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Delivery Driver | Birmingham, AL | Jan 9, 2019
It's a good job, but the work sucks
Pros: 1) The pay is OK. I was able to pay the bills with this job. I also have a very gas-efficient car. 2) The scheduling is amazing. You have near-complete control over when you work. You can either pick your own shifts or become an independent contractor and truly work when you want (though you might make less money this way). 3) The managers were pretty cool and good at getting back to you. I didn't interact much with the other drivers, but they all seemed like nice people. 4) Being in your car all day is actually great. You don't have to stand around making small talk, and there's no petty workplace drama (at least at the delivery driver level). Of course, this isn't a great thing for everyone. You need to enjoy driving and enjoy alone time to enjoy this job. Cons: 1) Stress. I've held a couple of food-service jobs before, including a pizza delivery job. They're always stressful. You always feel a little exploited and under-appreciated. But Waitr is FAR AND AWAY the worst in this regard that I have experienced. The customers are getting bad service, and there's nothing you can do about it. It's usually fine if it isn't busy. But most of the time, a regular weekend rush will turn your entire shift into a disaster. For example, you might be trying to make a delivery that is upwards of ten minutes late. Before you drop it off, you're assigned another delivery that is already ten minutes late, and the restaurant is ten minutes...more
Delivery Driver | Lake Jackson, TX | Jan 25, 2019
Great concept runned by fools in ivory towers.
First things first, the pay IS 5$ an hour for hourly employees and $2.50 a delivery for independent contractors. While scheduling is flexible and you "create" your own schedule, you can only pick from a bank of set schedule blocks ranging anywhere from 3 to 6 hours and the availability of the shifts you can/want to work are always contested due to the irregular flow of turn over. Management goes on hiring blitzes and over staffs markets so typically less than half of new hires stay on more than a month. The only way to make money is to HOPE that you deliver to someone who believes in tipping and since the company REFUSES to allow drivers to see how much they are making per delivery there is no way to audit your income. This is especially concerning since dash members (customer service) can split and refund gratuity and the driver would be none the wiser. Logistics AND customer service is typically handled by one person (dash member) and this same person is usually responsible for assigning deliveries to drivers, answering phone calls from customers, issuing refunds, and addressing driver concerns in not just one, but usually 2 markets simultaneously. So, when it gets busy the company more often than not comes to a grinding halt. Drivers can only pick up one delivery at a time without being assigned a second one and to compound the issue the one making the decisions on who is going to be assigned a second order (dash member) is stationed in Louisiana. I find it hard to believe...more
ProsFlexible Scheduling, Job Security
ConsTerrible Pay, Inefficient Management, Poor Benefits, Favoritism, No Personal Vehicle Reimburstment, No Pay Audit, Inconsistent Paycheck Delivery, Poor Logistics, No Pay Raises
Delivery Driver | Columbus, GA | Feb 14, 2019
Have a good car and think about what you want your employment goals are.
I work part time for Waitr and you really need a fuel efficient, reliable car to take full advantage of this job. It is very accommodating, especially if you use it as second job to supplement your income. You won't find a job with hours as flexible as this one except maybe a rideshare employer. There are easy to land evening and weekend shifts, so that is perfect if you are already working a full time job like myself. You schedule yourself 2 weeks out and there are numerous shift ranges to select from, so it is very easy to make the perfect schedule. It is also incredibly simple to pick up a few extra hours if you find yourself with some last minute free time. Evening shifts are almost always available, even minutes before they start. For the most part, shifts tend to stay busy and can get a little hectic on the weekends. You can't be shy and really should contact your customers if you are running late on an order. When it gets extremely busy, orders are assigned to you. During slower hours, you can choose what you want to pick up. There are opportunities to be very efficient to maximize deliveries per hour. Tips are very volatile. Some nights, I can average around $5 per delivery, other nights only $2. It is fairly easy to maintain around 2 deliveries per hour, even on slow nights. The app has the customer tip you out before you ever deliver the food, but you never know when a customer will give you a cash tip, so customer service is still important. All orders are contr...more
