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Overall Reviews at Verizon

Customer Service Representative | Chandler, AZ | Nov 10, 2018
Decent pay, great benefits.
Overall, this company offers excellent benefits but you really need to keep up with the fast-paced job and frequent changes. The PROS: For inbound customer service, the pay is pretty good. You get your 40 hours and you have the option for overtime most of the time. It's a stable job and you have pretty good job security (in customer service at least) as long as you do a decent job. You get a decent amount of vacation hours once you reach a certain number of years with the company. You should have some vacation hours available within the first year of working there. I believe it is after six months but I am not sure. Health insurance options are great. You'll also have dental and eye care options. There are 401k benefits with a company match option. The CONS: You will be micromanaged: adhere to break & lunch schedule as close as possible or get threatened with a write-up. Let's say you have a lunch break at 12:00 and you take it at 12:05. That counts against you. One short deviation won't kill you, but there is a # of minutes in a day that you are allowed to deviate before you start getting in trouble. For customer service agents, you will have a quota for certain products or services to sell. It doesn't affect your pay (at least not yet) but it seems to be the #1 focus lately. I don't know how specific I can get per the review guidelines, but if you don't meet these quotas, management will be constantly having talks with you until you get off their radar by mee...more
ProsHealth Insurance, PTO, 401K Benefits, Pay & Compensation
ConsMicromanagement, irate customers on a daily basis, highly stressful job
Solution Specialist | Delaware, OH | Feb 4, 2020
Great compensation comes at a cost
I was able to develop my sales skills in a very rewarding environment, starting out in 2015 the environment and sales structure was great, early 2016 the sales structure changed and was a little harder to make as much commission, and then became revised again both in 2018 and in 2019. In 2018 it seemed as though through some trials we would be rewarded more if our customers left happy instead of feeling like we were pressuring them into buying something, which is basically how we were taught to sell items, then late 2018 Verizon realized they weren't making enough money that way and changed the sales structure again making it significantly more difficult to make great commission checks. That being said, due to them also removing all non-commission based employees from the store and slowly reducing the "head count" of commission-based employees in each store due to this the commission checks and hourly checks started to increase although this was mostly because we maintained a steady amount of customers and slowly had less employees to help said customers, so each of us in my location were working open to close 6 days per week. Now because its not a physically demanding job you're most likely not going to be physically drained by the end of the day but you're told by your management almost daily that if you aren't leaving work mentally drained then you didn't serve the customers properly. This leads to a horrible work life balance that tends to cause mental health problems,...more
Manager | New York, NY | Oct 21, 2018
Verizon was the sorriest experience of my life.
The company says they reward management for performance but unless you are friends with someone who is looking out for you (obviously not based on your skill or performance) this is not true at all. This company is filled with nepotism. It is also filled with a lot of lower level managers that really shouldn't be in the positions they are in. They are there because someone else put them there and no one ever says anything or questions anything. They don't follow policies and procedures and some have no people skills at all. The company has a code of conduct but everyone is afraid to use it. This allows them to use and abuse you until they have had enough and no longer want to pay you your well-earned salary. It is like the TV game show Survivor. Who will be let go next? For the past 18 years Verizon has been downsizing their management team. Before Verizon, all the companies that merged prior to it, seemed to have a little bit more of a culture based attitude with their employees and customers. Once Verizon came in, they did away with even something as simple as recognition of even a milestone service anniversary only for Management (their hardest working employees) of course. These are the people that get taken away from their home lives for weeks and months, have to walk through a picket lines and get yelled a spit on because "we are the company". And then , after each and every time, no matter how long the strike goes on, it comes to an end we come home ...more
Prosbenefits prior to 2005
ConsToo much work -not enough time to do it- nepotistic culture-no work/life balance ability
