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Sales Representative | Honolulu, HI | Jun 26, 2018
Micro-Managing Superiors
This review is based on my 10 years as a reservations sales and service representative. Upon transferring from a stress free, fun position to a strict, micromanaged res agent, I went from having an enjoyable job to basically working with tyrants and dictators. Examples of the strictness included clocking in no later than 2 minutes at shift schedule and return from lunch/breaks or be subjected to reprimand that would result in a few verbal warnings to being written up and receiving a documented level to be accumulated and placed in personnel file. Termination would proceed if level 5 is reached. There were no exceptions to this rule regardless of emergency situations. Supervisors were regularly required to critique call handling and verbiage used by listening daily to calls being taken by agents. They would summon you from your desk and make suggestions or degrade the agent for not using "United required words". A good example of this was when a customer called and if you did not say (in addition to identifying the company & your name), "How may I assist you?", then you would receive a reprimand even if that was the ONLY time it was omitted. They did not lead by example as they were found often taking long breaks and mingling with others conversing about personal issues.
ProsFellow employee commeraderie
ConsDictatorship Management
Graphic Designer | Chicago, IL | Apr 4, 2019
Great place to work - positive environment with great people
United was the best job I've ever had. Lots of interesting projects, recognition and room for growth was top on their list. The travel benefits are like no other from free flights to discounts on car rentals, hotels, restaurants and more. I've received the most number of recognition awards and compensation for my efforts and hours worked than any other company I have worked for. The non for profit organizations United was involved with always provided fun volunteer opportunities to give back to the community. There was always a lot of brainstorming and camaraderie on the team. All ideas were heard and everyone was always involved in all decision making. Employees came first and seniority mattered. The company would hire from within first, layoff freelance before permanent employees and always consider in-house work before spending thousands on agencies. HR was also wonderful, they always seemed to be there to support employees as well as protect management and the company as a whole. No issue would ever go overlooked or ignored. All levels of employment were held accountable and always in a fare manner. Discretion and privacy was key. I wish all companies would learn by the way United Airlines runs things and treats their employees. It's probably why people stay there so long.
ProsAll Pros
ConsI had to leave to raise my babies
Flight Attendant | New Jersey | Nov 21, 2019
a bit
I loved my job. When I began flying United only flew domestically. but after mergers with PAN-AM and Continental, we fly everywhere now. My last 10 years of flying I flew to Japan, China . I was able to fly home to England whenever I wanted. However, it is not an easy job anymore. The flying public have changed. But when I flew I was always surprised and delighted at the diversity of the passengers who touched my life,so briefly. Most importantly, you are , after Emergency Training.Remember that you will be a trained, safety professional. .Be aware that you will need to ready for ANY thing. That is the new world these days. And your flying partners will "have your back" As for management, it all depends. Sometimes you are lucky and they can be great. Like any job. Get ready to wake up in the morning realise that you are in a strange hotel. And then you can remember that later that day you can be laying pool-side in Buenos Aires, Airgentina whilst New York is battling a blizzard. My most wonderful experience came not long before I retired. The US government needed more planes to get troops over to the war in the Gulf, 1991. We flew 3,000 troops over and back. The most incredible experience of my life. But that;s another story. After years of having to get up at 2 am I still dream that I am going to be late for my flight. ! You will make friends, your flying partners, who will be friends for life. Go Fly. And enjoy.
Operations Agent | Houston, TX | Jul 17, 2019
Nice benefits, hard work never stops, job becomes mind numbing
Worked as a Sanitation Agent in the Equipment, Liquor, and Sanitation department for United Airlines' Catering Operations division. This position has a variety of assignments to be done by you and your coworkers in the Dish Room. Typically one should expect to be trained to do multiple different assignments, usually involving operating a Dish Machine. Dish Machine operators are divided into Feeders and Catchers, those who dispose of garbage and run dishes and equipment through the machine at one end and those who catch and organize the dishes and equipment at the other end, respectively. There are assignments besides those but these are the simple ones that most new hires start out with. The assignments in this department are fairly easy to learn, and become repetitive and mind numbing within a month or two of working there, at least in my experience. The perks of the job are that you get a free meal at lunch break, benefits are pretty good (health insurance, dental, vision, et al), and flight privileges (free if space available, 20% discount if you book the seat). Supervisors and leads are very helpful and generally enjoyable to work with. Downside is, as with most manual labor jobs, half of your coworkers work hard, the other half do just enough to not be called out.
