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Overall Reviews at Vans

Sales Associate | Virginia | Jan 13, 2020
Toxic workplace environment
I had such high hopes for this job considering how much I am involved in Vans culture. If you want to work here because of your love for the brand, don't. It might ruin your image of the Vans. I don't know about the other locations, but the location I worked at is toxic. There is no communication. One manager will tell you to do one thing and the other manager will tell you to do something different and it often resulted in blame on the employee. There is constant drama between managers and co-workers. Everyone is fake and favoritism is high. You will be treated unfairly if you don't fit in their clique. I thought Vans was supposed to be accepting of everyone but they aren't. It's also very competitive. There's high pressure to make sales but you don't make commission and you are expected to make target goals every shift. Every week is a bargain because you don't know if you're getting 5 or 25 hours. Everyone quits or gets fired. If you like inconsistent hours, workplace drama, and panic attacks it's a perfect place to work at.
Pros50% off full prized items, 30% off sale
ConsShort breaks, dysfunctional management, miscommunication, inconsistent scheduling
Sales Associate | Downey, CA | Dec 27, 2018
Fun work place with a lot of work to do within your shift
A typical work place would be greeting customers as they walked in following with asking them what brought them into the store and helping them secure their decision on what they came into buying. I learned to have patience when the store would get overly crowded with customers. Also follow the different work stations that were needed to have a successful end of my shift. Management was a bit tough for employees because we would receive new supervisors and had to get comfortable with how they wanted to start the day. Some days would be overwhelming depending on how much traffic we would get but most days it would be ok. I would say the hardest part was not being able to get what the customers wanted because they would be disappointed and you would always want them to have a good experience when coming into the store, also with not getting enough hours because of overly pay. I think just the environment and overall experience of how well they were determined to get their goal for the day was always a good feeling.
Proshelpful, clean environment, good staff
Consshort breaks, working less than 40 hours a week
Stock Supervisor | Wayne, NJ | Nov 16, 2019
Super chill place to work but don't expect high pay or many hours.
This was my first retail job and I couldn't have asked for a better one. The store I started at was chill and laidback, and the manager/s made working there very easy. I thought that being thrown in during holiday would be stressful but the training I received made me feel ready to take on the rush. Like, even when it was busy, it didn't feel like the store was going to fall apart. Most of the people I worked with, I vibed with, but there will always be one or two that just rub you the wrong way. You learn to put your differences aside. The worst part of my 3.5 years with the company would be the pay. It was a struggle trying to get a decent wage that would actually help me pay the bills. They start associates at minimum and supervisors get a little more than that. Not to mention, your seniority won't help, because after I got re-hired, I learned that someone completely new to the company was offered more than me. Do with that what you will. If you want someplace chill and not competitive, this is it. The atmosphere is great. But if you want something high paying, look elsewhere.
Floor Supervisor | Rancho Cucamonga, CA | Aug 26, 2019
Amazing Brand, but its retail.
As a floor sup, your expected to be a mini assistant manager, with half the pay and no benefits. Depending on the store manager you might have to extremely work hard to earn you hours because some floor sups are still part-time. Employees are typically down to earth and accepting and EXTREMELY DEDICATED TO THE BRAND. (Brand enthusiasm is ESSENTIAL to the job. ex. people have Vans logos tattooed on them, yeah its that serious.) At the end of the day if you're not a popular employee or a brown noser you won't move up as fast, like any other retail job. The brand is awesome and the people are great, but again it's retail, and it has all the same nonrespectable aspects as any other retail store. I would recommend Vans to anyone that is looking to make retail into a career because the store managers and upper management reap a lot of benefits from stores successes and a lot of support in opportunities. Overall for assistant managers and supervisors, they don't receive nearly enough recognition, pay scale, or benefits for their dedication to the brand
Sales Associate | Alhambra, CA | Nov 29, 2018
Very enjoyable and productive place to work.
A typical day at Vans consists of : Greeting customers , giving great customer service, selling and up selling, sales floor awareness and loss prevention , restocking shoes, apparel, and accessories, and stockroom organization. From working at Vans I've learned how retail businesses operate as well as sales, customers and stockrooms operate as well. Being a Sales Associate and being promoted to a Sales Lead has also shown me how to encourage, manage, and help other employees as well. I'd say the hardest part of the job is really just up selling to customers with the "I'm just looking" attitude, and even then its really not that hard. The Vans workplace culture, I'd say is very friendly and family oriented, i personally really enjoyed it. To me the best part of the job was servicing the customers and actually helping them out, I've met a lot of really cool people just by selling them shoes and i think thats really cool.
ProsMeeting new people, Making new connections
ConsDistance from my house to work
Store Manager | Florida | Apr 1, 2019
"NOT A PEOPLE COMPANY"! I would not recommend Vans for anyone with management experience,or anyone that wants to enjoy their personal and/or work life
Not a good experience at all. Poor leadership / Extreme micro-managing. Most of the year is blacked out for requesting off. If you have experience, you will not enjoy this culture.Stay away ! The work load in outlet is unreasonable and upper management will continue to demand more. You will be a work horse with a management title. This company does not want managers that can think for themselves. They even make a management agenda, as if managers can not create their own agenda for their team. Turnover is high, due to workload and lack of pay. Benefits (healthcare) are very poor. I can go on and on. But ultimately, it comes down to your DM and leader. But companies have a responsibly to employ DM's that represent the brand how they would like. This is not a people company, despite them selling that during the interview. Most people companies, don't have to continuously call themselves people companies.
Assistant Store Manager | Wilmington, NC | Aug 19, 2018
Productive Workplace with lots of learning and advancement
Typical days at work were ever changing, between floorsets, managing the business on an hourly/daily basis, employee training, payroll, there was a lot to do and never a dull moment. I learned what my strengths and opportunities were as a leader and I was able to grow myself into a better more productive leader. I worked directly with the Store Manager 4 days a week on payroll, sales plans and strategies, weekly recap of the business as well as learning how to continue to grow and push other employees to make them the best versions of themselves. I served as the IT point person for our store, as I could fix most of the problems that were found within our store. The most enjoyable part of the job was the other employees that I worked with. The worst part of the job was the customers, the stress of having to perform and hit unreasonable goals set by the store manager, as well as having to skip out on most family events on Holidays.
Stocking Associate | San Clemente, CA | Aug 6, 2019
Great experience overall
I'm a current employee and definitely got the luck of the draw with my store location. Trust and loyalty is there with management and i couldn't ask for better coworkers. everyone is laid back but can still take their work seriously when needed. obviously like most retail locations, benefits are only offered for full time employees which consists of upper management and no paid vacation. opportunities for advancement are definitely a challenge depending on the store you work at. it benefits to always speak up when looking for other opportunities in a store and to keep pushing. it was something i struggled with until management finally took that step and zoned me in a different part of the store. its definitely great place to work at be it short term or long term. If you want more hours as a part-timer, be vocal about it, however in my case, if you demonstrate loyalty and an above and beyond work ethic, your hours can increase.
Sales Associate | Pittsburgh, PA | Sep 4, 2018
Overall Experience
I love Vans and what the company stands for. Not bashing the company. However, the store that I was ever so "fortunate" to work at was a nightmare. I don't believe that every Vans store was like the one I worked at which was at Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh, PA. Management was awful to me and never gave me credit for my hard work. I was constantly bullied for my difference in interests with the "main group" who opened the store. I felt like I was in a cliche high school movie, being stepped all over by the "clique" who ran the place. I rarely ever got breaks but had to run and grab everyone's food order from the food court. Certain people were the favorites and got special treatment. There was a lot of gossip and drama and false accusation thrown around. It was just too much. I thought it was going to be laid back and friendly. Instead I always did double the work and got paid $8 an hour. Would not recommend anyone work at this store.
Stock Supervisor | Littleton, CO | Nov 5, 2018
Company can be amazing but can have "high school" drama
I have worked at two Vans retail stores, with two different styles, or cultures experienced. The first store was store 270, I worked there for about a year and a half (fall of 2016-summer of 2018). The management team was amazing, they encouraged a competitive and friendly work environment. Managers cared about their coworkers and strived to create an amazing mix of professionalism with a great "family" attitude. This store and team was very special to me and I miss this environment. The second store I worked at was store 163. The experience that I had/have at this store is disappointing. Management is very gossipy, rushes new employees through training, and are slow to take responsibility for much. I love this company, there is a lot of passion in the brand! There is an amazing employee discount Moving up/ promotion from within is rare Pay is hard to live off of

