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Inventory Associate | Duncanville, TX | Jan 27, 2019
I love my job
Omg. Idk about all these reviews im reading. My job is AMAZING . i mean of course theres perks but as to every job. Ive been there less than 30 days days but 30 days approching next week. And im already counting at silver plus. Made my recognizable counting Mark at bronze Plus at only 2 weeks on my job it is very competitive to me I go to work very focused and eager to count lol. I mean yeah i be tierd but i still wish i could get more hours. We have the best managers and supervisors . Willing to work with there employees. I dont plan on leaving WIS International for awhile and have visions of growing in my work place and the company . you have the oppurtunity to get a raise every 3 months based of your job performance . so its like everything is up to you . along with how you go to work perceiving things every day and your mind set towards what your doing . Like i said . i love my job . less than 30 days and ive already gotten my raise. Now ... I cant speak for every employee around the world this is an obviously big company .. BUT . if your having issues any where in this AMAZING buisness ... Come to Texas... Dallas / Lancaster division . we will take care of you. Lol. #wisinternational #countingcounts !!!! ❤
ProsMore hours upon request, Car pool to get you to every location, paid drive time if you drive to locations.
ConsHow can you beat that ??
Inventory Manager | Eugene, OR | Jun 23, 2018
Competitive but inclusive work environment; not made for everyone, but rewarding to those who stick with it
I'm fast approaching a year of tenure at WIS International and for the most part I can say I've experienced the gamut of what the job has to offer and to throw at you. I need to start by saying that this job *is not for everyone*. You need to understand coming in that while the job welcomes all, it requires a certain ethic, a certain dedication of your time. Moreover, a willingness to adapt and an interest in improving the skillsets necessary to advance within the company. As a lot of the more positive reviews of WIS say, this job is what you make of it. Continuing from that point, it helps that my experience has been primarily with one of not only the best offices in the district, but in the company -- both from a monetary and professional/interpersonal standpoint. If you don't have an endless list of personal/lifestyle-related obligations, and a (reasonable) ability to commit, you should genuinely consider working in one of the best offices, in (my opinion) the best field in retail. Maybe it's not your long-term career, but it can be a great job.
ProsHighly competitive, Travel, Good opportunity to advance, No real overtime cap
ConsHighly competitive, Slow Season (Oct-Dec), Odd Hours/Can be physically tiring
Inventory Manager | Ceres, CA | Jan 29, 2020
Stressful but never the same
They do NOT give appropriate breaks. Thry alter time to meet CA DLSE requirements. I am owed at least $400 in unpaid wages in 9 months and cannot access my stubs now I don't work there. As a driver, they expected us to be able to work on minimal to no sleep at all. Examples: had to drive to Eureka work and drive back on 2-3 hours sleep. Yeah they paid for a room but it was only covered for the night we were actually doing inventory and refused to extend it so the drivers could get enough rest. Another example of their questionable actions. Drove to a job site and 4 hours after starting, I asked when I was getting a break and was told I had to wait til 6 hurs to take my lunch. Took a break anyways. Still didn't get a lunch for 6 hours though. The managers adjust the lunches so it looks like we take them every 5 hours. They are in the middle of a class lawsuit settlement right now. I'm looking into contacting a lawyer again. Another issue is they make it impossible for you to reach rate goals and get raises. If you get close to getting a raise, thry will put you on assignments that you will NOT meet rates so you don't get the raises. Those who are fast counters, use techniques we are told not to.
ProsDifferent jobs all the time
ConsLate breaks and lunches. Lack of sleep for drivers (unsafe)
Inventory Manager | San Diego, CA | Mar 4, 2019
The worst company to work for
WIS is the worst company to work for they rip you off you work many hours you don't get paid for full-time, you get paid as part time on paperwork they only pay you for part-time you could work as a dog from Monday through Saturday Sunday all 7 days you work and you don't make enough money at all you can work 40-plus hours and still not make enough they only pay you twenty Plus hours they don't pay you 40 plus hours so if you work let's say 55 hours they were actually pay you for only 45 hours even less than that sometimes you get paid like you worked 35 hours working for this company is horrible people don't understand their nobody cares about nobody there's no teamwork no responsibilities the managers are not in place they mistreat people there are some supervisors that don't know how to communicate with people don't know how to communicate with workers and they mistreat everybody I was a supervisor I was a driver I was never home I worked twenty-four-seven and never been appreciated and when I left the company because I couldn't deal with the disrespect and I couldn't deal with being not paid and not being able to pay my bill I got blackballed by WIS and it took me a year and a half looking for a job.
