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Independent Consultant | Remote | Jul 16, 2018
UserTesting is a side gig
This is not a stable income. Testers like myself only get paid for the number of tests we take. Moreover, not all tests will be available to all. However, it isn't a scam of any kind. You do get paid the amount indicated within the timeframe given. Overall, you set the atmosphere from wherever you are and you get a chance to learn of new things ahead of time.
Prostests can be short as 15 minutes and the pay remains the same
Constests are not always available
Social Media Specialist | Fredericksburg, VA | May 20, 2020
Good for a little extra income
Enjoy using this site for extra few dollars a week, but not even really as a part time job, the tests you qualify to take are too far between for this to be a reliable part time income. The site is easy to use and seems to be a valuable resource for its clients.
Independent Contractor | Remote | Jul 21, 2019
Work when you want to
Very “gig economy” friendly. Work whenever you decide you have the time to do a good job and need the money. Download a screen/voice recording app and perform specific tasks while you speak out loud about your experience using the site or app.
Tester | Mountain View, CA | Jun 24, 2018
Excellent Work At Home Opportunity
Overall excellent option for supplemental income, work your own hours, and get paid weekly. Jobs are quick, easy, and take an average of 5-10 minutes to complete for $10 per each job (video). I recommend UserTesting to all of my friends searching for work-at-home opportunities and supplemental income.
ProsSupplemental Income, Easy Work, Paid Weekly
ConsSometimes App Doesn't Work
User Experience Researcher | Remote | Nov 22, 2019
Perks: free lunch, friendly people, flex time Cons: vague vision outside of sales, lack of understanding on allocating resources, lack of internal collaboration cross functionally, no process for anything....
Intern | Atlanta, GA | Dec 19, 2018
Relaxed place to work with high motivation to succeed
A typical day at work involved replying to support tickets from testers who had issues with software or a given test. I did other various jobs such as updating the website support pages and participating in client meetings. I did regular daily checkups with my manager and did side projects that helped me improve my knowledge about the company, and about various aspects of business in general. I learned a lot about the concept of ux and cx, the nature of the company itself, and the nature of work culture in general. This was the one job that was different from all the rest because I had no prior interaction with anyone working at the company. Previous companies involved family or school colleagues, and in part stepping into this new environment carried with it the unenjoyable part of the job. This didn't completely ruin my experience, but the work culture felt more polite than friendly. I really enjoy forming friendships and amicable connections with work colleagues, but I definitely felt sometimes like nobody wanted to talk to me, and that anyone who approached me for a conversation seemed like they did this out of obligation. Nevertheless, there were quite a few friendly people in the office and after a while I felt mostly welcome. Management was great, and overall I consider this to be a superb job experience.
Tester | Gallatin, TN | Apr 17, 2019
Extra Money
It's a great option for a little extra pocket money. Giving feedback on a website that is in the making, gives you a great feeling that you're helping a company of the ground.
Tester | Remote | Aug 26, 2019
Very fair, excellent compensation
I began working as a tester in 2014 as a source of additional income. Opportunity within this company has grown exponentially over the years and is now a large portion of my yearly income. They are quick to respond to issues and have always been very fair in their evaluations and feedback. This has been a wonderful opportunity to increase my interpersonal and critical thinking skills.
Tester | Remote | Apr 22, 2020
Negative workplace culture based on fear
Within the course of 24 hours, I have been banned from UserTesting despite providing excellent quality of work and detailed website reviews for over a year. There is no job stability or trust within this position, and in part I am relieved to stop wasting my time by working here. It is likely that this company is profiting via unpaid screeners. Screeners are given to test if you will fit the demographics for a usability test. However, if you do not qualify for the test, you essentially are giving the company information for free. I believe such unpaid work to be unethical and shady. As happened to me, customers are fickle and can give one star ratings to your tests, which can jeopardise months of hard work as rater and many five stars reviews. Lastly, there are so many technical issues with this company. So often the UserTests are unable to be completed because there is a technical error with the screen recorder or with the test itself. This is even more true on mobile. When technical issues happen-- and it is often!-- the additional time required to find support and ask for fair compensation well exceeds the time that should be taken working on a test for ten dollars. This isn't even considering the time spent interrupting your day with unpaid screeners, which leads me to say this job is extremely underpaid for the time spent on it.
Tester | Remote | Aug 23, 2019
I, as a tester, love the website, but it took way to long for me to qualify for a job, but I have finally qualified for a job! Now it says pending $10.
ProsWorking at your Time, Legit, Fair Money
ConsYou barely get qualified for a job.

Questions And Answers about UserTesting

What is the interview process like at UserTesting?
Asked Aug 26, 2019
Just an online application process and a sample test to take.
Answered May 13, 2020
A sample video must be submitted in order to qualify as a web tester. You are asked to complete a series of tasks while thinking aloud throughout the process. It is then reviewed by their team, who offers great feedback and insight on how to improve your performance.
Answered Aug 26, 2019
What advice would you give the CEO of UserTesting about how to improve it?
Asked Jan 30, 2019
It can be frustrating when clients cancel live interviews with less than a 24 hr notice. After arranging my schedule to meet with them, it is very disappointing to not be compensated (at least in part) for the inconvenience. It feels unfair that testers are warned very directly warned that they will be penalized for last minute cancellations, but test administrators are not.
Answered Aug 26, 2019
Change how screening works. Also For people who are Students AND work it doesn't have a way to indicate both. It is just one way or the other. The screener questions are often structured the same way.
Answered Jul 30, 2019
What is the most stressful part about working at UserTesting?
Asked Jan 16, 2018
Not having reliable income.
Answered Feb 22, 2018
Answering screener questions to not be qualified for a single test. Don't we already give UserTesting our demographics and basic information to help us weed out questions like "Do you live in France?" or "What's your current employment status?"
Answered Jan 16, 2018
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at UserTesting?
Asked Nov 8, 2019
If you are a tester, give it some time - I got impatient because I hadn't gotten any tests yet after applying for several, but finally got one and it was fun and easy.
Answered Nov 8, 2019
If you were to leave UserTesting, what would be the reason?
Asked Aug 23, 2019
Not getting qualified for that many tests.
Answered Aug 23, 2019