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Universal Studios Hollywood Reviews

Popular JobsRide OperatorFood Service WorkerHost/HostessRetail Sales AssociateAttendantCookParking AttendantGuest Service AgentProduction AssistantActorLot AttendantPrep CookAmbassadorBakerSales AssociateCashierMatronPark ServicesLine CookManagerShow ControlTeam LeaderBartenderCustomer Service RepresentativeWarehouse WorkerCart AttendantCleanerCustomer Service Associate / CashierFood Service AssociateLead CookSales ClerkStewardTeam MemberTour GuideAdministrative AssistantOperations AssociateOperatorPerformerRetail SupervisorSecurity OfficerChefCrew MemberCustomer Service Team LeadDresserEntertainerField InterviewerInternLeadMarket ResearcherSales RepresentativeServer/CashierSupervisorTicket Sales RepresentativeAnimal TechnicianAssistant ManagerBaristaBusserClerkCulinaryCustodianFacilitatorFood RunnerFront End AssociateJanitorLead AssociateLead SupervisorLead TrainerLine Cook/Prep CookOffice AssistantProduction LeadProject CoordinatorReplenishment AssociateRetail CarnivalServerSpecialistStage ManagerTeam TrainerTechnicianWarehouse LeadAccounts Payable ClerkAdmissionsAnimatorArt DirectorAssistantAssociateAssociate ManagerAssociate Project ManagerAttractions LeadCashier/SalesCashier/StockerCatererCatering SupervisorCertified TrainerCharacter PerformerContent ProducerContract AdministratorControllerCook 2Cook/DishwasherCoordinatorCustomer Service ManagerDancerData Entry ClerkDirectorDirector of Food and BeverageDishwasherDishwasher/BusserDoormanEvent AssistantEvent StaffExecutiveExpediterFOH leadFacilities ManagerFinancial AnalystFront Desk AgentFulfillment AssociateGraphic DesignerGuest controlHalloween Horror Nights ScareActorIndustrial EngineerInventory AssistantJurassic Park Regular LeadLaborerLand ManagerLead Retail Sales AssociateMakeup ArtistManaging MemberMechanicMedical Publications ManagerNBCUniversalOperations CoordinatorOperations LeadOperations ManagerOperations SupervisorOrder PickerOutside Sales RepresentativeParamedicPastry CookPersonPersonal AssistantPlumberProduction CoordinatorProduction ManagerProgram TechnicianProject ManagerPublic Area AttendantReceptionist/Administrative AssistantRestaurant ManagerRetailRetail Customer Service RepresentativeRetail WorkerRide AttendantRoom Service ServerSales ConsultantSales LeaderScaractorScareactorSellerSenior ArchitectSenior Financial AnalystSenior Project AnalystShow Control (Seasonal)Show Control LeadShow ControlllerShow QualityShow controlShow control ShowcontrolSourcing ManagerStaff SupervisorStockerStore ClerkStore ManagerStudio GuideStudio ManagerSupported Living ManagerSurveillance OperatorTeam SupervisorTechnical ManagerTechnical SupervisorTollbooth LeaderTrainerUnit ManagerUniversal City, CAUniversal Studios Hollywood LeadVIP RepresentativeVault CashierVenue AttendantVenue WorkerVice President of Supply ChainVoice Over ArtistWarehouse Clerkcarnival games/retailride op

Overall Reviews at Universal Studios Hollywood

Public Area Attendant | United States | Nov 18, 2020
Seasonally busy workplace with a fun environment
It's different from most places. I complained a lot while working there but I actually liked and miss the job. The interview process is often a two step process. First a one on one interview and sometimes a group interview where they observe how you work with others and then you're interviewed by a group. The second time I applied, I was interviewed in two one on one interviews before I was hired. It's paid training for about two weeks, they provide the uniforms and wash them while you only have to purchase your own shoes. Your assigned a particular area of the park and then you're out there working! The best part was that once the official 2 week training was over, team members and trainers still provided help when needed and you were never on your own until you thought you were ready to work on your own. Basically they do their best to prepare you for every aspect of the job and training is thorough which is something a lot of jobs don't do in my experience. It can get busy and hectic and often times we were understaffed and working long hours making up for lazy team members or the terrible scheduling but time passed quickly. More often than not, during the slow season, there wasn't much to do but deep clean and restock so in that aspect the job was relatively easy. Lots of opportunities for promotions were offered, you just had to really put in the effort and communicate with hire ups. They appreciated team members who weren't afraid to say hi and make small talk with th