ProsNo Pros
Inventory Manager | Savannah, GA | Mar 10, 2019
Relatively easy but poorly managed work
Working for WIS was a mixed bag. Hours were terribly inconsistent and most associates were flaky at best. Corporate introduced pay raise programs that failed to work and many employees often felt cheated out of well deserved raises. Work itself was easy and mostly mindless however due to constant issues with understaffing and lack of control from upper management many days would turn from 6-8 hours days to 12-16 plus travel times. Savannah office lacked an actual office site and managers were expected to take all equipment home and maintain it, as well as use personal vehicles to equipment and sometimes even staff to job sites upwards of 2 hours away due to lack of company vehicles, which were poorly maintained. The company claims that it is a longterm career with high benefits and competitive pay but many employees claim it to be a "down on your luck job" Would not recommend working unless you are extremely desperate for a job, as the company will hire just about anyone. Only supervisors and company drivers are required to take a drug test.
ProsHolidays off
Consshort or no breaks, inconsistent pay and hours, lackluster and damaged equipment
Inventory Associate | Oregon | Dec 14, 2018
Get your count on!
I count a wide range of items in various commercial and retail environments. Some days I count clothing, while other days I count food items in a local market within the Oregon region. The product counter, a "WisWand", is a handy tool for getting the job done, however, when undocked the action on the smaller handheld scanner can lag which can be problematic on longer count projects. Management is present on-site for troubleshooting and communicates via the Wiswand. Email and phone communication is minimal. As far as workplace culture goes, striking up a conversation while van-pooling is possible, but conversations are minimal at the merchandise count-site. One of the hardest parts about the job is when you arrive at a location and the sections, shelves or items you are supposed to count are not prepped-- I've found food items that had been expired for several years; items on clothing racks have been improperly/or not labeled; and just plain old disheveled shelves. As far as the enjoyable elements about the job go, the locations are dynamic, so you get to know different locations within the area.
Prosfast-paced environment
Consebbs and flow of projects
Inventory Associate | Batesville, MS | May 7, 2019
Not ideal
Scheduling is stressful, management is HORRIBLE from the Area managers and up. False promises, I quit because I was at 14.00 an hour and was told for 3 months if I put in x amount of effort and meet x production goal that at the end of the quarter I would receive x amount of a raise or decrease. Well I BUSTED MY TAIL for 3 months straight I was THE highest counter in our entire office, when we went into dollar generals I would count half the store by MYSELF while the rest of the group (4-6) people did the other half and we met in the middle. Well the quarter ended and it was time to enjoy the fruits of my labor and BAM "Our pay scale has changed so instead of you going to 15.50 (which was well earned and deserved) our cap now is 14.00 (which i was already at) and because you met x production goal were gonna have to decrease your pay" had they not changed the pay scale I would've went up. So I was expected to accept the decrease while still moving up the production goal so now I'd have to work harder for less pay. It's a decent job decent people just have morons running the place on salaries that could care less about the people earning their salaries.
Inventory Manager | Kennewick, WA | Apr 26, 2018
Good job but tough hours
Expect to work very early in the morning through noon. Also expect pay raises when you do well, and pay DECREASES if you do not perform up to expectations, for supervisors and management as well. A typical day of work is to meet at an office early in the morning, ride in a work van to a retail location, conduct an audit of the customers inventory for 4-6 hours, then ride back. You will not be paid for the first hour ride to work, and the last hour ride back from work... So if your travel ride is more than an hour each way, you will not be paid for 2 hours of time they take from your day. Also if staying overnight is required for a job, you will receive a meager per dium of $14 per day... and it will be broken up into mealtimes... E.G. if you are gone from home only for a lunch and dinner the first day, and only a breakfast the next day, you will recieve per dium only for those meals
ProsYou can accept or deny jobs as they come. You are scheduled within your availability, but not required to confirm for any shift. Makes the hours flexable
ConsVery low chance for advancement, very difficult hours to plan anything around
Inventory Associate | Brooklyn, NY | Nov 11, 2019
Don’t make the mistake by applying for this
Only a certain ethnicity received work on a regular. Management don’t know how to manage fairly. They don’t pay you for all your travel time, Don’t pay In full for wait time. 2 examples I can clearly remember: *On our way back to Brooklyn one day the van had a flat. We waited over 2 hours to get it fixed and they refused to pay us for the wait time like it was our fault the van had a flat. * A few of my co-workers and I had a store in the city, we started the inventory in the stockroom then were told we had to wait 4+ hours when the store closed to start the sales floor (of course we can’t work while customers are still shopping) but they refused to pay us for those 4+hours we had to wait. As a result of that some people went home which was only right. Sometimes you’re not put on schedule for days. They’ll say they don’t have any store for the (Eastern Pkwy “crew), but then you’ll hear co-workers from the (Bay Pkwy “crew”)talking about how many stores they’ve done in that same week. They would tell them not to tell anyone how many stores they have on their schedule. It was just too much.
