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Overall Reviews at Ulta

Beauty Consultant | Fairfax, VA | Mar 16, 2020
Great place to start and grow
Ulta is a great place to grow your retail background. The provide training and truly care about promoting from within. Ulta is about empowerment and have come a long way.
Senior Customer Service Representative | Foxborough, MA | Mar 13, 2020
Too stick to yourself
Always worry about your binder and making money because everyone else is working their position and isn't focusing on you. I would have loved to not ran into someone from highschool. It's very calm other than that I just have the worst luck!
Customer Service Representative | Searcy, AR | Jan 10, 2020
supportive company
ULTA Beauty : great company to work for , very rewarding work, customer friendly, great benefits, amazing selection of retail products and professional services.
Cashier/Stocker | Lakeland, FL | Mar 16, 2020
This was First Job my experience was incredible everyone kind and helping friendly and hardworking . Easy to transfer job location if needed . Trained very well.
Beauty Consultant | Montgomery, AL | Jul 6, 2018
Great place to work, but could not make a living.
I love working at Ulta! The people and environment work outstanding. Working every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and holiday but Christmas Day and barely making ends meet while living with my mom is what ultimately led me to look for work elsewhere.
Beauty Consultant | Collegeville, PA | Jun 4, 2019
Good Part Time Job
4 years, but its not a great place to work part time if you're looking to stay there for a while, all depends on what location you're at....................
Counter Manager | Lake Forest, CA | Dec 17, 2019
Could have more learning
Could use better management. Usually management is children who don’t know makeup. The reason I’ve stayed is because I love my Clinique boss. If it weren’t for her I don’t know.
Beauty Consultant | Tucson, AZ | Nov 11, 2019
Productive and Fun Workplace
Everyday is never the same Very Enthusiastic Environment Learned the different products and the purpose of each one Learned to drive sales and customer loyalty The hardest thing working at Ulta was going beyond our exceptional quota and bringing our sales higher than the goal Most enjoyable was working with a great team and accepting gratis
Customer Service Representative | Fort Worth, TX | Aug 26, 2018
Very fast paced and enjoyable
Love the feeling of being somewhere with a group of women and not to be judged and everyone welcomes you with open arms. Of course you have your days but working here with the big group of women I had the privilege to work with was amazing.
Problem Solver | Dallas, TX | Apr 26, 2018
Dallas DC Suck Go GreenWood In.
I started out at the ULTA DC in GreenWood Indiana.. Go GreenWood.. Which I wish I would have stayed. But amywhoot Once I found out they was building in Dallas Tx, I looked at it as a advancement opportunity. So I learned all I could at the GreenWood DC with hopes of becoming in a leadership role at the Dallas DC. Boy was I wrong. GreenWood DC sent me to the Dallas DC to help with Ramp up ((Grand Opening ECT.)) Little did I know once I transferred and Moved ( Relocated) to the Dallas DC Almost every one in the DC even management and 60% of the Workers had came from a Target DC which mean upper Management had already promised growth. Dallas DC management was cut throat no matter who I talked to even HR it was a no go so I ended up quitting. I loved the DC in GreenWood In. I was just sick of the weather and was ready for change with a fair opportunity of growth over All I loved working for ULTA ..Dallas DC was just Cut throat and was doing underhanded things and I didn't want the drama of calling corporate ..
ProsBenefits, Makeup, Discounts, 21 days of Beauty
ConsDallas DC management & pay raises

Questions And Answers about Ulta

What is the interview process like at Ulta?
Asked Mar 19, 2017
Honestly got hired on the spot, and she asked me about my experience from my previous job as a beauty consultant and just asked me to explain my roll and that was it
Answered Sep 25, 2019
I had one interview and was offered the job on the spot.
Answered Aug 2, 2019
On average, how many hours do you work a day at Ulta?
Asked Oct 9, 2017
Very few hours for seasonals. Maybe 4 hours every 2 weeks. Very sloppy way of posting the schedule
Answered Dec 3, 2019
Anywhere from 4-6 hours
Answered Dec 2, 2019
Does ulta do background checks for beauty advisors?
Asked Feb 24, 2016
They only do background checks on management but only at certain locations.
Answered Jan 27, 2020
No, I was hired there as a felon. I ended up being a prestige beautify advisor and lead. Side note: my hiring was quick and I didn’t even have to do group interview as I mentioned I would be willing to do truck so I think I was pushed though and hired quick
Answered Jul 29, 2019
What is the best part of working at Ulta?
Asked Nov 26, 2019
Learning about makeup and the different skincare products for you
Answered Mar 24, 2020
The free stuff
Answered Mar 23, 2020
What's the dress code like?
Asked Feb 20, 2017
Great! I normally wear all black anyways and you can do white tops to. Also around the holidays October- New Years we could wear jeans I work timberlands and uggs and sherry’s when working the floor. Truck nights I wore sweats or yoga pants and some jordans
Answered Jul 29, 2019
At the Ulta I worked at, I spent $80 dollars a week on shoes trying to find the right ones that wouldn’t infuriate the general manager. She didn’t let me wear khaki colored Toms, bearpaw moccasins or slip on vans. The only shoes she didn’t mind were flats with no arch support at all, or heels. BOTH which are AWFUL for your feet when you’re standing for very long periods of time, not receiving breaks you’re legally supposed to get. I had problems with my feet for 2 months after quitting due to the shoes they had us wear.
Answered Jun 3, 2019