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| Coppell, TX | Sep 9, 2019
As a temp/perm, you can find something better for $14.00/18.00
If you are a temp, and it’s a $14.00 pay, please be prepared to do all the back breaking work while the other temps do the easiest work. Your first day will consist of the night manager giving you a 10 minute orientation and from there, will drive you in a cart to place you with all the other temps. There are probably only about 7 temps at that work the night shift. Temps and permanents do not work together. Temps will work with temps, and permanents, will work with permanents. However if temps are behind on work, they will bring a few permanents to help out. Temps will always be behind from time to time due to the high turn over rate so help will always be needed. The job task at the beginning of the work shift for temps will consists of unloading bubble wraps from a trailer. These bubble wraps are not heavy, but theyre wide, and you can still injure yourself if you don’t use the proper lifting technique. Unloading bubble wraps on the night shift is usually a job task that takes about 30-45 minutes. The thing is, unloading bubble wraps is not your primary job and it was never your job task, they only give it to the temps because its something for you to do until what you signed up for is available at 9pm. Your main job task as a temp is to cut pallets of boxes. The fork lift drivers will line up pallets, and pallets upon pallets of boxes and your job task, depending on how the other temps have the system set up, is to remove paper work from the pallet, cut the card...more
ProsThe Supervisor who overlooked the temps was a great guy
Consnot given the proper tools
Senior Customer Service Representative | Kenosha, WI | Nov 27, 2018
Benefits to Compensate for Elitist & Archaic Culture
The information provided in this review pertains primarily to the Customer Service Department at the Kenosha, WI (formerly Waukegan, IL) branch; while the overarching themes are the same throughout the company, other branches or departments may have different offerings and policies. BENEFITS & COMPENSATION • Optional 401(k) with up to 5% match; immediately vested • Diverse healthcare options for medical, dental, and vision insurance (including HMO and PPO, and multiple plan offerings); stipend if medical insurance through the company is waived • Voluntary Accident Insurance • Voluntary Critical Illness Insurance • Optional FSA • Employee Assistance Program • Basic AD&D Insurance (at employer's cost) and optional Additional AD&D Insurance (at employee's cost) • Annual Performance Bonus • Annual Profit-Sharing Bonus • Annual Holiday Gift • Tuition Assistance Program for employees and college scholarship opportunities for children of employees • 128 hours of Paid Time Off; additional days earned with tenure • Optional overtime • 8 Paid Holidays (including New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas) CULTURE • Uline harbors an archaic dress code in which women are required to wear dresses or skirts throughout the year and pantyhose for 6 of those months; slacks are only permitted on Fridays (aka "Fancy Pants Friday") and weekends, or if being worn as a pantsuit during weekdays (i.e., slacks...more
Pros401(k), Healthcare, FSA, EAP, AD&D, Bonuses, OT, PTO, Paid Holidays, Tuition Assistance
ConsDress Code, Culture
Warehouse Worker | Ontario, CA | Aug 8, 2018
It's a job not a career
I am currently a freight stock picker. The job is great if you are able to keep to yourself and keep and smile on in front of management. The pay, for what the job entails, is very good. If you enjoy being able to keep interactions to a minimum and focus on your work, then it is a great job. You are merely. Not your employee number, but your productivity and accuracy for that day. It does not matter if you are able to exceed numbers on a daily basis. If you have one bad day, or one error outside of your control, then that is all you become to your management. The old adage of "what have you done for me lately," is very apt here. Any sense of identity and individuality is thrown out of the window here. You must conform to their set of standards otherwise you are seen as a problem. Lack of career advancement is non-existent, unless you assimilate. From my experience, you have to excel above and beyond all goals in place to be even considered. Only then THEY will place you where they like. If you request to learn other responsibilities, then it becomes a constant barrage of misleading or leading on. There were many empty promises made that lead to nowhere. It is a good job if you are able to fit their mold, but disagree or speak your voice on any issue, you become a nuisance. All that is required of you is to keep your head down and focus on the task at hand and you can excel here. It could be an excellent career if not for the management. Otherwise,...more
ProsPay and Benefits
Customer Service Representative | Kenosha, WI | Jun 14, 2019
The "Great Company" vibe wears off
I started my job search here, just like you are right now. I read the bad reviews. I ignored them. I thought they were disgruntled employees who were not good workers. I was wrong. I ignored the reviews and I found myself in a very miserable state every day. I worked at Uline for over two years and at the beginning thought it was great. They pay, benefits, bonuses and free food often were all nice perks. It was what was hiding behind these perks that ruined everything. Inside these four walls, you will witness hardworking people losing their souls. Management will pick their favorites and not care about any one else. You are replaceable. I would walk into work every day wondering if I was going to get fired, even though I was one of the hardest working members on my team. Everyone pretends to like the company, but everyone is afraid to speak up because they know if they do, they will be fired. Everything at Uline is on a report. Right down to how many times you go to the bathroom a day, if you are in CS. I escaped CS about a year into working here and I thought I was going to be fine. Nope. I was wrong. Even outside of CS, it is still miserable. Managers encourage you to talk to them and express any concerns, but once you do, they ignore you and treat you as if you are the problem. Leaving this company was the best thing I have ever done. I did not realize how depressing this place was until I got out.
