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Varsity Tutors Reviews

Independent Contractor Reviews at Varsity Tutors

Independent Contractor | Remote | Oct 10, 2021
Very impersonal platform and no support/feedback during teaching
You'll be luck to speak to anyone in management about feedback or getting new business. Expect to be on your own and in the dark about how you are doing between sessions. If you want a recommendation for your freelance work (to get other opportunities) you will not be able to get this. Sometimes you'll teach huge classes for limited incentive for building for the future. Rosters for classes are put together hastily and they change the terms of their work conditions change from time to time without any of your input into this.
ProsRemote work
ConsNo personal interaction, limited feedback, difficult to understand how opportunities are distributed
Independent Contractor | Florida | May 18, 2022
Great students to work with and tutor
I began working for Varsity Tutors as an independent contractor in 2018. I did most of my tutoring in person in New York at the time. The pay was decent but not great. COVID-19 forced me to tutor online. The pay for online work is half of the in-person work, about what you would get for working at McDonald's! I have a doctoral degree and two Master's degrees and should be paid 2-3x what I am being paid by them. I work with another tutoring agency and make $25 per hour, which is better.
ProsGood system of communication with the company and with clients. Good billing policies.
ConsVery low pay scale for online tutoring! Other agencies pay much better!
Independent Contractor | Oklahoma | Apr 21, 2020
Great Place to Work as an Independent Tutor
Varsity Tutors is a great place to work as an independent contractor, especially now during the covid19 pandemic.I am able to choose my hours and how many students I tutor. I am also part of their Virtual School Day, which is a great resource for all students! I think they could pay a little better, especially with my degrees as a specialist. Overall, I am extremely happy and am so glad I became a part of VT team!
Independent Contractor | Westlake, OH | Apr 25, 2019
Varsity Tutors is a good company; it’s professional and matched clients with expert tutors in their fields.
Qualified tutors that provide knowledge and experience where needed, can set my own hours and choose my own clients, and company highly rated with BBB.
ProsProfessional, provides a necessary service, and allows educational experts to help others.
ConsShould better regulate tutor and tutor matches.
Independent Contractor | Remote | Oct 14, 2019
flexible hours, better pay than competing tutoring services
Varsity Tutors offers independence and flexibility with hours and provides much better pay than competing tutoring services. The students are more engaged than I have experienced with my work at other online tutoring services, which makes the work interesting and enjoyable.
Independent Contractor | Houston, TX | Jul 23, 2018
Poor compensation
This is a good part-time job for a student who is not dependent on consistent income. It is a 1099 contract position. There is opportunity to earn extra income, however, the wage compensation does not offset the cost of driving to student's homes.
ProsPoor compensation
Independent Contractor | Baltimore, MD | May 28, 2020
customer care
Tireless flexible tutoring hours. The company has committed, prompt technical team. It values respectfulness, honesty, and personnel support. I enjoy working here, learning from my diversity experience with students from different cultures and backgrounds.
Independent Contractor | New York, NY | Jan 18, 2018
Flexible work suitable for tutors
It was pretty enjoyable for the most part. the website is not optimized and I had issue figuring how things worked but ended up being pretty good. The incorporation of technology into tutoring was a nice experience.
Independent Contractor | Houston, TX | Jun 5, 2018
Work from anywhere
You can either work from your computer or visit the students in person. You set your own hours and take on as many students as you want. They need to work on their communication with the contractors (tutors) and the students.
Independent Contractor | Edmond, OK | Oct 5, 2017
Nice side job
You're your own boss, so that's nice. But, you definitely can't work enough to do it full time. Also, the website that you have to use for invoicing puts a minimum on the hours for which you can bill, which has caused some issues.

Questions And Answers about Varsity Tutors

What is the best part of working at Varsity Tutors?
Asked Dec 30, 2019
The best part is seeing the students improve academically.
Answered Jun 30, 2022
Flexible company
Answered Jun 4, 2022
How flexible are your working hours at Varsity Tutors?
Asked May 28, 2020
If you're lucky enough to get students, very flexible, but there's not enough work. More often than not you have to take what you can get or just not work.
Answered Oct 30, 2020
Extremely flexible. Choose the courses you want to teach and basically coordinate your own schedule.
Answered Oct 11, 2020
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Varsity Tutors a better place to work?
Asked Dec 30, 2019
Cap hiring appropriately so that tutors who apply and get hired aren't as grossly misinformed and misled about how much work is available.
Answered Oct 30, 2020
This is hard because tutors are independent contractors, and VT gives you the ability to pretty much teach your curriculum after they approve your training and experience and see what you’re able to handle. If I had to really dig, I would require at least a monthly call with all tutors so we could see the leaders of the company we work for, and a training for any updates or just a way to connect with other tutors.
Answered Oct 11, 2020
What is a typical day like for you at Varsity Tutors?
Asked Mar 26, 2020
As a tutor: sitting around and waiting for opportunities and excusing yourself to answer VT push notifications immediately no matter what you're doing. This won't get you any work for at least several weeks, but apparently it's necessary to prove your dedication. After that you might get some tutoring sessions, which typically go well and are as fulfilling and normal as any tutoring job.
Answered Oct 30, 2020
Checking my dashboard schedule, preparing for my classes and completing invoices immediately following, which include providing a detailed overview of topics I covered, outcomes learned by the students, or myself and to-dos you want parents to be sure the students complete.
Answered Oct 11, 2020
How did you get your first interview at Varsity Tutors?
Asked Jun 16, 2016
I submitted a resume and application, had a rather lengthy virtual interview, received several email responses and several phone calls welcoming me to the company, and then email attachments of company documents, rules and regulations regarding working for the company, and then payroll information and payroll setup. Varsity staff members walked me the client opportunity and invoicing process for getting paid.
Answered Jul 29, 2020
I applied online and recorded a video interview.
Answered Feb 5, 2019