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Overall Reviews at Waffle House

Salesperson | Chesapeake, VA | May 12, 2019
I love my job
I have worked at my unit as a sales person for about 6 months now. So far it's been great. Management knows what they're doing, and my coworkers are mostly easy to work with. My unit is a training store so I see a lot of new recruits passing through. I work second shift (2-9pm), which both does and doesn't work for me. I need my mornings off because I'll be back in college at some point, and I have a lot of health problems that require constant maintenance by my doctors. They have been very accommodating to me for those reasons. However, second shift at our store is the slowest, so Monday through Thursday I'm usually lucky to make equivalent to minimum wage. The weekends typically make up for it though. The company keeps our unit overstaffed while others in our area are severely understaffed. On occasion I'll get called to another location to help out, but it won't change my already posted schedule. I'll wind up with about 10 hours overtime when I go to another unit, usually. I took advantage of their health insurance options because Medicaid denied my application for coverage, and I am on some very expensive medications. I can't afford their best plan, but the one I have is decent. My state does the 10% to-go gratuity thing where your amount of to go charges in the week is added up, divided by the number of hours you worked, then tacked on to your hourly rate on your check. I will typically get a minimum of $3/hr. (flat rate is $2.50). The ONLY thing I don't l...more
Server | Corydon, IN | Jul 14, 2018
Quick paced, multitasking workplace with not too great manager
Servers have it hard and many people misunderstand them. Waffle house was a big experience for me. I learned how to multitask more and how to balance things better, I learned better patience, and how to dance in tennis shoes. There was always something to do. I was always on time and i always showed up for work. I was also pregnant through this experience. So balance was a big challenge. The waffle house I worked at was older and really could've used some improvements. On july 3rd I was at a party. I dont drink(I was pregnant) I made meatloaf for everyone and I ate it. I had work in the morning. So it wasnt a really late party. I wasn't going to put me n my little one through that. It was more of a family bonfire with kids roasting marshmallows. Anyway, I start throwing up constantly. Until just stomach acid. But I keep throwing up stomach acid. So I go to the emergency room and they keep me until 5a.m. becaise I was extremely dehydrated and they write me a note telling me to take it easy. I call have to call in. The manager is extremely angry. I tell her I have a note. She doesn't care. I go in the next day to check my schedule. And she took me off. I walked out. Never called in, never been late, always did my job. Never a complaint. I understand it was a big holiday, but I had a legit reason and a note from the hospital to stay in bed because I am a high risk pregnancy to begin with. But the manager did not care. She left last I heard. Her name was January.
ProsImproved me in patience and multitasking
ConsManager and stressful
Host/Server | Macon, GA | Oct 25, 2019
Terrible Coworkers
Disclaimer, I chose to work at Waffle House because they were the first to reply back to me. So to start off the first red flag that I noticed is that there really is no “interview” for this establishment, When you get called by Waffle House to come in at a set time and you say yes to their question of “can you work on holidays?” That’s really all they want to hear they couldn’t care less about any real qualities of a worker, and I know this because I had some of the most lazy coworkers whom mind you the management KNEW they were lazy, but because we were so understaffed they didn’t want to fire them. I have only been working at Waffle House for two months but I had to put in my two weeks notice. I could not take being taken advantage of by my coworkers any longer. I had gone 3, 10 hour shifts where I have had to do my coworkers end of shift duties in addition to mine so that the first shift workers wouldn’t get angry. Also my coworkers weren’t the “cleanest” people and countless times was I left in the store by myself, no cook, no servers, and there would be people in the store! There was absolutely no teamwork, you won’t learn anything here other than how to deal with drunks and how to do your coworkers jobs because they sure won’t do it themselves. I wanted to speak to my manager about it so bad but if you say one thing about them they will run you out of the job like I had seen with a previous coworker of mine. It’s ridiculous how terrible of a first job this was for me...more
Grill Cook | Atlanta, GA | Jun 2, 2019
Productive, fun, stressful with great pay and job security
Great place to work, the high volume shifts are very stressful. But with the right attitude it is very manageable. Management and the staff is very supportive and professional. I have worked here for 3 years and in that 3 years reached the highest cook position to Rockstar Operator(lead line cook). The pay is great. You can always work overtime which I didnt. Training is easy to learn but difficult master as you will be expected to execute 20 orders in less than 3-5 minutes. The atmosphere is very fast pace. Their are 4 stations you will work as part of a team on a busy shift: Meats --> Eggs --> Hashbrowns --> Marking. Meats is the easiest to learn and manage. Eggs and hashbrowns are for the cooks who can move fast(Speed and quality) Marking is the most difficult as you will be the bridge of interaction with Servers who will shotgun call their orders in a rush and cooks who will rely on your accurate marking so they can execute their stations properly. Overall I highly recommend this job for anyone who is looking for a line cook position that can either be a long term stability or a stepping stone to other careers or jobs as a cook.
