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Overall Reviews at Uline

Warehouse Associate | Kenosha, WI | Jan 25, 2023
Simply the "Best"-succeed
Typically, you are there for 8.5 hours to 10.5 hours a day, and you do not know until your shift is supposed to end how much it will be that day. Rarely you will get out on time, even if it's a slow day, they will most likely have overtime work that needs to get done. The sad truth is that they don't have enough people to get all of the orders that they have coming in out, and if they had more people working the aisles it would slow down production. The more people on pickers-the more congested the aisles are. You also have to consider the people who are in training, slowing up the aisles, who rightfully so cannot go fast with what tasks they are given. Most UPS skids that you are to create have a percentage of how much of the skid is being used for that task sheet created. If you have a 99% skid, chances are it's going to be really difficult to navigate and build the skid, let along drive fast, like they expect you to do. Your first year will consist mostly of UPS packing and if you're fast enough and efficient enough you might get chosen to pick orders instead of packing them. You are supposed to hit 220 lines per day for an 8 hour shift, and then keep up with that efficiency throughout your overtime, which is even harder at the end of the night. If you don't have any more work you are supposed to "help out" the people around you, or steal their lines, in turn making them angry with you and causing tension because you are helping and hurting them at the same time. All of t
ProsEnd of the year bonuses
ConsAttendance policies, PTO, Overtime, COVID policies, Stress
Order Picker | Braselton, GA | Aug 28, 2020
You are nothing but an automated laborer
I worked at uline for a few years. i got the chance to do several different jobs because i stayed productive. Overall, the work environment is not too good. The warehouse is very hot and you will be moving, non-stop, for 9-10 hrs every day lifting items up to a few hundred pounds. They say to wait for a "team lift" on heavy items but waiting for 5-10 mins will get you in trouble due to low production rate. I had a few things crack and pop on my body as a picker, and when i asked my manger if i could do something else because my body hurt they told me that "everybody has aches and pains" and to try to tough it out. I've been gone for quite some time and still have some injuries that i acquired from uline that i feel everyday now. When i stretch in the morning and move during the day, my chest and shoulders crack.. The work schedule is right in the middle of the day, in the late fall and winter i remember going to work when it was dark. I also left when it was dark, i saw sunlight only during my lunch. The only break that you get is a 1-hr lunch break, which many call "one hour on the yard". Sometimes they feed everyone. Production is hard! I learned the hard way- Iam an extremely hard worker, but if you forget to clock into your specific job function, you will not get your production points. My Eval was horrible because of this even though i stayed busy at all times, and did "favors" for managment that did not earn any production points (lines). Management- probably the mo
Prosfree coffee & tea, discounted beverages, good pay, benefits
Cons1 break, schedule, HEAVY lifting, high production rate, Horrible management, uniform, unbelievable errors, constant write-ups, no career path
Warehouse Worker | Coppell, TX | Mar 27, 2015
Worst Managed Company Award
In all my years of working this is by far the worst managed company ever. Sure they're a million dollar business., the pay and benefits are good but at what cost? If you ever have to wake up in the morning and think what's the worst that can happen, then my friend you have thought of Uline. Management is poor, they talk to you like they are just way better than you, nobody has a back bone in that company cause every answer you get is, "that's what corporate said". If you have a good idea you can forget it. They don't care what you have to say, think, do, or feel unless it's the Uline way. Management told me Work was more important than family and it took me everything in my will to keep from cursing or punching him in the face. You aren't allowed to be sick cause if if you are it counts against your attendance, who cares that your lying in the hospital, you better well hit your production numbers no if's, and's or but's. God forbid if it snows and you can't leave your house due to ice, even though the schools in the area are shut down too, confirming its unsafe for kids to go to school, you better make sure u rent a snow sled and somehow make it to work. And if it snows 2 days in a row, now you're just being a belligerent employee and has nothing to do with the weather. Considering I'm in Texas and it never snows in Texas but when it does you better risk your life and get to work or its a hit against your attendance and not just 1 occurrence but 2 occurrences so now your almo
ProsPay and Benefits
ConsJust think about it and there you have it
Warehouse Worker | Allentown, PA | Oct 24, 2022
This job made me depressed.