ProsFree food, good pay, benefits, bonuses
Consstrict dress code, management, customers, coworkers
Packer | Pleasant Prairie, WI | May 21, 2019
Horrible place to work.
Management is horrible. Team leads and managers favor favoritism and really have no idea how to manage a warehouse. Most act like big shots when they are alone but as soon as their boss is around they act like personal assistants saying yes sir. It's like they get people from the homeless shelters as team leads and managers. Work was easy but physical. Just pack boxes all day. No room for advancement. 3 warehouse departments. No pay raises for advancing in departments. Just more work for same pay. Some overtime which is pretty good. Owners are good people. But they should really change their whole management. The only reason why the company keeps growing is because of more locations being opened and they are able to sell and deliver to more customers in farther areas. It has nothing to do with their management. Management is WAY stronger in other companies. HIGH employee turnover rates. Worked there almost a year and seen about 16 people quit and 8 new people get hired. Seen about 3 people get fired. Only a few employees have been there years and that's because management loves to use them as examples to people that come see how the warehouse works. Overall waste of time to work here. Only reason why people work here is because the pay is decent. Notice how I said decent. It's not worth it though. You can literally make the same or more at other warehouses if you really try.
ProsGood insurance. Pay is alright. Free water. lol
ConsManagement sucks.
Senior Information Technology Specialist | Pleasant Prairie, WI | May 31, 2019
Company with amazing & talented people and with great benefits
Uline is fast growing family-owned business filled with amazing and passionate people and with great talent. Uline hires the best, challenges, inspires resources and retain the talent. Uline rewards it's employees with great benefits and amazing bonuses. Company values and respects its employees and treat them as part of a family. Uline has amazing leadership team with great vision and who doesn't hesitate to roll up their sleeves, hold team accountable, challenge and movitate them, resolve issues day in & day out and take company forward on continuously growing positive direction. Uline provide opportunity for growth with multiple training programs, lunch-n-learn sessions, department mentoring and talent management programs. Company also provides tuition reimbursement & tuition reduction opportunities for employees and scholarships for kids of employees. Come join Uline if you like fast-growing, fast-paced and results-driven environment with great team culture. there is always an exciting opportunity to expand your skills and make contribution and be successful.
ProsGreat salaries, benefits, bonuses, career advancement opportunities
Warehouse Worker | Braselton, GA | Apr 23, 2019
Great paying, dead end job
Management has no idea what is actually going on in their departments. There is no room for advancement, period. Those who advance are hired, at the door ,as "management trainees". Everyone else is fed empty promises. The only reward you will receive for hard work is more work, not advancements. Do not bring up any new ideas or past experiences. Those things are heavily frowned upon, at Uline. It is a pure frat boy mentality environment. There will be bullying, hazing, and retaliation to all non-conformists to their agenda. This is possibly due to the majority of managers being recent college graduates, with zero management background. They have a term called, "Ulinizing". Which means that they will teach you how they want you to think. It's the closest thing to a cult that I have ever witnessed. Please spare yourself the humility and don't waste a minute of your life here. The money is great, but it's not worth all the stress that will come with it. Also, you will be constantly reminded of how insignificant and replacable you actually are to them.
ProsGreat money, You get to be a member of a cult
Consbad hours, demeaning work environment, no chance for advancement, constantly threatening termination
Warehouse Worker | Lacey, WA | Jul 17, 2019
Good place but can difficult
Some days are longer than others as you do not specifically have an end time until all work is finished. The benefits are okay but can cost a decent amount compared to some jobs. They have profit sharing bonus which is nice toward the end of the year. They give you a lot of training and if you need help with anything almost anyone is willing to help you out. It is how ever difficult to advance in the company. I have almost worked for 2 years and only seen 2 people get promoted and they had been working there for 5+ years and were already on a higher scale then most workers there. The rates can be a little over whelming and can be a challenge to obtain. They mainly care about accuracy over production but they do go hand in hand for this company which is harder to do when you need to go faster in a job and remain accurate with many variables adding to how accurate you can be. The pay is good but getting the job can be hard since the way the hire is very challenging and getting selected can be a very slim chance. There are only a few job types when starting and you will be stuck doing that job type for a long time without getting rotated to a different type of job.
