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VXI has several sites located throughout the following States: Los Angeles, CA (HQ) Lubbock, TX Cincinnati, OH Canton, OH Youngstown, OH Tucson, AZ Atlanta, GA
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VXI Global Solutions Reviews

Popular JobsCustomer Service RepresentativeCall Center RepresentativeSales RepresentativeSales AssociateAccounts AssistantAccount SpecialistTeam LeaderAccount ManagerTechnical Support SpecialistAccount ExecutiveSupervisorTelemarketerRetention SpecialistAccount RepresentativeCustomer RepresentativeInbound Sales RepresentativeRetention AgentAgentCustomer Care SpecialistCustomer Support RepresentativeTechnical Support RepresentativeTrainerAccount AgentAssociateCLGCustomer SpecialistLoyalty RepresentativeMobilization ManagerOutbound Sales RepresentativeSales ManagerCall RepresentativeCustomer Service SupervisorCustomer Service/Sales RepresentativeDirect Sales RepresentativeInside Sales RepresentativeManagerOperations ManagerRecruiterSales Support RepresentativeTechnical SupportATT Global Teleconference B2B AgentAccess ManagerAided supervisorAtt access supportBUNDLES SUPERVISORBilingual Customer Service AssociateBilling SpecialistBusiness Development SpecialistCSI RepresentativeCall Center SupervisorCall Center Team LeadClg agentClg repCollection AgentCorporate TrainerCustomer AssistantCustomer ConsultantCustomer Service ManagerDTVData Entry ClerkDirectv CLGFlexSME/ Floor SuptHuman Resources AssistantIT SupportLead AssociateLead TrainerMSSMentorN/ANo longer thereOperations SupervisorPayment ProcessorPhone AgentPhone OperatorProduction WorkerQuality AnalystQuality Assurance AnalystReceptionistReconnect AgentRepresentativeRetensionRetentionSME (Subject Matter Expert)SUSTAINMENT OFFICERSales ClerkSales LeadSales SpecialistSales TrainerSenior Corporate TrainerSenior Data AnalystSenior Director of OperationsSenior Operations ManagerSenior Sales AgentSenior Team LeadSenior Team LeaderSenior Training SpecialistSubject Matter ExpertSubject Matter Expert SupervisorSupervisor, FEMASupport Matter ExpertSupport SpecialistSupport Staff /DIRECTVTeam MemberTechnical Support AnalystTelecommunications TechnicianTelecommunicatorTraining AssistantTraining SpecialistVice President of Business DevelopmentVice President of SalesVxiWestern Union speedpaypayment specialist

Overall Reviews at VXI Global Solutions

Accounts Assistant | Los Angeles, CA | Oct 23, 2019
Good Company but not Good Clients
I have been working at VXI for almost one year and I love the company, but don't like their clients. Calls come in very fast, but when they have a client the calls are suddenly slow. Not enough break times to release the stress we have to deal with. People that are qualified for this job are being let go, but others that don't even have the qualification to move up get promoted. There is only one very rude supervisor that is working here. This supervisor does not help the agents, but would sometimes scream at them for the usage of the supervisor's power. If you need to report any incident at work the HR department does nothing to protect its employees. There are many times that fights would happen because some workers treat the office like a jungle. It's not high school. but a workplace. Other agents would even come to work late, but managed to get away with it because management seems to not care about what's happening. Our set of equipment such as earphones is uncomfortable to use which sometimes hurts our ear or our customers cannot hear us. Their computer system would sometimes have a system error that takes a long time to fix. There are too many supervisors' meetings. Everyday supervisors go on a meeting and agents have no one around to ask for help. If a supervisor is on their desk, some supervisors will not help the agent. The workplace has no policy for bringing inside food or cellphone but others break the rules. Overtime is provided, but sometimes the compan...more
ProsSome employees are friendly, sometimes we have free lunch
ConsShort Breaks, Unclean Office, and Not Enough Overtime
Manager | Atlanta, GA | Sep 2, 2019
former employee happy to be out
This is by far the worst company I have been apart of!!! I have over 15 years experience with call center positions and this company takes the cake. I was in management myself so no need to lie about this review. Where do I start the organization as a whole doesn't care about the employees. We would have focus group meetings to find ways to get the employees to stay everything except the obvious pay more money. The only kick back they will receive is free pizza and wings which is fine if you are a 8 year old child but no so much being an adult. The site director will come in and make promises of bonuses and pay outs if the training class makes it 60-90 days but that's a lie very used car salesman approach. Ask any graduating class if they had received their bonus if you don't believe me. Overall ghetto place I would never go back there funny thing per the department of labor they still have me working there even though I resigned months ago ( but I will file that complaint with the DOL) because VXI is doing what we call baking the books they will halt all resignations and firing so that when reported to share holders it doesn't look as if they are losing as much people as they are. All in all the worse company I have ever worked for management shows favoritism and is very messy. All the good supervisors left as for trainers they show no value to their people. Do yourself a favor don't apply I get it if you need quick income for a few weeks that's okay but please look for w...more
Prosits on the southside
Consbox is to small to lost them all Pay schedule Culture enviroment all of the above
Account Manager | Forest Park, OH | Oct 20, 2018
Save your time and look elsewhere. More Cons Than Pros Unfortunately.