ProsFree lunches, camaraderie, positive attitudes, management is professional. Great pay for young people.
ConsHigh stress/pressure, some people are toxic, not everyone can handle the pressure.
Salesperson | Marietta, GA | Sep 23, 2019
2 Year Experience At Waffle House
A rollercoaster ride. I started in 2017, as a high school student working second shift. A typical work day for me was: Clock in, count cash drawer on sundays’(only), menu test, greet customers / take order & call out order to cook. Take out drinks, check on customers, cash them out , clear tables , wash dishes, take to-go calls, duties: cut & label (lemons & pies) , make & label (lemonade & orange juice), restock ( cups & lids & anything running out on the tables), put away anything that was token out (syrups, ketchup, jellies, coffee bags, butters, lemons, etc) , clean bathrooms every night for two years!!! , sweep/mop, refill ice if needed, clean out dishwasher at end of shift, wait for next shift or till my customers were done. ,clock out around 9:20 or later. I learned that it’s important to be 15 mins early, how to multitask, and cook orders incase the cook wants to walk out. My hiring manager was a great manager, others were okay wouldn’t really see them. Hardest part of the job: Being the only salesperson while having different table groups coming in and then having to add up each order while finishing side work. Most enjoyable part of job: Daily Meal. Co-workers from other shifts. Friendly customers, & tips & the lady rockstar cook I worked with for the last year on sundays, the best!!
ProsTips / daily meal
ConsPay / Rude customers
Grill Cook | Birmingham, AL | May 10, 2019
Nightmare workplace
I won't speak for all Waffle Houses, but in Birmingham they're all very poorly run, very inclined to favoritism, they changed management 6 times I four months at the store I worked at alone. They refused to fire people who were consistently late, or caused trouble unless it would lead to a lawsuit, while I was chastised for being late by five minutes once, got my hours cut to nearly nothing because one guy, who didn't work when he was on duty and eventually got fired for not coming in for a week, said I didn't do my job when I had and I had proof. Meanwhile I took pictures of someone else not doing their job at all and they weren't even talked to. They're two-faced, have no regard for anything but themselves, allow tip stealing and even outright theft, treat hard workers like trash while glorifying lazy and incompetent people. They won't even tell you if they fire you, since they like to hire so many people out here they can't even fit them all on the schedule. After I got fired (wasn't told I was, but haven't been on the schedule in months so I'm not bothering) they lost 8 more people because they refuse to change even when they know they can't afford not to.
ConsSiphon wages for meal credit even if you never eat, terrible work environment, poor management, half-baked training at best
Unit Manager | Missouri | Aug 7, 2019
Lots of hours
Waffle House will work their employees to death and then some. As a manager you can expect to work anywhere from 50-80 hours a week depending on how much your staff cares about you. As a 24 hour restaurant manager you are responsible for working 3rd shift if you can't find someone to work. On many occasions I have worked a 10 hour day starting 6:30am, then I go back in at 8:30pm to complete a required shift change (2-3 a week) just to have someone not show up for work. (At that point it is unlikely you will find someone to cover the shift.) You will then be required to work said 10 hour shift with no sleep. You are also required to report sales numbers and staffing to your supervisor nightly at 9pm shift change. On average I get 5 hours of sleep a night. Prospective employees must have either no children or 24 hour child care available with little to no notice. Job does not leave much time for a social life, family, or marriage. However, the higher up you are in the company the more you matter and you are less likely to be taken advantage of.