I started newer into the workforce with a few years of irrelevant experience. I knew that warehouse work is good work for someone who doesn’t intend on furthering their education beyond community college. I hoped could move up. I was super excited because the pay was really high comparatively to many opportunities with low level of skill and the culture seemed great. The culture seemed really great; there is excitement bred in being selected as it seems pretty rare. This really bred unhealthy cult like energy and excitement. In reality though it’s not amazing and management felt like a lot of pretend and did things out of pettiness at times. It just felt like you were in this super fake place where everyone put on their best face. They also highly pushed production which is understandable but if you were consistently above expectations you were talked to by management why can’t you hit the same numbers. You are better off just doing exactly what is expected of you nothing more nothing less; or honestly a little less. Having friendly relationships with people also mattered because your efficiency also can be affected by the quality of your pallets. Some packaging procedures are very time consuming. A number of people would not take their full lunch break in order to hit their numbers. If you make an error that sticks for some time because that’s the most important thing at Uline. Customer satisfaction is#1 and the expectation is high. Everyone discussing efficiency which is p
Warehouse Associate | Breinigsville, PA | May 7, 2021
Other than money, it's a horrible place to work at.
After working there for many years, you quickly learn that things are never going to get better. Management lies to you on a daily basis and when we're short-staffed they love to say "Don't worry, help is on the way." The help never comes, or if it does...they quit very soon after. And think about it this way: why is it that a company that claims to be so "good and successful" is always holding job fairs of hundreds of people every week? BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS QUITTING. Sure...the pay is good and all, but it's not worth the daily stress and frustration you get put through. You feel belittled there every day because they enjoy telling the majority of the workers how badly they're doing or underperforming. Uline is a company of "Yes People." If you don't tell them 'yes' to everything they tell you, then you'll soon find yourself on their bad list. So in other words, I hope that you're a push-over...because those are the only people that will succeed there. If you couldn't tell already, management and leadership there is absolutely horrible. From poor leadership, to the time they waste not helping out when help is desperately needed. If you're even considering applying for this jailhouse, then I hope you like late/long hours. The work schedule makes it impossible to have a life outside of work, especially when you're getting home after 8:30pm almost every night. And then you just end up wasting your only two days off on the weekends recovering from the brutal week you jus
ConsHours, overtime, management, deceitfulness, workload, constant stress, physical pains, bad mental state
Senior Customer Service Representative | Kenosha, WI | Nov 27, 2018
Benefits to Compensate for Elitist & Archaic Culture
The information provided in this review pertains primarily to the Customer Service Department at the Kenosha, WI (formerly Waukegan, IL) branch; while the overarching themes are the same throughout the company, other branches or departments may have different offerings and policies. BENEFITS & COMPENSATION • Optional 401(k) with up to 5% match; immediately vested • Diverse healthcare options for medical, dental, and vision insurance (including HMO and PPO, and multiple plan offerings); stipend if medical insurance through the company is waived • Voluntary Accident Insurance • Voluntary Critical Illness Insurance • Optional FSA • Employee Assistance Program • Basic AD&D Insurance (at employer's cost) and optional Additional AD&D Insurance (at employee's cost) • Annual Performance Bonus • Annual Profit-Sharing Bonus • Annual Holiday Gift • Tuition Assistance Program for employees and college scholarship opportunities for children of employees • 128 hours of Paid Time Off; additional days earned with tenure • Optional overtime • 8 Paid Holidays (including New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas) CULTURE • Uline harbors an archaic dress code in which women are required to wear dresses or skirts throughout the year and pantyhose for 6 of those months; slacks are only permitted on Fridays (aka "Fancy Pants Friday") and weekends, or if being worn as a pantsuit during weekdays (i.e., slacks
Pros401(k), Healthcare, FSA, EAP, AD&D, Bonuses, OT, PTO, Paid Holidays, Tuition Assistance
ConsDress Code, Culture
Warehouse Worker | Allentown, PA | Feb 4, 2023
Started off great but going down hill
Job: Everyone starts off in a pack station it doesn't matter if you have experience on equipment. If you do well in a pack station you move on to a picker role in the ups department and if you are doing "well" you move onto the freight department. It use to matter when you performed well. We were always told pick fast and make minimal errors and you get better hours. A lot of veteran pickers who have been on early hours for years have now had them ripped away. Years of hard work and it doesn't even matter to them. Corporate apparently told the branches everyone is entitled to early hours but the kicker is you get 1 week at 630, 1 week at 830 and 6 weeks at 930 so that's still not a work/life balance. Doesn't matter if you have childcare issues either they won't even work with you on the schedule. Basically got told your SOL. You don't ever get to go home when your scheduled end time is, you will ALWAYS do overtime. Benefits: The benefits are ok. PTO is generous but you'll probably be denied. There's so many people in the warehouse and they open PTO at the beginning of the year and if you don't get it in or have seniority you most likely won't get any holidays you want or days in the summer. You basically need to know what days you need a whole year in advance. They do let you do half days (5 hours) you get 12 of those for the year. They need to add in sick days. If you call out and get 6 you get written up, they don't take anything into account in those either. So you cal
ProsPay, bonuses, employee events
ConsCall out policy, micromanagement, work/life balance.