Sales Representative | New York, NY | Mar 28, 2020
Why hire someone you have to micromanage? That's POOR MANAGEMENT
(Couldnt see below a certain line, so there's 2 or 3 typos at the end, i.e. "100%" instead of 10p%, obviously. I could not properly edit..anyway)... I have 15 years of outside sales experience. Trained by reputable,billion dollar companies, that TRAIN HEAVILY from day 1, with classroom style training, including daily, morning quizzes. THAT is how you get someone to learn a new company's WAY.... Yet not trusted to do my job,as a 40+yr old family/home supporter. Work/Life balance is a REAL thing these days, DEAL WITH IT. 99.9% of outside sales reps take that career because of the control they have over their schedule. The most effective reps can/do start their day between 8-10am&finish b/w 3-4pm,with no "lunch break." Daily activity reports are just busy work, created by uncertainanagers who hire poorly. Weekly activity reports can achieve the same thing as daily ones. When you squeeze and micromanage EXPERIENCED reps, you get the worst results, 100% of the time. However, if mgmt invests in training from the get go, and gets out of an experienced rep's way, then they will see results, again, 10p% of the time. Adapt to today's workforce, or slowly die.
Technician | Pleasant Prairie, WI | Sep 19, 2019
Scariest place I ever worked.
I have to start by the fact that I was hired under a false job description. Their description of the position they needed filled was for a "Prepress Technician". Well, I have been one for over 25 years and I can tell you this position had absolutely nothing to do with Prepress (getting items ready for printing). Some prime examples were when I would speak of technical printing terms, no one had a clue what I was talking about. The "creative group" would always pass around printed materials, everyone loved them, but I noticed how bad the reproductions were. I could go on and on about how I did not fit into this place. It really creeped me out. One morning I finally had it. (Only there 1 month) I gathered my personal items and was history by lunch. Had a long talk with the recruiter after, about getting the proper job description. Leaving was the best thing that ever happened. Now working at a large commercial printer, with a much better paying job, and continually traveling in the corporate jet to new clients. From a little person stuck in some sterile cubicle to flying about the county. Again so, so happy I left there. BE CAREFUL

Questions And Answers about Uline

What is the interview process like at Uline?
Asked Jul 20, 2016
The interview process begins with 4 assessment tests taken at home: 1st one is a word association. You are given a list of 30 - 40 groups of 4 words, you choose which most and which least describes your work style. Examples are: respectful, pioneering, optimist, helpful; and expressive, conscientious, dominant, responsive. Assessment 2 consists of 70 questions about yourself, i.e. "you enjoy having a wide range of acquaintances," and "you are almost never late for appointments, and "you remain unbiased even if it means damaging good relations with people." Assessment 3 is 50 questions on salesmanship i.e. "after giving a demonstration, the customer inquires, "do you have a box?' You know you have several. You should reply..." You choose the best out of four possible answers. The fourth home assessment is a writing exercise. You are given a sample text and you must condense and rewrite it into the Uline writing style for email. You are given an example to help you along. At the interview, you receive two more assessments, each timed 4 minutes. One tests your ability to identify number patterns, i.e. 2, 8, 3, 8, 4, 8, __, __ (answer should be 5, 8). The second you are given 2 sets of numbers, and you check each pair that is identical as quickly as you can. For example: 90210, 90210 ✓ 10034, 10043 ✗. The interviewer asked pretty basic questions, 'where do you see yourself in 5 years?" What are your strengths? What do you need help with? How would your former boss describe you?" The question also came up about the company's dress code, if I'd have any problem with it. I answered, "I am resilient and adaptable. I wouldn't let a dress code impede me from moving forward." They also ask for a salary range which I researched the night before and answered a cool 80 - 85K. Second interviews are with the team to get the 'day in the life at Uline," but I didn't make it that far. I was notified one week after interview #1.
Answered Sep 12, 2019
Why they made people go over for the interview and they never give us a job?
Answered Jul 28, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Uline a better place to work?
Asked Nov 18, 2019
Move it back to Orange County.
Answered May 17, 2020
Actually listen to the employees
Answered May 14, 2020
What is the most stressful part about working at Uline?
Asked Jul 31, 2017
Every part
Answered Feb 7, 2020
Middle Management! They rather throw entry level employees under bus to save themselves and to look good to the higher ups.
Answered Apr 23, 2019
How are the working hours?
Asked Oct 17, 2016
Suck 10a.m-8pm or 830 pm
Answered Feb 9, 2020
For corporate jobs pretty standard 8-5 with an hour for lunch. They consider your lunch as part of your work day so that comes out to 45 hours a week. Not required to do much over that.
Answered Dec 5, 2017
What questions did they ask during your interview at Uline?
Asked Sep 6, 2017
He asked about my current jobs; I have two part-time jobs now. He also asked what my current boss would say about me. He also asked what my greatest strengths are.
Answered Apr 21, 2020
What I did at my last job What I ever written up
Answered Apr 20, 2020