ProsPaid lunches, lots of benefits and perks such as ride previews, movie previews, special events, holiday bonuses and rewards, lots of opportunity for promotion, friendly environment
ConsFavoritism, getting scheduled, understaffing
Attendant | Universal City, CA | Sep 24, 2012
I cried every night when I came home from work
My days started with me going upstairs to change into my uniform. Then I would head down to the games area, put my things in my locker in our break room that was so tiny I'm sure we broke fire codes daily. Then I would go to the Shrek Shack to put on my money pouch and count on my money and possibly receive a radio or microphone for the day. I hated the mics. That meant I had to talk for 4 or 6 hours straight. I loved the radios, though. That meant that whenever I needed change or assistance or a manager, I could be sure they were coming soon, and not just stand around looking like an idiot waiting for someone to look in my direction. Now, for the actual job description part of my day. Basically, it was my job to sell a bunch of really hard, really stupid games to a bunch of little children and their irritated parents. Now, I understand the reasoning in making the games so hard: we're in the selling business, we want them to lose so that they keep trying harder to win, so that we get more money. But honestly, and I mean, I'm just being an empathetic human being with a beating heart here, if you're paying $30+ on a stupid game for your 4-12 year old, and they haven't won yet, then it goes from the game being a little bit challenging to the creators of the game being kinda mean. So, basically, I got paid to disappoint little children all day and possibly even make them cry. Then I had to deal with their irritated and angry parents yelling at me about how my game is impossible a
Consunfair games, i was underpaid, management and coworkers were rude
Show Control | Universal City, CA | Jan 18, 2013
Universal studios Hollywood- My First Job
Typical day at work: We go to our destination at a certain time, got our uniforms, and headed down to the tram to work. We put up barricades as calls for our daily routine.. we carried around a walkie-talkie. Keeping very attentive to anything that could happen. We continuously watched guests, scare actors, and the environment for sudden disturbances or danger. We would get a lunch and sometimes a 15 minute break. What I learned: Team work is much like a family. work together, socialize, take care of priorities (the guests) and make sure everyone is having fun. Management: There was a small problem with that. The managers did not always keep us up to date. (if they took a position out or we were going to change to a different spot) Your co-workers: I felt they weren't working nearly as hard as I was. Not that I'm complaining.. It just keeps problems from arising if they try to prevent a problem. They waited for a problem and then fixed it. Where as some guests would be injured or the scare actors would get hurt. Wherever I was placed No one got hurt. I always paid attention to make sure everyone was safe and having fun. Hardest part of the job: We really can't see that well in the dark. Especially without a flashlight. Its always a problem if you can't see.. especially for your own safety or the safety of others. most enjoyable part of the job: It was really rewarding to see guests enjoying themselves. Seeing them scared silly has never been so rewarding. I'd go back eve
Prosget to enjoy the park whenever you aren't working, free tickets, get to walk around in the back lot!
Consbad management, guests are reckless and dangerous, drama created by other employees.