Warehouse Associate | Kenosha, WI | Sep 5, 2021
Long hours, unreasonable goals, zero work/life balance
U-line is a solid, stable place to work. Their business is booming and there is never a shortage of work to be done. If you can get your foot in the door. Their hiring process is pretty in depth and lengthy. I interviewed with 3 different people in almost 3 hours in order to obtain a job there. The crazy part is that it was only for a job as a warehouse associate. My job literally involved packing boxes and eventually picking customer orders. This does requires a high degree of accuracy and speed, but the overall skillset does not require that much. It is an extremely physical job in the warehouse, and this is exacerbated by the unreasonable requirement to put up certain efficiency numbers every single day that you are there. You are expected to maintain the same pace at 7pm as you started with at 10am, in a congested, fast paced environment. There is no alleviation to this goal regardless of extenuating circumstances. Fail to meet your expectation a number of times, and you will get talked to. Eventually your job can be on the line for lack of production I saw this happen to several people. Their business levels right now make for zero work/life balance. You are there 8 to 10 hours a day during their odd schedule to meet customer and shipping demands. Typically 10am to around 630pm is the posted schedule, but you will find yourself there until 8pm most nights. There are opportunities to get earlier shift hours, but the requirements to meet their criteria is
ProsPay, consistency, stability
ConsLong Hours, Micromanaging, high performance expectations, PTO approval
Customer Service Representative | Allentown, PA | Jul 9, 2017
You WANT to work at Uline!
I'm coming up on my 1 year anniversary as a Customer Service Representative at Uline. I'm in my late 20's and this is my 3rd "Adult" job. HANDS DOWN, this is the best place I've been a part of and the place I can confidently call my career. The culture is unlike any I've ever seen in a work place. The positivity flows from the management all the way down to the newest employee. Speaking of being a new employee, the training program works wonders! You spend just about 4 weeks in a classroom setting learning products and procedures from the most knowledgeable trainers you could ask for. Mix in a little side by side coaching where you get to sit and watch more tenured reps take live calls and you're ready by the time it's your turn to provide the best Customer Service in the industry. The resources don't stop there. Once you're on your own taking live calls, you have a safety blanket of a team of more tenured reps available to help you in seconds. The only way to fail here is if you WANT to fail. Managers and supervisors are all available and very much approachable. Everyone is willing to help and teach along the way. It's been less than a year and I've already earned some more responsibilities and new job functions. You don't have to get "stuck" here. Endless resources have set me up for success here and I couldn't be happier. Well I guess if I was CEO I probably would be a little bit happier.... The way the business is run is completely unbelievable. Such a positive and fri
Pros1 hour lunches, generous bonuses, training programs, team leads
Warehouse Worker | Kenosha, WI | Aug 19, 2022
Great paying entry level job with lots of mandatory overtime
Typical day starts at 10:30am however every single day you will be required to come in 1-2 hours early for mandatory overtime. You will begin doing breakdown for 1 month which is labeling, wrapping, and restacking product on skids for the check-in people and the put away people. You will then be trained to operate reach truck and eventually cherry picker. You will get to do put away for a month which is taking checked-in products and placing it with the reach truck into the designated bin after you scan the label. After a month of that you get to train on cherry picker and pick orders for the fulfillment centers, which means hand stacking a product manually onto pallets and building a skid. Sometimes you will get to pick with the reach truck if you are lucky, speed and accuracy are very important. My problem is they move you around too much without argument, don’t get attached to one department. Receiving is easy, shipping which they call transfers sucks. Some people never worked in transfers ever and don’t get moved, so like most jobs the company plays favorites. The overtime and constant demands to work faster while being accurate without committing mistakes or “errors” as they call them can catch up with you. My advice is don’t do this job unless you love the overtime and being moved around frequently, you may get lucky and get to stay in your department but don’t count on it. The pay is great and the profit sharing at the end of the year is amazing, but turnover is h
ProsHigh starting pay, end of year profit sharing, mon-fri, 1 hour lunch, 3 weeks vacation starting out
