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Senior Customer Service Representative | Jeffersonville, IN | Aug 9, 2019
Poor Management
The job I interviewed for was advertised as a "Reporting Analyst" yet my actual interview was for a Senior Customer Service Professional. It took six times to interview for the job. The turnover rate is extremely high at UHC. I had no idea I would be working in a call center; it was never touched upon or mentioned in the interview. I enjoyed the interview and the interviewer ended up being my manager. She was awesome! She knew how to coach and build up camaraderie in her group. At some point she was dismissed, however, and I am sure it had to do with her "numbers". "Numbers" are all that is important to UHC. They hammer in their "5 Core Values" but never live up to them. In fact, one of our interim managers said he was told about the core values directly before an interview, so he memorized them 15 minutes beforehand! I supported brokers and employers who offered UHC products to their employees. I spent six weeks in training prior to coming on the floor; my trainer made it distinct that when we answered a call and the caller stated their problem had not been resolved, we would tell them "I will fix the problem you're having within this call so that you will not have to call about this again." Period. I had to take calls as soon as they came in and be off the phone in six minutes max. All calls regarded questions and problems the caller was having. Most stated they had called UHC three times before, got three different answers to the same question yet the...more
ProsServicing customers
ConsInadequate time to research and resolve problems; poor management.
Senior Customer Service Representative | Las Vegas, NV | May 21, 2019
Very Stressful Work Environment
I worked with UHC for almost 4 years. It was an extremely difficult company to get hired with, so I thought, until I met most of my training class. Everyone applied 1 time and got hired with a referral, even those less qualified than I was at the time. The training program is very fast paced and overwhelming, yet they don’t give you all the information you need for when you’re live on the floor. The call volume is ridiculous for majority of the year, which meant long hold times and many upset and disrespectful customers. The systems they use are extremely dated and always failing every single day, which made our calls much longer than necessary. Their website was updated almost 2 years ago and there are always issues with it, resulting in many more angry calls and a lot of times I could really relate with the customers’ frustration. I don’t understand why they can’t get it together. They are a Fortune 500 company, yet my raises were less than 50 cent per year while consistently meeting my metrics for majority of the year. Which brings me to the metric system. It’s better than it was because they didn’t use to give us a break on adherence when we clocked out for lunches and breaks late due to a call that went longer than expected, after several complaints they came up with a solution. It’s still very difficult to meet goals without feeling like a complete robot. If you do met them you are rewarded with quarterly incentive bonuses, which is a plus. If you or anyone in your home...more
ProsCommunity involvement, PTO, Quarterly incentives (if you make it)
ConsDifficult to promote, Strict Attendance/No sick days
Senior Medical Coder | United States | Jan 10, 2019
Dream Job BUT...
I am a remote coder and that's the best job for someone like me. I LOVE my job, however, I would love to have more hours. When I started working there 3 years ago, we were promised a lot of overtime. However, some people complained about the work to life ratio (based on their poor time management skills) and they decreased it. I will say that they listen to their staff but I think that the managers and supervisors tend to be overworked and that the higher ups only care about the bottom line. They only see numbers and not what we're actually doing. Yes, a person could be doing 13 charts an hour but are they accurately coded? Are they overclocking to get those numbers? I have seen that people have resorted to measures against the rules to meet production which, in turn, made many of the other staff stress about getting those same numbers on certain projects. I love my job. I have also had three managers since I have been there and I still keep in contact with the first two because they are great. If you interact with them, they will interact with you. So, although it is a remote position, you still have to learn how to cultivate a relationship with your team which works for me because I am really antisocial. They give bonuses and they actually pay attention to your peers in the market and will give you a raise (Human Resources researches this) to make sure that you are being paid as you should with your experience. I don't think I have ever had a job do that ...more
Registered Nurse Case Manager | Atlanta, GA | Mar 1, 2019
Not worth the stress and lower pay
I gave notice because I am a professional and a patient advocate. Otherwise, leaving the job and this company was the best decision of my entire life. PROS: worked from home, benefits offered CONS: stressful work environment, little training to do the job successfully and held against you at annual review; manager who has his/her own motives of advancement & lack of support from management overall; unrealistic metrics whereby half of your work doesn't even count towards keeping your job or your annual review/merit raise; outward favoritism with rewards, pay raises, and work assignments resulting in backbiting and dissension among co-workers and team; having to "cover" for another nurse on a consistent basis; constant staff turnover, new accounts to learn and manage, and unnecessary meetings; no sick time; salaried position whereby if you have a doctor's appointment during your scheduled work time you're required to use PTO to cover it but no pay for working overtime???; and so on and so on and so on-too many to mention here. When I was forced-transferred to the CM position upper management informed me it was for a company alignment and I would receive the same pay for a 40-hour workweek, i.e. I was hourly and forced into a salaried position. It turns out was a lie because of the endless workload in excess of 40 hours, my pay was actually reduced and not equal as I was told, and the company has full knowledge of what is happening so calling HR has been a waste of time. ...more
Prossee below
Constoo many to mention
Technical Analyst | Overland Park, KS | Oct 6, 2019
