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Overall Reviews at Walmart

Order Filler | Wintersville, OH | Jan 30, 2020
Dc order filler only for the desperate
My review is LONG but worth the read, please hang in there. Don't fall for the appeal of the "$20 an hour" that's advertised working as an Order filler at Walmart DC. I should've noticed the red flags immediately and not wasted my time moving forward with this position but live and learn. Red Flag #1 The day of the "Hiring Event" I went to at the DC was immaculate, brightly lit and everyone seemed to be in high spirits working there that day. The days of the Orientation and thereafter were a different and much more disturbing story. The time in between the hiring event and orientation and weeks later, the place was filthy, the warehouse itself was VERY dim with several bulbs blown out and noticeable trash laying everywhere that no one was making an effort to clean up. Also, morale was and is horrendous. The people working there most of the time were VERY miserable, rolling their eyes at the sight of new employees, not even making eye contact because they were RACING to get their work done. What a difference a few weeks makes between a hire event and the ACTUAL work environment. Not interested in being a galley slave in a dark dungeon, not even for 20 bucks an hour (which you NEVER KNOW when you're end time is. Never.) Red Flag #2 I have a background in Safety (HSE) and noticed a startling number of deficiencies including the poor lighting, skids thrown precariously in areas for walking and driving power equipment, loose product stuck in racking that was a fall hazar...more
Dairy Associate | San Jose, CA | Jul 7, 2019
Beware Management
Like any business, it really depends on the managers you work under. The issues I ran into happened because of not one, but multiple managers. - They don't like being told something is not possible, even when you explain why, and will even try to force you into a verbal agreement that you will ("Don't tell me you can't. Tell me you will, or yes") . For example, asking staff of all ranks (associate, dept. manager, assistant managers) if 1 individual in an 6-8 hour shift, on a daily basis, is able to down stack 4-6 pallets varying between 4-6 feet high stacks of products, replenish 2-3 aisles worth (4-6 when you count both sides) of products, remove expired products, label and house over stock products, clear storage bins, scan labels and adjust numbers, adjust prices. Doing all that and help customers when they ask you, which can range from a quick answer to a simple question to being asked to look for a specific item that can take up to 10 or 20 minutes depending on how adamant they don't believe if you really searched because of how fast you return or that the store must have it as if it is not possible for something to be out of stock or being given additional tasks such as cashiering because someone called out that day or the store becomes busy, which I have had to do for 3-4 hours. Literally half of my shift. Even when told it is NOT possible by literally, everyone, they will still expect it to be done and make claims that they know it is possible because someone at an...more
ProsDecent pay, Break Room, Discount, Paid Time Off
ConsUnderstaff, Depressiaction, Questionable/Outdated Practices
Specialist | United States | Feb 28, 2020
Outsourcing for cheaper labor
Walmart is outsourcing much of its technological aspects to other countries like India. The lack of quality is highly apparent with its Retail Link website, which consists of many applications, log in issues and various problematic processes which occur with other teams. These applications do not have the contact information for the team responsible for the application; instead, vendors are forced to call in to Retail Link's level one team (which requires a 20 minute ordeal because they somehow think a voice recognition software works better) only to then be transferred to the team that actually supports the application (which may require another voice recognition ordeal to actually reach them as well). It makes absolutely no sense to have to call a team, only to be transferred to another team who owns the application. Time is money and Walmart is losing out on those pennies as well. As the new site was implemented, it was obvious that they do not mirror the LIVE site on their backend servers, which of course caused various issues with logging in, password changes, application changes. Calling in results in being transferred to the actual team that supports the apps (again, the contact info for the team that supports the application SHOULD be embedded in the main page of the application). Walmart would not need a level one Retail Link team at all (they could be absorbed into the level 2 team or whatever they're called) if Walmart had any good business sense at a...more
ProsNone really
ConsExpect to be laid off or sold to another company for cheaper labor, short breaks, unpaid lunch breaks, buddies placed into key roles without KSA pertinence and much more