Pros % You might get lucky and find one or a few people you get along with. % It's a job. Some money is better than no money. % There's a base pay, to try and make up for the challenges in earning commission. % While employed over a month, you get eligible for "free" TV (top-tier) TV coverage for 4 TV's. % Semi-Affordable Dental and Vision Care. Cons % Hard to earn commissions/"spiffs". Only about 5%-10% of employees consistently earn commissions. % Base pay is too low. % Upper Management communication needs a lot of work. % Company is disorganized % Hard to reach anybody in HR % Perhaps out of desperation, they knowingly hire people who have histories of sexual harassment and aggressive behavior. % Employee Benefit of "free TV" is very hard to take advantage of and you won't get any % Healthcare plan is unaffordable. % Software rigged to send the good customers/leads to "favorite" employees, and others to the rest of the group. This leads it to being nearly impossible for everyone else (the lower 90%) to earn commission. % Too many to list Advice to Management % Pay employees more % Respect and recognize your staff % Offer higher base pay, especially if you intend to make it hard to earn commissions. % Offer higher commissions and give credit for ALL sales, not just the 4th sale and beyond. % Listen to feedback from your employees. % Stop rigging the system and playing favoritism. Even the playing field and give all employees equal chanc...more
ProsSimilar to working a gov't job, you essentially have to kill someone to lose your job., You might get lucky and find one or a few people you get along with., It's a job. Some money is better than no money., There's a base pay, to try and make up for the challenges in earning commission., While employed over a month, you get eligible for "free" TV (top-tier) TV coverage for 4 TV's., Semi-Affordable Dental and Vision Care.
Conslow pay, play favorites, few commissions. Base pay too low. disorganized, Can't reach HR, they hire people w/sketchy histories Benefit of "free TV" is very hard to take advantage of, Healthcare plan unaffordable.