Low Pay, Low Value, and Low Outlook
PROS I work in IT at the Overland Park campus in Kansas, so I will be speaking from that front. Something is always going wrong on the production floor, so you'll never have a dull moment. Lots of action, running around, etc. While the company itself is not great and even the other teams aren't great, the IT team of Overland Park is comprised of some positive, experienced individuals who can be a joy to work with (despite that overall climate of Optum). CONS Employees are overworked from the bottom to the top and a long-standing "buddy system" keeps ill-suited managers in power. They have a hard time hiring anyone, which ultimately results in them simply accepting the first person who accepts an offer, regardless of that individual's qualifications. This ultimately leads to a job culture that gradually worsens. Turnover is extremely high throughout the Overland Park facility, yet the inability to hire new personnel still stands. This means that the revolving door spits out more people than it pulls in. As a result, more overtime is added, more demands are made, more deadlines are not met, and even more people leave. The facility is bleeding workers and can't stop the flow. ADVICE TO MANAGEMENT Higher rate of pay to your experienced/qualified personnel--no one in the IT department makes what they're worth, even when they get overtime. Nor does anyone in the Automation department. I'm not sure what the engineers are making here, but I'm willing to bet that ...more
Community Manager | West Des Moines, IA | Sep 8, 2018
Not what I was expecting this job to be when I started.
This company is constantly evolving and changing policies and procedures. It is difficult to stay current with the most recent changes and what is the proper procedure to follow. There does not seem to be a big picture goal or vision. Changes are made quickly and seemingly without input from the employees effected by the changes. I understand the state dictates many of our policies; however, it seems as though many changes are reactive instead of proactive on the part of United. It is difficult to trust management that states they care about our members, but then makes it extremely difficult for members to have access to the care they need to remain healthy or make their lives easier. I do enjoy working with my members and seeing people in the community. The difficult part of working with the members is trying to present information to them in a positive light when I personally do not agree with what management is telling me to do (or not do) for my members. My members deserve a lot more attention and respect than what they receive. The demands placed upon us are unreasonable given the fact that we are allowed no overtime. When I started I was salaried, in 12/2017 we were switched to hourly. This is not a 40 hour a week position. It could be if we had more case managers working in the field or if there was more clerical staff who could take some of those duties off the plate of the case managers. Also in December of 2017 our travel reimbursement polic...more
ProsIf you don't have outside meetings scheduled you can work in your pjamas.
ConsYou don't see your co-workers every day, my team and supervisors have changed numerous times in the last 9 months, from Jan. to September I have had 7 supervisors.
Utilization Review Nurse | Dunwoody, GA | Mar 19, 2019
Enjoyable, Challenging but Not too Stressful, Felt Appreciated
I worked for United Health Group for 8 years and I loved it. The role I had as a Utilization Review Nurse was perfect for me. The work challenged me and helped me shine as I became more knowledgeable in managed care. I had the best management team ever. My typical day involved logging on and reading my emails, addressing urgent matters first before looking at my work queue and triaging my caseload. Once triaged my cases according notification requirements, URAC guidelines, urgency of request, so forth, I would review and determine if request could be administratively approved based on direct benefit language. If no clinical review required, approval or denial letter would be generated that included applicable covered benefit language per Summary Plan Document and information about appeals, if request was denied. If request required further review, clinical documentation was requested form requesting healthcare provider and I would review the clinical documentation to determine if it meet the guidelines for approval per approved peer reviewed, evidenced based literature (medical policies), State/Federal Mandates, Summary Plan Document and applicable Specific Account Instructions. If request met the criteria based on the clinical documentation provided, I sent an approval letter to patient, facility/provider indicated in the request. Additionally, I would handle high profile cases for State of GA employees, as I worked on a dedicated team for Georgia Department of Community He...more
ProsBest Pay EVER
ConsLaid off after 8 years
APC | North East, PA | Jan 11, 2020
Long work hours no work life balance
I started working for UHC in the HouseCalls Program in 2015. During that time I felt I was making a difference in the lives of our members. I was offered ample time to education members with multiple chronic, comorbidities to enhance the overall quality of their lives. This company is constantly changing and over the course of the last 5 years I have seen a drastic disappointing decline in their care model. More and more tasks have been added to the assessments leaving less and less time for actual patient / practitioner interaction for education and resource management. The company has become very task driven and has placed much of its emphasis on the quantity of visits a practitioner completes to meet monetary quotas rather than the quality of the individual patient encounters. They will say that an assessment should take between 45 and 55 minutes to complete in your interview process but be aware with all the new advancements assessments take between 60 to 75 minutes to complete. You are expected to see 6 members in an eight hour day with long travel distances (sometimes 60 minutes between members). There is no time allocated for administrative activities therefore practitioners are expected to complete charting, call pcps, attend team meetings, and complete mandatory Learn Source modules on their "free" time. The pay seems generous until you add in the "hidden hours" you are expected to work above and beyond your salaried commitment. This job offers very little ...more
A4Me Benefit advocate | Kingston, NY | May 23, 2019
Drama and very unprofessional!