Flight Attendant | Chicago, IL | Oct 30, 2018
Best job ever,physical work and also very social.
I was a flight attendant. Hardest job to give up. I had kids so my husband wanted me to stay home which I agreed but still a great job. Of course travel is expected and flexibility is HUGE. When you are on call you can be called anytime of the day or night on short notice so you need to be ready to go. Very social and pleasant to passengers you want them to ome on happy and leave happy that is your job. There are times when passengers can get a little hard to handle it is your job to communicate to them or you coworkers to be able to work through the problem the best way possible. We were trained in safety which was very hard to get through so you had to study and know your stuff. Many times you were delayed or things didn't go just right due to weather or mechanical so you need to be able to handle anything that comes your way. Still the best job ever, if you are flexible and can travel than go for it pays very low at first so that is hard plus they can relocate you wherever they want so be prepared to relocate and many times you live with other flight attendants till you move up the pay scale which can take some years.
ProsTravel good company good benefits good coworkers
ConsStarting pay not the best, could be relocated and reserve can be tough they can call you all hours.
Senior Developer | Houston, TX | Feb 15, 2019
Stay Away
Salary is 30% to 40% below Market. Houston salary is much lower than that at Chicago. Requires a third of IT work being outsourced to India. 60% of all developers are H1B. Senior Developers are forced to manage offshore developers. United are forcing developers to move to Chicago. Those who are not willing to relocate are forced to leave the company. United do not give salary raises. The only way to get an increase in pay is to get a promotion or leave United. Some developers double their salary at another company. There is no ownership of products and almost all manager kicks the can down the road. Very toxic corporate environment. Rigid conformity stymied any sort of innovations. Woe to those who dare to speak up. The code base at United is really bad. They still use GOTO in production code. There is no Architecture and Documentation. Everything is done by the seat of the pant. Projects suffer from long delay and hugh cost overrun. Once the code release to production, it is full of bugs that require constant patching. United does not have CMO/PMO to monitor projects. The best word to descript United Airlines is INCOMPETENT.
Proshelpful coworkers
ConsIncompetent Managers
Customer Advocate | Houston, TX | Dec 3, 2018
Great for Starting Experience not for Staying
- Meeting, Start day off with work - The sheer number of companies that utilize the service, how Logistics impacts their bottom line and people rely on the service in general. - Management must take more time to coordinate with departments. Get the employees more involved during meeting to make a more positive impact in both decisions and how the place can be improved. - There are a few close knit groups in departments that work well together, some areas where it is necessary to operate as a team instead of apart. - Receiving various issues from multiple departments, sometimes while you are in the middle of working on a singular or multiple issues yourself. When I say everyone relies on your department, everyone does. The centralized unit for the company is CSA. - The people, the friends you make, the experiences that many people that have been in the company share, the people from different walks of life and the advice they provide. Some are willing to guide you through and help you understand the operation and what to do afterwards.
ProsThe people you meet, The experience for Freight Logistics
ConsNo Benefits, Management
Project Manager | Houston, TX | Jan 24, 2019
Chaotic change, CYA mentality
I worked with some good people and as part of a pretty close knit, supportive team. However, the close knit team had little experience bringing aboard new people and no formalized work processes or roles. Worse yet, much effort was expended to manipulate reporting on workload and number of errors/user support requests. Tasks or issues would be marked resolved (and classified as no error found) in one system when in reality they had only been moved to a different system for tracking. This deceptively lowered the error rate as listed on executive reports. Conversely, every error/request/inquiry would be counted (including duplicates across systems) and reported to different management groups inflate the workload and justify staffing levels. Consequently, no data driven reporting or analysis was conducted and every weekly and monthly report required manual manipulation by multiple people. Exacerbating the problem was frequent organization hierarchy shuffling resulting in middle managers not wanting to report any data until they could surreptitiously figure out what the new senior managers would consider "good" numbers.