ProsSchedule Flexibility, Easy Job, Easy hire
ConsVehicle wear and tear, lack of benefits, no vehicle fuel/maintenance compensation, tips are not guaranteed
Driver | Texas | Oct 8, 2019
Over 2 years, Waitr has made many positive changes. I cannot speak for other markets, only the one I work in. Management is awesome, Dash has made vast improvements on communicating with drivers. It would be beneficial if orders from the same person that have been placed back to back can be automatically assigned to the current driver. I have seen this happen numerous times where two drivers end up at the same address, at the same time, and the order is from the same restaurant. Another area I would like to address is lead drivers. Those chosen for this position should realize they are role models for new and current drivers. The choice to make one a lead driver shouldn’t just focus on how many deliveries one does, or how many hours they work. Some have inadequate people skills and should not be in a leadership position. It can bring the morale of a company down when those in an upper position are talking bad about dashes, how this dash is so stupid or doesn’t know what he/she is doing or gossiping and badmouthing other drivers. There are many others that would love to be in a leadership position, making the higher hourly pay and taking their job seriously. Lastly, it seems that new drivers are not being trained as they should be, as notable by the questions they post on discord. I would like to suggest a different way to do a ride-along. Instead of having the new employee ride along when the driver is on shift concentrating on making money and deliveries, we ...more
Consgossip in private chat rooms about other employees
Lead Technician | Tyler, TX | Jun 10, 2019
Awesome Place to Work
I love working for Waitr! I've been doing it full time since April 2018. I routinely make over $600 per week driving for Waitr. I take home anywhere between $450 - $550 per week. I do have to buy gas and that's about $60 -$70 per week, and there is no reimbursement either. However, there are no jobs in my area that still can beat a take-home check (after gas) of anywhere around $380-$450 and more per week. On top of that, I don't have to deal with a lame work place environment, sorry bosses or take a mandatory 15 minute break or forced to take a mandatory (waste of time) one hour lunch break. I typically work 8AM - 2PM & 3PM - 9PM, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and enjoy having FOUR DAYS OFF to do whatever and still make an awesome paycheck! I've worked jobs in the past that were so lame that I've called in sick because the job totally sucked! I've never woke up and thought to myself, " I'm not going into work today." I spend my day meeting interesting people and listening to Sirius XM while I average $15 - $21 per hour. The people who claim that you can't make money are probably the people who love to TEXT and CHAT, and play with their phones all day. If that describes you, then YOU CAN'T make money being a Waitr Driver! 90% of the time, there are available orders to select from. The other 10% of the time, you park your car and keep your eye on your Waitr Driver App. As soon as an order pops up, you select it and then go grab it and deliver it. If you snooze,...more
ProsFlexible scheduling & Gas cards of $50 - $100 per month. I usually get a gas card every month.
Constraffic and climbing stairs
Delivery Driver | Lake Charles, LA | Jan 8, 2019
Averages $4.00-5.00 after taxes and gas
Tips average 2.00 a delivery - 3.00 delivery might only get one delivery an hour or two the most . Have to wait on food to be ready for pickup average 25 mins to be ready then u have to drive up to 10 miles for delivery. 5 hours of work averaged 25.00 tips +5.00 an hour =50.00 . 15.00 goes to gas and don’t forget u pay taxes on that 50.00 ! Your net pay will be around 20.00. 5 hrs =. 20.00-25.00. 4.00 an hr pay . The orders run late then they assign u those causing u to lose cash tips if the customer was going to tip??? Anyways . They have a manager on duty I feel shows favoritism and they know what customers tip and give the orders to there buddies . We have no idea what a customer tips at ALL! It’s a secret ! But your supervisor does! Anyways when it’s time to get off they assign you orders up to 10 miles away and you have to deliver those THEY SAY because they assigned you and it was in next town which puts you 20 miles away from home !!! And probably not gonna get tipped. Oh yea before I forget u will get sent to the projects NO LIE ! To deliver food ! U know your not getting tipped! They have no Vehicles. They have an app call waitr drive? U won’t see till 12:01 am what u made the night before. U don’t know what people tipped ? And who didn’t but u have an idea . The other day made $9.40 for 7 deliveries DROVE OVER 100 miles that day and my 25.oo days for 5 hours I drove over 120 miles that day. Also ROAD floods u drive in that and u get all WET! Job good for yo...more
ProsMake your own schedule! That’s it!