First of all, I was fired while still in training after 3 months of being told we are learning and that 3 specific things would cause such an early termination:cursing out a member, attendance policy, or a behavioral issue that has been addressed several times with no change. I unknowingly gave out wrong information to a member- which was an honest mistake where I was just trying to help. I am in my early 30s and felt like I was surrounded by insecure women who were conducting my training class who spoke down to people and I overheard gossip about my “ability to be coached”. Little did they know I walked into that company highly educated with a masters degree and ended up giving them a shot after recovering from a bad accident. I was initially told that my phone call where I gave wrong info was not going to result in me losing my job, but MOVING FORWARD- just not to say what I said again, and I said understood. A little over a week later I was taken off the phones and had someone grab my things put them at the front desk and was told my phone call elevated it’s way (like hot air) up the chain of command at UHC and a decision was made. Initially only a few people heard my call. My trainer, who you can tell quickly has substance abuse issues, she has to teach the class remotely from home one day sounded drunk while teaching!!!and the OJTs, one of which felt compelled to report my call and go after my job for some strange reason maybe perhaps because they were insecure and jealo...more
Prosdecent pay for entry level position. Benefits kick in immediately
ConsYour every move is watched, from jabber convos, emails, and them pretending they want to know if something is wrong to “help” yet it’s used against u
Case Manager | New Mexico | Jul 16, 2018
Beware Inpatient Case Managers
This job is one of the worst to work. The case loads are out of control. In orientation you don't really get to see the case loads until you are ready to function on your own the case loads are 60 to 70 not 40-50 like they promise in orientation. The orientation is lacking you will usually orient with a nurse who has parred down assignment because their training you so they take work from them and give it to other nurses so you won't see the true work load until you are on your own. Other nurses go into your que routinely so they basically watch your work and then complain to get their way. Routinely have meetings that take up your time from time sensitive cases so what's the point. Constant influx of change nursing leadership is non existent, in meetings managers talk to you like you are a moron. Don't give your opinion or experience they don't want it. Often work until 6 to 7pm but scheduled 8 to 5 okay since you work at home at first but then it drags on and on into the next day and next you get burned out quick. This job would be nice if they didn't have unrealistic expectations on the workload. They have matrix that they watch your every step at home so don't think for a second they are not watching you. That part is fine because you literally didn't stop working all day because some cases have deadlines so if you don't want to be at it until midnight chop chop...it's a massive haul everyday. You save them tons of money because every case is reviewed with super high st...more
Prosnone work at home
Consbenefits, managers, high deductible, all bosses no workers, meetings constantly for same grips/ list too numerous

Questions And Answers about UnitedHealth Group

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at UnitedHealth Group?
Asked Jul 28, 2016
My interview was pretty easy. The interview consisted of a few behaviorial type questions (tell me about a time you had a conflict with a customer, tell me about a time you had a conflict with a coworker and steps you took to resolve it). Then I was given more information about the job itself and a tour of the office.
Answered Feb 14, 2020
It's favoritism at its best.
Answered Nov 21, 2019
How long will it take to know if you get hired??
Asked Mar 8, 2016
It took about a month for me. I don't remember the exact dates so I'll just make up a date to give you an idea. Jan 1st - I applied. January 5th - phone call asking to schedule a phone interview with a recruiter. Jan 7th - phone interview. January 9th - phone call asking to schedule in person interview. January 13th - in person interview. January 30th - phone call telling me I got the job :)
Answered Feb 14, 2020
I was called for a phone interview 2 weeks after submitting my application.
Answered Feb 28, 2019
How do you feel about going to work each day at UnitedHealth Group?
Asked Mar 14, 2017
It is daily misery dealing with a micromanaging boss that doesn't even remotely have a clue about how to do the job or have any point of reference. If you ask then a question they have no idea and refer you to speak with a team member.
Answered Nov 9, 2019
Hated it not because of the job, but that god awful supervisor in the Orlando office.
Answered Oct 2, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make UnitedHealth Group a better place to work?
Asked Mar 8, 2017
Equal pay and opportunity for all. Less turn over. Keeping patients and members in mind. creating an environment to keep employees happy for growth and stability within.
Answered Jan 5, 2020
It is so hard to say! There are occasional poor managers/leaders. Generally the company works that through eventually, but it can be tough in the interim. Evaluate the person you will report to very carefully.
Answered Jan 4, 2020
What is the vacation policy like at UnitedHealth Group? How many vacation days do you get per year?
Asked Mar 8, 2017
Answered Apr 1, 2019
Many as you want
Answered Feb 7, 2019