Account Executive | Chicago, IL | Jul 20, 2018
Was a golden time.
I worked for United when working for an airline was great. We focused on guest satisfaction and the airline was always looking for ways to improve. The airline had quarterly, week long, training which was wonderful. They would have outside consultants to keep us up on technology and trends. We had training about the direction the industry and United were heading, skills for sales, skills for new technology the airline was using to give better service. Benefits were the best with great medical, dental, vision, 401K and pension. The airline got greedy and wanted to merge with US Air and killed their business model. They started hemorrhaging money. CEO's bailed out with golden parachutes paying them huge benefits and salaries for life while everyone else took pay and benefit cuts. Their culture has never recovered, nor has their service level. I loved working for United until they started to outsource all the positions in an effort to contain costs. Service went away, and what do you have to sell when you don't provide excellent service.
ProsWas a great company to work for.
ConsThey killed themselves through greed.
Flight Attendant | Chicago, IL | Mar 11, 2019
Great place to work
I enjoyed United up to just before 9/11. United was a premiere service provider. They had started to lose money and were doing cutbacks and the quality of service started to suffer. As a flight attendant I enjoyed the fact that the job was different everyday. The people you worked with and the people you served and everyday was an opportunity to make a good impression and I strived to do that always in all ways. I enjoyed the travel and the layovers. The hardest part for me was after 9/11 when security procedures changed as well as the attitude of passengers. I learned how to work in a truly diverse community and never to place judgement on others. I learned how to perform CPR and how to evacuate every plane in the fleet. I enjoyed being Chief purser during oversea travel, that included organizing staff and assigning responsibilities to crew and managing the flight thru to completion. As chief purser I had total control of the in flight experience for passengers, pilots and crew. The benefits were fantastic and the salaries were great.
ProsBenefits and travel

Questions And Answers about United Airlines

After interviewing for a temporary position, if granted employment can you transition to permanent? Or after the time has passed will they just keep you on file and contact you the next season?
Asked Feb 20, 2016
Depend the performance that you give
Answered May 30, 2019
Yes on all questions my previous employment in the industry would be an asset to United.
Answered Apr 24, 2019
What is the training like?
Asked Jul 14, 2016
Training in my department is never sufficient. OJT and tribal information seems to be required for almost everything. I find training to be lacking.
Answered Nov 6, 2019
The training was excellent,I ate it up like candy! Because the more education you have is good for you and your pocket book, and it looks good on a resume.
Answered Jul 31, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at United Airlines? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 8, 2016
Well,it normally will take 45 days,the badging process is the longest part.
Answered Jul 31, 2019
The hiring process can take as little as one month depending on staffing needs. I know they are scheduling more classes to begin in September of this year! Go get your FA with a top airline UNITED! I love my job and love the company. Be ready for the adventure of a life with flexible schedule etc... show up everyday with a willing and learning heart and commitment to safety, smile and you will be a success. You will miss your family so it’s an adjustment.
Answered May 9, 2019
What is current pay for flight attendants/stewardess?
Asked Apr 17, 2016
For United they start with 18
Answered Dec 6, 2018
I’m not sure it should be $27.00
Answered Dec 2, 2018
Is it possible to work part time night shifts only?
Asked Jun 13, 2016
Depends on several things,one is demand the other is location,But yes United would love that.
Answered Jul 31, 2019
Depends on where your working. At a HUB its possible. Maybe not your first bid but you could get night shift within a year if you're a part timer
Answered Jul 9, 2019