ConsWear and tear in vehicle, have to put gas every day. Average pay 5.00 an hour after taxes
Delivery Driver | Columbus, GA | Oct 27, 2018
Not worth it
I currently work for Waitr and I can tell you there is no protection or fail safe in place whatsoever to protect you from people that leave a very low tip or no tip at all.There is no minimum tip amount for purchases of any amount and no minimum tip amount for long distance deliveries.Management when I was first hired was extremely unorganized and would try to blame the employees for not knowing certain things or try to say they put the info out in the announcements.I quickly pointed out on the issues involving myself at least that I was never explained to the info I needed to know and that it was in fact never posted in announcements.The main complaint and point of why you shouldn't work for this company is that there are no protections in place to protect drivers from customers not tipping at all.For example I worked yesterday night which was Friday and did 7 deliveries.This morning I check my app and I made 8$,thats it literally.So all that driving,all that time and effort for nothing and waitr has nothing in place to prevent that.From experience,I've been with the company for about 3 months,I would say now about 30-35% of the customers either don't tip at all or will tip a dollar just so they can say they did.Its not worth it people this company is taking advantage of their drivers and enabling other people to do so as welm.Most of the time you will either break even with the gas money you spend or be in the whole like me this week,not as a result of not working my butt o...more
ProsFlexible schedule
ConsNo to low tips, no protections in place
Delivery Manager | Fayetteville, AR | Jun 8, 2019
Do not fall into the trap of working for Waitr
The only reason I applied for the job was because you get to spend time outside listening to music and you can pick your own hours. That being said, so many employees get into accidents and it puts an alarming amount of mileage on your car. People just don't often tip you very well so you are out there hoping that they will tip you and a large amount of your check goes to paying for so much gas since they do not conpensate you for gas. It is a scam that they say you make $20/hour, not true at all. I've worked here for five months and the pay has been less than what you would even get at a minimum wage job (worse, because you're paying for all of your gas). Management is extremely unprofessional. I got into an accident and continued working after it happened and my manager didn't even know I was still working there! I am a fulltime Lead! At another time, I was set up to train a new driver and my manager swapped me so someone else could train them but he never even communicated that to me. He never answered my messages when I asked about when I would be given my raise for becoming a fulltime employee. Said he was "capped" and could not pay me what I was promised to be paid yet. He is unprofessional, bad at communication and I have no idea how he got the position that he has. If you are hoping to find a job that can support you and a living arrangement do not get this job because I promise you will be spending all your paychecks on oil changes, gas, and tuning up your car...more
ProsBeing outside, choosing your own hours
ConsThe pay, they don't compensate your gas, highly unprofessional and poor management
Delivery Driver | Texas | Aug 22, 2019
Avoid at all costs
As expected with companies, they’re greedy. They keep the minimum people on and don’t care if orders are late. They think that as long as you send them a message, all is well. They treat the customers and employees terrible while they sit in an office in Louisiana and have no idea how a market actually is. The DASHES are incompetent people who most likely couldn’t get a different job and constantly treat the drivers horribly. City managers aren’t much better. It’s a stressful work environment and they still don’t think you’re “efficient” enough. They constantly talk about how much money you’re making, but you don’t make anything unless someone tips well. It’s not worth it. You get benefits if you work full time, but working any other job would be significantly better. They talk about how you schedule yourself and are your own boss, but you’ll never get the shifts you want and theyv recently made scheduling even worse than it already was. During lunch rushes, they have very few people including and constantly ask people to jump on or stay late. You’ll never be scheduled for when uou’re Supposed to be. They’re extremely unhelpful and look down on you, when you’re the whole reason they’re able to sit aroun. They also have terrible customer service and it takes forever to get a response if something is wrong. Often times, the dash disappears for half an hour and doesn’t say. They also are just genuinely horrible people and I hope whoever reads this decides to go elsewhere. I onl...more
Delivery Driver | Pensacola, FL | Jun 10, 2018