Inventory Associate | Bridgeport, CT | May 31, 2019
I use to work for Wis international in Bridgeport Connecticut
The worst company I’ve ever worked for in my life management was the worst favoritism disrespectful lack of respect for employee by management. I would never recommend anybody to work for this company there is a lot of racism and Favoritism. I almost die working for Wis international They put me into a Deep freezer to count for two hours without any jacket or protection from the cold I ended up in the hospital from hypothermia heart rate dropped to 40 and they still didn’t care About my well-being. All they care about is there UPH and how fast you could count the quicker you finish the more money they make from the job so they played these mind games for you to fight against your own employee to make you UPH so Management and the company could look good. I file complaints to corporate about management and the miss treatment and disrespectfulness that Goes on in the company and instead of them look into it they let me go with a dumb excuse why they let me go .
ConsWork 14 hours with only a 30 Minute break

Questions And Answers about WIS International

What is the interview process like at WIS International?
Asked Jul 23, 2017
They usually have 3 people and tell you ask a group what the job means then ask you if you want to work there. And you do paperwork and get start training date.
Answered Mar 29, 2020
No existant
Answered Feb 11, 2020
How much do you make an hour?
Asked Apr 19, 2016
In illinois its 12 while counting with chances of raises every 3 months. Its based off the level your counting at, your appearance and accuracy etc. If your a driver you will have another pay rate of 13 from the time you take off at meet spot till your destination. Any time that van moved (excluding getting food) your paid for your drive time. Then for passengers its 9.25 after the 1st hour of travel. So if your leaving a hotel and stores under an hour your not paid for travel. Then each night your in a hotel you get a per diem added to your check.
Answered Feb 10, 2020
The pay is horrible. It's basically minimum wage no matter what state you're from. Fast food workers get paid more and do less than what WIS requires you to do to earn a check. And at times employees are put in dangerous conditions to even count. let's not talk about the lowes in the middle of winter and have to be outside til everything is done being counted and get ridiculed if you step inside to get warm for a couple minutes or to get your scanner to work correctly because it froze. Let's not talk about the numerous stores in the summer with no ac or fans and you're dripping in sweat ready to pass out from heat exhaustion. The benefits are terrible. I went to a few different doctors (( eye, pcp )) and still had to pay damned near the entire thing out of pocket because the benefits from WIS covers basically nothing. What's the point of taking the money out of the checks for medical and to be told you have none and laughed at because you thought you had medical coverage and couldn't even afford the office visit. they o rework the life out of you and most times they'd rather keep all the trouble makers there instead of getting rid of them. In turn causes a lot of the reliable, dependable, fast counters and great employees overall to either get fired or quit. Terrible company. Pay and stress isnt worth it
Answered Oct 8, 2019
When you travel or go to different stores do you go in your own car or company vehicle
Asked May 21, 2016
Company vehicle unless you prefer to drive your own
Answered Jul 7, 2019
Company vehicke
Answered Mar 3, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make WIS International a better place to work?
Asked Jul 28, 2017
There is nun that I would change about it
Answered Apr 3, 2020
Imcrease the pay
Answered Apr 3, 2020
Do they hire people with a criminal backround?
Asked Dec 13, 2016
They'll hire you before the background is complete, even have you work jobs, if it comes back and they don't like your back ground they fire you.
Answered Aug 19, 2019
They hires anyone
Answered Jul 4, 2019