Questions And Answers about Vans

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Vans?
Asked Aug 31, 2016
How a scale 1 to 10, how are you with working with customers?
Answered Mar 12, 2020
Just be yourself, be creative and show your style.
Answered Nov 21, 2019
What is the dress code?
Asked Jan 14, 2017
Vans top, any bottoms, vans shoes and any flannel or jacket must be vans. No hats or visible parts of the socks can be NOT vans (no Nike socks or Thrasher hats) Collabs with vans are accepted
Answered Aug 11, 2019
A lot of stores are different. mine lets you wear any top and any pant (doesn’t have to be vans) but are required to wear a pair of vans
Answered Jan 28, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Vans a better place to work?
Asked Jun 15, 2017
I'd make sure the management didn't show blatant favoritism.
Answered Mar 25, 2020
Nothing, it’s already a better place
Answered Mar 12, 2020
What should you wear to an interview?
Asked Jan 19, 2017
Vans shoes. Casual clothes try to aim for the look of the employees. Do NOT ‘dress up’. Jeans or black denim. Have the look. Flannel and a vans shirt or a basic tee and jeans. With Vans shoes.
Answered Aug 10, 2018
Van shoes . Or a product .
Answered Oct 3, 2017
What questions did they ask during your interview at Vans?
Asked Aug 26, 2016
What is the difference between selling and service?
Answered Apr 25, 2019
What does authentic mean to you
Answered Aug 10, 2018