Outbound Sales Representative | Youngstown, OH | Nov 17, 2018
Horrible place to work
This is the worst job I've had. Training wasn't bad until we hit the floor after nesting. They are pretty hard on you about making sales. Was told in training that as long as we put in effort, we would get our 40hrs and not get sent home due to lack of sales. Not true at all. If you call in sick, they still try to con you into coming into work, just to see if you're really sick, make you take like 2 calls, and send you home. If you have a medical problem and need a day off then you are required to make up those hours that very week or risk getting written up or fired. Find somebody dead in you're house? You still better be at work or make that time up. No sympathy for employees. They don't care about stressing out their employees. They hound you about sales and walk they bay like a prison warden. They encourage you to sell something to customers who are already having problem with their current package. But they dont want to buy from a company that added stuff to their bill without consent but that is the employee's fault for not getting that sale. They always play the same music everyday. It's annoying and horrible music. It is played so loud, I had my phone turned up all the way and couldn't hear the customers. Then the team leaders like to be loud and yell right next to you while you're in a call and a customer doesnt appreciate that, it costs you the sale, and your team leader acts like it was your fault. They give holidays off, but you still have to come in Saturday and ...more
ProsLunch breaks, location, should be easy job, you sit in a chair and talk on a phone all day, free parking
ConsBad professionalism, company ethics, people sell drugs outside the front door
Customer Service Representative | Tucson, AZ | Sep 9, 2018
Reality Show
Day one of training it was a lot of talk about moving up within the company. I was excited.It was all a lie. People move up not on merit but on favoritism. Well last day of training and we weren't really trained on the product. We spent more time just sitting around browsing our phones and playing computer games. The parking is horrible. The building is filthy.Management in direct leadership of trainees slept with not one but two trainees-that I know of. Several call outs, quits and just come in when it suits you. No wonder VXI is always hiring. All the toilet seats in the restroom are broken. The dress code is not adhered to. The floor is loud with conversations that are not with the customers.The customers themselves are some of the rudest that I have ever encountered. There is stealing on a floor with several cameras that obviously are not on.There are felons that are in customers accounts that contain credit card information.Management at the Tucson location is not qualified as some of them don't even have an Associates Degree.Pay is always incorrect.A lot of the phones and computers are not working. Chairs are a safety hazard.Break rooms are too cramped for the amount of people.The building stinks of urine.The outside is unkempt.Promises are not kept. They can not keep good employees at this location.Corporate should really put moles within the centers, because I read some of the same complaints from other locations. So this is the culture.Poor training,unprofessional ca...more
Proscoworkers are good people
Conseverything except coworkers
Account Executive | Atlanta, GA | Dec 5, 2019
Worst job I've ever had!!!!
This was the most disgusting, unprofessional and depressing company I've ever worked for. I worked at the College Park, GA location. From being disrespected every day by customers AND employees. The management is poorly organized and extremely disrespectful. One time our workplace was infested with bed bugs (always had roaches) and we were threatened to be fired if we didn't show up to work. One of the married men that work in the office would purposely argue with young women and had inappropriate relations with someone in HR. There are continuous issues with the women that have positions as team leaders and floor supporters. I contacted HR AND corporate, but they like to look out for their "own" depending on the position. I showed proof and they still didn't. They have you doing more work than what you're paid and hired for. The women are bitter and jealous and they will constantly mouth off and disrespect you. There's no help, they pretty much throw you out there with no help and get attitudes when you ask for help. Other agents will steal your belongings AND sit at your cubicle area. They steal headsets, ear muffs and whatever else. Don't get me wrong the money is easy especially IF they offer you overtime, but it is not worth the stress or anxiety that comes with it. You will be told a way to do something in a million different ways because a lot of these "trained" employees don't know what they're talking about or what they're doing. So you'll have to figure it out on yo...more
| Tucson, AZ | Aug 29, 2019
Stay Away
VXI is the land of broken promises and extremely high turnover and not just on an agent level. In my time at VXI the Tucson location would go through HR mangers, Site Directors, HR Generalist, Operations Managers, Directors and any other managerial roles just as fast as they would agents. This should tell you something about the company and its Values. Managers were asked to resign because they did not follow what other managers wanted them to do because it was "suspect" behavior and did not want to risk their integrity for but integrity was preached as a core value. The hiring process is a joke, they heard you in like cattle and have you complete an application and wait around for hours on end all to pay you $11 an hour. Then even after you are hired you are getting text and emails to come in to a hiring event that seems to happen every day. when you go and tell recruiting they blame it on us having multiple applications and that they will take us off the list but we still get emails and text. Bonuses and paychecks are regularly missed or messed up and HR is scrambling for explanations and fixes they cannot provide. There is a plethora of issues with this place that cannot be summarizedd in a short statement, just know that this is not the place to grow a career. Stay away unless you have a bad background because then you might slip through the cracks like many people. If you do go there good luck!!
Customer Service Representative | Tucson, AZ | Apr 19, 2019
Would not work here.