Learning and Development Consultant | Leesburg, VA | Sep 11, 2019
Controlled Chaos in Training Operations
Pros: - Talented and hard working staff - Recognizable brand with high visibility projects - Cutting edge technology - Replenished snack bar Cons: - Teams often swap members with little to no input from the person being swapped. This causes strain in team dynamics and projects often suffer as a result. - There appears to be a lot of project micromanagement which leads to unnecessarily long timelines (sometimes years). Too many cooks in the kitchen and even then, only one person has the final say which seems counterproductive. - Several projects are often put on hold repeatedly while little to no progress is made for a year or more. - Open plan office space located at a huge conference center with tons of training rooms and very limited meeting spaces or office spaces (primarily a couple large rooms for most staff). - Desks rather than cubicles with little to no privacy. Most people take their calls or virtual meetings at their desk since meeting space is very limited. You'll have to get used to hearing everyone's conversations in close proximity most of the day. - Since the training location does not have an on-site office to manage personnel matters, there is little supervision or reinforcement of appropriate office behavior. For this reason, there are many unprofessional conversations taking place, many of which are being conducted by those in leadership position (e.g. high authority figure telling a female staff member that being seen wearing heavy work boots ...more
ProsSee review above
ConsSee review above
Retail Sales Associate | Orlando, FL | Jan 28, 2019
Perform and you will be rewarded, falter and fail
Over 17+ years experience and I have seen the company undergo drastic changes over the past few years. Ever since the company sold off the towers and are leasing them back, i.e. straight talk, the company climate has changed from "we care for you and be happy, you are appreciated" to "we don't understand that no one is making numbers this quarter but the company has decided to take away these incentives that were paying you before and still require higher performance." The managers in the Florida area are very cliquey with certain employees favored and even coddled from punishment resulting from unsavory business practices (i.e. rate plan changes and lack of full disclosure) such as adding lines for "free" tablets and offsetting the monthly cost for 12 months whereas the customer just signed a 24 month agreement on something they probably didn't even know they bought. ARPU is crazy as the company expects $100+ in accessory revenue per transaction meaning the rep must sell over priced accessories by manipulating the numbers, discounting if and only if a new add is present, and hiding fully entitled discounts as to "fluff" the value of a product. Whats worse is the company is still behaving as if other carriers aren't leasing their old towers the same way they are, but VZ refuses to lower rates to compete. This practice worked splendidly in the early 2000s when no one could even touch VZ coverage but now is not the case. This surrender of a valuable foothold in the mark...more
ProsFree phone, pay for education, 401k
Consno choice on phone, cliquey management, heartless business model
Operations Associate | Basking Ridge, NJ | Aug 1, 2019
Non family friendly culture
A typical day at work consists of overlapping meetings and calls, of which are often interrupted by other "priority" meetings/calls that are scheduled the last minute. Management is indecisive and unwilling to genuinely get to know each of their employees. The most difficult aspect of the culture there is attending meetings to arrive at decisions and then having meetings after those meetings to inform the smaller teams how the decisions made will need to be revisited. Hence, lower management is too afraid to be transparent with senior management. There are tons of live messages aired through webcasts, month over month, quarterly and of course yearly- the messaging is regurgitated and recycled. More emphasis on power point templates than getting work done.Overall, I learned a great deal about managing managers, team members, navigating highly matrixed environments and managing politics within various layers of management. I've become a pro at managing time conflicting schedules. Internal hiring is cumbersome. You will get called for an interview for the purpose of checking the box indicating the hiring manager has interviewed the required number of candidates for a particular job requisition. In actuality, the candidate for the position was already decided upon during a happy hour a few weeks prior to the job posting. Internal interviews are more complicated than they should be, further demotivating employees. Also, beware of being encouraged to take a job with the premise o...more
Sales Representative | Coeur d'Alene, ID | Nov 1, 2018
This place is the gateway to the underworld.