Ride Operator | Hollywood, CA | May 17, 2016
an OK Employer with a great Meal Plan
I got hired as a SEASONAL ride op (2014)-- Honestly a typical day at work for me would be a 3 hour commute on the subway system(HORRIBLE) a brisk hike everyday up the biggest hill you could imagine (if they don't have the employee bus available) --STILL HORRIBLE it sucked. And then when you finally get there you have to wait in line for your bad fitting uniform then go into a COLD locker room/bathroom and get dressed it was always crowded in there. I'm a woman and they didn't have that much mirror room. I often looked a mess at work simply because the seamstress was in a rush on fitting day and now i was stuck with this because i would have to come early to actually get my clothes adjusted (no thnks) I proceed outside to get a schedule and get the work day started, opening meetings always stated late and id often be confused because our sups wouldn't go through things thoroughly. the coworkers were all around my age and friendly. i had no problems personally but there were always alot of drama between management and sups (super unprofessional) but im not the type to get into those types of things. the hardest part about working for Universal Studios Hollywood was the commute. YOU NEED TO HAVE A CAR TO REALLY ENJOY COMING AND LEAVING FROM WORK. LOL NOW... for the best part just the employee lunch room with wifi The prices were excellent for all that food!. Thats the best part about working for this company. overall i would consider coming back t
Proslunch room, wifi
Conslong walk to the lunch room, long lines on paycheck day, hot weather
Technician | United States | Sep 19, 2019
Honestly is a good jumping off point, but really consider the long term
The company is a great stepping stone when you are new, and offers a lot of seasonal opportunity to participate in other job positions and different pay rate. For some, that is great; opportunities like that are very few. However, if you cannot separate personal feelings and be objective that a leadership position and a group dynamic can change, you will struggle with authority and being a part of a team. I would say one real positive thing is the networking you can do and all of the different people you can meet in different fields. You may find the job you started out in wasn't actually the job you feel strongly about. Whether you are seasonal or full-time, you make great connections. I think a negative was overall management. Their focus at the time was results (common place) but left no room to truly care about the team they were managing. Specifically in the simple yet tedious act of evaluations. They were very few and very generic. In fairness, there were always too many of us for there to be a more personable experience, but that could have been ameliorated by training the supervisors and assistant positions of leadership more, or relying on their closer observations. Delegating the tasks more strongly so that there was some focus on building up the employees and working to make each one more successful in their work. I think this could have greatly improved the work environment in our department as well as trust and professional relationship between employee
Animal Technician | Los Angeles, CA | Jun 10, 2020
A challenging and fulfilling workplace with an interesting management dynamic
I enjoy the pace and type of work as well as the cohesive nature of union employment, people tend to work together better as a union team. It is very interesting to see the variance of equipment that goes together to create an amusement park attraction, there is always something new to work on. The relationship between the union employees and management is a bit strained, it sometimes feels like an "us versus them" struggle. The most difficult part of the job is certainly dealing with the aforementioned dynamic, it leads to an excess of poor communication which adversely affects the union employees. The most enjoyable parts of the job are the sense of accomplishment in making large repairs that get venues up in time for the guest to enjoy them, there is satisfaction in knowing that your direct contributions have made the parks guest happy. In spite of the issues with management, which are the exception and not the rule, USH as an Animation Technician is an enjoyable workplace. I would recommend this job any experienced industrial maintenance professional that is looking to get out of a plant and wants something new and exciting
ProsGood wages, complimentary tickets, and discounts at the park
ConsMostly night shift work, not many available weekend days off, and management dynamic
Stocker | Universal City, CA | Jul 11, 2018
It's alright
I worked the overnight shift at Universal doing stocking. At first, it was actually great. I liked my co-workers and I was able to depend on them. My leads were great and the managers did a good job to pretend to be great too at first. Then it only just got worse. From what seemed to be very independent work, overtime we got more smothered by the management. Attendance, by the way, is something that is taken quite seriously by Universal so if you know you're the kind that calls out a lot or a lot of stuff unexpectedly happens, this isn't the job for you. They will fire you for poor attendance. With how I hear things are, I wouldn't really recommend working stock overnight honestly. It's only going to stress you out and it takes a lot of your energy. But not everything is bad. There is some redeeming qualities to working here. You get good benefits if you manage to get full time there. Health and dental insurance, paid vacation, and paid sick days (even if you're part time, you get this after working a certain amount of time there) and a guaranteed 30 hours per week. And also you get free tickets overtime, depending how many years you've worked there and during the holidays they give tickets as well. And you get free admission to the park, as well as really good discounts on merchandise and food.