VXI has decent pay but not if that is your only means of income. The management is so poor. They usually just pick favorites and that is the only people who get promotions. My trainer had no idea what he was doing. Most of what he taught had nothing to do with the job itself and usually just said "oh well, you will figure it out", and "what do you want me to do about it?" The only way I even learned how to do the job is from other people that have worked there for a while and have learned enough through trial and error. I LITERALLY GOT FIRED FOR DOING A GOOD JOB!!!! The reason I was fired was because my call times were too fast. They wanted an average call time of 7 minutes. Mine were about an average of 4. They said if I am completing the call that fast then I must not be doing my job right. I asked them to listen to my calls to see if there was anything wrong on 5 different occasions. Not a single time could they point out anything wrong with the call. I was doing everything right. Then they pulled me aside one day and told me I was fired due to unsatisfactory call times. So for making the customer's day easier by solving their problems in a timely manner, I was fired. This was for the Comcast Project so if anyone reading this works for comcast, drop VXI as your customer service partners. They will lose your customer base fast.
Customer Representative | Los Angeles, CA | Jan 12, 2019
If You Can Handle Customers Yelling At You, This Is Your Job
This is not my kind of job. Why did I take it? Because they brought me in. I didn't know they were going to pick me to take the job. When I started training, this should have been 3 months of training due to a ton of information they were throwing at me and other 24 people in the classroom. Instead, we get 6 weeks on figuring all of this stuff out by ourselves On the third week, they threw us on the floor to see if we can handle it. I was able to handle it a little but the rest of the stuff the customer was asking me.....the instructor didn't teach us those certain issues. This job has the worst training system ever and I already prepared to walk out the door and quit. They didn't even give us enough pay either. I can see why the majority of the people quit this job. The environment has a whole lot of negative energy in the department too. I felt it when I sat down at the desk. I cannot sit in that job if I was feeling very uncomfortable in there. So yeah... If you can handle the environment, harshly strict security and rules, customers yelling at you, and managers and leads that are not following directions and not helping their agents, then this is the kind of job for you. Me? I'm out of this joint.
Agent | Los Angeles, CA | Aug 19, 2019
Worst place to work
VXI is the last place you want to work . Everything there is just an image to hold up the biggest clients they have, AT&T. The office space of one of the main floor is full of bed bugs , coke bags and desk that are half broken . Break rooms , filthy , food from the fridge gets stolen so it’s best to go out and buy lunch. HR is helpless not to mention how rude they are when asked for guidance on work issues. Salary is average ,overtime not often but employees just show up before their original shift and do overtime without nobody noticing. Training rooms are extremely packed with very little space between seats, you’ll be lucky if the AC works. If schedule on Sunday’s that’s the worst building doesn’t run the AC at all so summer days could be really stuffy. But if you just wann waste time till you find an ACTUAL job VXI is the best place to waste somebody else time and money , as I did clocked in sat at my desk and took naps through the day. I would always use the excuse of system issues in why calls would get ignored. Computers, phones , headsets,etc never work that my excuse lasted me a year of very little work and a check for taking naps

Questions And Answers about VXI Global Solutions

How did you get your first interview at VXI Global Solutions?
Asked Jul 1, 2016
Just show up! You’re hired!
Answered Oct 15, 2019
I applied through Indeed yesterday And got a email for a interview today. What should I expect as far as time going through the first interview.
Answered Jan 21, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at VXI Global Solutions? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Aug 1, 2016
I walked in filled out apication, did all test and talked to the first interviewer. Then talked to the second interviewer, did swab test and start orientation on the 8th...
Answered Sep 26, 2018
Went in and got hired the same day
Answered May 8, 2018
How often do they get paid weekly or biweekly
Asked Dec 31, 2016
VXI pays employees on a bi-weekly schedule on Friday. The company prefers all employees to have a direct deposit method, as payroll is paperless.
Answered Mar 15, 2017
Answered Mar 2, 2017
Can you have tattoos working at VXI?
Asked Apr 20, 2016
Yes. VXI cares about what you can do, not what you look like.
Answered Jun 16, 2019
Tattoos are allowed but it would be more professional if you cover them up
Answered Apr 14, 2017
If you were in charge, what would you do to make VXI Global Solutions a better place to work?
Asked Mar 28, 2018
Move it across the street from where I live.
Answered Apr 20, 2020
Increase pay
Answered Mar 3, 2020