ConsToo much mandatory overtime 1-2 hours daily, they move you around too much from department to department, no 15 min breaks, not flexible if you need off of work last minute for family emergency
Packer | Edmonton, AB | Nov 9, 2020
Great pay, horrible culture
I worked at Uline in Edmonton for about a year and a half. When I applied, I was a 32 year old with warehouse supervisor and department managing experience. They called for an interview, and when I arrived the day of, I was brought into a room with approx. 20 other people. We filled out 2 simple math tests, and then everyone received a verbal one-on-one interview. I was the only one from my group to be hired, and staff told me nobody had been hired for months before me. I later found out if you don’t hit the minimum score on their tests, you get an interview with a regular warehouse employee that can’t hire you. The ad said up to $30/hour, so I requested that when I met with the branch manager and he laughed and said “we just put that in the ad to get people in the door”. At my end of year review I was told I had the best order picking stats in the branch (they keep track of all your stats, errors, etc) and I received a raise of less than a dollar for it. They sent me to their Toronto branch to train for a promotion to a dept manager; and when I got back to Edmonton they told me I would be running the night shift without asking me if I could work that schedule. When I refused, they said that was why they sent me for training, and I told them if I knew it was for a night shift I wouldn’t have gone. My final straw before I quit was that every year, all the branches make their employees film scenes from popular movies, but with the employees pretending to be the owners o
ProsAbove average warehouse pay, very clean warehouse
ConsMandatory OT, cult like culture, management that doesn’t care about or listen to their staff. Plus you have to film weird movies.
Warehouse Worker | Brampton, ON | Jul 26, 2020
Pretty good money (after 1 year) but you might want to leave
- best part about working here is the money they offer (mainly the profit-sharing bonus) - but after the first time it becomes less thrilling - after 1 year (full-time) they only award you an unremarkable key-chain instead of something more useful like a gift-card for gas/groceries - at times they don't "ask you" to work longer or work a stat. holiday - they try to intimidate and slightly harass (not exactly motivate) which I found unwelcome/inappropriate - one day a bright co-worker (management trainee) told me that in this warehouse it's just picking and packing and what else (what advancement opportunities?) and once a picker stopped by my workstation to get a box and he was responding in person to an aisle auditor who was asking him to initial/sign on an audit and the picker was agitated and upset with auditor/audit and blatantly kept saying he won't sign it - negative energy in the company - they care too much about KPI numbers and error statistics (extreme micromanagement) and less about keeping the workers happy so depending on your perspective, outlook and personality you may (or would) not want to work here long-term (their turnovers are kind of shocking) - they only offer a 1.9% annual hourly rate raise - not good - Milton location isn't as good as the previous Brampton location was (certainly the Milton warehouse is much larger but not fully completed when I was told to commute there - not good) and at least 1 coworker was dismayed about having to commute a l
Prosholiday or rare free lunches and December profit-sharing bonus
Consbeing intimidated (not asked) into working overtime or stat. holiday, etc.

Questions And Answers about Uline

How often do you get a raise at Uline?
Asked May 16, 2021
Only once a year or department change
Answered Mar 21, 2023
Answered Mar 2, 2023
What is the interview process like at Uline?
Asked Jul 20, 2016
I attended a job fair in allentown. I did the assessments and then had a great interview with one of the managers. We had a great conversation then he sat me down and another manager came over to interview me. After that I talked to an HR manager. The interview process was great and I received a job offer the next business day.
Answered Feb 17, 2022
Did they paily for the interview time?
Answered Nov 16, 2020
What is the promotion process like at Uline?
Asked Jul 6, 2022
You only can move up if you have a degree or if your in their click
Answered Mar 21, 2023
Must be working with company for over a year, have no written warnings, send in a resume to HR, and then interview for the position
Answered Mar 9, 2023
What is the vacation policy like at Uline? How many vacation days do you get per year?
Asked Jun 5, 2022
Two weeks but seniority is very much a thing there.
Answered Feb 21, 2023
Answered Feb 1, 2023
How often do raises occur at Uline?
Asked Feb 14, 2022
Answered Mar 21, 2023
Once per year, if at all
Answered Mar 15, 2023