Host/Cashier | United States | Jul 15, 2019
Stressful and very quick paced
The managers at my store are very rude. They don’t know anything about customer service and simply don’t know how to make the customer happy which is one of our Phrases. I remember the other day the customer was trying to do a price match on our app and the CSM is the only one who can approve price overrides, so CSM came and didn’t wanna do it for them because it wasn’t showing up on the Walmart app but it was for them, and it was for me and I didn’t wanna argue with my manager so I said okay that’s fine, I won’t override anything and I apologised to the customer. Sadly, they got into an argument with the front end customer service manager so they wanted to speak to a higher level manager. The assistant manager came and he was so rude to them I was just in shock. He later turned to me and yell at me for no apparent reason. He’s like “Why can’t you just do the blank ( inappropriate language) add match! It’s so simple just DO IT!” I was like in my head, “If I could just do it I would have done it by now!” The disrespect I got that day by an assistant manager was shocking and disgusting. He literally yelled in front of everyone! People were stopping and staring and wondering why he was so mad! I was too! It literally wasn’t my fault at all. The customers defended me though! They said to him, “Hey! She didn’t do nothing wrong, there’s no need to take your anger out on her when she was just simply trying to help us!” And he just stared at them and I bet he couldn’t fathom the...more
ProsGreat experience to put on your resume
ConsUnfair minimum wage, disrespectful management, and of course unfair treatment
Department Manager | West Branch, MI | Dec 16, 2018
very busy job, very stressful, never enough time or help
I feel its a great place to work if you are a cashier, they make $11 an hour starting out, which the rate you start at is pretty much the rate you stay at, you only get a 2% raise if you qualify a yr. which means it does not matter how good or bad of a performer you are, everyone gets the same raise, which stinks, if you are hard working, dedicated employee. Great if you are not. The job is very fast paced and requires a lot of moving and lifting and multiple tasks. Their is never enough help and tons of call ins that require constant helping of other departments and areas, which always seems to leave your own area abandoned. There is never enough time or help to do what is actually required of the department managers. We have too many meetings that take our time up and we are always pulled away from our own areas to help in other areas they feel are more important. I feel like I cant do a good job because I'm not given the time or the people or the programs in our tools that work fast enough or efficiently to get the jobs done in a timely manner. I love the job but just don't feel like my hard work and dedication gets any recognition or more pay. The upper management seems to play favoritism and only certain areas and managers seem to get the help they need or the credit they deserve. Nothing is hard at the job it is just takes so much time to do most tasks and management does not seem to acknowledge or understand that for some reason. They seem to be out of tou...more
Prosdecent pay
Consholidays, weekends, stress, not enough help.
Retail Sales Associate | Toledo, OH | Sep 25, 2019
Overworked, Underpaid, and Stressed
This is going to be a long story, so I'll add a summary at the end of it all. Please bear with me. I worked in the electronics section until management hired someone new, and then moved me to fabric and crafts, which was always a mess. I was expected to clean everything up, often by myself. It doesn't sound so bad, but when there's glitter, glue, paint, and raw foods everywhere (left by customers who couldn't be bothered to take it back to the grocery side of the store), cleanup becomes a hassle, and puts you behind schedule, since you have to take everything to its section in the store for proper disposal, and your area has to be spotless by the time your shift was over. While in fabrics and crafts, I was to cut fabric at the table (which didn't have a support mat for employees), keep the area clean( this included dusting and wiping things down), take back returns and place them where they belong, assist customers with whatever they needed, and make sure everything was in tip top shape. In electronics, I pretty much did the same thing as fabrics and crafts, sans fabric cutting. I also did tech support, and helped with the photo lab, assisting customers with the kiosks and filling orders. However, I also had the responsibility of holding on to the keys that open the game cases. My hours were never set, but usually went like this: today: 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. tomorrow to 4 p.m, day after 1 to 10 This when on almost every week, so I worked practically 39 and a hal...more
Proshour lunch, paid breaks
Conscompany doesn't care for their employees, management is rude
Meat Carver | North Oxford, MA | Nov 19, 2018