Pros3 paid vacations per year, insurance (high cost), stock options (after 1 year)
ConsLots of hours, physically and emotionally demanding, scars from getting burned, condescending management or incompetent, required to work all holidays
Unit Manager | Peachtree City, GA | Sep 1, 2018
Overall Good Job
The job is good as far as restaurant manager careers. You work approximately 6am - 3/4 pm for 6 days, then are off for two days. Outside of holidays, you always have two days off in a row. The job itself can be stressful. There is only one manager on duty a day, so if something goes wrong in the middle of the night, you are responsible for it. You get to hire, coach, and train all of your associates. You are in full control of your employees (scheduling, hiring, firing, etc.) For benefits, you get health insurance, 24 days of paid vacation after 6 months, a stock program, and free meals while working. Pay is also very good. There is room for advancement quickly, as long as you work well with your upper management. They have a good training program, for managers and hourly associates. You must work all holidays, and will usually be very busy. You also have to work bad storms (like if the electricity goes out). Waffle House NEVER closes. I left because the culture is far too political. You get promotions based on sucking up to upper management more than by skill or doing a good job. Managers will also lie to you to motivate you to do what they want. There are not a lot of checks and balances.
Prosvacation, benefits, hours
Conspolitical culture, unfair/biased promotions, stressful
Server | Conway, AR | Jan 1, 2019
Depends on the area.
For me personally the type of people that come in to the two buildings I ever worked out of were nearly intolerable on most days. The food is alright, however in a year of working I had to start finding nearby places to eat. The coworkers are iffy. Waffle House normally does no kind of background checking or drug testing unless you go for management or beyond that. So what you'd end up with around here is a few good workers, then mostly drug addicts and 17 year-old kids who don't want to work. Couple this with the fact that you can get away with essentially anything short of stealing from the company without having to worry about losing your job, it becomes a cesspool of awful, awful workers. Besides that, the corporate running the scenes enforces laws they don't follow themselves in practice, and they refuse to get rid of employees that cause harm to the company, including maintenance workers. We had busted toilets and sinks for more than half the time I worked there. I would -never- recommend someone to work at this job.
ProsFree food, good chance for high pay if you can make tips, not likely to lose this job.
ConsHorrible job safety issues, food safety issues, bad location, good chance to make less than minimum wage if you can't make tips.
District Manager | Louisiana | May 1, 2018
Waffle House first, all else second
You're expected to put everything else second to waffle house. The job is very demanding and taxing on your personal life with little time for anything else. You will work a 6 on, 2 off rotation with your 6 work days being nothing but waffle house. Your two off days come and go way too fast. average work week is 60 hours on a good week but more than likely if you want to be successful you will put in 70+. And that's not even during the holiday season. The associates the company attracts are not always the best so you'll be dealing with some hard people. Customers too. It's a 24 hr, 365 a business where you are solely responsible for. Anything goes wrong you must fix it regardless of what is going on with you in that moment. The pay is decent for a new grad. You'll gain lots of experience and you will certainly learn a lot. It definitely has made me a stronger manager with all the tasks i've had to juggle at once but eventually it just becomes too much for too long and you start losing balance.
ProsGreat management experience, fast paced, solid company, career advancement
Cons24 hour business, old and rundown restaurants, too many tasks and not enough of you, no work life balance, 70+ hours a week, it's waffle house

Questions And Answers about Waffle House

If you were to leave Waffle House, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 22, 2017
Better opportunity as you get older. Waffle House is a good job for younger people trying to learn what they want to do with their life and to make some cash on the side.
Answered Jan 8, 2020
Waffle House is only as good as you make it. Management here has friends working for them. That's all I'll say. Besides corporate should get involved more in some buildings cause management don't now how to manage.
Answered Dec 13, 2019
What's the best Waffle House shift to work
Asked Jul 5, 2016
First shift
Answered Mar 4, 2020
First shift is the best shift because you get the older folks and the early birds. The tips are great first thing in the morning. Especially on the weekends!
Answered Jan 8, 2020
What is 2nd shift like?
Asked Mar 19, 2017
2nd shift is 2pm-9pm and 3rd shift is 9pm-7am.
Answered Feb 5, 2020
We call Second Shift the prepping shift because it’s not as busy as the other two shifts. Sometimes you don’t really make any money. All you do is clean and prep for the next shift.
Answered Jan 8, 2020
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Waffle House a better place to work?
Asked Jan 14, 2018
Less drama
Answered Apr 3, 2020
I would appreciate my employees and let the know they're doing a great job at what they do and let them know that this company couldn't do it without them.
Answered Mar 11, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Waffle House?
Asked Aug 26, 2017
Be ready to work hard for this job. The orientation process is extensive. And be ready to work your butt off for this company.
Answered Mar 11, 2020
Just be yourself, and be respectful.
Answered Feb 3, 2020