I worked at Verizon for three years. I have no idea how I made it that long. I’ll start with the good. The insurance is amazing. That’s it. And the bad: Pay has gone way down over the last five years. The money used to make it worth it, but they cut commissions so much that you can’t make the money you used to be able to make. They micromanage you like you’re a pre schooler, asking what you’re pitching to every single customer, even if you are a top performer. There are mandatory meetings every Friday and if you close, you come to the meeting, go home for and hour or two then come back to work your shift. The shifts are terrible. 11:30-8 mostly. And when you do get home you’re so emotionally and physically drained that all you can do is veg and stare into space. They schedule meetings randomly at 7am to role play. They change your schedule constantly and don’t tell you. You can’t just schedule a day off for an appointment, it has to be a vacation day. The schedule is fluctuates anyways so it’s impossible to plan anything. Frequently I had 2 morning meetings per week plus my regular 42 hour work week. The meets are two hours normally. Certain reps get away with murder, managers give all the walk in sales to certain reps. It’s a huge popularity contest. Several times things have happened which were illegal and completely unethical and HR doesn’t do one thing about it. They encourage you to lie and take advantage of customers to get sales. You have about 20 sales metrics you...more
ConsEvery thing else.
Solution Specialist | Houston, TX | Feb 12, 2019
Changed For The Worst
The one star is for the benefits ie: medical, dental and vision. They are far superior to any I’ve ever had. The company on the other hand is a different story. My main reason for leaving was the commission structure change. After 5 years with the company I lost over 20k per year with the most recent restructure. Some colleagues lost more depending on their prior performance. Employees were consistent with their income and purchased homes, cars and based their bills on their regular income and then Verizon just took it away. Not caring if their employees had to sell their homes, cars and not pay their bills or possibly even end up homeless. While the CEO makes over 18 million per year (public record.) Verizon made all kinds of cuts. Our accessory discount decreased, no more overtime, no more “recognizing you awards” no more contests to win products and/or prizes and finally no more or barely any commission. Expectations got higher and higher, pay got lower and lower. There is no work life balance. You may have to work 10-11 days in a row before getting a day off. You’ll have to work holidays consistently. You might have 4 closing shifts out of 5 working days. Vacations are approved at manager’s discretion. So you may request a vacation 6 months in advance but someone else who requested it 30 days ago will get it approved and yours is refused. And no we were not union or seniority based. You work pretty much every weekend. You’ll be off different days every week...more
ProsGreat dental medical and vision insurance
ConsWill cut your pay without notice, inconsistent scheduling, no work life balance
Customer Service Representative | Elgin, SC | Aug 26, 2018
Great Pay but stressful
Verizon is a great company. I have to give credit where credit is due. The reason for turnover is the many revolving parts. The working atmosphere is great and a lot of great people and perks involved with the job. I was able to Flex when necessary which means that if I needed to come into work 2 hours late then I would have to make that time up before the end of the week. This is particularly great when you have a family and children. They also have great benefits and match the 401 k up to 6% and are fully vested within 3 years! Down sides are that the job is very stressful. As we all know motivation will take you far but not far enough or long enough. Basically when I started I was excited and pumped and kept a open mind and positive attitude because I could see the company had made a concerted effort to take care of its employees. Verizon is very numbers driven so as a rep you are constantly juggling a million things to meet those numbers. There are metrics for how many phones you upgrade,3 day repeat (how many of your callers call back within a 3 day period of receiving help from you), disconnects (how many lines you disconnect), ACPD (average call per day), Hold time ( how many secs you put a customer on hold), and it goes on and on. Everything you do is tracked and there are very high standards. It is doable but almost all customers that call in are irate or confused about something and its nearly impossible to pack everything into one call and not miss anything every ...more
Consultant | Robbinsville, NJ | Jan 10, 2019
Life at Verizon
When I had first joined the company in the early 2000's, it was a dream job. Upon hire, you get paid training, a weekly paycheck, and after passing their training exam you get 100% company paid benefits(medical, dental, vision, 401K, pension, paid tuition or reimbursement, car rental and airline tickets discount, etc.). Also, great working hours that included a 35 hour full time work week and OT between 8am-6pm nationwide. But, as we fast forward to around 2010 onwards, the union's negotiating skillsets and our benefits was starting to erode. Hours now are 8am-9pm. Contract states that there can be graveyard shifts in the future at anytime management deems it necessary. We started paying into our benefits and got lesser coverages/benefits. The pay has increased with annul raises, but they're lost in the amount of money we pay to have basic benefits. So now, our take home pay is less if you have a family. Now that the wireless management side has taken over the wireline side, the sales and customer service job has turned in to a sweat shop job where there is very little cohesion between the union and management. The culture of the company has made the workplace favorable if you're related to or friends with management or horrible, if not.Your calls are routed by management. If I'm favored, I get the better sales and customer service calls and get the accolades and rewards, even if I'm not good at the job. Otherwise, job security becomes your major issue since the job is merit...more
Pros(Job security, pay, benefits, advancement) If related to or friends of managment
ConsLots of mandatory OT, Unnecessary stressful environment, favortism, Micro-managing supervisors who don't know the job, no job security for most

Questions And Answers about Verizon

What is the interview process like at Verizon?