The effort, energy, positivity you bring to work doesn't matter here
Walmart is a company who can treat its employees any way it sees fit, because it's strong-armed america into such a vulnerable position that most low-income and below individuals without connections into real places of work will have to work there to make a living in their young lives(everything here isn't researched just my lived experience and the hundreds of people I've worked with at Walmart over the course of 3 years). With what I've said above in mind I can say nearly every job(non-degree) at Walmart is so brain dead simple that if you're looking for an easy job look no further. As easy as it is to butter a piece of toast, except that you're buttering thousands of pieces of toast every hour and any leeway to do something else not brain dead is heresy. What I mean by that silly analogy is all the thinking for everything you do here is almost done for you. You have no choice/chance to lead the pack or innovate. The way you can "impress" your superiors and move up the tree here is by being their favorite person to talk to. Anything work related, so long as you do what you're told has no relation to getting promoted here. I've held six different positions with Walmart ending with department manager, all the while struggling to keep positivity while putting in so much effort. As a Walmart employee with hopes of moving up in the chain to gain respect and an increased wage I kept enough face value positivity to get promoted to department manager. What you're really ...more
ProsYou don't have to think about anything(actually a con for most)
Conseverything else
Retail Sales Associate | Prairieville, LA | Oct 15, 2019
Management sucks and over worked
Management was all over the place and not cohesive at all. The different managers would pull me to different areas constantly and I could not ever take care of my customers for my area nor keep up with my area. Management would always try to put me on the registers even though I had a doctor's note saying not to do that because it would cause my social anxiety to act up and I would have constant panic attack's when put on the registers. As for my typical days at work I would get to work early like normal and clock in on time and I would go ahead and start trying to organize my area and get stuff done in my area like my department manager wanted me to but about an hour or so into it the other department managers would always pull me to their sections because they can't find their own workers do to them skipping out and of course I would always help out because that's how I am but they would do this every single time I worked which would always constantly cause me to be away from my area for hours on end and if I had customers I had to practically run from one side of the store to the other just to get to the customers and by the time I'd get to the customers they would be mad and of course I would explain what happened and they would usually understand. All I learned was to barely work the pricing gun and that my section of the store did not matter and that I pretty much had to be a dog on a leash for the other managers otherwise they would end up trying to write me up. The wo...more
ProsPay was $10 an hour for my first job
ConsEverything else
Certified Pharmacy Technician | Clearwater, FL | Aug 5, 2019
Lack of Mutual Respect, and poor management skills
The job requires little to no effort at all. It is a fun job, where you get to help people take care of themselves. Technicians are required to • prepare medications for patients by receiving and verifying written or electronic prescriptions from doctors. • Presenting the prices to patients and making sure they can afford it, if not we would have to find them an alternative by contacting their office. • We assisted with patient’s insurance claims and processing information • Stock and price medications in inventory • Ensure availability of medication or ordering them from our distributor and notifying patient when the medication will be in stock • Maintain HIPPA regulations • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed. • Maintains records by recording and filing physicians' orders and prescriptions. • Organizes medications for pharmacist to dispense by reading medication orders and prescriptions; preparing labels; calculating quantities; assembling intravenous solutions and other pharmaceutical therapies. • Maintains a safe and clean pharmacy by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations. • All of this is of course done under the supervision of the pharmacists. The job duties are quite simple, and anyone can accomplish this. The job isn’t too grueling. Although at my specific pharmacy the technicians do 10hr shifts, and this isn’t so bad because essentially you would have to work 4 days on and 3 days off. The issue as to why I ...more
ProsEasy job for college students
ConsNo Room For Improvement unless you're favored
Cashier | Dixon, IL | Jun 7, 2019
Good coworkers but not much else