Good side job to make some income, however not reliable at all
I took this job because i didn’t like my last one and wanted to try food delivery. The good thing about working for waitr is it is pretty flexible with how much you work. Only contingency is you need to schedule a weekend day, and have at least 15-20 hours a week scheduled. There are about 6 different shifts for each day, and schedules are released 3 weeks in advance. The typical shift ranges fom 4-6 hours. The other good thing is you can take off up to 2 weeks off at a time, as long as you tell your manager ahead of time. Now, the cons for working for this company are that you don’t get compensated for gas or mileage. So, the more you work, the more gas you have to put into your car. I would only recommend this job to someone with a fuel efficient car. When i first started this job, it was great. I was making good tips, constantly getting orders, and havigg fun making deliveries. However, once summer hit, the orders started slowing down, and they hired a LOT more drivers. So instead of getting 7-10 deliveries per shift, i was getting 3-6 per shift. There were SOME orders, however they were 30+ minutes away, and jm not going to waste my gas for 1 order. The last thing that could be improved on are the dash representatives. Most of them are nice and friendly, however with all the new hires, some of them assign you orders that are out of your way, and don’t even notify you in the chat like they are supposed to. Overall, it is a good job if you are ready to grind. Howev...more
ProsDecent pay, flexibility, freedom
ConsInconsistent pay, no gas compensation, slow days

Questions And Answers about Waitr Inc

What advice would you give the CEO of Waitr Inc about how to improve it?
Asked Apr 24, 2017
Consolidate three (3) applications into one. Make the dispatching process transparent. We are told ATOM assigns drivers, but we hear leaks from employees that dispatchers pick and choose drivers. Also, use more realistic delivery time estimates and don’t assign orders to one person that are very far from one another. The restaurants may be close in proximity, but the customers can be 20 miles apart. How are we expected to make those deliveries on time? It’s almost impossible. Treat your drivers better and design software that plans your route/delivery automatically, instead of us spending 2-5 minutes deciding ourselves which order is the least late.
Answered Mar 25, 2020
Allow drivers to make double orders without the dispatch's permission. Stop texting me and calling me whem i am driving. Make it mandatory to alert police if a person's home smells like a dope den. Stop sending me to the orojects because if they are on public assistance they cant afford to have deliveries frequently.
Answered Mar 2, 2020
How did you feel about telling people you worked at Waitr Inc?
Asked Jan 31, 2018
Proud! Waitr is growing rapidly in the area and i am proud to say I work for them. Everyone mostly is excited to learn about them, and I end up advertising for them as much as I do work for them.
Answered May 7, 2019
At 1st, I was not ashamed of working for Waitr until a couple months passed and I noticed how much people in my area literally Hates the company. Once I realized how disrespected this company is, I became extremely embarrassed to work for Waitr
Answered Dec 4, 2018
What is the work environment and culture like at Waitr Inc?
Asked Sep 25, 2017
Management and all upper management lies about EVERYTHING! They constantly change policies that effect all drivers poorly. This is a horrible company to work for and you’ll more than likely regret it. You use all your money towards gas and car repairs.
Answered Jan 18, 2020
In Jackson, TN it's pretty nice. Mostly everyone gets along and isn't rude. There are times, though, when we have a DASH member be lowkey rude. If anyone is rude, it's usually the restaurant employees, but it isn't often enough to be a problem. You get to drive around with your own music and no managers yelling at you (lol). As long as you pay attention to all your apps, you'll be fine. It gets hectic whenever it's busy, but most of the time it's not busy and you can chill.
Answered Jul 7, 2019
Who gets the tip from customers business employees or waiter employees?
Asked Aug 27, 2017
For sure at least 3% of all tips get taken from the driver. For whatever reason because the independent contract agreement says nothing about paying for credit card fees so I'm assuming they are they taking a small percentage for the company.
Answered Apr 10, 2020
Waitr Delivery Drivers receives the full tip from the customer.
Answered Oct 14, 2019
What is the training process like?
Asked Jul 4, 2017
I only did some online reading material. I wish there had been an option for a ride along, because I’ve had to mostly figure it out as I go!
Answered Apr 23, 2020
Very quick and informative. You are given information to read before you join a lead driver for 2 hours where you are shown hands on how to make a delivery, contact management with an issue and how to clock in and out.
Answered May 7, 2019