Asked Jan 23, 2017
I took an assessment and was interviewed once. It was straight forward and easy.
Answered Mar 18, 2020
It was great! They will use the STAR Format style when asking questions and you have to complete two different mock calls. I enjoyed and appreciate the opportunity to display my skills while completing the mock calls. ***not too many companies allow you to sell your skills on site, similar to a singer meeting and singing a song on site to a super star!!! Just be energetic and confident.
Answered Dec 9, 2019
Why did you leave your job at Verizon?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
I left verizon because after 31 years of professional service because they put a collar around my neck. Electronic monitoring and metadata are their management tools. Both methods view you through a veil of assumptions. They assume I was a cheat, a liar, and lazy. The appraisal system has unattainable goals and they use archaic language in our contract to hold you down. After 31 years of success and a leader in quality and productivity I was deemed unsatisfactory and told I could not change job descriptions or locations until I was "satisfactory". My immediate manager was discouraged to give passing appraisals so that upper management could squeeze me do to more for them in hope of pleasing them. He left for another career and I left to regain my self respect. They have hired lawyers and psychological operation advisers to crush our spirits. Abusive, demeaning, micromanaging methods. Hey verizon, try a carrot and put away your stick. Your landline employees absolutely hate your guts and are cowed into submission. You encourage infighting and back stabbing and we participated because it is all you left us to use to 'suceed'. If you are a close eyed, small minded robotron you will find a home in verizon.
Answered Mar 23, 2020
Laid off after 10 years of dedicated work. But how ironic I was oldest worker in the group with no medical issues. Sill had plenty of work. Had only four more years to draw maximum social security. Was forced to draw social security at a 32 percent lower rate the rest of my life. Company really does not care after they use you. Stay away. Cannot compete your career here.
Answered Feb 16, 2020
What is the work environment and culture like at Verizon?
Asked Jun 9, 2016
The work environment is great. Sales incentives are second to none. Clean and professional. The culture is toxic. If you work in a sales environment you are expected to lie, cheat and steal. Promotional opportunities were good back in the day but now friends are hiring friends like crazy so if you want to be promoted make lots of friends. You basically do the work of 5 people and you wonder daily if you will be fired because of the corners you were forced to cut just to make things happen. You have a workload that is humanly not possible and no work life balance
Answered Jan 24, 2020
Where do I start? Reverse racism, little chance for advancement, very political and Verizon is allowed to move you 35 miles away at any point so there’s usually a long commute. Forced overtime and management and occupational workers usually are st each other’s throats. Little to no relevant training, they just throw you to the wolves. Metrics are all that matter. Stress is extremely high. Good pay ($40+ per hour) is the only thing that keeps people there. Inside jobs are like being in jail and outside techs have GPS on their vans. Good luck if you decide to work there, you’re gonna need it!
Answered Oct 31, 2018
What benefits does Verizon offer?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Benefits are great. Health, 401K, Flex spending, 100% tuition assistance, phone discounts, consultant pension. No pension for management
Answered Jan 24, 2020
401k, health, dental, vision, retirement, etc.
Answered May 14, 2018
What would you suggest Verizon management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
Treat employers with dignity and respect. Do something about the absence issues so the ones that come to work wont be so stressed
Answered Feb 17, 2020
Start appreciating your loyal employees and stop laying off at least 15% of your employees twice a year. Nothing says we care about our employees like letting them go after 20 years right before Thanksgiving.
Answered Nov 16, 2017