So surprisingly enough I loved parts of this job. I enjoyed working with my coworkers and the times we were busy and also getting to work with the customers. I honestly really enjoyed having to clean and zone and put things away. I like staying busy and having to run around like a mad person. I didn't enjoy having to deal with crazy substance abusing customers all the time though. Being afraid of getting attacked because of the brawls that they would sometimes get into, talking to the cops every couple of weeks if we were lucky, nor a lot of the management. I loved my first supervisor though, he was absolutely amazing and would never make you do something he wasn't willing to do and was actually willing to teach you how to do things. I started off with night shift and was told that within a month they would move me to day shift. They didn't, for I think 5 months. That was after I was going to quit because both they had me training people and wouldn't up my pay like they were supposed to, they refused to move me to day shifts, and the weather was really bad and my grandmother who would drive me the over 20 miles to town in the snow had bad night vision and snow storms were happening nearly every night. My grandfather had just died from freak sepsis/bone poisoning after falling down a whole flight of stairs and badly breaking his hip. One of the managers had threatened to fire me while I was at the hospital over 4 hours from home taking turns with my grandmother sleeping...more
ProsI had some really amazing coworkers, Supervisor was amazing, some customers were great, I enjoyed having to work fast and hard, I enjoyed helping people and my coworkers
ConsSome of the managers mostly the day ones were horrible, dangerous customers, could get boring when you're done cleaning and organizing, click mentality from some coworkers, hardwork is mocked and ignored, no pay raises, way understaffed

Questions And Answers about Walmart

Why did you leave your job at Walmart?
Asked Mar 14, 2017
It can be stressful or be a great place to work depending on that day what was going on around you.
Answered Mar 31, 2020
Very busy place. Team work is very helpful. Custermores can be annoying if they don't get their way.sales is a big part of that at this time.
Answered Mar 31, 2020
What is the interview process like at Walmart?
Asked Jul 19, 2016
For mine at least, it was a group interview. They asked us to tell a little about ourselves, we read over a bad customer experience scenario and had to tell what went wrong, and then had to rank what issues in the store would be ranked from first to last in terms of importancy.
Answered Feb 29, 2020
Went in for the interview, submitted my background then did background check thing at home and was called the next day for orientation to start a day later. Fairly simple!
Answered Jan 17, 2020
How are the working hours at Walmart?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
I was on unemployment searching for a job, I put my app in and was called one day and asked if i'd like to interview for either full time grocery shopper, full time cashier, or part time cashier. I accepted an interview for full time cashier. In the interview I was asked, do you want full time or part time, AGAIN I reiterated I wanted full time cashier. The interviewer at that point hired me. she stated for the first week or so she needed to plug me in the system as part time because walmart does not hire anyone as full time from the jump. NO BIGGIE, couple weeks to learn the position and get acclimated GREAT.... my first 3 weeks was scheduled 24 hours a week already for me at orientation. Me being the dummy I am thought awesome on my 4th week I should kick in to full time and start getting some hours...(i was thinking at least 30-36) .... boy was I WRONG!!! my 4th week my hours were 22.25 and my 5th week hours went to 19.25.... I feel lied too, I feel wronged. I have given you of me what you asked but in return I feel tricked and as if I am not getting in return what you told me. It's a deceitful bate and switch practice that should be illegal. I was making MORE on unemployment than I am making working.....
Answered Feb 19, 2020
If your supervisor and above then you get more overtime pay and walk the whole store while the associate do all the work and need to remove overtime hours through lunch.
Answered Feb 18, 2020
What is the best part of working at Walmart?
Asked Jan 8, 2020
My team and customers.
Answered Apr 3, 2020
The entire staff is a huge family. You get a lot of customers who can be very sweet and inviting
Answered Apr 3, 2020
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Walmart? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
I had one interview, and was told I needed to have 3 altogether. Never got the other two.
Answered Feb 13, 2020
Job interview. Ask you about your email, they send a background check form for you to fill it out. After completing your background check, usually takes 2 days. On the third day, Walmart HR will call you in for orientation if they don't need anything else.
Answered Oct 28, 2019