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Varsity Tutors Reviews

Overall Reviews at Varsity Tutors

Civil Engineer | North Carolina | Mar 20, 2020
Good tutoring platform, but low paying
Varsity is a good place to start tutoring, but the split between the company and the tutor is ridiculous, and the support is good but not great. If they put tutors on a sliding pay scale by experience and income, it would be much better.
Engagement Specialist | Tempe, AZ | Apr 10, 2019
Fun Environment
I really loved my time at Varsity Tutors. The office manager in my office worked hard to keep us happy from having the kitchen stocked with snacks to organizing S'Mores days and Build your own Stir Fry type food bars. Music is always playing throughout the different departments and the atmosphere was always casual and comfortable. I just wish that the company paid more recognition to the tutor engagement team. The company is extremely sales oriented and in the end, it made me feel undervalued as an employee.
Prosfully stocked kitchen, huge referral bonus, casual office culture
Conscompany cares more about sales than any other team
Tutor | Sherman Oaks, CA | May 24, 2019
Varsity tutors is a good side money job
As a tutor I found myself encountering a very well organized company that has all the tools you may need for a successful online or in person tutoring company, but it is not paid as well as it could and it is more of s temporary job in my opinion
Education Specialist | Tempe, AZ | Jun 20, 2019
Great culture. Depends who your manager is. Pay not the best.
The culture is uplifting, depending on who your manager is. The first three months of training they have you thinking nothing but the positive because of course that’s how you should feel with a new job, but it was deceitful. Everything they tell you is unicorns and rainbows until you do the research yourself or talk to the people that have been there awhile. The new pay scale was set up earlier this year, “for people to make a glorious amount of uncapped commission” but really it was a massive budget cut. You don’t make near as much commission compared to those who have been there over a year. Be prepared to have multiple managers within the first 6 months to a year. I was there 6 months and had 3! I’m all for learning as much as I can about my company but along with each new manager comes different rules. Some abide by the rule book and some don’t care and are more hands off. 1st one being the best manager to my last being a super micromanager. I was “promoted to Another team” when really all that means is rather difficult leads and harder to close. Once that transition happened, the quota was difficult to hit and it then became a numbers game. While they have a great work environment, some managers have fun and create a relaxed environment, not all managers are like that. They do provide lots of food and ping pong tables, which I never got to play because my manager was Up in it with everything I did through the day. Each time I left my desk, I’d have to Send an IM or if I...more
ProsFree food, energy drinks, fun events, culture hit or miss
ConsMicromanagers, no work life balance, basically required to work over time. New pay scale hold you back from making money. High turnover
Tutor | Mesa, AZ | May 28, 2019
Flexible Schedule/Contract work
Working as a tutor is very flexible in that you can create your own schedule and work as little or as much as you want. However, the majority of the jobs are early-late afternoon. It's a great part-time job for students or any qualified individual looking for some extra cash. You get paid within a few days of tutoring. The down side is they do not pay certified teachers very well. Teachers should be compensated more for the knowledge and experience they have in their field.
ProsYou can create your own schedule/great part-time work
ConsYou don't get paid very much as a tutor; even if you are a certified teacher in your subject area
Technical Support Specialist | Tempe, AZ | Apr 4, 2020
The company is small, but growing
Just be ready for the realization that you are a part of a very large and growing company. It may feel like a smaller company due to the sparseness of employees working remote across the country, but it is very much still a fast growing company that has leadership at the executive level that you will likely never interact with. Small feel, big company.
Educator | Clayton, MO | Aug 6, 2019
Competitive, fast paced environment
Very fast paced sales environment. Large scale call center. Good company but very much still a start up. Lots of change, and not always good change. Growth feels too fast.
Tutor | Washington, DC | May 27, 2018
It is not grand.
It makes sense for a student, but is not a great job. I would not suggest that anyone depend on the company for either a steady stream of income or to cover living expenses.
Tutor | Glendale, AZ | May 26, 2019
Started out great
When I first started working as a tutor they were very responsive and returned calls and emails within hours. Now they return calls and emails in 2 to 3 days. I have requested not to tutor certain subjects, but they still send me tutoring opportunities in those subject areas. The individuals I speak with are usually friendly and helpful. I do get mixed messages at times. I only got this job as a part-time to help with bills, and this job is perfect just for that.
ProsSet own hours
Customer Service Representative | Remote | Sep 10, 2019
Amazing Company Culture
A typical day at work does require a certain amount of dials, but it is also helping clients succeed and meet their educational goals. The whole purpose driving VT is to help people learn, and they are doing it! Management is amazing, they do not micromanage. I've learned so much about how people learn and the different ways to help them. The hardest part of the job is balancing work with life, since I work from home, but it is getting easier. The most enjoyable part of this job is knowing that I help people improve their education, every day!
ProsCommunity, Culture, Goals, Company Beliefs, Flexibility
ConsHigh Level, Escalated Clients, Screen Time

Questions And Answers about Varsity Tutors

How did you get your first interview at Varsity Tutors?
Asked Jun 16, 2016
I applied online and recorded a video interview.
Answered Feb 5, 2019
Video interview
Answered Jun 24, 2018
What is the interview process like at Varsity Tutors?
Asked Jun 16, 2016
Application followed by an invitation for a recorded video interview. Then an online interview was scheduled with a team member.
Answered Jan 30, 2020
Began with a video interview through HireVue, then had a video interview broken into two chunks with two different interviewers. It was very laid-back and easy-going. The interviewers were super friendly and made me excited to work there!
Answered Nov 14, 2019
How are the working hours at Varsity Tutors?
Asked Jul 9, 2016
40 hours per week. You they you can choose but they will ultimately give you the hours you work. 11-8 plus 2 weekends a month.
Answered Sep 16, 2019
Not great. You are told as a remote salesperson that you can choose the hours you want to work-not true at all. You’re given a schedule and expected to work evenings and weekends. This is the sales department! They force you to work Federal holidays as well. And sometimes you are forced to work OT, other times it “isn’t available “.
Answered Sep 4, 2018
What questions did they ask during your interview at Varsity Tutors?
Asked Aug 3, 2018
It wasn’t varsity tutors. I think emails got crossed and I ended up on a B2B interview
Answered Mar 11, 2020
Tell me about yourself. Why do you want to work here? What challenges do you anticipate? Tell me about your success with sales in the past.
Answered Jan 30, 2020
How long did it take for Varsity Tutors to contact you after completing the video interview?
Asked Jun 17, 2017
I submitted my app and interview at night on a thursday and got the acceptance friday morning
Answered Aug 11, 2019
Did video interview on Friday and got reject email on Sunday. I think no live person even reviewed my video or resume.
Answered Mar 10, 2019