, production had to be weekly to survive, almost everyone I went through training with had no choice but to quit because it was 100% commission and not easy to earn enough money to get through the learning curb. Also, the managers do not care that new people were having to constantly be hired because they made money off our sales, a pyramid structure. 4commission based
ProsMake own schedule
Consvery high pressure job
Licensed Agent | United States | Jan 8, 2018
Captive agents we come and go
The company is a team player environment. We all build each other up and have fun at using games and contests to boost sales and bring a positive tone to the office.
ProsCome and go
ConsCaptive agent
Licensed Agent | Englewood, CO | Jan 13, 2020
The opportunity to make money here is Real. But you have to Sell your Soul to do It, the 18-hour Workday Is very Common. For a 1099 Position. they ask you to give up your life and family
Customer Service Representative | Fort Worth, TX | May 31, 2018
Challenging but rewarding job
Best part of the job is helping people in need save 30% on their health care. Typical day consistent of making 150-200 outbound calls to people in several states to educate and write insurance plans for their well-being and budget.
ProsGood Pay
ConsLack of viable leads and marketing-affects pay tremendously
Insurance Agent | Aurora, CO | May 10, 2019
Awesome alternative to ACA
This is an incredible opportunity if you have an existing book of business to rewrite from another carrier, OR, if you have any existing line of coverage-like P & C and would like to offer health, life and accident to your existing clients. The commissions and advances are phenomenal! However, if you're trying to find brand-new business, it may be quite challenging.
ProsGreat opportunity!
ConsNot for everyone!
Insurance Agent | Longwood, FL | Nov 27, 2018
Met lots of interesting people. Fun atmosphere!
The hardest part of the job was getting to talk to people in an attempt to make a sale. Leads were great in the beginning and then went down hill thereafter. I would recommend this position to someone who has a significant savings. The managers do very well though because of the hierarchy!!
ProsGreat Peers!
ConsNot enough income

Questions And Answers about USHA

Is every position in the company is 100% commission and without the base salary ?
Asked Jan 21, 2017
At least twice I had interview with this company and I was told that there is no base salary and it is %100 commission based employment.
Answered May 23, 2019
No guarantee of income with sales?
Answered Mar 5, 2018
Does USHS offer Health Benefits.
Asked Mar 9, 2017
Anyone else find it slightly ironic, an organization that provides insurance to self employed and small businesses, doesn't offer insurance to their own employees?
Answered May 4, 2021
No benefits.
Answered Mar 1, 2018
What is the interview process like at USHA?
Asked Jan 5, 2018
NOT UNLESS THIS INTERVIEW IS MEANT TO BE INSULTING, RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL. I'm in marketing and will be sure to tell everyone I see and ask them to warn their friends and so on..
Answered Sep 9, 2019
The main thing is do you have the money to get started? If not licensed already do you have the money for the training?
Answered Nov 14, 2018
What is USHA sick leave policy? How many sick days do you get per year?
Asked Sep 18, 2018
As a 1099 employee you don’t receive any benefits
Answered Sep 19, 2018
No sick days
Answered Sep 18, 2018
Does an account manager only make commission?
Asked May 7, 2018
Yes, it has no salary. you are 1099
Answered Apr 23, 2020
Yes 1099 workers
Answered Sep 16, 2019