ProsLong breaks, great discounts in park and on tickets, union, premium overnight pay
ConsShort staffed, poor management
Bartender | Los Angeles, CA | Aug 12, 2018
-They will put you through 2 weeks of intense training, the training has little to nothing to do with the position of bartender. -I finished my training and over the course of the next month, I was scheduled for ONE shift (despite having over 15 years experience). -When I inquired to multiple managers, schedulers and even labor support, they said they didn't have enough shifts right now, yet still, I found multiple active job postings online where they were looking for more bartenders in the park, even though there are no shifts available for those already hired. -They force you to join a union (Local 11) that is on record as being anti-minimum wage hike. -They have little to no regard for the welfare of their employees, no matter what they might say to you during training/through the company newsletter -The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing over there, and it is clear that most decisions are being made by those who have not worked bars before. What's worse, is they have all of these systems in place which constantly break down, but whatever you do... don't suggest change... they are not receptive to it, even if it will benefit them in the long run. Put shortly... they'll happily hire you, but they won't employ you.
ProsFree Tickets to the Park
ConsPoverty, False Promises of Shifts, Zero Effort to Help Employees who WANT to work
Retail Sales Associate | Universal City, CA | Oct 4, 2018
Excellent Place to Work at if you're looking to grow.
This job is fun, very fun and it has many paths to grow once you've become an employee. For instance, if you're a student, the uShine program enables you to apply your skills in related fields with a good portion of NBCUniversal. A lot of it revolves around media and marketing, but it is an entertainment company, so what can you expect? Management is always there to listen to you if needed. Once you move up, say in my department (retail), the responsibility increases by a lot. It provides you with more experience in a retail environment that doesn't involve only selling, but monitoring the revenue goals, attendance per cap configurations, and all sorts of fun stuff. They listen to your voice. They have annual employee surveys and you have the chance to write as much as you'd like in certain portions of the questionnaire. It goes based on Seniority though. The longer you've been, the better shot you've got at getting hours. They offer shift bidding whereas you can choose your desired work week hours/days, but again, based on seniority and sometimes there aren't enough shifts left for those with low seniority. All in all, I plan to stay here as long as I need to.
Pros-Flexible Schedules, -Growth Within the Company, -Competitive, -Fast Paced, -Shift bidding
Retail Sales Associate | Universal City, CA | Sep 22, 2018
You enter the park you practically live in the park
You basically manage the shop since managers are always in meetings. Hard to communicate with guest when you have to consistently be in character and they won't take you seriously since you look like a regular sales clerk even with the small team leader badge. Communication and collaboration can be difficult depending on the maturity of the team you're apart of. There is favoritism and lack of transparency due to why you were not promoted (added with false hope on how you can improve). Depending on the management, there is open communication but look hard and good luck. There is a high turnover rate due to the point system. The easiest way to get termed by the company is by simply being late. Car malfunction and family emergencies are not justified during peak season, only a medical note, school, and military. Being apart of a union and mandatory union fees, based on your seniority you may not get hours after peak season ends. Great for seasonal but not so much long term, it's a difficult transition from park to corporate if you don't have prior experience.
ProsTeam build activities, quarterly employee appreciation food events
Consshort breaks and lunches, drama environment, favoritism with management and collegues

Questions And Answers about Universal Studios Hollywood

What is the best part of working at Universal Studios Hollywood?
Asked May 28, 2020
Meeting new people.
Answered Jun 23, 2022
Safe environment and friendly staff
Answered Jun 21, 2022
What is the interview process like at Universal Studios Hollywood?
Asked Aug 13, 2016
If you get hired you will get to sign up the same day interview. It done in 1 day. The process is fast.
Answered Oct 11, 2020
Interview, then paperwork
Answered Mar 31, 2020
How did you get your first interview at Universal Studios Hollywood?
Asked Jul 12, 2016
Answered Sep 19, 2019
I applied online
Answered Jan 3, 2018
How may hours does Casual , Seasonal and Regular Team Members receive?
Asked Jul 11, 2016
0-6 hours if youre seasonal and its off peak.
Answered Mar 12, 2020
24 -30 for the temporary staff
Answered Dec 20, 2017
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Universal Studios Hollywood?
Asked Apr 11, 2018
Be upbeat and well-spoken. Have a little bit of knowledge in your back pocket about theme parks and Universal Studios properties (Jaws, Psycho, NBC shows, etc.)
Answered Nov 7, 2020
Be prepared to work hard and becoming a people person
Answered Nov 14, 2019